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AWA Championship Wrestling - 9/26/85

From Tropicana Hotel - Atlantic City


Opening credits play and then we go to our announcers.


Trongard:  Welcome one and all to AWA Championship Wrestling.  We’ve got a great night of action on tap for you tonight.

Blears:  Right you are Ron.  In fact, we’ve got a trio of title matches on tap for our viewers tonight.

Trongard:  In addition to our normal ESPN Television Title match, we’ll see Adrian Adonis defend the North American Title against the challenge of Rick Martel.

Blears:  We’ll also see the Midnight Rockers will defend the North American Tag Team Titles against the Fabulous Ones.

Blears:  Let’s go to the ring.



The crowd is solidly behind Gavin for the opening bell.  Travis locks up with Garvin.  Garvin whips Travis into the ropes and drops him with a shoulder block.  Travis climbs back to his feet and rushes Garvin.  Ronnie sidesteps and pivots.  Travis ricochets off the ropes into a hand of stone.  Garvin covers for the win.


The ref raises Garvin’s hand in victory.

Bad News Allen vaults over the guard rail and hits the ring.  He clips Garvin and then mounts him, laying in brutal rights until Garvin is a bloody mess.  Travis attempts to help and gets a Ghetto Blaster for his trouble.

Allen raises his hands and the crowd boos.

Commercial break and back to the ring.


The veteran Starr gives BDJ the biggest challenge of his AWA career to date.  He even has the upper hand until Al Madril and Hercules Hernandez come to ringside.  Starr starts jawing with his former partner.  This is all the opening that BDJ needs.  He locks Starr in El Pulpo and gets the submission victory.


Commercial break and then we go to the ring for our first title bout.

RICK MARTEL v. ADRIAN ADONIS(w/Percival Pringle III)(North American Title)

Adonis comes to ringside with the rest of the Pringle Dynasty.  Pringle, Ventura and One Man Gang stand in the corner as the bell rings.  Martel wastes no time going after Adonis.  Adonis moves around the ring, avoiding his challenger.  Martel finally catches up with him and begins to lay in the strong shots.  Adonis bails.  He is surrounded by his team as they encourage him.  Martel comes to the corner.  Pringle yells to back him away.  The ref moves Martel away.  Adonis slides back into the ring.

The crowd erupts as Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper come out to the ring.  They stand across the ring from the Dynasty.  Pringle is furious by their presence.  Adonis is taken aback when they appear.

This opening allows Martel to begin a comeback.  Martel batters Adonis from pillar to post.  Adonis ducks out of the ring, but he’s on the wrong side and finds himself face-to-face with Hogan and Piper.

Adonis hotfoots it back into the ring, right into a giant dropkick.  Adonis hits the mat and rolls out.  He waves off Martel and heads for the back followed by the rest of the Dynasty.

The ref counts Adonis out.


Hogan and Piper climb into the ring and raise Martel’s hand.

Commercial break.

When we come back, it’s time to find out who will challenge Nikita Koloff for the AWA ESPN Television Title.  The balls bounce around in the tumbler.  Ken Resnick stands by to draw.

Resnick:  Fans, it’s time now to pick the name of this week’s challenger for the AWA ESPN Television Title.  Let’s see who it will be.

Resnick triggers the machine and one ball flies free of the others.  Resnick pulls out the ball and his eyes widen.

Resnick:  Well, now this is interesting.  Pull in tight.

The camera pulls in close and Resnick rotates the ball so the name is visible.

The camera focuses on the name…


The crowd cheers as we go to commercial.

When we come back, a pre-recorded interview plays.  Kendall Windham is in the frame.

Windham:  I’m not going to lie.  I’ve had a rough go of things here in the AWA lately.  I can’t seem to get my career moving forward.  I’ve been on my own with nobody to watch my back.  But all that changes today.  I made a call to a friend of mine.  He was at loose ends and he jumped in his truck and came right up here.

So here he is, my compadre, SAM HOUSTON.

Houston steps into the frame and shakes hands with Windham.

