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(Taped on Monday November 30th, 1985 and airing Friday Night December 4th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports.  We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and tonight we begin the second round of the tournament for the Texas Television Title as Brian Adias and Jack Victory go one on one in our opening contest!

We will also see the two men who will compete at Seasons Beatings for the Texas Heavyweight Championship here tonight. As both champion Scott Casey, and challenger Dory Funk will be in singles competition.

Two weeks before he competes in a Loser Leaves Town, Texas Death Match, "El Jefe" Jose Estrada will be in action. Then in our main event, big Jeff Gaylord and "Iron" Mike Sharpe will finally go one on one.

So let's head down to the ring for tournament action!


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory vs Brian Adias-

Victory came to the ring wearing a shirt that read "Gold Dust Uno" and had a sour look on his face. Before the bell rang he attacked Adias from behind and just laid into him with stomps until the referee physically pushed him away. Victory shoved the referee away and charged at Adias who was about half way to his feet, and began stomping away at him again. Again the referee had to physically pull Victory away and this time shoved him most of the way across the ring. The referee was still scolding Victory as Adias got back to his feet, and again Victory shoved the ref out of the way and charged Adias. This time Adias side stepped Victory, shoved him into the ropes, and rolled him up! The ref counted One, Two, Three!!

Winner: Brian Adias


Marc Lowrance: Oh My! Jack Victory went to the well one too many times and got caught!! Brian Adias advances to the finals of the Texas Television Title Tournament, and Victory is beside himself!!

As Adias is outside the ring celebrating with the crowd, Victory goes after the referee who quickly jumps out of the ring. Victory starts kicking and punching the turnbuckles, then kicks the ropes, before falling to the canvas and repeatedly pounding his fist on it.

Marc Lowrance: This is quite a tantrum that Victory is having, meanwhile the fans in the Will Rogers Coliseum are loving it! Don't go anywhere Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be back with the Texas Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey and the lovely Sunshine!

As the show is heading to commercial we see that John Tatum is now in the ring dressed in street clothes. He is kneeling next to a slightly calmer Victory and is speaking to him. The camera pans in just as we fade to commercial and we pick up Tatum saying "I have an idea."


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling here on KTVT. During the break Jack Victory left the ring with John Tatum, and I don't know what was said, but Victory went from having a meltdown to having a smile on his face, so I can only guess those two have something up their sleeve! Let's head back down to the ring where the Texas Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey is set for action!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs Snake Brown- Non Title

Casey was pumped up tonight, working over the man who hails from outta town with lefts and rights, before catching him with a big dropkick! A trip into the ropes for Brown ended with a bone rattling powerslam. Then when he got up, a Bulldog spelled the end of his night.

Winner: Scott Casey


Marc Lowrance: I am standing by with your winner, the Texas Heavyweight Champion Scott Casey and the beautiful Sunshine!

Scott Casey: Dory Funk, I know you think that you are some kind of royalty here in Texas, but you'd better think again. I got a lot of respect for your father, and even though he is crazy as a fox, I got a lot of respect for your brother. I used to have a lot of respect for you, but then you tried to piledrive Sunshine in the middle of that ring, and now I have nothing but anger. So when you and I meet at Seasons Beatings, if you think your last name is going to guarantee you something here in Texas All Star, you are absolutely right. It's going to guarantee my boot in your ass!

Sunshine: You better not worry about piledriving me Dory Funk. You better worry about Scott Casey running you right out of the Lone Star State!

Casey and Sunshine head out of the arena to loud cheers as the show heads to commercial break.


-Commercial Break-

As the show returns from commercial we are taken to footage labeled "Earlier Today" that shows Johnny Mantell dressed in blue jeans, a button up shirt, and a cowboy hat sitting in front of a Texas All Star backdrop, across from an unknown interviewer.

Interviewer: Tomorrow night is the WrestleStorm match between Jerry "The King" Lawler and Terry Funk for the USWA World Heavyweight Title. You have been chosen by the Texas All Star Board of Directors and the USWA to challenge the winner of that match at Seasons Beatings on December the Eighteenth. Please tell us how you feel about this opportunity.

Johnny Mantell: It's unbelievable to tell you the truth. This has been an incredibly up and down year for me professionally. Scott and I formed The Gunslingers out in the North East and we both thought things were going really well out there, the people liked us, we were winning matches, and then a change in management occurred, and the next thing we knew we were out the door. Then I ended up working for our partners over in Twin States and I messed up my neck pretty bad. But when Texas All Star got started, I knew I had to be here so I came in and wrestled hurt. The neck got worse, and I ended up missing a lot of time. While I was out, Scott won the Heavyweight Title, and while I absolutely couldn't be happier for him, I couldn't help but wonder where that left Johnny Mantell. So to get this chance, man... I can't tell you what it means.

Interviewer: Given the choice, would you rather compete against Funk or Lawler?

Johnny Mantell: That's a tough call. Jerry Lawler has been in this business a long time and they call him the King for a reason. That man has probably held more championships than I've had wrestling matches! So to get in there and compete with a man of his caliber would be fantastic. But on the other hand, as a kid growing up in Texas, you heard two names. Von Erich and Funk. So to get a chance to go in there and mix it up with Terry Funk, a former NWA Champion, man that's an opportunity that I'd also love to have. So who would I rather compete against. I'm not sure I can honestly tell you. Both guys would probably give me the toughest match I ever had, and win or lose I would come out of it a better wrestler.

Interviewer: Do you have a prediction?

Johnny Mantell: I predict that whoever wins that match better be ready for Johnny Mantell on December the Eighteenth, because I will darn sure be ready for them.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"El Jefe" Jose Estrada vs Shane Tylor-

Despite the gigantic match up looming in his future, Estrada still came out with all of his usual swagger. He opened the match by slapping the taste out of Tylor's mouth, and then leveled him with a clothesline. After that it was just plain nastiness as he rubbed the young mans face into the mat, battered him with rights and lefts, and stomped him repeatedly. Finally he went to the top and came off with a Flying Clothesline that nearly took Tylor's head off and covered him.

Winner: "El Jefe" Jose Estrada


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, the winner "El Jefe" Jose Estrada.

Jose Estrada: Cocoa Samoa, you think you got what you wanted by getting me in this Texas Death Match. Well let me tell you something cabron, El Jefe doesn't end up anywhere by chance. I put your amigo Lightfoot out of here for good, and now I'm going to send you right out after him. You think No Rules is good for you. No, No Amigo. No rules is good for El Jefe.

Estrada shoves the microphone into the chest of Marc Lowrance and leaves to a chorus of booing.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. Up next we have the man who will be challenging Scott Casey for the Texas Heavyweight Title, Dory Funk Junior in action. Let's head down to the ring.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Reed-

Dory was apparently feeling like a work out this evening as he took up eight of the scheduled ten minutes in the time limit, though he probably could have ended it in half that time. Lots of European uppercuts in the early part of the match, then he went to work on the legs. By the time Funk locked on the Cloverleaf submission hold, Reed could barely stand and he immediately submitted. An impressive showing from the former NWA Champion.

Winner: Dory Funk Jr.


Marc Lowrance: I am standing by with your winner, and the man who will challenge Scott Casey in two weeks for the Texas Heavyweight Title, Dory Funk Junior.

Dory Funk Jr: Marc Lowrance, for nearly as long as there has been professional wrestling in the state of Texas, the name Funk has been associated with it. My Father was a sucessful wrestler and then ran one of the top promotions in the state. I was the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. My Brother was the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Tomorrow night my brother is going to become the USWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. So if Scott Casey thinks for even a moment that I will accept anything short of becoming the Texas Heavyweight Champion in two weeks time, then I have very bad news for that young man.

Marc Lowrance: When you arrived in Texas All Star during the match between Scott Casey and The Spoiler, you didn't seem impressed with what you saw. Now you talk as though your victory is inevitable. Do you think you are potentially overlooking Scott Casey?

Dory Funk Jr: I take every opponent I step into that ring with seriously. From that fellow I just beat tonight to the man holding my Texas Heavyweight Title. The goal is the same, out wrestle them, break them down, and defeat them. That's how I know I will walk away with that belt.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, Dory Funk Junior. We'll be right back after this break.


-Commercial Break-

As we return from commercial we see that Marc Lowrance has been joined by Frank Dusek.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the Commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Frank Dusek.

Frank Dusek: Thank You Marc. I came out here tonight because earlier today when the wrestlers were arriving here at the building there was an incident in the parking lot. This incident has led to another match being signed for Seasons Beatings. None of our camera crews were around, but the security cameras here at the Will Rogers Coliseum did get some footage, so we are going to play that for you right now.

We are taken to some black and white security footage dated earlier in the day. After a few seconds we see a pick-up truck pull into the parking lot, and after a few more seconds we see Black Bart and Bill Irwin get out of the truck. They both grab a few bags and begin walking toward the arena. The footage switches to a second feed and we see Bart and Irwin walking and talking, when three motorcycles come into the parking lot at a high rate of speed and bare down on The Wild Bunch. Bart and Irwin hear them coming and are able to get out of the way of the oncoming bikes.

