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AWA Championship Wrestling - 8/22/20
From the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City

Opening credits play and then we go to the ring for our opening match.


Pride runs into a Canadian wall.  No matter what he tries, Bravo stands tall.  Pride bounces off the ropes right into the outstretched arms of Bravo and gets planted with a sidewalk slam.


Cut to announcers.

Trongard:  Fans, welcome to AWA Championship Wrestling.
Blears:  Things get off to a big start with a win for Dino Bravo.
Trongard:  And it’s only going to get more exciting from here.
Blears:  We have two title matches on tap for you.
Trongard:  And we don’t know who the challengers will be for either one.
Blears:  We will hear from AWA champion, Nikita Koloff.
Trongard:  And we will see the return of Fiesta Garden.
Blears:  Let’s go back to the ring.


Windham is game.  He even gives Bockwinkle a semi-competitive match, but he’s just outclassed.  Bockwinkle wears him down and slaps on his sleeper.  Windham is out.


Promo video plays for the arrival of THE FABULOUS ONES....NEXT WEEK

Commercial break.

When we come back it’s time for Fiesta Garden.  Al Madril and Chicky Starr are on the set.

Madril:  Welcome back to the Fiesta Garden.  Me and Chickey are back and ready to fiesta.

Starr pushes a button on a Casio keyboard and plays a midi version of “Tequila.”  Madril looks at him and shakes his head.

Madril:  Our guests tonight made a big impression on the AWA last week when they destroyed the alleged macho man.  Please welcome “Outlaw” Ron Bass and “Hangman” Bobby Jaggers.
The crowd boos as the Outlaws walk onto the set.

Starr plays a midi version of “Rawhide.”

Madril:  Gentlemen, I’d like to shake your hands.  What you did last week to clean up the AWA was appreciated by all of us.


Bass:  Al...anybody can call themselves a “macho man.”  But a real man doesn’t have to talk, he lets his actions tell the story.  Me and Bobby took out Savage and we ain’t gonna stop until…

The crowd cheers as Savage and Ms. Elizabeth walk onto the set.  Savage has a neck brace on.

Jaggers:  Didn’t you get enough last week boy?

Savage tries to speak, but is unable to.

Bass:  What’s the matter Savage?  Cat got your tongue?

The outlaws laugh.  The crowd boos.

Savage whispers to Elizabeth.

Bass:  Speak up boy!

Elizabeth looks from Savage and back to Bass.

Jaggers:  You gonna let your woman do you fighting for you?

Elizabeth:  He doesn’t need me to do his fighting for him...just his talking...for now.  “Macho Man” Randy Savage challenges you two lowlifes to match right here next week.

Bass:  You gonna be his partner?

Elizabeth:  No...he is!

There is a loud noise and the entire Fiesta Garden set collapses as BRUISER BRODY crashes through swinging his chain.  Starr grabs his Casio and runs.  Madril is flattened with his set.  Bass and Jaggers get one look at the team of Savage and Brody and head for the hills.

Commercial break.

When we come back to Ken Resnick.

Resnick:  Fans, we’ve got some footage we want to show you from a recent show that took place in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Before we play this footage, we want to warn you that this footage is graphic and may not be appropriate for more sensitive viewers.

Footage rolls.

Abduallah the Butcher and the Missing Link are locked in battle.  Link repeatedly headbutts Abdullah until the Butcher is bleeding.  The ref pulls the Link back and Abdullah produces his fork.  Then he jabs the implement into the Link’s head until Link is bleeding.  The ref calls for the bell and a double DQ.  The two monsters continue to brawl and bleed as the footage fades out.

Back to the ring.


Another week, another KO for Garvin.  He flattens Victory and covers for the win.


Commercial break and then back to Ken Resnick for the drawing of this week’s ESPN Title challenger drawing.

Resnick:  Fans, it’s time to see who will challenging Rick Martel for the ESPN title later tonight.

Resnick activates the tumbler and waits until the winning ball is spit out.  Resnick pulls out the ball.

Resnick:  It looks like tonight’s challenger will be Steve Doll.

Commercial break and then back to the ring for our first title match.

STEVE DOLL v. RICK MARTEL (ESPN Television TItle - 20 min time limit)

Martel takes a quick upper hand and scores a near fall over Doll.  The match seems like a foregone conclusion until Johnny V and HonkyTonk Man come out to ringside.  Johnny V starts berating the ref while HTM circles the ring.  Martel is forced to divide his attention and it costs him.  Martel confronts HTM.  HTM grabs Martel’s legs and Martel hits the mat,landing hard on his head.  Doll rolls Martel up and Johnny V excitedly tells the ref to count.  Three seconds later we have a new champion.


A shocked Doll is handed the belt as Johnny V and HTM leave ringside laughing.
Commercial break and then we go to Ken Resnick.

Resnick:  Ladies and Gentlemen, we are joined now by the AWA Heavyweight Champion, “The Russian Nightmare,” Nikita Koloff.

Koloff walks onto set with the belt around his waist.  He is accompanied by Paul Jones, Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev.

Jones:  Resnick, what you see here is the greatest athlete in the world of professional wrestling today.  He ran Stan Hansen out of the AWA.  And, now, he’s ready to end whoever steps into his path.

Koloff grabs the mic.

Koloff:  Nikita is champion.  Nikita end myth of American cowboy.  Uncle Iban tell Nikita that next he must destroy man known as Bockswinkle.  Bockswinkle, I am coming for you and when Nikita finish with you there will be nothing left for the American people to mourn.

Ivan:  Nick Bockwinkle, you have been warned.  What happens next is your fault!

Jones’ Russian Army leaves the interview area.

Commercial break and then back to the ring

Percy Pringle and the One Man Gang are in the ring.  They are joined by Ron Slinker.

