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They are coming from around the world

Some of the greatest wrestlers from some of the greatest countries

Keiji_Mutoh.jpg.132a1b2ddc8605ce49b7117edf1ba786.jpg   Bulldog.jpg.3ee370da21104e87115a5238bd25013a.jpg   AlexWright.jpg.1a17bb6dfba994cbfd387487520be7a8.jpg

Great Rivals and Legends of the ring

Sting.jpg.02a2df2a2913ec4a851e22bfd8e71000.jpg    1718816960_MickFoley.jpg.c9441e080940d8a2900bd1ef1198beec.jpg

Future Stars


World Champions


And an Olympic Gold Medalist


All converging on the home of the 2000 Olympics:  Sydney Australia


To discover who is the Best of the Best


“Pro Wrestling International will bring fast, exciting and Hard-Hitting action from some of the most beautiful cities in the world into your living rooms-  all you have to do is sit and enjoy the experience.  Michael Cole, head commentator PWI


“PWI intends to deliver great action and compelling matches, which you won’t be able to turn away from”  Mick Foley, Hardcore Legend and Commissioner of PWI


“The Rock says that he intends to show every person in the world the not only is The Rock the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, but PWI is going to be the most electrifying promotion in the world today”


“The Olympic Gold Medalist intends to travel to the home of the Olympic Games to prove he is the greatest wrestler in the World Today.  It’s True, it’s damn true.   Kurt Angle


So don’t miss PWI Worldwide, every week on Fox Sports.

PWI-  What the world is watching.

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I love it.  I am still amazed you corraled Kurt Angle, The Rock, and Sting for the top of your card.  Not to mention Foley later on (you snagged him right around the time I was thinking about it!)

Awesome intro from down under, you have the guys to come storming out of the gate.

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Pro Wrestling International, known as PWI, announced today that their upcoming debut episode of PWI: Worldwide they will crown their inaugural World Champion with a Gauntlet for Gold Match. 


PWI Commissioner, Mick Foley, has announced that any PWI superstar that has previously held a recognized World Championship prior to the restructure of the wrestling world in 2000 will be entered into a Gauntlet style match, with the winner crowned World Champion.  "We intend to bring the fans the best possible action, and we think  it is important that the face of our company is crowned quickly.  These former world champions, including legends like Sting and The Rock have proven before that they have the skill to become a World Champion, and as such they will be given first opportunity to claim the PWI World Title". 


This exciting match-up will headline the debut of Worldwide, but Foley has also promised other great action will be featured, as well as a special appearance from reigning Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling, Kurt Angle, in the city that will be hosting the 2000 Olympic Games.  "That will be a great moment for wrestling fans around the world, when PWI brings a taste of the Olympics just weeks before the 2000 Olympic Games will be commencing".


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Interesting way to crown a champion, for sure, and I love Foley as the commish.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE gauntlet matches, the anticipation of seeing who is next, the reaction of the guy in the ring to seeing it, priceless stuff rife with drama.  I do believe that crowning your champion in a gauntlet match gives you a lot of opportunity to have guys stake claims to their positioning in it to try to angle (no pun intended) for a title shot.

Kurt Angle was the hottest thing in wrestling in 2000.  What a prize you have and a chance to position him as your flagship guy.

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PWI Worldwide

Debut Episode

Live from Sydney, Australia

Michael_Cole.jpg.93a9eb06a2e3f4b5e4aa7570ee0d0604.jpg  Roddy_Piper.jpg.259be6e5d9831ba522d50e5d20dd2b16.jpg 

The fireworks launch and the crowd goes wild as Michael Cole welcomes us to the Sydney Entertainment Center in Sydney Australia.  Cole promises that this will be a night remembered.  Cole introduces his co-commentator, the legendary “Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Piper says he is excited to be part of the first truly worldwide wrestling promotion, and says that PWI will bring together the best of the best, from the best countries on the world… with the best commentator.


Commissioner Mick Foley comes out, and gets a great reception.  He welcomes everyone around the world to the debut episode of PWI: Worldwide, and promises that “tonight history will be made, right here in Sydney Australia” (cheap pop).  Foley announces that tonight PWI will be crowning their first ever World Heavyweight Champion.  He tells us that a special Gauntlet for Gold match will be held tonight.  2 men will start, and when a wrestler is beaten, the next challenger will come out.  All competitors will draw their entry number at random, and the winner will be crowned World Heavyweight Champion.  Foley then announces that he decided that a match of this magnitude required the best possible calibre entrants, and so he decided that every wrestler on the PWI roster who has previously held a recognised World Heavyweight Championship have been given the opportunity to compete.  He promises that it is going to be a night to remember.


Foley gets interrupted by Kurt Angle.  Angle comes to the ring, and he does not look happy.  Angle says that Foley wants to crown a world champion, but his entry criteria is flawed, as it has omitted the greatest wrestler on the face of the planet.  He says that Foley’s decision to allow only previous world champions is preventing the world from seeing the reigning Olympic Gold Medallist in action tonight.  Foley stops Angle and tells him that he is not preventing the world from seeing him in action, because Kurt Angle does have a match tonight.  Angle says that Foley may think he is funny, and maybe “you are on some sort of power trip”, but he is denying the world from seeing him become the PWI World Heavyweight Champion.  Angle says that Sydney is the Olympic city, and so it deserves an Olympic standard Champion.


“Do you smell what the Rock is Cooking”

The music of The Rock brings out the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.  Rock says that “Finally, the Rock has arrived in Sydney!!”  Rock tells Angle to know his role and shut his mouth.  Rock says that this is not the Olympics, and it is not amateur wrestling… The Is Pro Wrestling International, and “Your Gold Medal means nothing here”.  Rock tells Angle to take his Gold Medal, shine it up and  (you know the rest).  Rock says that tonight the rock will run the gauntlet and become the World Champion, because that is what the People want.  Rock says that if Angle wants to become a World Champion, then when the Rock wins the title he will be more than willing to give you a title shot so that the Rock can give you and Olympic style beating….


Following the commercial break we get the familiar sounds of “Oh You Didn’t Know”, as the New Age Outlaws come out for the first ever match in PWI history.  Roaddogg tells us that Pro Wrestling International is proud to present it’s future Tag Team Champions of the Wooooooorld…..

The Disco music then starts and their opponents make their way to the ring.


New Age Outlaws beat Disco Inferno & Brian Lee when Roaddogg pinned Brian Lee  (referee:  Mark Johnson)

The Outlaws dominate this match, and have little trouble dispatching of Brian Lee after using the Spike Piledriver.  Piper notes that the Outlaws may have their sights set on another World Tag Team Title reign, and Cole says that they would be one of the favourites to win those titles.