The three bikes come to a stop, and Bart and Irwin apparently know they are in for a fight as they rush the bikers. The three helmeted riders get off their bikes and start brawling with Bart and Irwin. For a few moments the fight is even, Bart even manages to rip the helmet off one of them revealing "Killer" Tim Brooks, but then the numbers advantage begins to take a toll. Things get even worse when another of the bikers removes his helmet revealing "Mean" Mike Miller. He takes the helmet and cracks "Wild" Bill Irwin in the head with it, sending him unconscious to the concrete. Then all three men begin to beat on Black Bart until he is down on the ground. The third biker removes his helmet to reveal Adrian Adonis who laughs for a moment, and then spits on the fallen Bart.

Satisfied with their handiwork, Brooks, Miller, and Adonis grab their helmets, get back on their bikes and ride away from the arena, leaving Bart and Irwin laid out in the parking lot.

Marc Lowrance: Oh my goodness!

Frank Dusek: Yeah, it wasn't pretty. But Bart and Irwin were checked out at the local hospital, and apart from being a little beat up, and a lot mad, they are okay. But they laid down a challenge, and I am going to make it happen. At Seasons Beatings they want "Killer" Tim Brooks, "Mean" Mike Miller, and their new friend Adrian Adonis inside that ring in a no rules Bunkhouse Brawl.

Marc Lowrance: Who will be there partner?

Frank Dusek: I don't know, but they assured me they would have one.

Marc Lowrance: Where did Adrian Adonis come from?

Frank Dusek: I don't know that either, but he is the last thing this Bart, Brooks, Miller situation needed!

Marc Lowrance: Well, Ladies and Gentleman, in what is sure to be a wild one, we are going to have a Bunkhous.....

Before Marc Lowrance can finish, he has the microphone torn out of his hands and is shoved out of the way by The Spoiler who now stands face to face with Dusek.

The Spoiler: Dusek, I want another fight with Tom Jones, and I want it now.

Frank Dusek: Sorry big man, the main event is schedule out here next and I....

The Spoiler: I don't care about your main event. I don't care about your excuses. You get me Jones in that ring so I can end his career.

Tom Jones comes from the back, followed by several members of the security team. He has also gotten a second microphone from somewhere.

Tom Jones: End my career? Shoot! You couldn't even beat me last week, and I'm the one that snatched that mask off your ugly face!

The Spoiler: Just give me another chance boy, and I'll make sure you never wrestle again!

Tom Jones: Boy? You best watch who you're calling boy! If we step in that ring again, I'm going take that mask again and show the whole world what an ugly S.O.B. you are!!

Dusek snatches the microphone from Spoiler and speaks.

Frank Dusek: HOLD IT! HOLD IT!! You two want each other so bad! You want to end his career? You want to take his mask? Then let's do it! Two weeks from now. Seasons Beatings. No Count Out, No Disqualification, No Akbar!! Spoilers Mask vs Tom Jones Career! NOW GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!!


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. To recap what just happened, first we saw footage of Killer Brooks and Mike Miller, along with Adrian Adonis assaulting Black Bart and "Wild" Bill Irwin in the parking lot earlier today. A six man Bunkhouse Brawl has been signed for Seasons Beating, and we have no idea who Bart and Irwin will be bringing as a partner.

Then Tom Jones and The Spoiler both showed up and nearly came to blows, but in the process things were said, and now on December the Eighteenth, they will meet in a match that will see Tom Jones put his career on the line against the mask of The Spoiler. I have to tell you Ladies and Gentleman, this Seasons Beatings show over at the Tarrant County Convention Center just keeps getting bigger and better.

Right now, it is time to head down to the ring for our main event.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"Iron" Mike Sharpe vs Jeff Gaylord-

This began with a lot of stalling from Mike Sharpe, and that led to Gaylord getting more and more frustrated. Sharpe took advantage when the youngster finally got hot and went after him, thumbing him in the eye as the referee pushed him away. Sharpe then began an assault on the lower back of Gaylord that lasted for quite some time and saw the veteran "Iron" Mike use a mixture of submissions, strikes, and just plain dirty tactics to keep the muscular Gaylord down. Sharpe finally lost control when he locked Gaylord in a bear hug, but the Missouri Tiger was able to muster up the strength to power out of it and he began to rock Sharpe with left and rights before dropping him with a clothesline. Gaylord then went to work on Sharpe with a power attack that was definitely hampered by the damage to his back, but still enough to have Sharpe begging for mercy. The end came when Gaylord whipped Sharpe hard into the corner. He followed him in with a clothesline, then mounted the buckles and began punching away at the head of Sharpe as the fans counted along. When Gaylord got down off the buckles, the referee was giving him hell for not adhering to the count, and this allowed Sharpe to sweep the legs of Gaylord out from under him. Sharpe cradled him, and got both of his feet up on the second rope, as the referee counted One, Two, Three!

Winner: "Iron" Mike Sharpe

Sharpe was out of the ring in a flash and jogging to the dressing room with his arms in the air, as Gaylord was giving the referee the "what the hell was that" face.

Marc Lowrance: A complete miscarriage of justice there Ladies and Gentleman. Mike Sharpe's feet were clearly on the ropes, and Jeff Gaylord is not happy. Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.





Friday December 18th, 1985

Tarrant County Convention Center

Forth Worth, Texas

Winner of Jerry Lawler/Terry Funk at WrestleStorm vs Johnny Mantell w/Sunshine - USWA World Heavyweight Title

"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs Dory Funk Jr. - Texas Heavyweight Title

The Tribal Nation (Mark/Chris Youngblood) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) - Texas Tag Team Titles

Brian Adias vs Winner of The Texas Ranger/Joel Deaton - Texas Television Title

Cocoa Samoa vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada - Loser Leaves Town, Texas Death Match

"Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller/Adrian Adonis vs Black Bart/"Wild" Bill Irwin/Mystery Partner - 6 Man Bunkhouse Brawl

"Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones vs The Spoiler - No Count Out, No DQ, Managers Barred from Ringside. Tom Jones Career vs The Spoilers Mask

plus more to be announced

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Nice opening bout.  You adding in those post-match antics by Victory would really help him get some instant heat.  You are so good and remembering to put in those subtle little things that help the fan connect with a character.  And then you just added more to it with the suspense of what Tatum said to him.  Great segment.

Scott Casey vs Dory is an awesome event for a promotion like yours.  Again, in many promotions in this game, Scott Casey is a nice babyface but in yours, you have made him into a superstar.  AWESOME

Let me repeat what I just said... your writing style and location of the territory fit perfectly and Johnny Mantell is just another example if a midcard guy becoming a supertar.  

Wow... Dusek gives some huge news... Adonis is here and he has joined Tim Brooks and Mike Miller.... again, the idea of the motorcycles just fits in so well in Texas...

Spoiler and Tom Jones is a great feud and I'm looking forward to their rematch.

Can't wait for Seasons Beatings.

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Jack Victory is one of my favorite parts of your show, loved the t-shirt....Tatum has quickly ascended to the top of that list as well and these two together will be gold!

Brian Adias advances to the finals of the TV title tournament....I could see him making a great television champ.

Looking forward to the Casey vs. Dory match for the Texas title at Season's Beatings...too close to call!

Johnny Mantell seems more than prepared for his shot at the USWA Championship regardless of leaves with it at Wrestlestorm!

Holy shit! Adonis joins up with Miller and Brooks and they take out Bart and Irwin....I can't wait to see who the Wild Bunch has for their mystery partner!

Spoiler is pissed about last week's dust up with Tom Jones....and now it's all on the line at S.B.! This will be one to watch for sure!

"Iron" Mike Sharpe gets the win in the main event! A phrase I never thought I would type but I like it!! 

Another excellent show, super excited for Season's Beatings!!



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Great way to open the show as Adias pulls one over on Victory to advance in the exciting TV title tournament. LOL, loved the Victory meltdown. Tatum appears and seems to have a plan. These two guys together will be something indeed. 

Casey and Dory are both tuned up and ready for their big title match. I loved the promos these guys cut. Just good solid wrestling promos to sell tickets. I liked how they talked about Texas wrestling and the Funk name. They both made their points and of course Sunshine puts in her 2 cents. Really good setup. 

I am a big fan of sit down interviews. It adds realism to wrestling. Mantell really delivered here. He's humble but he's also one of the toughest and extremely focused. The USWA champ better not take him lightly. 

I've said this multiple times but what you've done with Estrada is amazing. He's one of my favorite characters in the game. A Texas Death match seems right up his alley. His feud with Cocoa went to a level I'm sure nobody would have predicted. I would buy a ticket for this match alone. 

ADRIAN ADONIS!!!! Yes! Adonis, Brooks and Miller as a biker gang, oh man this is awesome! I cant wait to see who Irwin and Bart get as a partner. Bikers vs. Cowboys in a bunkhouse match...Gimmie a hell yea! 

Things stay hot as an angry Spoiler calls out Mr. Ebony. Mask vs. Career! Seasons Beatings is off the charts! 

Sharpe and Gaylord give the fans a fun main event. I always thought Sharpe was the perfect heel. The way he exited after his victory was classic. Good job matching these guys up. Powerhouse veteran heel vs. the young and hungry powerhouse rookie. I'm hoping to see more. 

Great build to Seasons Beatings! 



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(Taped on Monday December 7th, 1985 and airing Friday Night December 11th)


From the beautiful Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is....


featuring the worlds greatest professional wrestlers from...