A bagpipe plays over the PA.  Roddy Piper walks out to the ring with the North American Title belt over his shoulder.  He grabs the mic from Larry Nelson.

Piper:  Really Percy?  This is what it has come to for the mighty Pringle Dynasty?  The guy that got knocked out cold by Ron Garvin last week?

Piper drops the belt and attacks Slinker.  The beatdown is fast and furious.  However, while Piper is beating on Slinker two more men rush the ring.


The Connection hits the ring and pulls Piper off of Slinker.  Slinker rolls out of the ring as the Gang joins in the beatdown.

Pringle grabs a mic

Pringle:  No Piper, Slinker was nothing but a Judas Goat.  You are now looking at the rebuilt Pringle Dynasty and the man who is going to take your title is…

The threesome continue to lay the boots to a bloody Piper.

Pringle does “eeny-meeny-minny-mo” and lands on Adonis.

The referee has no idea what is happening at this point.

One Man Gang, Ventura and Pringle leave the ring.

Adonis yells “RING THE BELL!”

The ref complies.


Adonis immediately slaps “goodnight irene” on the bloody Piper.  Piper is unable to fight back and after three checks of his arm, the ref calls for the bell.


Adonis unceremoniously dumps Piper to the outside.

The show ends with the new Pringle Dynasty celebrating Adonis’ win in the center of the blood splattered ring.


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Enjoying the new AWA.

You gave us a lot of quality matches here on TV which I wish they would have done back in the day.  

Great Fiesta Garden here as you came up with a wild way to introduce Savage & Brody

Not sure if Steve Doll or myself was more shocked that he won the ESPN TV title.  HTM might pay a heavy price for his actions here.

Bock better be ready... Nikita is a monster!

Give Pringle credit... he had a plan and it worked perfectly.  Adonis makes a nice champion but he better be ready for Piper's revenge.

Great show as the heels win the night but in the last few weeks, they have angered Savage, Piper and Martel.  Will be interesting to see if the heels can keep their gains


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Oh man what a night of surprises! 

Bravo and Bock both look good.

Looking forward to the Fabulous Ones returning! 

Great to see the Fiesta Garden back! Savage couldn't of picked a better partner than Brody. LOL, I cracked up when Brody destroyed the set and Chicky ran off with his Casio. 

You have to have a graphic warning if Link and Abby are involved. This will get bloodier. 

Garvin racks up another KO! 

Huge upset as Steve Doll wins the TV title!! I wouldn't want to be Valiant and HTM when Martel gets his hands on them. The TV title segment will add so much interest each and every week. 

AWA champ Nikita calls out Bock. Nikita is a monster but never count Bock out. 

What an ending! You don't see Piper getting outsmarted often but Percy really pulled one over on him tonight. I was wondering if you would bring the East West Connection back and you did! Along with OMG, the Dynasty is bigger than ever. And now they have some gold. I know Piper will regroup and have a plan. Can't wait to see where this goes. 


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AWA Championship Wrestling - 8/29/85
From the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ
Broadcast on ESPN

Opening credits play and then we go to the ring for our opening bout.

BILLY TRAVIS v. ONE MAN GANG(w/Percival Pringle III)

We open with a big...and I do mean BIG...squash as OMG levels Travis and then flattens him with the 747.


Cut to announcers.

Trongard:  Welcome to AWA Championship Wrestling.  Tonight promises you fans wall-to-wall action.
Blears:  Indeed.  We already know that the unorthodox team of Randy Savage and Bruiser Brody will be facing Ron Bass and Bobby Jaggers.  We will also see the first title defense from new ESPN Television champion, Steve Doll.
Trongard:  All that and more of the fabulous stars of the AWA in action.
Blears:  I’m being told that Ken Resnick is standing by with the Pringle Dynasty.  Ron?

Resnick does indeed have the Dynasty...and Ron Slinker...in tow.

Resnick:  I guess you’re pretty pleased with yourself aren’t you Percy?
Pringle:  Business first Ken.

Pringle pulls a large manila envelope out of his coat pocket.  The envelope is stuffed to the gills.  Pringle hands the envelope to Slinker.

Pringle:  For services rendered.

Slinker takes the envelope, shakes Pringle’s hand and, well, slinks away.

Pringle:  Now, I told you Ken Resnick and I told all of these AWA fans that the Pringle Dynasty would rebound and rebound we did.  Not only did we take the AWA North American Title from Roddy Piper.

Adrian Adonis gestures to the belt on his shoulder.

Pringle:  But we did serious damage to Piper.  We did the kind of damage that a man doesn’t just recover from.  No!  We did the kind of damage that causes a man to wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night.  The kind of damage that makes a man reconsider his life choices.  We did the kind of damage that makes men like Piper crawl away into obscurity.

And we will do the same thing to anyone else who crosses our path.

Ventura flexes at the camera as we go to commercial.

When we return it’s time for tag team action.

SCOTT HALL & CURT HENNING v. local talent (non-title)

The AWA World Tag Team champions return to television much to the delight of the crowd.  They put on an exhibition of seamless teamwork on their way to the victory.


Promo video for the imminent arrival of Bad News Allen.

Then to Resnick and the champs.

Resnick:  Gentlemen, welcome back!
Henning:  It’s good to be back Ken.  You know Scott and I have been out defending these belts against anyone in the AWA who put their name on the dotted line.  It was a good tour, but we are back and ready to take on some new challengers.
Hall:  We’ve seen the Sheepherders.  We’ve seen the Russians.  We’ve seen the Movement.  All of them are worthy opponents.  We’ll let AWA management decide who is first, but me and Curt, we’ll face them all in due time.

Cheers from the crowd as the champs leave.  Then back to the ring.