Mean Gene Okerlund is in the back and introduces Jim Cornette, asking him what he is doing here in Australia.  Cornette says that he can be wherever he wants to be, and that Australia is honoured that he has agreed to come down here.  He notes that he is a business man, and in that capacity he has come to Australia to look out for the business interests of two very honourable men. He brings in Keiji Mutoh and Jinzei Shinzaki. 


Cornette says that these two men need to be protected from the underhanded international promoters and businessmen who work in countries such as Australia.  He said that he represents these two individuals, who are possibly the greatest wrestlers in the world today.  And tonight Mr Mutoh, as  a former IWG World Champion, will demonstrate how good a wrestler he truly is when he runs the Gauntlet and becomes the first PWI Champion.  Cornette tells the world to watch out, and warns the rest of the roster, because these two men will dominate the PWI.

We see Mick Foley walking towards his office, and he is intercepted by Kurt Angle.  Angle demands that he be allowed to compete in the gauntlet for Gold Match.  Foley says he told Angle earlier that it is only for former world champions.  Angle says he is a former world champion- he won gold medals at the World Championships in freestyle wrestling in 1995.  Foley said that Angle has an impressive amateur record, but this is professional wrestling, and only World Championships in professional wrestling count.  Angle says that Foley needs to put him in the Gauntlet match, but Foley says that the Commissioner has spoken, and Angle has another match he needs to go prepare for.  Foley then enters his office and slams the door shut.


Nathan Jones beat Val Venis after a powerslam (referee: Jack Doan)

Cole notes that Nathan Jones is a young Australian who has been making waves in the business.  Piper says that Jones is a massive monster who will make life difficult for most PWI superstars.  Jones uses his power to dominate Venis, but Venis turns the table with his experience.  Val climbs to the top rope and goes for the Money Shot, but Jones nips up and catches him mid air and tuns it into a powerslam for the win.


We go back to Mean Gene, who says he is with another former World Champion, and a man that hopes he could be the total PWI World Champion:  Lex Luger.  Luger says that he has been in heavy training for this opportunity.  He says that he is the total package, the greatest blend of strength and in-ring skill.  He says that the World seems to have forgotten how good he truly is, and tonight he intends to remind them.  Luger says that tonight the Total Package will become the Total World Heavyweight Champion.

We cross to Mick Foley’s office, and Kurt Angle storms in.  Foley tells Kurt that he can’t keep interrupting him.  Kurt demands to know who he will be wrestling tonight.  Foley says that he is a busy man and Angle cannot keep trying to dominate his time.  Foley tells him that his opponent is not meant to be a mystery, but he is certainly someone who has a Razor sharp wit, and will have Angle on the Edge of his game tonight.  He tells Kurt that his opponent will be about to enter the ring, so he had better head to the ring himself.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to the ring.  Nash says that tonight the wait is over, and he will finally reclaim a World Championship.  Hall wants to take a survey.  He asks if the fans in Australian really came to see PWI, or did they actually come to see The Outsiders!!!  “Survey says… one more for the good guys”.  Hall and Nash then joke about travelling down to Australia to watch the Olympics, and they end up competing in a ring.  Hall suggests that Nash could win a gold medal.  This brings Kurt Angle to the ring, with a determined look on his face.


Kurt Angle beat Scott Hall following an Angle Slam (referee: Nick Patrick)

Angle rushes into the ring and attacks Hall.  Nash is still on the apron and he tries to distract Angle, but Angle hits him.  Angle chokes Hall on the ropes, and then screams “You don’t make fun of the Olympics, or an Olympic Gold Medallist”.  Hall battles back, but Angle takes him down with a belly to back suplex.  Angle comes off the second rope but eats boot.  Halls throws Angle around to the corner, and sets up for the Razor’s Edge, but Angle hits a low blow.  Angle then hits the Angle Slam to get the win.  Nash gets up to argue with the referee, and Angle goes to the floor and grabs a chair and hits Nash in the back with the head.  The crowd boo Angle as Cole asks whether Nash will be able to compete on the Gauntlet for Gold which will start shortly.  Piper says it depends on what number he drew, but suggests Kurt Angle has made a massive statement here tonight.


Mean Gene is with Sting.  Sting says that tonight he will prove to the world that he is still the true icon in wrestling.  He notes that there are old rivals and new competitors in this match, but he intends to win the gauntlet and raise the World Title at the end of the night.  Mean Gene asks about his life long friendship with Lex Luger, and what would happen if they had to face each other tonight  Sting says he respects Lex, but they have fought before, and with the World Title on the line they will fight again.


We go back to Mick Foley’s office, and the Commissioner is on the phone, telling someone that tonight is for the World Title, and that next week he will start the crowning of the Tag Team Champions.  He gets off the phone and the camera pans across the room, where Lance Storm, Justin Credible and Torrie Wilson can be seen.  Storm and Credible tell Foley that they are here in PWI to “Make an Impact”.  Foley says they can make anything they want- an impact, friends, even pancakes, but he is a busy man and does not want to be disturbed.  Storm walks up to Foley and says “Do you know who we are… we are The impact Players”.  Foley says that if they don’t get out of his office they will be fired.  Torrie encourages The Impact Players to leave the office, but Credible lets Foley know that they will have an impact on PWI.

Gauntlet for Gold Match (referee:  Nick Patrick)

Cole and Piper quickly recap the rules.  Each wrestler has drawn a number at random.  Numbers 1 and 2 will start the match.  A wrestler is eliminate by pin, submission, DQ, countout or referee decision.  When a wrestler is eliminated, the winner will meet the next competitor.  The last man standing will be crowned the World Champion.


#1:  Keiji Mutoh w/Jim Cornette vs Barry Windham

Cole notes that Windham beat Mutoh for the NWA World Title in 1993.  Mutoh uses his strikes and kicks to wear down Windham.  Windham hits a massive clothesline, and tries for a superplex, but Mutoch pushes him off and hits a moonsault for a near fall.  Mutoh lands the Shining Wizard w=to advance.

Winner: Keiji Mutoh


#2:  Keiji Mutoh w/Cornette vs Kevin Nash w/Scott Hall.

Nash comes out next, and he is clearly struggling after the chair shot from Angle a few minutes earlier.  Hall is helping Nash to the ring, and they are both staggering and holding each other up.  Piper notes this is an unfortunate position for Nash.  Mutoh attacks the head of Nash, but misses a charge to the corner.  Nash lands a series of elbows, and hits snake eyes.  He tries to set up for the jack-knife, but is struggling to keep his equilibrium.  Cornette jumps on the apron, and Hall rushes around to grab him.  The ref sees this and tells Hall to go back to his corner.  This allows Cornette to hit Nash in the back of the head with his tennis racquet, and Mutoh gets the pin.