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Will Rogers Coliseum and to Championship Sports.  We are here on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and we are just one week away from our huge Seasons Beatings event at the Tarrant County Convention Center! That event will air live as it happens, right here next week on KTVT before Texas All Star takes a few weeks off so our wrestlers and crew can enjoy the holiday season with their families.

But there is still plenty to be decided heading into Seasons Beatings and it will happen right here tonight. First we will find out who will meet Brian Adias in the finals of the Texas Television Title Tournament as "Outlaw" Joel Deaton will take on The Texas Ranger.

We will also see The Tribal Nation of Mark and Chris Youngblood defend the Texas Tag Team Titles against the team they defeated for them just a few weeks ago The Highwaymen. The winners of that match will go on to defend against The Glamour Boys who will also be in action here tonight.

Then the man who will challenge the New USWA Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk, Johnny Mantell will be in singles action tonight. I am told that Terry Funk has sent in comments directed toward Mr. Mantell that we will see later.

Ladies and Gentleman, let's head to the ring for our opening contest and determine who will go to the final of the Texas Television Title Tournament.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"Outlaw" Joel Deaton vs The Texas Ranger-

This one was hot from the opening bell as Deaton charged the Ranger, but Ranger saw him coming, ducked behind him and rolled him up for a near three count. After that it was back and forth action with both men exchanging control several times, and both scoring several near falls. The end came when The Texas Ranger whipped Deaton into the buckles and followed him in with a clothesline. Ranger lifted Deaton onto the buckles for a top rope maneuver of some kind, but Deaton managed to kick the Ranger away. One of the Ranger's arms caught a glancing blow on the referee, which allowed Deaton to slide off the buckle, grab his bull rope which was hung across it, and blast The Texas Ranger in the head with the cow bell. The masked man crashed to the canvas, Deaton put the bullrope back on the buckle, then dropped down and covered him. The referee still half dazed turned around and counted the fall.

Winner: "Outlaw" Joel Deaton


Marc Lowrance: Come on now! A complete miscarriage of justice there as Deaton blasted The Texas Ranger in the head with that cow bell. But the referee didn't see it, and unfortunately the referee's decision is final. "Outlaw" Joel Deaton advances to the final of the Texas Television Title Tournament and will face Brian Adias to crown the first Texas Television Champion.

"General" Skandor Akbar comes from the back and makes his way to where Marc Lowrance is standing.

Marc Lowrance: To what do we owe this pleasure, General?

Skandor Akbar: I hear that tone in your voice Lowrance, and I am in no mood! Last week The Spoiler came out here without me and got himself placed into a match against Tom Jones where his mask will be on the line against the career of Jones. The stipulations state that there will be no count outs, no disqualifications, and that I am not allowed at ringside!

Marc Lowrance: That's correct.

Skandor Akbar: Quiet Lowrance! I didn't ask you. So I told The Spoiler. I told him that he was a fool for allowing himself to be goaded into a situation such as this. What did he do? He Fired Me!! Can you believe this!! No One Fires Skandor Akbar!! No One!! So Spoiler, I hope you and Jones kill each other. I hope you get embarrassed in front of everyone. Because you needed me, a whole lot more than I needed you! Skandor Akbar will be out rebuilding Devastation Incorporated into something bigger and better, while you risk it all against Tom Jones. Hope it was worth it you masked moron!

Akbar storms off toward the dressing room as Marc Lowrance stands with an amused look on his face.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Up next we have the man who next week competes in a Loser Leaves Town, Texas Death Match against his bitter rival "El Jefe." Let's head down to the ring where Cocoa Samoa is set for action.


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Cocoa Samoa vs The Bounty Hunter-

Samoa is a savage tonight as he goes right after the masked man with chops and headbutts that have The Bounty Hunter reeling. A whip into the ropes and a kick to the midsection doubles over the big masked man, and a leaping headbutt appears to knock him out cold. Cocoa rolls him face up and ascends to the top rope, where a big Samoan Splash ends the night for sure.

Winner: Cocoa Samoa


Marc Lowrance: I am standing by with your winner, Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa, next week you compete against Jose Estrada in the big Loser Leaves Town, Texas Death Match. Anything you want to say before that match.

Cocoa Samoa: Estrada. You got no respect for anybody bruddah. You nearly put out Joe Lightfoot's eye, and then you tried to do the same to me. Next week, Texas Death Match means I can do whatever I have too. That's bad news for you. Cocoa Samoa isn't going nowhere. I hope you are ready for war bruddah.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, Cocoa Samoa! We'll be right back!!

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) vs Snake Brown/Jack Spade-

Just before the bell could ring on this encounter, Dark Journey came from the back and plucked the microphone from the hands of Marc Lowrance. She then headed into the ring. She looks both Doll and Simpson up and down with a smile on her face, and then speaks.

Dark Journey: So you two are The Glamour Boys that I hear so much about. I can see why the girls around here like you so much. The long hair, the lean muscular physiques, and the boyish good looks. Yes indeed, it makes total sense why a bunch of dumb girls from Texas would think you two are something special.

Major heat from the audience on that one.

Dark Journey: Me on the other hand, I like real men. Rugged men. Men who look like they've seen a thing or two. Not like you two boys....

Steve Doll comes over and pulls the microphone away from Dark Journey to loud cheers.

Steve Doll: You got a point to make here lady?

Dark Journey doesn't look impressed and holds her hand out for the microphone. The crowd is screaming "NO" but Doll gives it back to her after faking it once or twice.

Dark Journey: As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, little boy. I like my men tough, rugged, handsome. So since these people think you two Glamour Boys are such a big deal, and apparently so do you... How about we send these two losers to the back, and you two accept a real challenge and face my men in tag team action, right here tonight!

Steve Simpson motions for the microphone, which Dark Journey hands him with a smile.

Steve Simpson: Yeah. Sure. Whatever Lady. As long as it shuts you up!

A look of anger crosses the face of Dark Journey as the fans in the Will Rogers Coliseum go crazy, but the smile quickly returns as she's gotten what she wanted. Soon after "You Shook Me All Night Long" hits as the curtains part, and Dark Journey's team make their way toward the ring.....

Marc Lowrance: Well, I guess this is official!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) vs "Hollywood" John Tatum/"New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory w/Dark Journey-

This is fast paced action from the opening bell as both teams are trying to get the upper hand, and the momentum keeps shifting between them. Victory and Tatum manage to gain control with some double teaming in the early minutes and work over Simpson pretty good, but he makes a hot tag to Doll who comes in and really takes it to Victory. Victory manages a tag to Tatum, but he doesn't fair a whole lot better against Doll and The Glamour Boys seem to be rolling when the announcer calls two minutes remaining. Victory tags back in, and soon after is met with a double dropkick from the Glamour Boys that rocks his world. Doll and Simpson begin making frequent tags and really work over Victory. With about forty five seconds left, Simpson whips Victory into the ropes a little too close to Tatum who tags himself in, but Simpson doesn't see it. Simpson goes on to hit Victory with a backdrop, and tags in Doll. Both men scale turnbuckles looking to hit Glam, Slam, Thank You Ma'am... which is when Tatum runs across the apron and shoves Simpson off the buckle where he crashes fifteen feet to the concrete floor. Doll drops down off the buckle, as Tatum is entering the ring, but a groggy Victory manages to snatch the foot of Doll halting his momentum, allowing Tatum to lash out with his California Kick, catching Doll square on the jaw. Tatum quickly covered Doll, as Victory rolled out of the ring, and the referee counted the three with seconds left to spare!

Winners: "Hollywood" John Tatum/"New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory w/Dark Journey


Marc Lowrance: I don't believe it! Just one week before they compete for the Texas Tag Team Titles, the number one contenders have been defeated! The Glamour Boys are stunned, the audience is stunned, and Tatum, Victory, and Dark Journey look like they just let the world in on a secret they already knew. Unbelievable! Folks, we'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Johnny Mantell vs Dr. Kilemoff-

The white masked Dr. Kilemoff was no match for Mantell this evening as Johnny made short work of the newcomer. Mantell looked crisp and on point, and his neck injury certainly appeared to be behind him. He ended the match with his patented Russian Leg Sweep, floated over into a pinfall.

Winner: Johnny Mantell


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner, and the man who challenges Terry Funk for the USWA World Heavyweight Championship next week, Johnny Mantell. Now Johnny, before we hear from you, we have a video tape that arrived earlier today. Let's roll that footage.



As the tape begins we see footage of horses running in an open pasture. Then the camera pans past an old barn, and comes to rest on Terry Funk who is leaning against a fence watching the horses. The Funker is dressed in blue jeans, a denim shirt, and a cowboy hat. The USWA Title is sitting on a barrel right next to him.

Terry Funk: I'd like to go ahead right now and welcome all of the viewers of Texas All Star Wrestling to the Double Cross Ranch here in Amarillo. The home of the Funk family, the greatest family of professional wrestlers to ever come out of the state of Texas!

A smug smile crosses the face of Funk as he knows he has just pissed off the Dallas/Fort Worth crowd without even seeing them. The camera pans in closer to the face of Terry Funk whose smile fades to a look of annoyance.

Terry Funk: Now then...Johnny Mantell...from Montague County.... YOUUUUU.. might be some kind of Big Deal.. in Texas All Star Wrestling.... BUT I'M TERRY FUNK! A former NWA World Heavyweight Champion.. back when that meant something. I've wrestled in Japan...Canada...Australia...and all over the world. I AM THE USWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, the most important champion in the sport of professional wrestling today!