HTM gets the upper hand quickly in this one, then he starts showboating.  Mistake.  Rick Martel comes to ringside and begins to jaw with Johnny V.  The manager takes a swing, Martel blocks and lands a hard right of his own that sends the Colonel sprawling.  HTM sees it and starts to head out of the ring.  He yells at Martel.  Martel backs away.  HTM reenters the ring and finds himself on the receiving end of a rollup by Pride.


Cut to Ken Resnick who is standing by with the Fabulous Ones.  Keirn and Lane are dressed in the finest unstructured pastel linen suits and sunglasses.  The ladies go wild.

Resnick:  Gentlemen, welcome to the AWA.
Keirn:  It’s good to be here Ken.  We’ve heard a lot about the level of tag team competition here in the AWA and we’re ready to show the world that the Fabulous Ones are still among the elite.
Lane:  Ken, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well, if that’s the case, Steve and I should be the most flattered men in the sport.  Since we put together skill and flash, team after team has followed our lead.  You’ve got Expresses.  You’ve got RPMs.  And, here in the AWA you’ve got Rockers.  Midnight Rockers.
Keirn:  Those boys are like a copy of a copy of a copy.  You can kinda see where the original came from, but not really.
Lane:  Midnight Rockers, you’re on notice.  The Fabulous Ones are in the AWA and we’re coming for you.
Resnick:  Let’s go back to the ring.


The masked Japanese import steamrolls the youngest Windham.  It’s all SSM and he ends with his patented Machine DDT.


Promo video for THE MOVEMENT plays.  Quick cuts show all the members of the faction in action all set to “King of Rock” by Run DMC.

Commercial break and then we go to Larry Nelson who is standing by to draw this week’s challenger for the ESPN TV title.  Steve Doll, the belt over his shoulder, is standing with Nelson.

Nelson activates the machine.

Nelson:  Fans, it’s that time once again. It’s time for us to find out who our new ESPN Television champion will be defending his title against tonight.  Steve, would you like to do the honors?

Doll:  Sure.

Doll does whatever it is that pushes out the ball with the name of the person who will be his challenger tonight.  Doll pulls out the ball and goes white as a sheet.  He shakes his head and hands the ball to Nelson.

Nelson:  Oh my!  Tonight, Steve Doll will defend the ESPN Television Title against...NIKITA KOLOFF!

The arena goes quiet.  We go to commercial.

When we come back it’s time for our title match.  Paul Jones leads his Russian Army to the ring.  Doll tries to hold together his brave face.  Koloff takes off the AWA World Title and hands it to Jones.


The bell rings.  Doll extends his hands,  Koloff looks at the gesture of sportsmanship...and levels Doll with a Russian Sickle.  It’s academic.


Jones and Ivan are quickly in the ring with both belts.  They drape them over Nikita’s shoulders as the crowd begins to pelt the ring with trash.

Commercial break.

We come back to our announcers.

Trongard:  Fans, if I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t believe it.  Nikita Koloff now holds the AWA World Title and the ESPN Television Title.
Blears:  And good luck to anyone who thinks they are going to take either of those belts from the Russian Nightmare any time soon.
Trongard:  It’s time for tonight’s main event.  Let’s go back to the ring.


The four men attack before the bell rings.  It’s just a slobberknocker.  There is no order, only chaos.  The ref tries to maintain order, but quickly realizes there is nothing to maintain.  The brawl spills out to ringside and then to the back.  The ref, much to his relief, stands in the center of the ring and counts to 10.


Credits roll and the show ends.

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The AWA is proud to announce that Super Clash 1 will take place on Labor Day, September 7, 1985.  The program will be broadcast nationwide on Superstation WGN from legendary Chicago Stadium.

No matches have yet to be announced so keep your eyes tuned to this space for more details as they become available.

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First,  Labor Day is going to be wild for Dawn of War.  So many big events!

Nice touch with Slinker getting PAID!  Just adds to all the heat PP3 is getting.

Tag team division is looking awesome... Ventura and Adonis can do just about anything but I am looking forward to Fab Ones/Midnight Rockers.  Great interview with Lane and Keirn.

Tyree Pride gets a gift here!  Enjoyed seeing Martel coming get some revenge on HTM.

Poor Steve Doll... Why would he try to shake Nikita's hand.... WHAM!  Sickle and there goes your belt

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Nothing like a good OMG squash to get things going.

LOL, Percy paying Slinker was classic. I imagine Piper will be coming back with a vengeance but he'll need some back up going up against the Dynasty. 

I remember liking Hall and Hennig as AWA tag champs. They look ready for all challengers.

Watch out AWA, Bad News is coming! 

Martel gets some payback and Tyree Pride scores a big upset over HTM. 

I'm all for a Fabs/Rockers feud! Those matches will be off the charts! 

Poor Steve Doll. Nikita puts an end to Doll's short reign and is now a dual champ! Very interesting. 

Wild match to end the show! This can only mean we'll be getting a rematch...YES! 

Can't wait for SuperClash! 


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AWA Championship Wrestling - 9/5/85
From the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Broadcast nationwide on ESPN

Opening credits play and then we go to the closing moments of last week’s show.  Bruiser Brody and “Macho Man” Randy Savage brawl into the back of the studio with Ron Bass and Bobby Jaggers.  Security attempts to break up the brawl, but become victims of the violence themselves.  Brody crashes into the camera which goes to static.

Then we go to the ring for tonight’s opening bout.


It looks like Slinker has used some of his bounty money to upgrade his ring gear.  It’s Bruce Lee black and yellow.  He bows to Travis before the bell. Travis looks on amused.  His amusement changes to pain once the bell rings.  Slinker seems invigorated.  He delivers brutal chops and kicks that take Travis to the mat.  Slinker ends things with a snap kick to the head and a cover.


As Slinker celebrates, the crowd erupts in cheers.  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper hits the ring, still wearing bandages from the beating he took a couple of weeks ago.  He goes right after Slinker, taking him to the mat and ripping up Slinker’s new attire, leaving him in his jock.  Slinker runs for the back as we go to commercial.