Winner:  Keiji Mutoh



#3:  Keiji Mutoh w/Cornette vs Lex Luger

Luger is out next and he poses on the entryway.  Piper notes that Luger is still put together, but questions if he still has the skills he did when he last won a world title.  Mutoh is clearly starting to tire, and Luger uses his power to throw around Mutoh.  Luger starts to pose to the crowd.  This allows Mutoh to roll Luger up for a near fall.  Luger batters Mutoh, and charges the corner, but Mutoh gets his knees up into Luger’s face, and then pins him while putting his legs on the ropes.  Cole says this is amazing and wonders if Mutoh could run the entire gauntlet.

Winner:  Keiji Mutoh


#4  Keiji Mutoh w/Cornette vs Sting

The crowd go nuts as the music of Sting sounds, and “The Icon” makes his way to the ring.  Cole immediately talks up the history of these two men.  Piper says that these two men a true legends, and says they know each other very well, and he is so excited to see this match in person.  Mutoh is clearly exhausted, but the arrival of Sting brings a bit of energy back to him, and the two start to trade blows in the ring.  Sting starts to take control, but Cornette trips him.  Mutoh tries to land the Shining Wizard, but Sting catches him mid move, and turns it into a modified suplex. Sting then hits the Scorpion Death Drop to get the pin.

Winner:  Sting


#4:  Sting vs The Rock

The crowd goes absolutely nuts as The Rock makes his way to the ring.  Cornette is mouthing off at Rock as he comes to the ring, and Rock threaten to hit him, and Cornette runs to the back.  Rock and Sting have a great back and forth battle.  Piper says that they are very evenly matched.  Sting hits a Stinger Splash, and tries for the Scorpion Death Lock, but Rock gets to the ropes.  Rock battles back and hits Sting with a DDT, and then oks in a Sharpshooter, but Sting gets to the ropes.  Cole calls this an epic battle worthy of a World Championship Match.  Both men hit a double clothesline, and are down on the mat as the ref starts a 10 count. Both  Suddenly Kurt Angle jumps out of the crowd, holding a chair, and slides into the ring.  Angle looks at both men, and then slams Sting with the chair, knocking him out.  The ref is shocked, and looks as if he is about to DQ Rock when Angle then turns and hits Rock with the chair.  The ref orders Angle from the ring, and Angle drops the chair and returns to the back.  Cole says he can’t believe what Angle has just done, and Piper wonders why Angle has even inserted himself into this match.  Rock starts to move, and crawls over to Sting, and drapes his arm over.  The ref drops down and counts a very slow three count, and the crowd go nuts.  But then the music of the final entrant hits….. it’s “Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig

Winner:  The Rock


#5:  The Rock vs “Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig

Cole says he can’t believe this.  He acknowledges that Mr Perfect held the AWA World Title in 1987-88, which is 12 years ago.  Piper says he has been in the ring with Perfect, and he is nearly what he claims to be:  the Perfect Wrestler.  Perfect enters the ring, and sees the Rock laying on the mat still.  He makes a cover, and Cole says “No, not like this”, but the Rock just kicks out before the 3-count.  Perfect then hits several suplexes, and looks very confident.  He sets Rock up for the Perfect-Plex, but Rock turns it into a backdrop.  Rock tries to get up, but Perfect keeps beating him down, and getting several near falls.  Rock tries to fight back, but Perfect clamps on a chin-lock.  Rock whips him off, and drops his head for a backdrop.  Perfect stops and hits the Perfect-Plex, and the ref starts the count…. But notices that The Rock’s foot other foot is on the bottom rope.  Perfect stands up thinking he has won the World Title, but the ref informs him that the foot was on the rope.  Perfect argues with the ref, as the rock gets to his feet.  Perfect tries to punch Rock, but he clocks and fights back.  Rock whips Perfect and hits a spinebuster.  Rock gets up and does the People’s Elbow.  He then sets up and hits the Rock Bottom to get the 3-count.

Winner:  The Rock to win the PWI World Heavyweight Title

The Rock climbs the ropes and celebrates.  Mick Foley comes to the ring holding the World Title, and awards it to the Rock.  He raises the Rock’s hand, and The Rock raises the title.  As the crowd cheer, Kurt Angle appears in the entry way again.  Rock sees him and beckons him to come to the ring, but Angle indicates he is “smarter than that”, and retreats to the dressing room.  Piper says that Angle is a smart man, and is clearly waiting for another opportunity to get at The Rock.  Coles proclaims Rock as the inaugural PWI World Champion, and says he more than the People’s Champion, he is the World Champion.


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Foley announcing this Gauntlet for the Gold match got me hyped!  Should be a really fun night of wrestling.

Kurt Angle has a good point, but I was thinking he could step up and be the first challenger, as Rock suggests.  Curious to see where you are going with him.

Interesting development with Cornette bringing in Mutoh and Shinzaki.  He is a good mouthpiece for them.

Nathan Jones seems set to have a little more success here in his native land than he did in the USA.  

Holy hell, Kurt Angle went on a heel rampage.  I was going to comment on how you using The Outsiders as faces was really intriguing to me, but this annihilation of them by Angle was way more fascinating.  This is not the milk drinking comical heel Angle, for sure.

Mick Foley has had an excrutiatingly busy night as commish!  And doesn't give a rip about the Impact Players.  They will have to make their statement elsewhere.

That was a great gauntlet match!  It had a little bit of everything, the run of Mutoh, the epic confrontations of Mutoh and Sting and Sting and Rock, and then a huge surprise with Mr. Perfect coming out and nearly winning the title on a few occasions!

In one show, you now have a well established face champion and an even better established top heel to chase him.  Very well done!



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There's no doubt that you put a lot of eggs in the same basket when it came to that gauntlet idea. I liked it to an extent but I also have to put myself in the framework of your promotion and how it is all about getting butts in the seats. There's no doubt that the rock is a perfect choice for you to base your promotion on and he is going to be a huge name wherever you go. I like the use of Jim cornette with the Japanese guys and I like the movement of Kurt Angle.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Episode 2- Live from Brisbane, Australia

Michael Cole and Roddy Piper welcome us to PWI Worldwide.  Piper says that PWI launched with a bang last week, and tonight promises to be a rowdy night, even if he does say so himself.


The wheels screech and the Commissioner of PWI, Mick Foley, comes to the ring.  Foley says last week was a historic week when PWI crowned their first World Champion, and tonight will be just as big as PWI will crown their first tag team champions “right here in Brisbane Australia”.  Foley says that like last week, he is only allowing teams that have previosuly held a World Tag Team Championship to compete in this one night tournament.  He said 4 teams will enter, but only one will be crowned champ.