Six days ago I went inside a steel cage and beat a man they call "The King" with in an inch of his pathetic life to win this title, and if you think for a minute that I'm gonna leave my lovely home here in Amarillo, and come on down there to a hellhole like Fort Worth, just to lose this belt to an Egg Sucking Dog named Johnny Mantell..then maybe you don't know who I am!

I'm Terry Funk...meaner than a rattlesnake...tougher than shoe leather...and more dangerous than a hollow eyed scorpion. So you listen... and you listen good... Man-Tell...once my brother's finished off your gunslinging buddy and brought that Texas Heavyweight Title back home to Amarillo where it belongs. Then you and I....we are going to step into that ring....and you...JOHNNY...MANTELL....well... you are going to be like one of these horses in this pasture right here. No, No... not one of the ones you see running around right now, care free, and enjoying themselves. That's not the horse you're going to be like Johnny Mantell....

A smile crosses the face of Funk, though his eyes show something totally different.

The horse you're going to resemble Mantell, is the one that stepped in a hole and broke it's leg. That's right, the one that laid there on the ground in awful pain, just crying and whining, unable to move, thrashing around, totally helpless. The horse that I felt terrible pity for as I walked across the pasture. The horse that I made soothing noises at as I loaded the shells into my Daddy's old twelve gauge.... WHAT I AM TELLING YOU... JOHNNY MANTELL....IS THE HORSE YOU RESEMBLE....IS THE ONE THAT I PUT OUT OF IT'S MISERY... AS IT LAY BROKEN AT MY FEET!

Funk takes a minute as he calms down, and then he almost looks remorseful.

Now that I think about it...maybe you and that horse aren't all that similar after all.... I actually liked that horse.

Funk reaches down and pats the USWA Title with a big smile on his face as the interview fades to black.


Marc Lowrance: We just heard from the USWA World Heavyweight Champion. Let's now hear from the man who will challenge him, your thoughts Johnny Mantell?

Johnny Mantell: Marc Lowrance, since the moment I came back from my injury I have been ready to take on any challenge that's been put in front of me. Terry Funk is without a doubt the biggest challenge I could possibly face, but if he thinks for a minute that he is going to scare me off, he has another thing coming. Johnny Mantell is going to be ready, and god willing I am going to bring home that World Heavyweight Title!

Mantell heads for the dressing room to huge cheers from the crowd. Marc Lowrance nods to the camera as the show heads for commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. It is now time for our Main Event, a rematch from several weeks ago when the debuting Mark and Chris Youngblood shocked everyone by upsetting The Highwaymen and winning the Texas Tag Team Titles. Hickerson and Duncum have been uncharacteristically quiet since that night, and you know they are looking to regain the titles. Meanwhile The Tribal Nation will be looking to ride the momentum they have going their way. It should be quite a contest. Let's head to the ring.


1 Fall, TV Time Remaining

-The Tribal Nation (Mark Youngblood/Chris Youngblood) vs The Highwaymen (Bobby Duncum/Phil Hickerson)- Texas Tag Team Titles

The Highwaymen looked shockingly calm as they headed to the ring and waited for the match to start. The Tribal Nation got a big reaction from the crowd, already favorites after only one appearance with the company. Once the bell rang this was a surprisingly well contested match in the opening minutes, as both teams exchanged holds and maneuvers. The Highwaymen got the early advantage working over the younger Chris with some high impact offense, including Duncum scoring a long two count off of a particularly brutal clothesline. Eventually Chris leapfrogged over Duncum on a backdrop attempt and tagged in his brother. Mark went to work with chops, hip tosses, and dropkicks on both members of The Highwaymen and then started trying to wear down Hickerson with a surfboard. Eventually this led Duncum in to interfere, which brought Chris into the ring and things devolved into a four way brawl. The referee was able to break it up, and get things back in order. Again Mark was able to take control, and again he got the best of Hickerson. This time when Duncum came in the ring, Mark blistered him with a huge tomahawk chop that sent him out to the floor. Chris met him out there, and the two of them began brawling on the floor. In the ring, Mark went back after Hickerson, blasting him with several chops that sent him out of the ring. Mark followed him out, and soon the pier six brawl with all four men was happening at ringside. The referee started counting, and Hickerson managed to smash Mark into guard rail and slide back into the ring at eighteen. Mark didn't make it, and The Youngbloods were counted out.

Winners, by Count Out: Phil Hickerson and Bobby Duncum, The Highwaymen


Marc Lowrance: The Highwaymen have won the match, but the Texas Tag Team Titles do not change hands on a count out, so the Youngbloods will retain the titles. A fact that The Highwaymen are not happy about. Phil Hickerson is in the face of the referee, and here comes Frank Dusek!

Frank Dusek comes marching to ringside and grabs the microphone from Marc Lowrance.


Mark Youngblood pulls Chris Youngblood away from Bobby Duncum, and Duncum quickly rolls into the ring where Hickerson is now staring at Dusek.

Frank Dusek:Hickerson, Duncum... you both know that the belts don't change hands on a count out. However, you did win the match, so I'll tell you what we are going to do. Next Friday night at Seasons Beatings, The Tribal Nation will defend the Texas Tag Team Titles against both The Glamour Boys and The Highwaymen in a triangle match.

"Now hold on a darn minute....."

Everyone in attendance turns to see John Tatum with a microphone come walking out of the dressing room with Jack Victory right beside him.

John Tatum: If you're just out here handing out title shots Frank Dusek, what about us?

Frank Dusek: What about you?

John Tatum: The Highwaymen get beat fair and square a couple weeks ago, and the best they can do tonight is a count out, and they get another shot? But earlier tonight we beat your number one contenders fair and square in our first match as a team, and we get nothing? Fair's fair Dusek, we want our shot!

Frank Dusek: As much as I hate to admit that you two are right, you are. Fine. At Seasons Beatings we are going to have ourselves a Four Corners match for the Texas Tag Team Titles. For now though, you two boys better look out behind you.

Tatum and Victory turn around only to be met with right hands from Simpson and Doll! It only takes a few moments for The Highwaymen and The Youngbloods to enter the fray and then all four teams are brawling around ringside!!

Marc Lowrance: It's chaos at ringside Ladies and Gentleman! That is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT for our Seasons Beatings Super Spectacular! Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance and....wait...what's happening in the parking lot!!

We cut outside of the Will Rogers Coliseum where we see a motorcycle that has been run over by a pick up truck! Another motorcycle lays on its side, and a third is parked several feet away. Near the bed of the pick up truck, "Wild" Bill Irwin is exchanging haymakers with Adrian Adonis. On the ground near the fallen motorcycle, Black Bart and Mike Miller are having a knock down, drag out brawl. From around the side of the pick up truck, we Tim Brooks get thrown onto the concrete and roll a bit. From behind the truck comes the man who threw him, and presumably the partner for the six man bunkhouse match, "Outlaw" Ron Bass. The wild brawl between all six men continues as the show fades to black.




Friday December 18th, 1985
Tarrant County Convention Center
Fort Worth, Texas

Terry Funk vs Johnny Mantell w/Sunshine - USWA World Heavyweight Title

"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs Dory Funk Jr. - Texas Heavyweight Title

The Tribal Nation (Mark/Chris Youngblood) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Doll/Steve Simpson) vs The Highwaymen (Phil Hickerson/Bobby Duncum) vs "Hollywood" John Tatum/"New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory w/Dark Journey  - Texas Tag Team Titles - Four Corners Match

Brian Adias vs "Outlaw" Joel Deaton - Texas Television Title

Cocoa Samoa vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada - Loser Leaves Town, Texas Death Match

"Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller/Adrian Adonis vs Black Bart/"Wild" Bill Irwin/"Outlaw" Ron Bass - 6 Man Bunkhouse Brawl

"Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones vs The Spoiler - No Count Out, No DQ, Managers Barred from Ringside. Tom Jones Career vs The Spoilers Mask

"Iron" Mike Sharpe vs Jeff Gaylord

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Fun show as always.  I'm looking forward to Season's Beatings.

Great set up for the 4 Corners Match for the Tag Belts.  During the countout win by the Highway men you said the ref was at 18 with the count.  Nice detail.  I forgot that certain promotions used a 20 count instead of 10.

Looking forward to see if Akbar just let's the Spoiler fire him or if he will be looking for revenge.  

Looking forward to seeing Deaton go for the title.  I think you have done a great job setting up a balanced roster and know exactly where you are going.  I think I need a lesson on this!

I was debating about starting a NWA Wrestling Hall of Fame and putting Terry Funk in on the first ballot but not after that crack about the NWA title not meaning anything anymore!!!  LOL.

Great show as always!



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What a show as we head into Season's Beatings! 

Texas Ranger has become one of my favorite characters. He made a great showing in the tournament but it comes to an end at the hands of Deaton (and a cowbell). If there was anybody I wanted to see advance over Ranger, well it would be Deaton LOL. Both Deaton and Adias would be solid choices to win the title. 

Wow, Spoiler fires Akbar! I don't think Akbar will just walk away from this. 

El Jefe better be ready because a vengeful Cocoa is coming after him! I've mentioned this before but you've really turned this into a must see match.

Dark Journey is great! Glamour Boys take the bait and the priceless team of Tatum and Victory have arrived. Hollywood and the Heartthrob get the big win and might have changed the course to Season's Beatings. 