When we come back we are at the announcers.

Trongard:  Fans, welcome to another exciting episode of AWA Championship Wrestling.
Blears:  As always, you never know how things are going to happen here.
Trongard:  Roddy Piper makes his presence…

Before Trongard can continue, Piper steps to the announce position and grabs a mic.

Piper:  I’ll take it from here your Lordship.  Percival...you got one over on me.  Congrats fat man.  That puts you in pretty elite company.  Still, that was only the opening salvo.  You should have made sure you put me under the dirt, because now I’m 100% focused on you and your dynasty.  I’m going to take them apart one by one until there is nobody standing between me and you.  And then, I will watch as you beg, plead and soil yourself, before I tear you limb from limb.

Now, I know there is a big show taking place in Chicago on Monday and I’m here to challenge Ron Slinker to a match.  What did Percy call you?  The Judas Goat?  Well, the Hot Rod is the mood for cabrito!  What do you say Ron?  Me and you in Chicago?

Piper leaves.

Trongard:  Let’s go back to the ring.

THE MOVEMENT(w/Slick) v. local talent

Whatley and Conway attack right at the opening bell.  From there, it’s a mugging.  They leave the local guys on the mat after Whatley nails one of them with a jumping headbutt.


Commercial.  When we come back Larry Nelson is at ringside with the entire Movement.

Nelson:  Gentlemen, another impressive victory.
Slick:  Don’t you dare “gentlemen” us, Larry Nelson!  We are not gentlemen, we are a movement.  We are THE MOVEMENT!  We’re tired of holding down the bottom of the card while other more “acceptable” types get to experience the rarified air at the top.  So, tonight we are here to challenge Team Tom, Rocky Johnson, Brickhouse Brown and Koko B. Ware, to a match this Monday in Chicago.  And since it’s in Chicago, let’s make it a Chicago Street Fight if you’ve got to the guts.

The Movement raise their fists as one and then leave ringside.

Nelson:  There you have it!  A challenge issued for SuperClash.

Commercial break.

When we come back, we see a match courtesy of CMLL featuring Blue Demon, Jr.  After the match is over and Blue Demon is victorious, the graphic announces that Blue Demon, Jr. will be in Chicago for SuperClash.

Commercial break.

When we come back, Ken Resnick is at the tumbler, ready to draw this week’s challenger for the ESPN TV title.

Resnick:  Fans, it’s once again time for us to see who will be challenging for the ESPN Television Title tonight.  

Resnick activates the tumble and a ball breaks free.  Resnick picks it up and reads the name.

Resnick:  Kendall Windham!  Kendall Windham will face Nikita Koloff for the ESPN TV title later tonight.
Commercial break and back to the ring.

KILLER BEES v. local talent

The Bees suffered a loss to the Sheepherders on television a few weeks ago.  Tonight, they bounce back against some young talent.  It’s a high flying affair with Brunzell getting the pinfall.


The Bees join Ken Resnick at ringside.

Resnick:  Jim, Brain - congratulations on your win.
Brunzell:  Thanks Ken.  Every win is important, but every loss stings.
Blair: That’s right Jim.  So, since SuperClash is right around the corner, we want the opportunity to avenge a recent loss that still stings!  Sheepherders...how about it?

The Bees leave with the challenge open.

Commercial break.  When we come back, Paul Jones, Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev.  Krushcev is holding the ESPN TV Title.

Nelson:  Jones, it appears that one member of your Army is missing.
Jones:  Comrade Nikita is not missing Nelson.  He is training for his upcoming world title defense against Jumbo Tsuruta.
Nelson:  Well, if he’s not here tonight, how will he defend the ESPN Television Title tonight.
Jones:  I’m going to let Comrade Ivan answer that.
Ivan:  Larry Nelson...do you understand Communism?
Nelson:  I’m not sure I understand the question.
Ivan:  Typical American!  The people share equally under communism and since Cousin Nikita is unavailable to defend TV Title, then Comrade Krushchev will do so.
Nelson:  You can’t do that!
Jones:  Actually, we can.  The precedent was already set with the so called “Freebird Rule.”
Nelson:  I don’t think that’s the same…
Ivan:  Enough!  Kruschev, you know what to do!
Kruschev:  Yes comrade Ivan.

Kruschev rushes the ring.

Nelson:  Well, I guess we have a title match.


The turncoat is apparently defending the title.  Windham, on a recent losing streak, comes out like a house on fire.  He pummels Kruschev relentlessly, whipping him into the ropes and landing a flying lariat that scores a 2 count.  With Koloff and Jones at ringside, Windham is distracted and the tide turns.  Kruschev delivers a pair of clubbing blows that take Windham to the mat.  The two men continue to battle pretty evenly.  Jones distracts the ref and Koloff waffles Windham with the Russian flag.  Kruschev drops a knee on Windham and quickly covers.


Koloff covers Windham with the Russian Flag.

Credits run followed by a graphic displaying the SuperClash card.









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Ron Slinker looks rejuvenated and has regained some confidence...until Piper showed up LOL. 

Still cool to see The Movement in the game. That street fight in Chicago will be an all out brawl. 

Killer Bees look good. Can they avenge their loss against the Sheepherders? We'll find out at SuperClash. 

LOL, Ivan pulling out the Freebird rule. It works as Krusher retains the TV title for Nikita. 

I'm ready for SuperClash! Nikita vs. Jumbo should be a fun hard hitting match up. 

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Awesome TV show here for AWA.


Liked Slinker coming to the ring in new attire after new found money only to have Piper rip it to threads.  Slinker may wish he never started this.

Slick's interview was great as he seeks out "Team Tom."

Liked the video match idea to hype up the arrival of Blue Demon Jr.