The music of Kurt Angle sounds, and the Olympic Champion storms to the ring.  He says that he is still angry at Foley for not putting him in the Gauntlet for Gold match last week, and he proved that he has what it takes to be a World Champion.  Foley says all he proved was that he can be a pain in the butt and interfere in matches he is not a part of.  Angle says that he has all the credentials needed for a champion and demands an opportunity.  Foley says he is more than happy to give him an opportunity….. but not tonight.  He says tat tonight’s show is booked and tonight is about the Tag Team Titles.  Angle says that no one cares about the Tag Team Titles, they only care about the person who won an Olympic gold medal and should be the World Champion.  Foleys says to let him know when that man arrives (drawing great laughter from the crowd).  Foley says that he will give Angle a chance next week to prove himself against a former world champion, a chance to ear a shot at the world title.  Angle steps closer to Angle and said “You better believe I will prove myself.  You are looking at the next world champion.  It’s true….. It’s damn true”.


Vulcan vs Disco Inferno

Cole informs us tat Vulcan is a veteran Australian Wrestler trained by Dean Malenko.  HE says he used to compete in Australian Gladiators, has appeared in several movies and is eager to prove himself on the world stage.  Vulcan gets a great reception from the Australian fans who recognise the former gladiator.  Disco comes dancing to the ring.  Vulcan quickly takes control and his power is impressive.  Disco cheats a bot, but Vulcan hits a powerslam to get the win.

Winner:  Vulcan


Mean Gene is backstage with The Mamalukes and Tony Marinara.  Tony says that the Mamalukes have been training on the streets, and that the family have said they want the gold brought home.  He says Big Vito and Johnny the Bull will bring the fight tonight, and beat 2 teams to become the World Champions, which is the first step to the Mamaluke family dominating PWI.


The Wolf howls and Kevin Nash and Scott Hall come to the ring.  Hall conducts a survey, and believes the crowd are here to see The Outsiders.  Hall says that tonight the Outsiders are not here for family, but are here to win gold, and remind everyone that the Kliq is the force that dominates wrestling. Nash says last week Kurt Angle proved himself to be nothing more thana charlatan, who needed a chair to get a win.  Nash promises that the Outsiders never forget, and they are coming for Kurt Angle.


Tag Title Tournament Match 1: The Outsiders vs The Mamalukes w/ Tony Marinara

This match does not last long.  The Mamalukes pose in the ring and threaten the Outsiders.  Hall looks at Nash, and Nash levels Johnny the Bull with a big boot, while Hall clothesline Big Vito out of the ring.  Nash then hits the jack-knife on Johnny and gets a very easy pin.

Winners:  The Outsiders.


D-Lo Brown walks into Mick Foley’s office, and Foley warmly welcomes him to PWI.  D-Lo asks if PWI is a company where people will be given fair chance to be rewarded for what they do in the ring.  Foley says that PWI is a place where people will be rewarded, and he is a man who wants to give opportunity.  D-Lo says he wants a chance, and Foley says that a chance will be given.  He tells D-Lo to come to next week’s Worldwide ready to compete, because he will put him in the ring with a former World Champion.  Foley says what better way to prove you may be a possible contender than to beat a former champion.  D-Lo says he is ready to prove himself, and the world had better be ready from him next week.



Tag Title Tournament Match 2:  The New Age Outlaws vs The Impact Players w/ Torrie Wilson.

This is a good battle, with both teams gaining advantage and working the other team over.  Storm and Credible double team Roaddogg, and work him in their corner,  Torrie distracts the ref several times to help them keep advantage.  Roaddogg and Storm hit each other with a clothesline, which allows Billy Gunn to be tagged in.  Billy battles both Storm and Credible, and a four-way breaks out.  The ref tries to clear the ring, and Torrie passes the kendo stick to Credible, who lays Billy Gunn out with it.  He makes the cover as the ref turns around and counts the pin.

Winners:  The Impact Players



Mean Gene is standing with Jim Cornette and Keiji Muto.  Cornette says that Muto proved to the world last week how great a wrestler he is.  He says that Muto drew an unlucky number, and beat man after man…. Until Sting came out.  Cornette says that Strong has been a thorn in Muto’s side for too many years, and it has got to end.  Cornette says that the only reason Strong won last week was because Muto had already beaten 3 men.  Cornette tells Gene, and the world, that Muto wants Sting to face him like a man.  Muto steps to the camera, and says “Sting…1-2-3….. Muto is the man”.  Cornette looks over and says “and that’s all we have to say”.


The camera cuts to the parking area, and we see a limo pull up.  The door opens, and the Rock steps out (to a massive roar from the crowd)


Dustin Rhodes vs Jinsei Shinzaki w/Jim Cornette

Rhodes and Shinzaki have a soli battle, with some stiff shots.  Cole talks about both men’s history, and how they have used unique personas in the past.  Rhodes seems to be gaining the ascendancy but Shinzaki hits a low blow.  Shinzaki tries to set up the crucifix powerbomb, but Rhodes manages to turn it into a backdrop.  Rhodes sets up a bulldog, but Cornette grabs his leg.  This distracts Rhodes, and allows Shinzaki with a Nenbutsu Powerbomb (sitout powerbomb) to get the win.

Winner:  Jinsei Shinzaki


Mean Gene is now with Sting.  Mean Gene asks whether Sting heard the earlier comments from Keiji Muto and Jim Cornette.  Sting says he heard everything they had to say.  He states that they have done this dance  for 11 years now.  They have been opponents, they have been allies, they have battled for championships and for pride.  He has always been willing to face anyone who calls him out, and he does not back down from a challenge.  If Muto wants to meet him in the ring, all he has to do is name a time and place, and the match will be on.  “I’m right here Muto, and I’m ready to go again”.


“If you smell what the Rock is cooking”.  The Rock’s music blares and the World Champion makes his way to the ring, holding the title on his shoulder.  The Rock takes in the adulation of the crowd.  Rock starts “Finally The Rock…….. make that The Champ has come back to Brisbane”.  Rock says that last week he proved to the world he is the people’s champ, and he doesn’t care whether it is Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Keiji Muto, Sting, Mr Perfect, Mr Happy, Mr Sad, the Easter Bunny or even Kurt Angle, he will defend this title against all comers.  But anyone who steps in the ring needs to remember that he will lay the smackdown on them and kick their candy ass all over the ring….


The music of Kurt Angle interrupts the rock, and he makes his way to the ring.  Angle says that Rock may have won the World Title last week, but that is only because he was not allowed to challenge for it.  He says Rock is an impressive athlete, but “I am a freaking Olympic Gold Medallist and I want a shot at that World Title now”.  Rock says that Angle is not the boss around here, he is just a dorky looking little princess, who runs around playing with chairs.  He says that if Angle is a real man, he would leave the toys at home.  Rock looks at Kurt and raises his hand, and tells him to “Just Bring It”.