Houston:  The Second Sons are here and ready to rumble!

The interview segment ends and we go to footage from a recent local show.

Once again, the Missing Link and Abdullah the Butcher brawl outside the ring.  Both men are bloody.  This time, the brawl runs into the audience.  The crowd parts as the two monsters beat on each other.  A woman slips on popcorn and falls in front of Abdullah.  He reaches down and grabs the woman by the hair.  The Link intercedes, headbutting Abdulah.  The Butcher falls down.  The Link helps the woman to her feet and pushes her out of the way.  Abdullah picks up a chair and levels the Link and leaves.  The woman kneels beside the Link as the action fades out.

Commercial break.

When we come back, Paul Jones, Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev are in the ring,  Kruschev has the ESPN TV Title over his shoulder.

Jones:  This is an absolute travesty!  It’s worse than that.  It’s a conspiracy!  While Comrade Nikita is back in Russia training, the AWA is trying to destroy Jones’ Red Army.  Comrade Ivan will not wrestle Comrade Kruschev tonight.  That is not the Soviet way.

The crowd boos.

The boos turn to cheers when Verne Gagne comes to ringside with a mic in his hand.

Gagne:  As it turns out Mr. Jones, you are not in Russia.  You are in the AWA.  Ivan Koloff’s name was chosen and he will wrestle Kruschev tonight.  If he doesn’t, we will strip your nephew of not only the ESPN TV Title...but the AWA World Title as well.

Jones is furious.  Ivan is even more furious.  Kruschev leans in and whispers something to Koloff.

Gagne:  What will it be?

Koloff nods stoically.

Jones leaves the ring and the bell rings.


Koloff gives Kruschev instructions.  Kruschev nods.  They lock up and Koloff whips Kruschev into the ropes.  Kruschev shoulder blocks Koloff to the mat.  Koloff pops up, shouting at Kruschev in Russian.  The pair log up again and this time Kruschev bodyslams Koloff.  Once again Koloff steps up and shouts at Kruschev.  Jones calls Kruschev to the ropes.  He instructs Kruschev to lay down for Koloff.  Kruschev shakes his head and turns back to Koloff.  Ivan hits Krusher with a big clothesline and then a knee drop.  Ivan covers for a 2 but Kruschev kicks out.  Ivan is red with fury at this point.  He shoves Kruschev.  Kruschev shoves him back.  Jones shouts out for Kruschev to lay down again. Kruschev forearms Koloff.  Koloff returns the blow.  The two men stand in the center of the ring and pound away on each other.  Jones climbs onto the apron and shouts at Kruschev.  Kruschev whips Koloff into the ropes, knocking Jones to the floor.  Kruschev rushes Koloff.  Koloff ducks and flips Kruschev to the outside.  The ref backs Koloff away.  Kruschev climbs to his feet.  From the floor, Jones grabs hold of Kruschev’s leg.  The ref counts.  Kruschev pushes Jones away and slides back into the ring.  Koloff meets him with a high knee and climbs to the top.  He leaps off with a knee drop onto Kruschev and covers.  He grabs a handful of tights to get an extra edge.  It’s enough.


Koloff and Jones leave the ring with the belt.  Kruschev looks on forlornly.  He eventually leaves the ring and follows the rest of the Red Army to the back.

Commercial break and then back to the ring for our television main event.

THE FABULOUS ONES v. THE MIDNIGHT ROCKERS(w/Sherri Martel) (North American Tag Team Titles)

From the first note of “Sharp Dressed Man” to the final note of “Living After Midnight,” the crowd is on their feet.   The bell rings and we are off.  Both teams execute fast paced offense and frequent tags to keep the action moving.  Sherri inserts herself in the match early on and gives her team the advantage.  They isolate Keirn for several minutes, isolating him and working his legs.  Keirn tags a shortcut, thumbing Michaels in the eye and making a hot tag.  Lane comes in and cleans house.  The crowd is on fire as Lane stands alone in the ring.  Sherri gets her team focused and sends Jannetty back into the ring.  The action continues.  Both team are at the top of their game.