The roller coaster of emotiond for poor Kendall.  First his poor name was chosen to face Nikita.  He ust have crapped his paints.  Then Nikita is a No Show and he gets a sigh of relieve... followed by "OH NO Krusher.  Let's see if the Freebird rule holds up

Looking forward to Chicago

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AWA SuperClash I - 9/7/85
From Chicago Stadium
Broadcast live on WGN

The opening credits for the show play and we go to our announcers.

Trongard:  Fans, welcome to SUPERCLASH!
Blears:  The AWA is broadcasting live from coast to coast on Superstation WGN!
Trongard:  This event came together very quickly.  Here to explain is AWA promoter, Verne Gagne.

VTR plays.

Gagne:  I’d like to welcome everyone in attendance and everyone watching at home to SuperClash I!  The AWA has been in negotiations with our partners at WGN for months to bring our programming to the entire nation.

SuperClash is the result of those negotiations.

Moving forward, the AWA will present a SuperClash event quarterly on WGN featuring the hottest stars in all of professional wrestling.  Thanks for your time.  Let’s go to the action.

VTR ends and we go to the ring for our first match.


The Flamboyant One, who is currently under contract to the Mid-Atlantic promotion, has signed up to face the debuting luchador.  It’s a clash of styles from the opening bell as Embry goes for a decidedly Southern offense which Blue Demon Jr counters with high flying lucha libre moves.  Embry’s wiles give him an upper hand.  They also prove to be his undoing as he gets cocky.  Embry whips BDJ into the ropes looking for a backdrop.  BDJ flips over Embry’s back and takes him to the mat with El Pulpo.  Embry is trapped in the octopus hold and forced to submit.


The luchador climbs a corner buckle to celebrate.  The crowd cheers.

Promo video for the imminent arrival of Bad News Allen plays.

Back to the ring.


Another stylistic mismatch (who is booking this show anyway).  Lord Jonathan Boyd at ringside is the difference maker.  He is able to chip, goad and bother the Bees throughout the match.  Most importantly, he’s able to whack B. Brain Blair with the New Zealand flag as he’s perched on the top turnbuckle.  Blair takes a hard fall and is the victim of the Battering Ram.


Video shows Nikita Koloff preparing for his title match with encouragement from Ivan Koloff and Paul Jones.


A pair of top contenders face off in a one-on-one match with championship implications.  Bockwinkle has Garvin scouted and avoids the “hands of stone” that have made short work of a great portion of the roster.  Likewise Garvin avoids Tricky Nicky’s scientific repertoire.  Both men put in a solid performance that takes the match to the time limit.


Garvin and Bockwinkle size each other up and give each other an approving nod.  

Promo for AWA Championship Wrestling on ESPN plays.  The promo features the lottery machine.  Balls ping and tumble.


Back to the ring.


Sherri brings her team to the ring first.  HTM grabs a mic.

HTM:  Thank you!  You’re a beautiful audience!


HTM:  As you can see, the Honkytonk Man is under new management and Queen Sherri is going to leave the entire wrestling world all shook up!  Thankyouverymuch!

“Sharp Dressed Man” begins to play.  The arena erupts as The Fabulous Ones make their in-ring AWA debut.

So much talent in one ring brings the crowd to its feet for the duration.  The Fabs and the Rockers utilize quick tags and dazzling offense to start things off.  Michaels is on the receiving end of a Fabs double team and reaches out to tag HTM.  Lane tags in Martel.  HTM attempts to beg off as Martel attacks.  The former ESPN TV champ gets a measure of revenge as he pummels a crawling HTM around the ring.  HTM’s pompadour is all askew when he finally makes a tag to Jannetty.  

Martel gets whipped into the ropes, leapfrogs Jannetty and hits a high cross body for a 2.  Jannetty crawls back to his corner and tags in Michaels.  Shawn enters the ring and yells at the ref to move Martel back.  As the ref turns his back, Sherri slips her beaded purse to Michaels.  Martel pushes past the ref and gets clocked by the purse.  Rather than fall down, Martel staggers back to his corner and tags Lane.  Lane enters the ring and tags Keirn.  The Fabs have a five count and it’s all they need.  They nail Michaels with a Fabulous Double Spin Kick.

Michaels hits the mat, dropping the purse.  Lane covers.  Jannety climbs in to save his partner only to be waffle by Keirn with the purse.  Jannetty goes down.  The ref doesn’t see it as he is busy counting the fall.


Sherri argues with the ref as the faces celebrate their victory.  Keirn flings the purse into the audience bringing a screech of anger from Sherri.



Slinker is the first one out.  He’s back in his old ring gear.

Bagpipes announce the arrival of the Hot Rod.  As he enters the ring, Slinker calls for a mic.

Piper looks at him with his head cocked and a smirk on his face.

Slinker:  Mr. Piper, I think you and I have had a misunderstanding.  You see, I’m just a working man.  I got a business offer that was too good to pass up.  Rent was due brother.

But, just to show there are no hard feelings, I want to give you this.

Slinker reaches into his well worn gi pants and pulls out an envelope.

Slinker:  We square?

Piper takes the envelope and opens it up.  He pulls out some cash.

Piper:  Are you trying to buy me off Ronnie?

Slinker nods enthusiastically.

Piper extends his hand.

Slinker grabs it and Piper pokes him in the eyes with the other hand.

Slinker drops the envelope and grabs his face.

Piper low blows him and tells the ref to ring the bell.

The ref obliges.

Piper slaps on a sleeper and Slinker is done for.


Piper grabs the mic.

Piper:  I don’t want you’re money Slinker!  You earned it.  I just hope it was worth it.

Piper looks at the envelope.  He picks it up smiling.  He pulls one bill out and then flings the envelope into the crowd.  The crowd erupts as it begins to rain cash at ringside.

Piper:  You’re not the only one with rent due Slinker.

Piper pops the lone remaining bill.