The Music of the Outsiders sound, and Nash and Hall come out mic in hand.  Nash asks Rock to hold on a minute.  He says they do not have a problem with Rock, but Kurt swung chairs on them as well last week, and they have a little revenge they need to dish out.  They enter the ring, and Angle realises he is cornered.  He starts to attack the others, but they end up triple teaming him.  Foley, officials, referees and several lower roster guys hit the ring to break up the carnage.  Officials can be seen holding Nash and Hall back, and Rock is now in the aisle.  Cole notices that Kurt Angle seems to have disappeared.  Piper suggests he may have jumped out of the ring and left through the crowd amongst all the carnage.  Foley orders Rock to the back, and cannot find Angle.  He looks through the crowd, but tells Nash and Hall to prepare for their title match, and he also leaves the ring, ordering the officials and other wrestlers to the back.  Then the music of The Impact Players sounds, and they come to the ring.


Tag Team Tournament Final:  The Outsiders vs The Impact Players w/Torrie Wilson

The Outsiders size advantage helps them dominate early, and Nash and Hall look like they are playing with Storm and Credible.  Torrie gets on the apron and distracts Nash and Hall with her “female wiles”.  Nash and Hall try to coax her to their corner, and this allows Storm and Credible to double team Hall.  They get several near falls, but can’t put him away.  Hall manages to double clothesline the Players, and tags in Nash.  Nash battles both men, and clotheslines Storm out of the ring.  Nash sets up the jack-knife on Credible, but Torrie enters the ring and tries to kiss Nash.  The ref tries to get her out, and she pushes the ref down, and falls on top of him.  Nash and Hall continue to beat on the Players, but KURT ANGLE comes out from under the ring.  Cole says that’s where he went earlier.  Angle grabs a chair and slams it into the head of both Nash and Hall.  Storm makes a cover, and the ref rolls over and sees the pin, and makes the count.

Winners, and PWI World Tag Team Champions:  The Impact Players.

The Players celebrate with Torrie as Angle smiles in the aisle.  Suddenly the crowd roars as The Rock rushes to ringside and attacks Angle.  He hits several shots on Kurt, and clotheslines him into the crowd.  Officials have rushed to the ring and are trying to stop the Rock.  Angle then takes off through the crowd as Rock is held back.  Cole says that Angle has influenced the outcome of the match, and Piper says that Angle is fast becoming the most hated man in the company.  Cole says he is certain Commissioner Foley will have something to say about this next week.









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Some PWI action coming and here we go... Worldwide is definitely the word for it as we come from Australia. Disco doesn't fare to well here... I don't know too much about Vulcan, I will be interested to see what happens with him.  Tag title tournament action... I always love a good tournament...  The Impact players with a victory that definitely surprises me.  Dustin Rhodes falling to Shinzaki is also a surprise.  Sting vs the Rock is something I would like to see develop and build to a huge match.  The Impact Players winning the tournament is again, a shock to me. They are definitely talented but beating the New Age Outlaws and the Outsiders is bigger that I could have expected for them. Obviously Angle's involvement makes more to this story so it will be interesting to watch it play out.

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I echo LowBlow, I was surprised to see The Impact Players win the first match, and even moreso with getting the title!  They are positioned more or less as cowardly heels that escaped with the belt, so I am curious to see if the Outsiders are going to pursue that, or keep going after Kurt Angle.  They have their hands in a lot.  I also don't see the Outlaws taking this sitting down, so it will be interesting to see how the Impact Players survive their ascension to the top spot.

I was surprised to see Dustin go down too, and he is another one I don't envision will take it lightly.  

You push "former world champions" a lot, D'Lo gets a shot at one, the tournaments revolved around them.  I see good and bad to this, the good being that it gives everyone involved credibility, the bad is that it makes some of them seem like they are resting on past laurels.  With so many of them on the roster, the concept, while still strong now, could get watered down, so make sure you strike a good balance with that.

Kurt Angle is making so many enemies right now, I don't like his chances on his own in PWI!

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See, on the contrary, I was glad to see the Impact Players getting the titles. They were pretty hot around that timeframe IRL so it makes sense to me to see them as the top tag teamin any promotion.

With that said, I agree though that Kurt Angle might have his word cut out for him. But I wouldn't expect it any other way for him.

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OOC:  Sorry everyone- no pics today

PWI Worldwide #3

Live from Auckland, New Zealand

Michael Cole and Roddy Piper welcome us to New Zealand.  Piper says that this is a very beautiful country, but everywhere he goes he sees sheep. Coles announces that the main event tonight is Rock and Sting vs Keiji Muto and Jinshei Shinzaki.

The music of Kurt Angle sounds, and the Olympic Champion comes to the ring.  He runs down New Zealand, and tells the crowd they are all married to sheep, and says New Zealand is not a big enough country to ever host an Olympics.  Angle then talks about his success so far in PWI, and states that he is being held back by a commissioner who is jealous of his success, and a supposed champion who is not good enough to lace his shoes.  He demands what is owed him… a title shot.

The Rock’s music hits, and the World Champion comes to the entryway.  Rock tells Angle to know his role and shut his mouth.  Rock says that Angle has been running around with chairs, but this is wrestling, not musical chairs.  He tells Angle that if he wants a shot, all he has to do is sign his name to the dotted line, and he can have one.  Rock starts to head to the ring, but Mick Foley runs out to cut him off.  Foley says that he cannot have the Rock defend the title right now, because he has other matches already signed.  He reminds Rock he has a tag match tonight, and then informs Kurt that he also has a match tonight… against Kevin Nash.  Foley says that should Angle beat Nash, he would consider drawing up a contract for Angle to meet Rock.  Angle says that he should get the shot automatically because he is an Olympic Gold Medalist.  Rock tells Angle to take the gold medal, shine it up and……  Rock then says that if Angle beats Nash, he knows where he can find the Rock….. if you smell what the Rock is cooking.

“British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith vs Alex Wright

Cole comments that there is a real international flavour to this match.  Piper says that he would prefer anything with flavour to the dancing of Alex Wright.  This is a bit of a mismatch.  Bulldog uses his power to control the match.  Wright manages to hit some fast offense, and goes for a crossbody off the top rope, but Bulldog catches him and turn it into a powerslam for the win.

Winner:  British Bulldog.