Mantell looks great as he tunes up for his life changing world title opportunity. 

Terry Funk is the man! Awesome promo! I could hear every word in his voice and totally see all his facial expressions. The horse analogy was pure gold. 1986 will be the year of the Funker! 

Mantell responds with passion. These promos are going to bring the fans in. 

Highwaymen and Tribal Nation put on a dandy of a main event. Highwaymen get the c.o. win but aren't satisfied. The man who always has a plan Frank Dusek comes out and makes it a triangle match. One thing about Dusek is, he listens. Tatum brings up a great point and now we got a 4 corners match! This shows how competitive the tag team division in Texas is. 

The show isn't over! A parking lot brawl with pick up trucks, fallen bikes, fists flying! What more can you ask for? How about Ron Bass! Bass and Bart are reunited! The arena wont be big enough when those Cowboys and Bikers square off in what could be the biggest fight of the year! 

Only one more week! Can't wait. 

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The TV title tournament is winding down as Joel Deaton eliminates the Texas Ranger and secures his spot in the finals against Brian Adias which should be a great match next week!

I agree with Spaldoni, I can't believe that Akbar will just settle for being fired that way....there will be more to this I'm quite sure.

If you would have told me a few weeks ago that would ever be invested in a match between Cocoa Samoa and Jose Estrada, I would have said you're full of shit....yet here we are and this is one of the matches I'm most excited for at Season's Beatings...."El Jefe" has established himself as quite the heel since turning up here in Texas and I hope he comes out on top next week!

Great exchange between the Glamour Boys and Dark Journey......the way the Four Corner's Match came together on this show was so well crafted, and made perfect sense which is sometimes hard to do with those types of matches but there's a good reason for everyone to be in this match and for the titles to be on the line....I'll be interested to see who walks aways with the gold when it's over.

Nice dominant win for Mantell to show he's ready to go for the big belt....but Terry Funk feels differently.  Wow, you and Spaldoni do such an incredible job capturing Funk's voice, I'm not sure I should ever attempt it....but I'm certainly sold on Funk vs. Mantell for the USWA World title!

I already covered the Four Corners Match stemming from the two tag matches on today's show....again, very well done!

Then to wrap things up we go outside to a wild brawl and most notably the bikes of Brooks/Miller/Adonis have been disrespected by Black Bart/Bill Irwin.....and the man who is going to be their partner.....RON BASS...that's a WILD BUNCH indeed!  Can't wait for this one at Season's Beatings!  What a card! It's going to do an awesome job of setting the table for '86 here in Texas All-Star!!

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(Airing Live on Friday Night December 18th)


From the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth. This is....


presenting a Holiday Special from....


It's Time to Find Out Who's Naughty, and Who's Nice At...



The 7000 plus wild Texans inside the Tarrant County Convention Center are going wild as Texas All Star Wrestling is on the air for their year end show, Seasons Beatings. The camera pans to Marc Lowrance who is standing by with microphone in hand.

Marc Lowrance: Good Evening Everyone! Welcome to the Tarrant County Convention Center and to a special extended edition of Championship Sports! We are here tonight on KTVT for our special holiday edition of Texas All Star Wrestling, we are here for Seasons Beatings! We have a lot of huge matches lined up tonight, so we are going to get right to the action!

Our opening contest is a rematch between "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord and "Iron" Mike Sharpe. There has been tension between these two for months that has boiled over in interviews, and they have cost one another matches. They finally met two weeks ago, and Sharpe cheated to secure a victory. Tonight they meet again, and neither man wants to give the other an inch.


1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit

-"Iron" Mike Sharpe vs Jeff Gaylord-


Sharpe opened this one by skipping the collar and elbow and thumbing Gaylord in the eyes. Sharpe went right to work on the back of Gaylord hammering him with several big shots, then hitting a backbreaker before locking on a bear hug. It looked like it might be over early for Gaylord, but the crowd got to clapping and he came back to life and punched his way out of the hold. A follow up clothesline put Sharpe down, and Gaylord took control for the first time. The big Missouri Tiger battered Sharpe all over the ring with punches and kicks, then took him down with a huge suplex. A whip into the rope, and a Big Powerslam put Sharpe down for the One, Two, Three.

Winner: Jeff Gaylord


Marc Lowrance: Jeff Gaylord gets the win in our opening contest, and gets a little payback for the cheap victory from a few weeks ago. Ladies and Gentleman, don't go anywhere, we'll be right back with more action!


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: We are back folks, and up next is a match that could easily be our main event, but these men simply didn't want to wait! Black Bart and "Killer" Tim Brooks have been at odds since the night we started Texas All Star Wrestling. "Mean" Mike Miller originally came in as a partner for Bart, but then turned on him in the Devil's Night Cage match. "Wild" Bill Irwin made his return to Texas just a few weeks ago to stand beside Bart in his war against Miller and Brooks. Then from out of nowhere, Adrian Adonis arrived on the scene and the three motorcycle men attacked Bart and Irwin in the parking lot of the Will Rogers Coliseum. The challenge was then made for this match, and just last week we saw Bart's former World Class Tag Team Championship partner "Outlaw" Ron Bass make his presence felt as he arrived to back up Bart and Irwin. So now we have six men who want nothing more than a good fight, and they are about to get it...in a Bunkhouse Brawl!


1 Fall, No Time Limit - Bunkhouse Brawl

-"Wild" Bill Irwin/Black Bart/"The Outlaw" Ron Bass vs "Killer" Tim Brooks/"Mean" Mike Miller/Adrian Adonis-


Adonis, Brooks, and Miller all head to the ring wearing Harley Davidson t-shirts and leather pants. They make it about half way down the aisle before Bart, Irwin, and Bass in blue jeans and cowboy boots jump them from behind and this brawl is off and running!

Irwin and Brooks end up brawling right past the ring and go to war at ringside, knocking over the timekeepers table and ramming one another into the guard rail and the ring post. It doesn't take long until Brooks is bleeding like a faucet, and soon both of them are actually over the guard rail and into the stands.

Bart and Miller change directions and head back up the aisle, ramming each other into the walls of the arena, and then Bart grabs one of the arena trash cans, cracking Miller over the head with it, and sends trash flying everywhere. They continue to brawl back behind the fans where Miller smashes Bart into the side of a Coke machine, and then throws him into the men's room where the camera loses sight of them.

Bass and Adonis end up in the ring of all places! Where they start exchanging haymakers in the center of the ring waiting to see who would fall down first. Bass apparently got the best of the exchange because Adonis finally raked his eyes to stop the punches. Adonis then tackled Bass to the mat and started biting "The Outlaw" on the forehead!! Before long Bass was bleeding, and Adonis was smearing the blood on his face. The posturing of Adonis didn't last long as Bass reached up and punched him in the groin, sending Adonis to his knees.

Outside the ring, Irwin and Brooks had made their way back over the guard rail and had brought a couple of the fans chairs with them and they were swinging them wildly at one another. Irwin won the game of dueling chairs when he apparently got the fingers of Brooks, who dropped his chair to shake out his hands. Irwin then smashed him directly on the head with the chair, sending the already bloody Brooks to the floor.

From the other side of the ring, the crowd parted as Bart and Miller came brawling through the people, both men bleeding, and Bart had a toilet seat in his hands that he was repeatedly smashing Miller with! When they reached the ringside area, Miller hurled himself over the guard rail to get away from Black Bart!

Ron Bass was standing over top of Adrian Adonis, one hand holding his head by the hair, and the other punching him repeatedly in the face. This time it was Adrian's turn to stiff arm Bass in the groin, not once, but twice, and that caused "The Outlaw" to let go of Adonis. Adonis got to his feet and started laying the stomps into Bass, but then WHAM! got nailed in the back by "Wild" Bill Irwin who had entered the ring with his chair!

Black Bart came over the guard rail after Mike Miller, but Miller waited until Bart was half way over and yanked up on the guard rail causing it to smash into the ball of Bart who was immediately in a ton of pain. Miller quickly kicked away the toilet lid and then started stomping on the prone Bart. After a minute Miller left Bart and climbed up onto the ring apron, where he caught the eye of Bill Irwin who was standing with the chair, daring him to come into the ring.

This was all a ploy however, as Killer Tim Brooks was crawling into the ring across from Miller, and had the ring bell in his hands. As Irwin was calling for Miller to come in and fight him, Brooks got to his feet and blasted Irwin in the back of the head with the bell. Miller then entered the ring and went to check on Adonis, and Brooks headed over to where Bass was getting to his feet and cracked him across the back with the ring bell as well.

Black Bart got to his feet on the floor and he looked pissed off. He looked around at the carnage on the floor and picked up a steel chair, and even though both of his partners were down in the ring, he slid in to face all three of the opponents. Mike Miller rushed at him first, and Bart slammed the steel chair into his gut. Adonis was back on his feet but was clearly hurting, so Bart swung the chair at his head and sent him sailing out between the top and middle ropes to the floor. Killer Brooks was across the ring still hitting Ron Bass, and heard the sounds of the chair, and turned around just in time to see Bart bring the chair crashing down on the head of "Mean" Mike Miller which dropped him potentially unconscious to the canvas.