HonkyTonk Man comes to the ring with his guitar.

The crowd boos him as he gyrates.

The Fabs make a tag, but the ref doesn’t see it.  He pushes Lane back to the outside, leaving a beaten Keirn at the mercy of the Rockers.

As Lane argues with the ref, HTM hands Michaels the guitar.  Michaels winds up and swings...JUST AS KEIRN GIVES JANETTY A DESPERATION SHOVE.

Michaels waffles Jannetty with the guitar.  Jannetty goes down.

Kiern falls onto Jannetty.  The ref starts to count.  Michaels hits the ring, but he is cut off by a thrust kick from Lane.

The 3 is counted and we have new champions!


The Fabs grab the titles and head into the crowd.

The show ends with the Fabs celebrating their title victory.



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I'm all for a hard hitting feud between Bad News and The Man with the Hands of Stone! 

Looks like Madril and Herc are trying to make life miserable for Chicky. They better watch out because I'm sure Chicky will have something up his sleeve. 

Hogan and Piper vs. The Pringle Dynasty is off to a great start. This will be a money making headlining feud. 

Love the Second Sons name. 

Abby and Link continue to tear it up! I think Link has found himself a lady friend. 

This is why I love the TV title lottery. So much intrigue. Props to you for giving us a match and not making Krusher take a dive. Even though Ivan ended up winning, Krusher gave him quite the scare. 

Blockbuster TV main event! Great match and we have NEW tag team champs in the Fabulous Ones! Jannetty took a brutal (accidental) guitar shot from Michaels.  I wonder how the Rockers will rebound. 

Once again, outstanding job! 


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WOW... What a great event.

Bad News Allen vs Garvin will be huge!

Poor Chicky.... Hercules would scare the crap out of me

Like the Heel Fab Ones

Very interesting TV Title bout.  Can't wait to see where this goes!

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AWA Championship Wrestling - 10/10/85
From the Tropicana Hotel & Casino
Ron Trongard and Lord James Blears on commentary

Opening credits play and then we go to our announcers.

Trongard:  Fans, welcome to AWA Championship Wrestling
Blears:  The Tropicana is packed and the fans are on their feet.
Trongard:  As well they should, your lordship.  We’ve got a full night of action on tap for them tonight.
Trongard:  Later this evening we will see the in-ring return of Hulk Hogan as he faces Jesse “The Body” Ventura.
Blears:  And our main event promises to be a bloodbath as we, once again, have Bruiser Brody & Randy Savage taking on “Hangman” Bobby Jaggers and “Outlaw” Ron Bass.
Trongard:  Let’s go to the ring for our first match.

SAM HOUSTON (w/Kendall Windham) v. local talent

The newly arrived Houston comes to the ring to the strains of Thin Lizzy.  From there he quickly dismantles his opponent and puts him away with a bulldog.


Windham climbs into the ring and raises his partner’s hand.

Commercial break and then back to the ring.


The young luchador has been making quite an impression since his AWA debut.  Tonight he has his biggest test to date as he takes on the mad Kiwi.  Boyd is befuddled by BDJ’s high flying arsenal, so much so that BDJ scores an early near fall.  From there, Boyd mounts a comeback pummelling BDJ to the mat and grounding him.  BDJ escapes Boyd’s clutches and launches himself from the corner.  Boyd is in trouble.  The ref begins to count.

The Sheepherders hit the ring and attack BDJ.

The ref calls for the bell.


The assault from down under continues as the crowd boos.

The boos turn to cheers as the Killer Bees hit the ring to save BDJ.

Commercial break.

When we come back, Ken Resnick is at ringside with the AWA Tag Team Champions, Curt Henning and Scott Hall.  They are joined by “The Axe” Larry Henning.