Mean Gene is standing with Jim Cornette.  Cornette says that tonight a statement will be made.  He said his clients, Keiji Muto and Jinshei Shinzaki will prove why they are two of the most sought-after wrestlers in the world, and they will prove that technique will always overcome flash.  Gene notes that Cornette has always been known as a manager of great tag-teams.  Cornette says he has managed the greatest tag teams ever, and now he is taking it to a whole new level.  Cornette states he has taken two men from his great tag teams, and has blended them together to form what may be the greatest tag team ever.  The camera pans back to show Bobby Eaton and Jimmy Del Ray.  Cornette says this is his new legacy.  This is the best of the Midnight Express and the Heavenly Bodies.  Cornette says this is the “Heavenly Express”.


The Heavenly Express (Bobby Eaton & Jimmy Del Ray) w/Jim Cornete vs Chris Harris and James Storm.

Cole says that Harris and Storm are two young rookies looking to make a name for themselves.  Harris and Storm catch Eaton and Lane by surprise with some good double team moves and early teamwork.  Eaton takes control when Harris goes for a backdrop too early and Eaton lands a DDT.  Eaton and Del Ray work well together, and get several near falls, with Harris consistently kicking out.  The Heavenly Express land a rocket launcher, but Harris kicks out again, to the shock of Jim Cornette.  Del Roy goes for a splash, but Harris gets the knees up, and then makes the hot tag to Storm.  Storm is on fire, and takes on both men.  A brawl breaks out in the ring, and Cornette passes his tennis racquet to Eaton who clobbers Storm while the ref is trying to get Del Ray and Harris out of the ring.  The ref sees the cover and counts the pin just before Harris can break it up.  Cole notes that Harris and Storm really shocked everyone here tonight with their performance, and Piper suggests with a little more experience these two young men may become a very dangerous tag team

Winners:  The Heavenly Express


We see Mick Foley in his office on the phone, when Lex Luger walks in.  Foley tells Luger to wait, but Luger impatiently grabs the phone and throws it to the floor.  Luger says he is the ultimate physical specimen, the total package.  Foley asks if he actually has a total package.  Luger says he came to PWI to prove once again he is the greatest in the world.  Luger says that he has heard Foley is offering opportunities, and that’s all Luger says he needs.   Foley says he is too busy tonight to think about this.  Luger says if Foley won’t give him an opportunity, he will go and make his own.


D-Lo Brown vs Barry Windham

Cole reminds everyone that Windham is a former World Champion.  Piper says what happened in the past has no bearing on the present.  He said that D-Lo Brown has a strong championship history of his own.  The two men have a solid battle.  Windham hits a Bulldog, and sets up for the super-plex, but D-Lo turns it into a top-tope powerbomb instead.  D-Lo then climbs the ropes and hits the Low-Down for the 3 count.

Winner:  D-Lo Brown

D-Lo celebrates the win when he is attacked from behind by Lex Luger.  Luger lays a beating on D-Lo.  Windham gets back to his feet, and joins in.  Luger and Windham continue the attack until Referees and Commissioner Foley enter the ring and separate them.  Foley can be heard telling Luger and Windham to go to the back, and then he tells Luger that this is not how someone gets an opportunity in PWI.


Mean Gene is standing with The Rock.  The Rock says that finally he has come back to New Zealand.  Rock says that there are times when a man fights a battle alone, and sometimes he needs a partner.  Rock states that tonight the people’s champ will team with the “Icon”.  He says that Jim Cornette talks about international stars, but when it comes to Muto and Shinzaki the only thing the people want to see is the two of them getting their assess laid out in the ring.  And when it comes to Cornette, if he brings that tennis racket to the ring, the Rock will shine it up…(and you know the rest).  Sting says that he called Muto out last week, but it seems his great foe only wants a tag team match.  Sting promises to remind Muto just how dangerous he is, and promises to have The rock’s back.


Nathan Jones vs Steve Blackman

This does not last too long.  Jones attacks Blackman before the bell, but Blackman battles back with his kicks and strikes.  Blackman tries for a back elbow off the ropes, but Jones catches him and turns it into a chokeslam.  Jones then lands several power moves before hitting a powerslam to get the win.

Winner:  Nathan Jones


In Commissioner Foley’s office we see Mick Foley talking to Dustin Rhodes. Foley tells Dustin he was impressed with his efforts last week, even though he lost the match.  Dustin says that he feels he has had his career rejuvenated by joining PWI, and believes the best is yet to come.  There is a knock on the door, and Mr Perfect enters the room.  Perfect looks down on Rhodes and tells him to leave.  Dustin asks who Perfect thinks he is.  Perfect says that he is the only Perfect athlete in PWI, and that he is a winner, unlike Dustin Rhodes.  Dustin says that he has had a successful career.  Perfect says that Dustin’s career is like his father…overrated.  Perfect says his father was a true winner, and taught him to be perfect.  Dustin and Perfect begin to argue further when Foley interrupts them.  He says if they want to settle things, then next week they can take this argument to the ring.  He books the two of them in a match on next week’s worldwide, and then demands they both leave his office.


Kurt Angle vs Kevin Nash w/Scott Hall

The Outsiders come out and Hall conducts his survey.  Sound like the fans have come to watch them this week.  Hall then says that the time has come for Kurt Angle to learn the difference between amateur and professional wrestling, when he gets his ass handed to him by Big Sexy.  Nash then says that Angle won’t be swinging any chairs tonight, he’ll be counting the lights.

Angle comes out with a determined look.  He launches his attack, but Nash uses his size to keep Angle at bay.  Hall is at ringside mocking Angle and laughing at him.  Nash backdrops Angle out of the ring, and Hall picks him up, but Angle fights him off and slings him into the guardrail.  Nash comes to the floor, and Angle attacks him and drives him into the ringpost.  Angle picks up a chair, but the ref stops him.  Nash crawls into the ring, and Angle works the back and leg.  Angle charges the corner, but Nash hits an elbow, and then lands Snake Eyes.  Nash uses his big boot, and tries to set up the Jack-knife, but Angle hits a low blow.  Hall vets on the apron to complain, and the ref orders him down.  With the ref distracted, Angle quickly rolls to the floor, grabs a chair and hits Nash across the back.  Angle then hits the Angle Slam as the ref turns around and counts the pin.  Hall comes into the ring, but Angle rolls to the outside, points and laughs, before telling the camera that no one can beat him…. And that’s true.

Winner:  Kurt Angle


The music of the Impact Players brings out Lance Storm, Justin Credible and Torrie Wilson.  They celebrate with their belts and really hype themselves up.  Credible says that they are the premier tag team in PWI, and they have definitely made their impact.  Storm says that people underestimated them, but the cream always rises to the top.  Torrie says that the boys brought her the gold, and she loves gold, and they never intend to give up the gold.