This left Black Bart and Killer Brooks, the two men who started this war staring at each other from across the ring. Brooks dropped the ring bell and motioned for Bart to come at him. Bart threw down the chair and the two men started for one another, and soon fists were flying in the center of the ring! Right from Bart, Right from Brooks, back and forth, back and forth. Each man probably threw a dozen punches before they both staggered away from each other and sagged onto the ropes. It was at this point that Killer Brooks reached down into his boot and pulled out a chain that he wrapped around his fist. He looked and saw Bart staggering back toward the center of the ring, and with a smile on his face, Brooks moved in for the kill.....

Unfortunately for "Killer" Tim Brooks, while he was wrapping the chain around his fist, he never saw Black Bart pull the Horse Shoe out of the back pocket of his jeans! Bart swung first and blasted Brooks in the head with the Horse Shoe! Brooks went over backwards like a falling tree, the chain flying up in the air, and landed flat on his back, out like a light. Bart dropped down and covered him for the One, Two, Three.

Winners: "Wild" Bill Irwin/Black Bart/"The Outlaw" Ron Bass


Marc Lowrance: My Goodness. Ladies and Gentleman, I don't even know what to say about the brutality we've just witnessed. Let's take a break while these men receive medical attention and we attempt to clean up the mess that is ringside. Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling's special event Seasons Beatings, right here on KTVT. They are currently still working to get ringside cleaned up, and medical is still attending to Killer Brooks and Mike Miller. Up next is the finals of the Tournament for the Texas Television Title, so while work continues at ringside, please enjoy this recap of the tournament.

A video recap of all the matches from the Texas Television Title Tournament plays. Specifically highlighted are Brian Adias picking up victories over Alexis Smirnoff and Jack Victory, as well as Joel Deaton defeating Lance Von Erich and The Texas Ranger. The video ends with a side by side of Adias and Deaton and then a picture of the Texas Television Title fades over them.

Marc Lowrance: All right Ladies and Gentleman, all of the wrestlers have been taken care of, the timekeeper has a new table, the fans have new chairs, and the men's room is closed! The show can continue, and it will continue with our first championship match of the evening. As you just saw in that video, this is to crown the first Texas Television Champion. So let's get to it!


1 Fall, No Time Limit

-"Outlaw" Joel Deaton vs Brian Adias- Texas Television Title


The moment the bell rang, Deaton charged across the ring and crashed bodily into Adias. From there Deaton just began hammering on Adias with clubbing blows to the neck and back before hoisting him up and slamming him down hard in the center of the ring. From there Deaton used his height and weight advantage to start grinding Adias down with a side headlock that he was just wrenching on for all he was worth. The referee checked on Adias several times, but Brian refused to give up, even though Deaton was screaming "QUIT" repeatedly at him. Finally Deaton pulled Adias to his feet, whipped him into the ropes, and leveled him with a shoulderblock.

Deaton took a moment to sneer at the crowd who was chanting "A-di-as" then bounced off the ropes to deliver a big legdrop. Unfortunately for Deaton, Adias rolled out of the way and Deaton landed hard on his tailbone. An angry Deaton got quickly to his feet, and looked to drop a big elbow on the still prone Adias, but again Adias rolled, and this time Deaton landed hard on his elbow. This time when Deaton got to his feet, Adias was there and fired off a dropkick that sent Deaton sailing out of the ring!

As Adias took a minute to recover from the earlier beating in the ring, Deaton was stomping mad on the floor. He grabbed his bull rope and threatened to bring it back into the ring with him until the referee threatened him with a DQ. Finally Deaton came back into the ring, and was quickly met with an armdrag from Adias. Deaton popped back to his feet and charged again, only to catch another armdrag. Both men were quickly back up, and Adias went for another dropkick, but this time Deaton sidestepped and Adias crashed to the mat hard.

Deaton went back to work on Adias for several minutes with elbows to the shoulder area, and more of the side headlock. Finally Deaton felt confident that Adias was ready to be finished, and stood him up. Deaton drilled Adias with an elbow that left him staggered, then bounced off the ropes and went for the Bulldog, only Adias managed to shove Deaton off of himself and chest first into the ropes! Deaton bounced off backwards and Adias nailed him with the Russian Leg Sweep!! Adias floated over, hooked the leg, and got the One, Two, Three!

Winner, and NEW Texas Television Champion: Brian Adias!!


Marc Lowrance: Oh My Goodness! What a fantastic counter! Brian Adias has won the tournament and is the first Texas Television Champion! The Tarrant County Convention Center is going crazy as one of their own has brought home the gold! "Outlaw" Deaton is stunned, and Brian Adias has taken the championship belt and is celebrating in the crowd! Look at that Ladies and Gentleman, you love to see it. Congratulations to Brian Adias! We'll be right back with more action.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling's Seasons Beatings, right here on KTVT. It appears that we have had a change in the order of our matches this evening. Apparently the match that was scheduled to be our main event of the evening is going to happen next. I don't really even want to read this, but the note I was given says that the USWA World Champion Terry Funk demanded that his match be put on earlier because he wants to and I quote "get back to Amarillo because Fort Worth is a dump." Again Ladies and Gentleman, those are the words of Terry Funk and absolutely do not represent the views of Texas All Star Wrestling, the USWA, or anyone else here. However, apparently Mr. Funk threatened to leave the building if his match wasn't allowed to happen now, so in order to present you the fans with what you were promised, Texas All Star Wrestling has agreed to the request of Terry Funk. So without further adieu, up next we will see Johnny Mantell challenge Terry Funk for the USWA World Heavyweight Championship.


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-Terry Funk vs Johnny Mantell w/Sunshine- USWA World Heavyweight Title


Once everyone was in the ring, but before the match could begin, Terry Funk marched over to the ring announcer and ripped the microphone out of his hands.


Terry Funk: JOHNNY MANTELL!! When I agreed to defend MY title against you, I agreed to do it one on one, man to man. No one told me that you were going to be bringing a two dollar whore to the ring with you!


Before anyone else had the chance to react, Sunshine was across the ring and throwing fists at Terry Funk who was backtracking into the corner. Both Johnny Mantell and the referee quickly grabbed her and had to literally carry her away from Funk who was now standing in the corner smiling.


Terry Funk: Unless that Tart, that Jezebel, that WHORE...is taken away from ringside, I will not be defending my title here tonight. I feel as though her presence at ringside and her obvious dislike of me would give you an unfair advantage MAN-TELL!!


Sunshine is in an absolute rage, kicking and trying to get away from both Mantell and the referee. Soon Scott Casey arrives on the scene, while Terry Funk continues to stand in the corner with a huge shit-eating grin on his face. Finally after several minutes, Casey gets Sunshine out of the ring and back to the dressing room.


Terry Funk: Now then! I feel like the odds are even, and we can have a good, clean, scientific wrestling match for the World Heavyweight Title. So come and shake my hand Mantell.


Funk tosses the microphone to the ring announcer, hands the title to the referee, and stands in the center of the ring with his hand outstretched. Mantell is nearly shaking with anger as he approaches Funk. The referee quickly gets between them, but Funk doesn't move a muscle, just continues to hold out his hand. Mantell walks away to his corner, and Funk goes back to the announcer for the microphone.


Terry Funk: Johnny Mantell, I understand maybe you've never been in a match for the World Title before, but it's customary that we shake hands before the match like gentleman. So come on over here and shake my hand.


Mantell stands in his corner and shakes his head no.


Terry Funk: Mantell, you come shake my hand right now or I'm taking that belt and I'm going back to Amarillo.


Mantell walks forward and gets close to Funk, the microphone picks up him saying "are you that big of a coward."


Terry Funk: This has nothing to do with being a coward Mantell. This is about tradition and respect. Terry Funk may be a no good son of a you know what, but you can't say I don't respect this business, so shake my hand Mantell, and let's start this damn match!


Funk tosses the microphone to the referee, makes the cross my heart motion, and sticks his hands back out to Mantell. Mantell shakes his head like he knows better, and reaches out to shake the hand of Terry Funk. Who accepts it and they shake hands....

Then Terry Funk takes a swing at Mantell with his other hand, but Johnny ducks it, spins Funk around and hits him with a big atomic drop!! Funk staggers around the ring holding his ass like he is dying, and then Mantell scoops him up and gives him another one. This sends Funk sailing over the top rope and to the floor, where he does about a half of the Curly shuffle on the concrete. Johnny Mantell wastes no time, following him out, yanking him up by the hair, and throwing him back into the ring, where the bell finally rings.

Mantell fires away with lefts and rights on the USWA Champion that has him rocking and reeling, Mantell then whips Funk into the ropes and hits him with a big backdrop! Mantell covers but only gets two. Mantell pulls Funk to his feet again, and then takes him over in a backslide! One, Two, Kickout!! Funk gets up to his feet as does Mantell, and Terry grabs Mantell for a bodyslam, but Mantell manages to reverse it into a cradle!! One, Two, Thr...KICKOUT!!!

Funk rolls out to the floor again, and this time he is pissed! He throw the timekeeper out of his chair, and tosses the chair into the ring, barely missing Mantell. He then staggers around ringside for a moment chasing down a camera man. Finally he rolls back into the ring, and we get the first collar and elbow tie up of the match! It is a struggle, but Funk manages to back Mantell into a corner. Funk goes for a big punch, but Johnny ducks under it and blasts Funk with a chop. Funk starts to mouth off at Johnny, so Mantell hits another chop and another, and another until Funk is sagging in the corner. Mantell then mounts the turnbuckles and starts punching away as the fans count along! He gets to about seven, when Funk grabs his legs, walks several steps and then tries to give him the reverse atomic drop. However Johnny manages to swing his weight enough that nothing lands on the knee of Funk, and he instead takes a step back and shocks Funk with another dropkick!