Resnick:  Gentlemen, you’ve been on quite a roll as of late.
Curt:  You got that right Ken.  The tag team competition in the AWA is the best in the world.  On any given night we may have to defend these titles against anyone from the Russians to the Fabulous Ones.
Hall:  There are no nights off for us and that’s just the way like it.
Resnick:  Larry, you’ve got to be proud of these young men.
Larry:  That’s a fact Ken.  Night after night they put their titles and their careers on the line to defend those belts.
Curt:  Thanks Pop.
Larry:  But you know, watching them has made this old man itch to get back in the ring myself.
Resnick:  Really?  What did you have in mind?
Larry:  I’m actually thinking about making a run at the AWA World Tag Team Titles.

The crowd oh’s.  Curt and Hall smile.

Curt:  Sure Pop.  You go find a partner and we’ll see what we can do.
Larry:  Don’t you mouth off at me boy.  I may have taught you everything you know, but I didn’t teach you everything I know.

Larry walks out of frame and the tag team champs look on in confusion.

Commercial break and then back to the ring.


The newly minted team come to the ring to a chorus of boos.  Madril starts for his team, but quickly tags in Hernandez.  The muscle man takes things from there simply beating down his opponent before lifting him up into the rack.  Before the victim can submit, Hernandez drops him onto the mat and tags in Madril.  Al quickly slides in to make the cover.


Commercial break and we come back to Larry Nelson at the hopper used to pick the challenger for the AWA ESPN Television Title.  He is joined by a couple of special guests.

Nelson:  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for us to pull a name to find out who will be this week’s challenger for the AWA ESPN Television Title.  I’m joined today by Rocky Johnson and his 13 year old son, Dewey.  Dewey, would you like to pull the name this week?

Dewey:  Sure!
Rocky:  You know whose name to pull son.

Johnson smiles at his son.  Nelson steps aside and Dewey Johnson hits the activator.  A single ball splits from the rest and slides into the receiver.

Nelson removes the ball.

Nelson:  It looks like tonight’s challenger will be…

The Movement bursts into the shot, attacking Johnson.  The brawl takes out Johnson, Nelson and the hopper.  The hopper hits the floor and the ping pong balls go everywhere.

Slick tosses Iceman Parsons the roody-poo stick and Parsons splits Johnson’s head open again.  The Soulman goes down.  His son covers his body.

Parsons:  Let that be a lesson to you little brother.  No man can stop a Movement.

The Movement leaves ringside.  Nelson recovers.

He holds up the ping pong ball while still sitting on the floor amongst the debris.

The camera zooms in on the name.


Commercial break and we come back for our title bout.


Starr is in the ring as the Soviet national anthem plays.  Paul Jones leads out Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev.  Kruschev keeps his head down.  After a momentary conference, Jones and Koloff direct Kruschev into the ring.

Starr starts to smile until he catches the look on Kruschev’s face.  He is stone faced as he charges.  He batters Starr into the corner and begins to lay in hard knees to the mid-section.  He then whips Starr to the opposite turnbuckle and blasts him with a hard clothesline as Starr staggers out of the corner.  Kruschev drapes Starr’s throat across the middle rope and then plants his knee in the back of Starr’s neck.  A 5 count later and Kruschev yanks the rope sending Starr flying to the mat.  Kruschev wrenches Starr’s elbow back viciously and then torques his wrist in a brutal lock.  Starr quickly submits.


Jones and Koloff enter the ring.  Koloff takes the title and Jones raises Kruschev’s hand.

VTR plays.  It’s a replay of the recent match where the Missing Link rescued a fan from Abdullah the Butcher.

The footage ends and we see additional footage of AWA Promoter talking to the young woman.

We join the conversation already underway.

Gagne:  ...don’t like to see things like this happen.  We are more than happy to refund the price of your admission tonight, miss…

Woman:  Angel.  My name is Angel.

Gagne:  What a lovely name.

Missing Link wanders into the shot, looking wildly at Angel.

Gagne:  Security!

Angel:  No, it’s okay.  He won’t hurt me...will you?

Missing Link nods slowly.

Gagne:  Amazing!  How did you do that?

Angel:  I have a way with...wild things.

Commercial break then we come back for our semi-main event.