“Oh you didn’t know”… The New Age outlaws come to the stage. Roaddogg calls the Players “Outlaw wannabee’s”.  He says the Outlaws created the genre, and the Players are trying to cash in.  Roaddogg notes that the difference between the two teams is that the Outlaws have a genuine championship legacy while the Players are just Kendo-Stick wielding bit players…. Who hang around a trash-bag ho.  Roaddogg says that the Players are welcome to put the titles on the line anytime, and the Outlaws will teach them a lesson or two.  Billy takes the mic and says if the players are not down with that, the outlaws have two words for them…..


The Rock & Sting vs Keiji Muto & Jinsei Shinzaki w/ Jim Cornette

The Rock and Shinzaki start the match, and have a good back and forth.  Shinzaki tags in Muto, who circles with The Rock before pointing to Sting.  Sting tags in, but Shinzaki pounces from behind, and Muto and Shinzaki beat on Sting for a few minutes.  Sting manages to get the tag to Rock, and he comes in on fire.  He takes down both Muto and Shinzaki, and hits a spinebuster on both men.  He lands a double people’s elbow, and prepares to hit the Rock Bottom when Kurt Angle hits the ring with a chair and smashes Rock in the back.  The ref calls for the bell as Angle strikes again. 

Winners:  The Rock and Sting by DQ

Sting comes in to make the save, but Muto and Shinzaki are up now, and they double team Sting.  Sting drops Shinzaki with a Scorpion Death Drop, and he and Muto start fighting up the aisle.  Meanwhile Angle hits Rock with the Angle Slam, and then clamps on an Ankle Lock.  Rock is trying to reach the ropes as multiple referees come in the break up Angle’s assault.  The referees attend to Rock as Angle stands alone in the ring, hands raised victorious.  Coles says that Angle has made a statement to the Rock tonight.  Piper says that Kurt has been on a rampage the last few weeks, angry at his belief he has been overlooked.  Piper says that the reigning Olympic Champion has his eyes set on becoming the PWI champion.

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Worldwide coming at you with a huge main event... Rock and Sting is without a doubt a dream team on so many proportions. Angle vs Nash again shows how many high flyers you've got in terms of top tier talent here.  I will admit... D'Lo vs Barry Windham is intriguing on many levels to me... I'd wanna see that one play out for a number of reasons.

Good work from PWI and you've got a lot of things moving. Rock and Angle are on a collision course...

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First off, never apologize for no pics.  I haven't used any yet, and I might some day, but your words do the drawing just fine.  First line in, and I was hooked by the main event.

Angle and Nash going at it is really big considering the build, and both guys have been positioned strongly but I can't see Angle losing, so I am curious to see where you go with this (I read these shows as a stream of consciousness thing and make my comments as I go so I haven't read who won yet!)

Midnight Bodies would have made a great name for a raunch flick lol, but I love the Heavenly Express concept.  I always thought the Heavenly Bodies were such a great team saddled with a bit of a crap gimmick.  I like this move.  And almost going down to the up and coming rooks is typical of a Midnight Express match.  Great work here.

Wow what a big win for D-Lo.  I sense a team-up happening from a couple former Horsemen, though.  D-Lo might want to find some backup!

Great win for Kurt Angle and he is smarmy and an asshole in doing it.  And of course, cheated his ass off.  But he still looks good in the win.

Kurt Angle really makes his statement ending the main event prematurely.  

This show was very Rock and Kurt Angle heavy, but you achieved a really good balance and started building up your midcard strongly.  Nice work.



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  • 2 weeks later...


  Live from Brisbane, Australia.

Michael Cole and Roddy Piper welcome us to another episode of Worldwide.  Cole informs us that tonight’s main event will see The Rock defending his world title for the first time when he faces Jinshei Shinzaki.  Piper says that the “People’s Champ” has the chance to show that he can back up all his talk tonight.

The music of Kurt Angle sounds, and he comes to the ring.  He says that the fans should be grateful he is even here.  He says that during the week he received a call from the U.S. Olympic Wrestling Coaches asking him to come to Sydney and win another Gold Medal.  He says that is how talented he truly is… he can get on a plane, go to Sydney and win an Olympic Medal without any training or preparation.  But he told the coaches No.  He says that the Sydney audience are not worthy of his attendance at the Olympics.  The other reason he isn’t going is because last week he earned a shot at the World Title, and he wants it now.

Commissioner Foley comes to the ring.  He thanks Kurt Angle for honouring his professional contract.  He says that Angle did win his match last week, and that Foley is a an of his world and will grant him a title shot, but it will not be tonight.  Angle is furious.  Foley says that tonight’s contracts are already signed, and The Rock already has a defence.  Angle demands that Foley change the match.  Foley says he can’t be pushed around and reminds Angle that he is the commissioner.  Angle says that if Foley won’t give him his shot tonight, he is going to regret the decision.  Foley tells Angle again he won’t be pushed around, and orders Angle from the ring.  Angle takes a couple of steps towards leaving, and then turns and attacks Foley from behind.  He hits and Olympic Slam, and then clamps on an ankle lock.  Foley is screaming in pain, but Angle won’t release it.  The Rock then rushes to the ring, and he and Kurt begin to fight.  Rock clears Angle from the ring.  Angle backs away saying he is coming for Rock.  Rock tells him to bring it, before checking on Foley.


“British Storm” Ian Harrison vs “Marvellous” Marc Mero

Piper tells us that Harrison is an up and coming star from England.  Cole says that Mero has had several persona’s in different promotions, but has won multiple championships.  Mero tries to hit and run, but Harrison uses his power moves to put the hurt on Mero.  He gets the win with a “leg vice” submission.

Winner:  Ian Harrison.


In the back, Mean Gene Okerlund is with Jim Cornette.  Cornette says that he is here to dominate PWI.  He says that is stable of wrestlers include the 2 best Japanese stars in the world, and the greatest tag team in the world.  He says that tonight Jinshei Shinzaki will become the World Champion, and that it is a matter of time before his Heavenly Express capture the Tag Team Titles.  Cornette says 2000 may be an Olympic Year, but in reality it is the year of Camp Cornette.


The New Age Outlaws vs The Mamalukes w/Tony Marinara

The Outlaws come out to their music, and Roaddogg says they will soon be the Tag Team Champions of the Woooooorld.  The Mamalukes try all kinds of double-teams and cheating, but the Outlaws are just too good for them.  Marinara gets up on the apron, but Billy gives in a right hand, and the Outlaws hit a Spike Piledriver on Johnny The Bull to get the win.