Piper:  You see this Pringle?  This is the last of your blood money and I’m going to carry it with me everywhere I go until I destroy your dynasty and shove this right down your fat little face!

You want a war?  YOUGOTIT!

The bagpipes play again as Piper heads to the back.


Footage from another encounter between Abdullah the Butcher and the Missing Link plays.  The mat and the combatants are already stained with blood as we join the chaos.  The pair of monsters stumble out of the ring and brawl into the terrified crowd.  The sea of humanity parts as the pair continue to destroy one another until they disappear out of sight.

Back to the ring.


No confusion on who the crowd is behind in this one.  The champs put on a clinic with both men getting in a variety of impressive moves.  Starr gets isolated and double teamed into oblivion.  Madril tries to interfere, but is stopped by Larry Henning on the outside.  Henning backs Madril down, but while all this is happening, Starr gets nailed with a pinpoint dropkick from Curt Henning.  The 3 is inevitable.


After the match, Madril and Starr argue as the champions celebrate their victory.

Backstage, Jumbo Tsuruta is seen preparing for his world title match.


This one promises to be a brutal and likely bloody affair.  Slick gets in the face of Rocky Johnson, berating him for associating with Brown & Ware.  Johnson takes all he can and then gives Slick a shove that sends the manager pinwheeling through the ring to the outside.

And it’s on.

The ref doesn’t even attempt to maintain order.  He’s just there to count the fall.

Parson goes after Johnson while Brown, Ware, Conway and Whatley brawl it out with one another.  The Movement uses every dirty trick in the book to gain an advantage.  It works.  Ware gets tangled in the ring ropes and choked by Slick.  Brickhouse is double teamed by the Movement.

Johnson and Parsons battle out to the floor.  Parson posts Johnson, busting him open.  As Johnson staggers, Parsons grabs a hair.  He bends it over Johnson’s head.  He follows it up with another pair of brutal chairshots.  The Soul Man is down.

Koko sags in the ropes.  That leaves Brickhouse alone against the collective evil of The Movement.  He throws wild punches.  Some land.  Most don’t .  Whatley clips him.  Brown goes down and disappears beneath the Movement who are on him like sharks smelling blood.  Slick tosses a cane into the ring to Parsons.  Parson jabs the stick into Brown’s throat.  Brickhouse clutches his throat and Parsons clobbers him with the Rooty-Poo stick.

Whatley sits on Brown’s chest, grabs a leg and leans back.

The ref counts the fall.


The four members of the Movement stand in solidarity over the broken body of Brickhouse Brown.

Promo for SUPERCLASH II...coming in December.

Then it’s time for our main event.


Tsuruta is out first.  He stands stoically in the ring as the Soviet national anthem begins to play in the Chicago Arena.  Red lights fill the arena as Jones’ army make their way to the ring.  Jones is out first, followed by Ivan who is waving a Russian flag.  Kruschev is out next with the ESPN TV Title belt around his waist.

Nikita is the last one out.  The AWA World Title belt reflects red under the lights.  Nikita locks eyes with Tsuruta and never break contact as he stalks to the ring.

The two men meet in the center of the ring.  It’s not often that Nikita has to look up at a challenger.  Tonight is one of those nights.  The ref raises the title belt overhead and calls for the bell.

Koloff charges Tsuruta, but Jumbo avoids him.  Tsuruta takes Koloff to the match and the look on Nikita’s face tells everyone this isn’t the match he was expecting.

Unable to enforce his will on Tsuruta, Koloff finds himself on the receiving end of a wrestling clinic.  Hold after painful hold, Tsuruta begins to break down the Russian Nightmare.

But...Nikita isn’t alone.

Outside the ring, Jones yells at the ref about every infraction, real or imagined.  Ivan berates his nephew in Russian.

The verbal abuse seems to do the trick and Nikita works himself back to a standing position and proceeds to pummel  Tsuruta.  The Japanese giant staggers.  Koloff whips him into the ropes and levels him with a big boot.

Nikita covers for a 2.  Tsuruta kicks out.

Nikita pulls Tsuruta to his feet and whips him toward the ropes.  Tsuruta reverses the whip and nails Nikita with a high knee strike.  Koloff staggers.

Tsuruta positions Nikita’s head between his legs looking for a powerbomb.  Nikita powers out, backdropping Tsuruta and propelling himself into the ropes.

Tsuruta climbs to his feet just in time to get levelled by the Russian Sickle.

Koloff covers for the win.


Jones’ Army enters the ring,

Ivan drapes the Russian Flag over Tsuruta.

Jones snatches the World Title from the ref and straps it around the waist of Nikita.

SuperClash I ends with Koloff flexing and sticking his tongue out at the camera.



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Let's start with the Russians! Rocky IV is a great place for inspiration on how too book Nikita!! and as Wahoo stated, using communism to invoke the Freebird rule is a great fucking idea!

The dominance of Nikita is fantastic. His taking of the TV Title was awesome. Whoever you finally decide to have beat him (hopefully no time soon) is going to become a megastar for you. Ivan and Kruschev as some very talented back up cleaning up the tag team division and holding the TV title for him, makes a great story as well.

I really like The Midnight Rockers and Honky Tonk Man as a stable managed by Sherri. That just seems like the perfect combination of arrogance to have a really good time writing.

Fabulous Ones should make a great foil for both the Rockers and the Russians.

You are doing a great job with Piper. Everything you are having him do is very much Roddy. The stuff with Slinker has been gold, and I can't wait to see more intereactions with Pringle.

Very glad to see you keeping The Movement going. When I started that thing in World Class, I never thought for a minute that it would find it's way through nearly every company in this game and still be going strong more than a year later.

Be interested to see what you do with Bad News when he arrives. A lot of good possibilities there!

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Great show!

Really enjoying Nikita here as he is becoming the unstoppable heel!