There is no question as to who the crowd is behind in this one.  Pringle helps Ventura remove his exotic ring attire.  From there, Ventura begins to pose.  Hogan rips off his t-shirt and does his own posing.  The crowd cheers.  Ventura attacks.

There is very little resembling scientific wrestling in this one.  Lots of power moves followed by rest holds.  An eye rake gives Ventura an upper hand which he uses to batter Hogan.  Pringle is ecstatic on the outside.

Ventura locks in a body vice.  Hogan starts to fade.  The ref checks his condition...once...twice...Hogan’s hand stays up.  He headbutts Ventura, breaking the hold.

Hogan is going wild, hitting Ventura with big punches and whipping him into the ropes.


Down goes Ventura.

Hogan off the ropes.


Hogan covers for the pin.


Pringle waves wildly to the back.

The curtain parts and RODDY PIPER walks through carrying One Man Gang’s chain and wagging a finger at Pringle.

Pringle heads for the hills with Ventura staggering behind him.

Hogan and Piper celebrate in the middle of the ring as we go to commercial.

When we come back, it’s main event time.


The bell rings and chaos ensues.  The ref isn’t even trying to maintain order.  He’s just here for the pinfall.

Jaggers and Bass manage to isolate Savage and have their way with him for several long minutes.  Savage tries to fight back, but he’s overwhelmed by cheap tactics and quick tags.

As Savage sags in the corner, Bass taunts Elizabeth.  Brody has seen enough.  He hits the ring.

The ref cuts him off and Savage gets choked with Jaggers’ rope.  The ref turns around and Bass shoves Savage to the mat and covers.  2 and Savage kicks out.

Savage crawls toward his corner.  Bass lets him get close before cutting him off and putting a boot in his head.  Bass drags Savage back to the corner and tags in Jaggers.

Jaggers paintbrushes Savage several times before covering him.  Savage kicks out again.

Jaggers goes to the ropes to taunt Elizabeth giving Savage a moment to recover.

Jaggers returns his attention to Savage.  Savage eye pokes Jaggers and makes the hot tag to Brody.

The crowd erupts as Brody hits the ring.

He levels Jaggers with a clothesline and then hambones Bass to the outside.  He rebounds and hits Jaggers with a second clothesline that turns Jaggers inside out.

Savage is on his feet in the corner.  Brody gives him a slap tag to the chest.

Then Brody drops a big knee onto Jaggers.  He rolls off and Savage launches himself off the top turnbuckle and crashes into Jaggers with a big elbow.

Brody kicks Bass through the ropes and Savage covers.


Brody and Savage continue to lay the boots to Jaggers as the credits run.



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Again awesome show.  I wish TV was as exciting as this back in the day.

Enjoying the commentary of Trongard and Blears.

Nice to see Blue Demon have some friends to come make the save against the Sheepherders

Interesting comments by Larry Henig.  Can't wait to see where this goes.  

Rocky takes a beating from the Movement with his son watching.  This will be wild!

Wonder how long the A Russian TV title reign will last.  This could go so many ways.  Great creativity here.

Piper with OMG's chain was a great shock to Percy.  I could just here the crowd going nuts here.



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Young Sam Houston kicks things off with a win as his partner Kendall watches on. These kids have a lot of enthusiasm. 

Blue Demon gets saved by the Killer Bees. Looking forward to some action packed 6 man tags. 

The Axe catches everyone off guard with his comments. Could we soon see a father going up against his son??? I wonder who Larry will get as a partner? Very interesting. 

With Madril's heel mic skills and Herc's power, these guys could get some good heat as a team.

Wow! Dewey Johnson got a first hand look at the Movement attacking his Dad. I'm sure the Soulman will be back with a vengeance! 

Oh man Chicky took a brutal beating from Krusher. How is anybody going to get the title away from the Russians? 

Missing Link and Angel What a pair. For some reason, Link always had a way with beautiful woman. Looking forward to more of these two. 

Hogan and Ventura go at it in a classic 80s style match up. I thought for sure Piper was going to nail Hogan with the chain LOL. But it looks like Piper defiantly has Hogan's back. Percy better have a plan. 