Again Funk rolls out of the ring, only this time Mantell follows him out, not giving him another chance to recover. Mantell catches up to Funk about the time he reaches the timekeepers table again, and Funk blasts him in the face with the USWA World Title!! The referee immediately calls for the Disqualification, and Funk takes the belt and heads up the aisle.

Winner, by Disqualification: Johnny Mantell


Marc Lowrance: What an absolutely disgusting showing by the USWA World Heavyweight Champion here tonight in Fort Worth. From degrading a beautiful young woman to showing what a coward he is by intentionally getting himself disqualified. Terry Funk should be ashamed of himself, and I hope Frank Dusek and the Texas All Star Board of Directors file a complaint with the USWA first thing Monday morning. Johnny Mantell was getting the best of Terry Funk at every turn and I believe he could have won the championship had the match continued inside the ring. What a disgrace of a champion. Folks, we'll be right back.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! Welcome back to Seasons Beatings! Up next we have what should be a classic. "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones is putting his career on the line here tonight against the mask of The Spoiler. Essentially one man's livelihood against the other's identity. This match will have No Disqualifications, No Count Outs, and all seconds have been barred from ringside, which apparently led The Spoiler to fire "General" Skandor Akbar before this contest. There is a lot of bad blood between these men, and both are risking something huge. One of these men is leaving here tonight forever changed, let's see who it will be.


1 Fall, No Time Limit

-The Spoiler vs "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones- No DQ, No Count Out - Mask vs Career-


These two met in the center of the ring and stared one another down for a long moment after the bell rang. Then The Spoiler's mouth started moving, and then Jones smirked and nodded his head, before hauling off and blasting The Spoiler with a huge right hand. Spoiler took a half step back, and then popped Jones with a big right hand. Jones pivoted, but came back around holding his jaw and smiling. The two men stared at one another again, and then it was on.

Spoiler went for another big right, but Jones ducked it and came up with a series of left jabs, then fired off a big right that would have made Ali proud. Jones then nailed Spoiler with a kick to the midsection and scooped him up for a hard bodyslam. Jones quickly mounted the fallen masked man and started pounding away with heavy punches to the face that had Spoiler scrambling to get out from underneath Jones. He finally managed to get free and rolled to the floor. Jones chose not to follow him, and instead did a bit of the Float Like a Butterfly shuffle much to the delight of the Texas crowd.

Spoiler came back into the ring and stalked around Jones then both men went into the collar and elbow. Spoiler used his size to back Jones into the corner, and then raked his eyes to take the advantage. Spoiler didn't let up and started blasting Mr. Ebony with punch after punch after punch until Jones was sagging in the corner. Spoiler acted like he was going to walk away, and then fired off a big elbow strike to the face of Jones who collapsed face down to the canvas.

Spoiler walked to the center of the ring and cockily raised his black gloved fist as the fans in the Tarrant County Convention Center booed him heartily. When those boos turned to a roar, Spoiler knew something was wrong, and turned to see that Tom Jones had risen to his feet, blood pouring down his face, and was shaking in anger with both of his fists clenched. Spoiler went straight for Jones and threw a big right hand, but Jones blocked it and threw a left, a right, a left, a right, a left, a right, and soon The Spoiler was staggering across the ring until he hit the turnbuckle on the other side.

Tom Jones mounted the turnbuckle and stood above The Spoiler and started blasting away with punches as the fans counted along. When they reached 10, Jones stuck his fingers in the eye hole of the mask and started ripping at it. While he didn't tear the mask off, he did rip it upwards toward the hair line of The Spoiler, exposing the forehead and some black hair. Jones then took things to the next level as he bent down and began biting the exposed forehead of his opponent!!

In a panic The Spoiler shoved Jones away from him, only for Jones to charge back in and catch him with a big clothesline! Spoiler took about four steps out of the corner, and collapsed to the mat. The fans roared as Jones pumped his fists to the sky, before heading over and pulling Spoiler up off the mat. Grabbing Spoiler by the head, Jones lifted him off the mat. With the hole now ripped in his mask, we were able to see that The Spoiler was now also bleeding. Jones pulled him to his feet and reared back to blast him with another right hand, but The Spoiler stuck a thumb in his eye to halt the momentum.

Spoiler took a step back and kicked Jones hard in the face which staggered Tom across the ring, then charged in and took him down with a clothesline. Spoiler began laying the boots to Jones, then grabbed a handful of hair and yanked him back to his feet, only to put him down with another big kick to the face. Another handful of hair, and this time Spoiler whipped him across the ring hard into the buckles. As Jones staggered out, Spoiler charged in and a third boot to the face nearly turned the lights out for Tom Jones.

Spoiler wasn't done though as he yanked Jones back up again, and blasted him with another big right hand to the face that sent Jones back into the turnbuckle. Spoiler charged in again, but this time Jones managed to lift a leg and Spoiler caught a boot in the mouth! With a primal roar, Jones came out of the corner throwing punches and kicks and Spoiler was trying to cover up, but Jones was throwing with everything he had left. Finally Jones threw a headbutt that echoed across the Tarrant County Convention Center, and The Spoiler dropped like a sack of potatoes. Jones collapsed as well, but unfortunately it wasn't on top of the masked man. Neither man was moving for several seconds, but finally Jones got his bearings and began to crawl towards Spoiler. After what seemed like forever, he reached him and draped an arm across him for the One, Two, Thr...KICKOUT!

Spoiler got the shoulder up at the last possible second, and the collective groan from the audience mirrored the look of shock on the face of Mr. Ebony. Jones slowly got to his feet and reached down to pull the masked man up with him. Spoiler played it smart and let Jones expend his energy lifting him up, and then when he was fully standing, lashed out with a knee to the midsection that doubled over Jones. Spoiler grabbed the back of the head of Jones with his left hand and locked the Claw on with his black gloved right hand. After about twenty seconds of the move, The Spoiler shook his head No, and let go of it, then lashed out with another kick to the midsection of Jones. Spoiler then positioned Jones and dropped him with a devastating piledriver right in the center of the ring. Spoiler covered and the referee counted One, Two, Thr...KICK OUT!!!

Spoiler stared down at Jones and just slowly shook his head in disbelief. Spoiler grabbed two handfuls of the hair of Jones, and slowly pulled both himself and Jones to their feet. Spoiler pulled Jones in nose to nose and screamed "DON'T GET UP!" and then shoved Jones down between his legs and gave him another brutal piledriver. Spoiler rolled over on top of Jones, and the referee counted One, Two.. KICK OUT!!!

This time Spoiler looked over at Jones with pure rage boiling in his eyes. With a surge of energy he got quickly back to his feet, and nearly yanked Jones to his feet. Spoiler stuffed the head of Jones back down between his legs and gave him a third piledriver. Spoiler rolled over onto Jones, hooked one leg with his arm, and the other with his leg, and the referee counted One, Two, Three.

Winner: The Spoiler


Marc Lowrance: My Goodness.. What a War.....

The Spoiler looked down at Jones and nodded his head in approval. He pointed out at the crowd, then pointed down to Jones and for a split second clapped his hands. The crowd followed suit and a round of applause began for "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones. Again The Spoiler nodded, and then he exited the ring.

Marc Lowrance: Quite the show of respect by The Spoiler for Tom Jones whose career....WAIT A MINUTE!!!

The Spoiler had made it back to the curtain in the aisle way and had just pulled the drapery aside, when a spray of green mist caught him full in the face!! The masked man staggered back blinded, and then a figure stepped through the curtain and blasted him over the head with a kendo stick! The Spoiler collapsed to the floor, but that didn't stop Kendo Nagasaki from continuing to assault him with the kendo stick. Soon several officials came rushing out to protect the fallen and blinded Spoiler. It appeared as though Kendo might attack them as well, however "General" Skandor Akbar appeared from behind the curtain and whispered something to Nagasaki who simply nodded and ceased his assault. Akbar stepped forward to the fallen Spoiler and could be heard yelling "No One Fires Skandor Akbar!"


-Commercial Break-

As the show returns from commercial break, "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones is standing in the center of the ring. He is getting a rousing ovation from the Fort Worth crowd as he turns and bows to each side of the arena. Finally he turns to the camera and raises a fist, before thumping it on his heart and nodding his head. He then heads out of the ring as the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, tonight the career of "Mr. Ebony" Tom Jones comes to an end. From all of us here at Texas All Star Wrestling, we want to say Thank You Tom, for all you have done for the business of professional wrestling, and for being one of the greats. You will be missed.

The camera focuses on Jones as he slaps hands with the fans in the aisle way, and then waves a final goodbye before heading back behind the curtain.

Marc Lowrance: All right, Ladies and Gentleman. Up next we have a match that has gone through many changes en route to tonight. Originally it was to be The Highwaymen defending the Texas Tag Team Titles against The Glamour Boys. Then The Highwaymen lost the belts in a massive upset to The Tribal Nation, so they were set to defend. Then this past week, The Highwaymen defeated Tribal Nation by count out, and the new team of John Tatum and Jack Victory upset The Glamour Boys, so with four teams now having a claim to a shot at the Texas Tag Team Titles, Frank Dusek made a Four Corners Elimination Match.