Like seeing the continued success of groups like the Movement.  It is like a game-wide angle that each of us you in some form

Piper and the post-match interview was priceless.  Slinker had to know trouble was coming.

Nice bout with Bock and Garvin as they both remain hot!

Thanks for all the hard work on this one.  Really excited that we will get these mega shows every 3 months!

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Superclash was a big success. I'm excited that this will be a quarterly event. 

Solid opener as Blue Demon continues to get over with the US fans. Embry does his job well. 

Sheepherders are going to be a force. 

I liked that Bock and Garvin were booked in a match together. Two top contending professionals going at it. Good call for a draw. 

Fun fast paced 6 man action as the Fabs and Martel get the better of HTM and the Rockers. I'm sure Sherri's men will want more. 

LOL, love how you're using Slinker. He's been great as Piper's first step towards destroying the Pringle Dynasty. Slinker trying to square things with Piper was hilarious. 

Abdullah and Link have been having some bloody brawls! Showing highlights of their matches with a warning makes it a big deal. 

Hennig and Hall retain. I hope these guys have a long reign. Chicky and Al seem to be at odds after their loss. 

Another 6 man tag but this one is an all out war! Movement came out looking dominant. Going to be hard putting these guys down. I mentioned I wanted to see Hall and Hennig with a long reign but they have some serious competition with The Movement, Sheepherders and Russians. The tag division is stacked. 

Great main  event! This would of been huge in Japan. Tsuruta does pretty well as he takes Nikita off his game with some aggressive wrestling. In the end, nobody gets up from the Sickle! Nikita looks like a beast. Who's next? 

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AWA Championship Wrestling - 9/12/20
From the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City
Broadcast Nationwide on ESPN

The show opens with highlights from SuperClash.  Roddy Piper makes a mockery of Ron Slinker.  Hall & Henning retain the Tag Titles.  Nikita Koloffy retains the World Title in a tough match with Jumbo Tsuruta.

Then we go to the ring for our opening bout.

JESSE VENTURA(w/Percival Pringle III) v. local talent

Ventura makes his in-ring debut to a chorus of boos in the studio.  Pringle tries to shut them down, but they continue.  Ventura ignores them and goes to work on his opponent.  After a few minutes of brutality, Ventura locks on his patented inverted body vice and squeezes for the submission.


Cut to announcers.

Trongard:  On the heels of SuperClash, we welcome you back to AWA Championship Wrestling.
Blears:  We’ve got a great show on tap tonight, including an ESPN TV title match.
Trongard:  Nikita Koloff is the champion, but we don’t know which Russian will be here to defend the title.
Blears:  We will also see “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Bruiser Brody in tag team action.
Trongard:  And we will also see the much anticipated debut of Bad News Allen.
Blears:  Let’s go to the ring.


Pity Tyree Pride.  Allen walks out with a determined look on his face and proceeds to decimate Pride with a display of high level judo.  He ends the match after nailing Pride with the Ghetto Blaster.


Commercial break.

When we come, Bad News Allen is at ringside with Larry Nelson.

Nelson:  Mr. Allen…

Allen grabs the mic and shoves Nelson out of frame.

Allen:  I want everyone in the AWA to listen and listen good.  I’m not here to make friends.  I’m not here to join factions.  I’m here to win matches and get paid and, since champions get paid more, I’m here to take your titles.  I don’t care who you are or where you’re from.  Bad News is here and you are on notice.

Allen drops the mic and stomps away.

VTR plays.  Nick Bockwinle is dressed to the nines and a mic.

Bockwinkle:  Earlier tonight I wrestled Ron Garvin to a time limit draw.  Mr. Garvin was a tremendous competitor and I am pleased to have shared the ring with him.  But right now I want to address a more insidious foe.  I want to address the man currently holding the AWA World Heavyweight Title.  Nikita Koloff.  Koloff, I’ve heard your threats.  I’ve seen your matches.  You are a formidable opponent for any man.  But I’m not any man.  I’m a multi-time world champion.  I understand what it means to hold that belt.  I know the pressure it puts on a man.  I know the mental toll it takes on you.  You are a force of nature Mr. Koloff, but, then again, so am I.

See you soon.

Commercial break.

When we come, Ken Resnick is at the lottery machine used to determine the next contender for the ESPN TV Title.  The balls are flying around pell mell.

Resnick:  Fans, it’s time for us to find out who will challenge for the ESPN TV Title this week.

Resnick pushes the activation button and one ball breaks free from mass and lands in the receiver.  Resnick pulls out the ball and looks at the name.

Resnick:  Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s title contender is...DINO BRAVO!!!

The crowd erupts at the mention of the Canadian strong man’s name.

Commercial break.

When we come back it's time for Fiesta Garden.  The set has been hammered back together poorly after Bruiser Brody's entrance a few weeks ago.

Al Madril and Chicky Starr are both in attendance.  Madril has a mic.  The crowd boos.

Madril:  Welcome, once again to the most entertaining segment on AWA TV...The Fiesta Garden.  I'm your host, Al Madril.  He's Chicky Starr.

Starr:  Come on Al!  Don't like that!  Do we have a guest this week?

Madril:  Yeah, ese, we've got a very special guest, but before I bring them out, I think we need to talk about what happened at SuperClash.

Starr:  What do you mean Al?

Madril:  I mean you cost us the AWA World Tag Team Titles.

Starr:  I cost us?

Madril:  yeah...you!  Roll the footage.

Footage plays showing Starr taking a dropkick from Curt Henning and getting pinned.


Starr:  Watch yourself Al.

Madril:  You know what, you're right Chicky.  Let's go ahead and bring out our guest.

Starr:  That's more like it.

Madril:  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Fiesta Garden, my new tag team partner...

Starr:  What?


Hernandez stalks out behind Starr.  Starr realizes he's in trouble when the massive shadow falls over him.