Outstanding main event! Bass and Jaggers can go but in the end Brody was to much and set things up perfectly for Savage's elbow drop. Brody and Savage have got to be one of the craziest teams in the game. 

Another great week for the AWA!




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AWA Championship Wrestling - 10/24/85
From the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City

Opening credits play followed by a replay of the closing minutes of our last show.  Bruiser Brody and Randy Savage defeat Ron Bass and Bobby Jaggers in a wild tag team match.

Then we go to our ring for our opening bout.

KENDALL WINDHAM(w/Sam Houston) v. local talent

The Second Sons are proving to be very popular with the AWA fans.  Windham gets a rousing ovation as he makes his way to the ring.  He raises his right hand into air and the camera hold on the black glove covering his hand.  Windham makes quick work of his opponent, locking a clawed hand on his forehead and forcing the submission.


Cut to announcers.

Trongard:  Fans, welcome to AWA Championship Wrestling.
Blears:  Another impressive victory for the Second Sons here tonight.
Trongard:  Indeed.  Both of those young men have shown marked improvement since coming together.
Blears:  We’ve got some great AWA action on tap for our fans tonight.
Trongard:  Indeed we do your lordship.  North American champion, Adrian Adonis, will defend his title against former champion, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.
Blears:  Piper won’t be out there alone tonight.
Trongard:  And we will see some member of Paul Jones’ Red Army defend the ESPN Television Title against a randomly selected member of the AWA roster.
Blears:  All that and more.  Let’s head back to the ring.

THE KILLER BEES v. local talent

This one never even gets started as the Sheepherders charge the ring looking for revenge against the Bees for their rescue of Blue Demon Jr a couple of weeks ago.  The mad Kiwis + Boyd take down the Bees, decimate the local talent and then further bloody the Bees.  Boyd splits Blair wide open with the New Zealand flag before planting it in his belly as if claiming Boyd’s gastrointestinal tract for New Zealand.


Security hits the ring as the show cuts to commercial.

When we come back, Lee Marshall is at ringside with Sherri Martel and the Midnight Rockers.

Marshall:  The three of you have been remarkably quiet since…
Jannetty snatches the mic away and hands it to Martel.

Martel:  Since what Marshall?  Since these fine young men were robbed of their titles?  Since my purse was stolen?  Since crimes were committed against us that have yet to be answered for?

Marshall:  I was going to say since SuperClash, but, okay.

Martel:  I am putting the Fabulous Ones AND Rick Martel on notice.  What you have done will not go unanswered.  These men and the world’s greatest entertainer, the HonkyTonk Man, will get revenge.

Marshall:  Speaking of HonkyTonk Man, where is he tonight?

Martel:  He is currently in Memphis recording an album at Sun Studios.  He’ll be here next week to debut his new single.

With that the dastardly trio walk away.

Marshall:  Let’s head back to the ring.


Slinker is back in action tonight.  Unfortunately for him, his opponent is the Missing Link and the Link is intent on impressing his new lady friend.  Slinker opens the action with a karate chop to Link’s head.  All that gets him is a busted hand as Slinker grabs his hand and hops around the ring in obvious pain.  Link unleashes a rapid fire series of headbutts and sends Slinker to the corner.  More headbutts follow and Slinker hits the mat.  Link climbs the second buckle and dives of with a big headbutt that leaves a smear of green greasepaint on Slinker’s chest.  Link covers and picks up the W.


Angel climbs into the ring and raises Link’s hand.

VTR plays.  The grotesque visage of Abdullah the Butcher appears.  He stares wild-eyed into the camera.

“Is he a man or a monster?” says a distorted voice from off screen.

Abdullah leans into the camera.

“Look at him.  There is no humanity in those eyes.  Abdullah the Butcher is neither man nor monster.  He is an avatar of brutality.  For too long he has been used by men to wage wars they were afraid to wage themselves.  That time is over.  The time for Abdullah the Butcher to be released upon the world is nigh and I am the person who will unleash him. 

You have been warned.”