Winners:  The New Age Outlaws

As they celebrate in the ring, the Impact Players hit the ring and Justn Credible hits both Gunn and Roaddogg with his cane.  Credible and Storm beat on the Outlaws for a moment.  Credible grabs a mic and tells the Outlaws they will never win these titles.  Storm grabs the mic and says “because we are the ones who make the impact in PWI”.


The crowd comes to life as Sting makes his way to the ring.  Sting tells the fans that he was worked his entire career to earn the respect he enjoys.  He says he has always given his best.  But one thing seems to have followed him his entire career-  Keiji Muto.  Every place I have competed in, Muto ahs been there.  We have wrestler multiple times, and honestly neither of us can claim a decisive win.  Well that all ends here in PWI.  Sting says that the contract is ready, and he has signed it.  He tells Muto that all he has to do is sign his name to the contact, and they can determine once and for all which one of them is the better man. 


Mr Perfect vs Dustin Rhodes

Michael Cole reminds us that this match was booked last week by Commissioner Foley.  Piper says both men are second generation stars who are both superstars in their own right.  Perfect and Rhodes have a good back and forth encounter.  Perfect becomes frustrated and grabs a chair, but the ref takes it away.  Rhodes manages to hit a bulldog, but Perfect gets his foot on the rope.  Rhodes is frustrated and he grabs a chair, but the ref takes it away from him.  Perfect manages to land a back suplex, and the ref counts three.  Perfect stands up claiming victory, but the ref tells him, “no”, his shoulders were down.  Rhodes gets up and claims victory, but the ref tells him his shoulders were also down.  The ring announcer advises that both men pinned each other, and the match is a draw.

Result:  Draw.


Mean Gene is in the back with Vulcan.  Vulcan tells us that he is no rookie.  He says he has wrested around the world for years, that he has been an international gladiator, but more important that he is the Fijian Warrior.  Vulcan says that he is determined to become the first Australian World Champion.


We cross to Mick Foley’s office, where Foley is still receiving medical attention.  Perfect and Rhodes storm into the room, demanding another match with each other.  Foley cuts them off, and tells them that he has had enough.  He says that tonight is not the night to test him, Kurt Angle attacked him and now you two come in this room and bicker like children.  Foley demands both of them leave his office now, and he will have an answer for them next week.


The music of Lex Luger sounds, and the Total Package makes his way to the ring.  Surprisingly he is accompanied by Barry Windham.  Cole asks what is going on, and Piper says he doesn’t know.  Piper does note that they have held the NWA Tag Titles back in 1988.    Luger takes the mic and says that Total Package is back.  He notes that for a couple of years now he has not lived up to his own expectations, that things have not gone to planned.  He says he was a former world champion, but in recent years he could not get a shot.  And then he and Barry sat down and had a talk.  They reminisced about old times, and what they had accomplished in the ring…. And they realised that they had been disrespected and overlooked together, and it was time to stop.  Barry grabs the mic and says that he is the most gifted natural wrestler in the world, and Lex is the most gifted specimen in the world.  Their gifts should allow them to dominate but it has been politics and ego’s that have kept them down.  Well now they are taking matters into their own hands.  He says that they are on the outside looking in, but soon they will dominate PWI.

The Wolf howls, and Kevin Nash and Scott Hall come to the ring.  Nash asks “Did someone say something about Outsiders.” 

Lex says “Well speaking of ego’s, here are the biggest in the world”

Nash and Hall “laugh”.  Nash says that politics haven’t kept you two down.  HE says the fact is time has passed them by,  He says that the world changed.  You talk about 1988, but we have gone through the 90’s and now it is 2000.  Nash says that it is about what you bring to the ring.  Hall says that Luger and Windham can run their mouths, but no one came here to see them.  He says the fans want the Wolfpack.  He then asks the fans if they want to see the Woflpack kick some ass.  The crowd cheer.  Windham and Luger scoff at them, but Hall says “Survey Says…” and he and Nash attack Windham and Luger.  All 4 men battle in the ring as officials race out.  Nash clotheslines Luger over the top, and Hall sets Windham up for the Outsiders Edge, but Windham backdrops him and then rolls to the floor.  Nash and Hall mock Windham and Luger as they retreat to the back.  Piper suggests that tis may be the beginning of a war, and Cole says that PWI may not be able to handle a war of that magnitude.


In the back the Rock is with Mean Gene.  The Rock says tonight he comes to the ring the People’s Champ, and he will remain the people’s champ.  He says that Cornette can go to any country and find any tom, dick or harry he wants, but that does not make them a world championship wrestler.  He says that tonight he will lay the smack down on Shinzaki, on Cornette, and if Kurt Angle shoves his Olympic Ass in the way, he will lay the smackdown on him as well.


The Rock vs Jinshei Shinzaki w/Jim Cornette for PWI World Title

We get an early back and forth in the match.  Cornette tries to get involved, but Rock grabs the tennis racket and whacks Cornette in the butt.  Shinzaki manages to rake the Rock’s eyes and takes control. Shinzaki works the Rock over, but he battles back with a DDT and a spinebuster,  He sets up the people’s elbow but Cornette grabs the foot.  Shanzaki takes control again, but this time Rock hits a Samoan drop, and then lands the People’s elbow.  He sets up for the Rock Bottom when Kurt Angle hits the ring and starts a brawl with the Rock.  The ref calls for the bell as Rock and Angle battle away.  Rock slips out of an Olympic Slam and hits the Rock Bottom.  He then poses with his belt on the second rope as Cole says that the People’s Champ stands tall, and Piper says that tonight he pushed back 2 challengers, although Cole suggests Rock has not heard the last from either men.

Winner:  The Rock by DQ

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The whole opening segment made me think Foley was a little naive.  The way Kurt Angle has forced himself into every situation so far to this point, I think he should be taking more of a hard line stance with him.  And he didn't, and Kurt made him pay, which was exactly what he said he would do.  If nothing else, Angle is a determined man of his word!

I like the role reversal of the Impact Players living up to their name.  It's usually those chasing the belts that go on the attack, but the Impact Players doing a pre-emptive strike is pretty badass, and shows they take the threat seriously.

Sting/Mutoh is one of my all time favorite feuds that went on for so long.  I like that it is still alive here.

I am particularly interested to see where you take Dustin Rhodes.

I love the idea of Luger and Windham getting the band back together, and I hope this feud with the Outsiders percolates for awhile, because I think you can really get a lot out of it.  Although I will say I am not sure which team is the heel team, it sounds like you are leaning towards Luger/Windham, but I actually like the ambiguity of it.  I could even see both teams having support from different schools of fans.

Man, Kurt Angle is just running amok in PWI!  Good main event until the interference, but I am glad to see The Rock put Angle down.  Someone needs to stand up to him and do it effectively, and we know The Rock won't take his shit.  

Good show with a lot of interesting things brewing!

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