Madril:  Bye Chicky!

Hernandez hoists Starr up into a backbreaker and then heaves him through the ragged set.

Madril raises Hernandez's hand as the camera zooms in on the broken body of Chicky Starr lying in the remains of the Fiesta Garden.

Commercial break

Then back to the ring for tag team action.


The unorthodox team of Savage and Brody hit the ring to a round of cheers.  Their recent brawl with Bass and Jaggers is still fresh on everyone’s mind...especially theirs.  Brody whips Windham over the top rope and the duo take the fight to Travis.  They show remarkable fluidity utilizing quick tags and hard hitting blows.  Brody tags Savage and lands a flying knee and rolls out of the way as Savage lands a flying elbow drop and covers for the 3.


Commercial break.  When we come back, Brody, Savage and Elizabeth are at ringside.

Nelson:  Bruiser, Macho Man, an impressive outing tonight.
Savage:  Larry Nelson...you’re looking at the most unpredictable team in professional wrestling...yeah....Bruiser Brody and the Macho Man are on the warpath and we aren’t going to stop until we run Ron Bass and Bobby Jaggers out of the AWA...yeah…
Brody:  We don’t need wins!  We just need to bust enough heads to make our point!  Huss!
Savage:  Remember what Clint Eastwood said...when you hang a man you better look at him!  Dig It!

Savage spins out and Brody barks at the camera.

Commercial break.

When we come back, Dino Bravo is in the ring for his title match.

The Russian National Anthem plays over the PA.  Paul Jones leads Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev to the ring.  Kruschev has the belt around his waist.  The diabolical trio climb into the ring.

Jones has a mic.

Jones:  You would think after what Nikita Koloff did to Jumbo Tsuruta last week, nobody would want to step into the ring.  Then again, looking at you Bravo, I guess nobody did.

Bravo takes a step forward.

Ivan:  Canada is weak!  Weaker even than USA!  You will be no threat to the title.

Kruschev takes the title off and hands it to Ivan.  As Bravo watches the exchange, Nikita Koloff rushes the ring behind Bravo.  He chop blocks Bravo.  Jones tells the ref to ring the bell.


Bravo is down, clutching his knee.  Koloff lays the boots to Bravo.  Then he pulls the big Canadian to hit feet and press slams him.  Bravo grabs a rope and tries to pull himself up.  Koloff helps him up and then whips him into the ropes.  Koloff loads up the sickle, but Bravo manages to duck it.  He bounces back off the opposite ropes and nails Koloff with a shoulder tackle.  Bravo mounts and lays in some stiff punches.  Koloff muscles Bravo off of him and climbs to his feet.  Bravo is still favoring his injured knee.  Koloff circles. Jones distracts the ref as Bravo backs himself into the ropes.  On the rebound, Ivan grabs enough of his ankle to cause Bravo to stumble.  This gives Nikita all the opening he needs.  When Bravo gets back to his feet he is greeted with a Russian Sickle and a cover.


The Russians climb into the ring and drape the Russian flag over the prone body of Bravo.

Commercial break.

When we come back, Larry Nelson is at ringside with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Nelson:  Hot Rod, you made quite an impression last week at SuperClash.
Piper:  Who...little old me?  All I did was beat up Ron Slinker and redistribute a little bit of his wealth.  No big deal.
Nelson:  You also declared open season on the Pringle Dynasty.

Piper pulls the $100 bill out of his pocket.

Piper:  Well, I guess I did do that didn’t I.
Nelson:  Aren’t you worried that Pringle will bring…

As if on cue, Pringle and his charges walk out to ringside.

Nelson:  Hold on now!  We don’t want any trouble out here.
Pringle:  Too bad Larry Nelson.  Trouble is what you got.  You should really watch what you say about me Piper.  My Dynasty doesn’t take kindly to you disparaging me.
Piper:  Come on Porky...I mean Percy...I’m just out here talking to my good buddy, Larry Nelson.  Why don’t you four waddle back to craft services and polish off the rest of the buffett.

That’s enough for Pringle.  He orders his team to attack.  Piper fights them off as best he can, but he’s outnumbered...until…

“EYE OF THE TIGER” begins to play on the PA and HULK HOGAN hits ringside.  He lays into the One Man Gang allowing Piper to catch a breath.

Shocked by the appearance of Hogan, Pringle calls off his Dynasty.

They back away as Hogan rips off his shirt and Piper laughs maniacally.

Final shot of the night is Hogan and Piper shaking hands.


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Bad news for the AWA as Allen puts everybody on notice! 

WOW! Al sets Chicky up as Hercules does a number on him. It is good to see Herc and Al together again LOL. However, I don't think Chicky is just going to let this go. 

Savage and Brody is one of the wildest and craziest teams this game has seen. 

I was excited Bravo's name came up for the TV title. The Russians sure know how to play the numbers game. It's going to be hard getting that title away from them. 

Save the best for last. This was one of those OMG wrestling moments as Hulk Hogan returns to help Roddy Piper! Oh my, the AWA has Savage and Brody together and now Hogan and Piper. Unbelievable! 

The AWA is clicking and it's only going to get better! 


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I must say that was really an awesome show!

I was hooked on every word and it was so easy to follow.

Big heel debuts here for Ventura and Bad News Allen.  This is going to be tough for the babyfaces!

What a Fiesta Garden.  I kind of am disappointed as I enjoyed Al and Chicky together but what an upgrade for Al as he brings in Herc!

Bravo is going to want some revenge here but he might need some help!  3 Russians vs I Canadian here was not a good sign from the beginning.  Even with the outcome, this made Bravo even more popular!

Savage and Brody together... expect the unexpected here!

Piper with Hogan.... and I will repeat what I just said... expect the unexpected.

In closing here, your interviews were spot on.  I could just feel every word of Piper and Bockwinkle


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