Abdullah chops the camera into static and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Larry Nelson is standing by.  He is next to something covered in a black cloth.

Nelson:  Fans, as you may recall, our tumbler was destroyed on our last show during an attack by the Movement on Rocky Johnson.

I’m pleased to announce that, despite that setback, we will continue to give all members of the AWA roster an equal chance to wrestle for the ESPN Television Title.  From now on, we will be using this to select our challenger.

Marshall pulls back the black cloth to reveal a tan box sitting on a table.

Nelson:  Fans, this is an Apple MacIntosh computer.  The AWA has commissioned the finest computer programmer in the world to create a program which will, each week, select the challenger for the TV Title.

I’m told all I have to do is press this button…

Marshall presses the mouse button and the screen blinks to life.  The names of AWA competitors can be seen flashing by.  The names move faster and faster until they are unintelligible.

Then the screen blinks and a single name appears on the screen.


The camera holds on the name as it flashes on the monitor screen.

Commercial break and then back to the ring for our next bout.


Barr has the unfortunate luck of drawing Bad News for his debut opponent.  Barr makes a good showing early, but Allen goes into full judoka mode, tossing Barr around the ring and stretching him mercilessly.  A pair of brutal judo strikes leave Barr wobbly and opens him up for the Ghetto Blaster.  The kick connects solidly with Barr’s head.  Barr hits the mat and Allen makes the arrogant cover for the victory.


A video, set to “Eye of the Tiger,” shows Hulk Hogan working out in the gym intercut with him wrestling around the world.

Commercial break and then back to the ring and our Television Title match.

Parsons is in the ring with Slick.  The Russians, sans Nikita, are in the ring with Jones.  The Red Army quickly confers and it is decided that Ivan will defend the title tonight.  Parsons laughs as the bell rings.

“ICEMAN” KING PARSONS(w/Slick) v. IVAN KOLOFF(w/Paul Jones and Krusher Kruschev) (ESPN Television Title - 20 min time limit)

The two veterans lock up on the bell and we are off.  It’s a solid back and forth match with both men showing both scientific and rulebreaking tendencies.  Koloff whips Parsons into the ropes and sets for a Sickle, but Parsons ducks and rebounds, nailing Koloff with a Butt-Butt.  Parsons covers for the two, but Koloff kicks out.  The two men eye each other warily and lock back up.  As they jockey for position, the crowd erupts into cheers.

Rocky Johnson rushes to ringside with a wooden baseball bat in his hands.  He buries the bat in Slick’s mid-section dropping the head of the Movement to the concrete.

Then Johnson slides into the ring and proceeds to whip the bat into Parson’s mid-section, doubling him over.

The ref calls for the bell.


Koloff bails, grabbing the belt and waiting from ringside as Johnson continues to demolish Parsons.  Another shot, this one across the back, sends Parsons to the mat.  Johnson lays the bat across Parson’s throat and pulls back, choking the Iceman into unconsciousness.  Whatley and Conway rush the ring to aid their compatriot, but quickly think better of it as Johnson starts swinging the bat wildly.

Instead, the Movement pulls Parsons from the ring and help him and Slick to the back as Johnson stands in the center of the ring squared up like Wade Boggs looking for a skull to split.

Commercial break and then back to ringside where Lee Marshall has been joined by Rocky Johnson, Brickhouse Brown and Koko B. Ware.

Marshall:  That was quite a statement you just made Rocky.
Johnson:  You know what Lee, I know what I signed up for when I became a professional wrestler.  I signed up for long road trips, cheap motels and butt kickings.  I SIGNED UP FOR IT!

But the Movement crossed a line when they attacked me in front of my son.  That’s not business, that’s personal.  So, if that’s how we’re going to play this game, well, then personal it shall be.  From now on, you clowns won’t know where or when we’re coming for you, but you WILL KNOW WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!

Johnson slaps the bat in his hand.  The wood makes a loud slapping sound.

Marshall:  Let’s head up to the ring for our main event.

“ROWDY” RODDY PIPER v. ADRIAN ADONIS(w/Percival Pringle III)(North American Title - television time remaining)

Adonis is already in the ring.  Piper rushes the ring, sliding in, taking Adonis down and laying in fists.  Adonis pushes back into the ropes.  The ref attempts to break things up, but Piper continues the assault.  Finally, Pringle pulls Adonis to the outside.

As they regroup, Piper incites the crowd.  Adonis makes his way back into the ring and Piper rushes him again.  This time Adonis is ready.  He sidesteps and clubs Piper in the back.  The Hot Rod goes down on his hands and knees.

From there things just degenerate into a brawl.  Pringle repeatedly distracts the ref allowing Adonis to score some cheap shots that give him the upper hand.

Adonis pulls Piper to his knees by the hair.  Piper waves him off as Adonis balls up his fist.  Adonis pauses momentarily to laugh and Piper delivers a low blow that drops Adonis to his knees.  Once they are eye level and Adonis is clutching his goodie bag, Piper gives Adonis the double eye poke.

Adonis flails on the mat with one hand on his crotch and one of his eyes.

Piper again mounts Adonis and begins to punch away.

Sensing the title slipping away, Pringle waves to the back.  The One Man Gang and Jesse Ventura rush out, only to be intercepted by Hulk Hogan and Jumbo Tsuruta.  The four massive men battle at ringside, but the Dynasty is kept from interfering.

Pringle hops on the rope to distract the ref.  Piper grabs him by his lapel and yells into his face, spittle flying.

Meanwhile, Adonis has finally made it back to his feet.  He sneaks up on Piper and rakes his back.  Piper doubles up in pain.  Adonis spins Piper around and fires of a stiff right.  Piper again sidesteps and Adonis punches Pringle squarely in the face.

Pringle falls off the apron to the floor.

Adonis is beside himself, leaning over the ropes to check on his manager.

Piper takes advantage of the situation, rolling Adonis up and taking a generous handful of tights for leverage.  The crowd is aghast at the pail moon they are greeted with as the ref counts 3.


Adonis is on his feet arguing with the ref.  Piper grabs a handful of hair and one of tights and whips Adonis over the top rope, right onto the slowly recovering Pringle.

The show ends with Piper on the corner buckle with the title held high.


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Great show here with a lot of fun little details in the interviews.  Thought it was great that HTM was at Sun Studios recording an album and the Apple Mac picked the opponent.  Martel and the Rockers are a fun group.

Sheepherders vs Killer Bees is a fun contrast in styles!

Nice job making Abbie even scarier then he is.

Great job getting even more energy into the Rocky Johnson/Movement feud!  Rocky may need more then a baseball bat to put down the entire movement!

Wow... a major title change on TV.  Awesome match with Piper and Adonis.  The little details continues here with the pale moon of Adonis!  Hilarious  

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Second Sons are getting over with the AWA fans. 

I hope the Killer Bees realize what they've gotten themselves into.

LOL, can't wait to hear HTM's new hit single. 

Link and Angel make quite the pair. 

Great hype video for Abby. Can't wait to find out who's bringing him in. 

Bad News looks good with a nice win over Jessie Barr.

The AWA goes 80s high tech by bringing out the Apple computer. 

Fun heel vs. heel TV title bout. Things get crazy as Rocky Johnson comes out swinging! Passionate promo follows and it looks like we're heading into a major feud. 

 PIPER wins the North American title! Great match! Pringle has a dynasty but Piper has some heavy hitting back up with Hogan and Jumbo. This is going to get good! 


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Catching up after basically not being able to read anything in October, and I really like the vibe of this territory. I know Darknyt was a little hesitant since his rasslin roots are slightly more southern-fried and cajun, but I think he's killing it. I dig the little touches like The Rock being part of his dad's beatdown, and the Macintosh computer (oooh, ahhhh). Rocky storming in on the Movement and the promo afterwards were both red hot. I dig the Abdullah video, and I'm trying to figure out who Angel is... always good for a Beauty and the Beast type partnership. 

Keep it up!

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