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-The Tribal Nation (Mark Youngblood/Chris Youngblood) vs The Highwaymen (Phil Hickerson/Bobby Duncum) vs The Glamour Boys (Steve Simpson/Steve Doll) vs Jack Victory/John Tatum w/Dark Journey- Texas Tag Team Titles


Elimination #1: Nearly fifteen minutes had gone by and all eight men had been in and out of the match at least once. Steve Simpson and Chris Youngblood were in the ring and it was very even as both men ducked and countered each others high flying offense. Simpson sent Youngblood into the ropes and went for a backdrop, but Youngblood countered it with a sunset flip that got a count of two. Simpson rolled through and cradled Youngblood for his own two count. Both men were quickly back on their feet and Simpson grabbed Youngblood and attempted another Irish whip, but Youngblood was able to reverse it and sent Simpson into the ropes. Phil Hickerson reached over and tagged the back of Simpson as he impacted the ropes. Youngblood dropped down for a backdrop, and caught Simpson with it sending him high over head and crashing down to the mat. Youngblood was then met with a hard kick to the gut by Hickerson, and was then plowed headfirst into the canvas with a DDT. Hickerson covered him for the One, Two, Three.

The Tribal Nation of Mark and Chris Youngblood have been Eliminated

Elimination #2: Hickerson went right after Simpson who was still in the ring, and the next several minutes of the match were The Highwaymen beating down Simpson unmercifully. Hickerson and Duncum made frequent tags and kept Simpson confined to the two corners where Doll, Tatum, and Victory were not. It looked like it was all going to be over when Duncum put him in position for the Spike Piledriver, but Simpson gave everything he had left and backdropped Duncum away from Hickerson. Then it was the great crawl, Duncum toward Hickerson and Simpson toward Doll. Duncum made it first and tagged in Hickerson, then Simpson made a leap and tagged in...John Tatum! Tatum came into the ring shaking his head No, and then grabbed Simpson by the hair and drug him to the center of the ring. He waved Hickerson over, and then hoisted Simpson up and held him so that Hickerson could get a punch in on him.

Steve Doll started to come in the ring, but both Jack Victory and Bobby Duncum came around on the floor and jerked him out of the ring. Hickerson smiled big, and laid a big right hand into the jaw of Simpson. Hickerson made a "now me" motion and Tatum shoved Simpson toward him. Hickerson hooked Simpson, and Tatum made a big to do of winding up his punch and then he fired it in, and Steve Simpson dropped down, and John Tatum blasted Phil Hickerson right in the face!! Hickerson cupped his mouth and turned away from Tatum who looked shocked for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders. When Hickerson turned back around, Tatum blasted him in the face with his California Kick and covered him for the One, Two, Three as Jack Victory prevented Bobby Duncum from entering the ring!!

The Highwaymen of Phil Hickerson and Bobby Duncum have been Eliminated

Elimination #3: A scuffle broke out between The Highwaymen and the Tatum/Victory duo and several referees had to be dispatched to ringside to drag Hickerson and Duncum out of there. This melee gave Steve Simpson enough time to crawl around the outskirts of the skirmish, and when the match got restarted he was in his corner and tagged in Steve Doll. Doll came in like the proverbial house of fire and was throwing punches at anything that wasn't wearing a black and white striped shirt! Tatum was blasted, Victory came in the ring and was blasted, back and forth, back and forth, until both men bailed out of the ring. After a few moments they were in a huddle with Dark Journey, when Doll grabbed them both by the hair and delivered a double noggin knocker!! Dark Journey ran off with a scream, and Doll tossed Tatum back in the ring!

For the next several minutes, Doll dominated the match working over Tatum who was bumping like a mad man, making pouting faces like he was dying, and trying everything he could to reach Victory. Eventually, Doll planted Tatum with a bodyslam, and then tagged in Simpson. Doll rocketed back across the ring and tackled Victory through the ropes, both men crashing to the floor, while Simpson climbed to the top turnbuckle. Tatum got slowly to his feet and staggered toward the ropes, and Simpson sailed off with a beautiful crossbody, catching Tatum high in the chest. As they hit the mat, Tatum somehow managed to roll through it and end up on top. Sensing opportunity, Dark Journey grabbed the boot of Steve Simpson and held it down as he thrashed about trying to kick out. With the weight of Tatum on top of him, and Dark Journey holding his legs, there was no escape and the referee counted the fall.

The Glamour Boys of Steve Doll and Steve Simpson have been Eliminated

Winners, and NEW Texas Tag Team Champions: "Hollywood" John Tatum and "The New Jersey Heartthrob" Jack Victory w/Dark Journey!!


Marc Lowrance: Unbelievable! John Tatum and Jack Victory weren't even a team until last week, and now they have cheated their way to becoming the Texas Tag Team Champions! The Glamour Boys are understandably angry in the ring, but unfortunately the referee never saw the interference of this Dark Journey. Would you look at these two celebrating like they just won an Olympic Gold Medal, meanwhile Dark Journey is grinning like the Cheshire cat. What a disgusting display. You can bet that all three of the other teams in this match will be looking for another shot at those belts. Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back once again to Seasons Beatings from Texas All Star Wrestling right here on KTVT. Up next we have a match that has the potential to get down right disturbing. This all began when the man known as "El Jefe" Jose Estrada stuck a lit cigar into the eye of "Chief" Joe Lightfoot. Some say it was an accident, others think it was on purpose. Estrada of course takes full credit, and Lightfoot hasn't been seen or heard from since that incident. However, his good friend Cocoa Samoa came looking for revenge, and that's when all hell broke loose. The encounters between Estrada and Samoa have been violent affairs, that have left both men bloody, have left innocent bystanders injured, and have led to tonight. Not only will this encounter see the loser of this match leave Texas All Star Wrestling, but it will be most violent spectacle imaginable, a Texas Death Match.


1 Fall, No Time Limit

-Cocoa Samoa vs "El Jefe" Jose Estrada- Texas Death Match - Loser Leaves Town


Estrada arrives tonight in black trunks with El Jefe written in gold instead of the other way around like normal. Instead of his usual vest he is wearing a t-shirt that says "Miedo al Cartel" and as always he is chomping on his cigar. He waits in the ring for his opponent, and when the curtain parts we don't get the Cocoa Samoa we are used to seeing. Tonight Cocoa's face is painted for war and he is carrying a large shield and a spear. He steps into the aisle and lets loose with a loud yell, and then begins to perform a haka, or war dance in Maori culture. This goes on for several minutes, and finishes with another loud yell. He then allows an attendant to take the shield and spear backstage, and advances toward the ring.

Estrada seems unimpressed by the whole thing, leaning against the corner, casually smoking his cigar. When Samoa gets into the ring, Estrada leans down and places the cigar on the timekeepers table. Samoa is staring daggers at Estrada during the ring introductions, and again Estrada seems absolutely uncaring about any of it. Finally when the bell rings a smile comes across the face of Estrada as he first mocks the Indian war cry of Joe Lightfoot, and then mocks the haka that he just saw performed. Then before he could do anything else, he took one of the most vicious headbutts ever seen in a wrestling ring right between the eyes and collapsed to the mat.

Estrada looked to be out cold, and blood was trickling from an open wound in the center of his forehead. Samoa was staring down at him with with his chest heaving, and a look of absolute rage in his eyes. The referee was calling for Samoa to cover him, but Cocoa continued to stare until he finally let out another primal scream, then dropped down and covered Estrada for the One, Two, Three.

The referee pushed Samoa away and then began the ten count. One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Six...Seven...Eight...Nine...

Cocoa Samoa shoved the ref aside and mounted the still unmoving Estrada and slapped him hard across the face. When Estrada didn't respond, Cocoa hit him again, and again, until finally the eyes of Estrada fluttered open. Samoa got off of him, and walked away toward the corner. The referee could be heard yelling "What are you doing?" and the camera picked up Samoa saying "He's not that lucky."

After several long moments, Estrada rolled over onto his stomach and crawled toward the edge of the ring. Samoa continued to stand back, just watching like a predator playing with it's prey. Estrada rolled feet first to the floor, and then staggered a few steps and came to the ringpost where he held himself upright. Samoa continued to wait for another few seconds, then he apparently felt that was enough time for "El Jefe" to get his bearings. Samoa slid out of the ring and charged around to where Estrada was standing and leveled him with a shoulderblock. Samoa reached down and pulled him to his feet by the ears and after staring him in the eyes for a few seconds, smashed him face fist into the ringpost!!

Samoa turned to the crowd and held up his arms which got a roar from the Texas fans! He then reached down and pulled Estrada up to his feet again, and the small trickle of blood from before was now a full on cascade, running down the face and onto the chest of Estrada. Samoa nodded his head in approval and then started biting the forehead of Estrada which drew another huge reaction from the crowd! Samoa tossed Estrada back into the ring, and then grabbed a steel folding chair from the timekeepers table and tossed it in after him. Finally Samoa himself rolled back into the ring.

Cocoa grabbed the chair and opened it up in the center of the ring. He then went over to where Estrada was now laying face down in a pool of his own blood, and pulled him to his feet. Samoa walked him several steps across the ring, and then just brought him crashing down face first into the chair!! Both Estrada and the chair bounced with the impact, the chair landing in a closed position, and Estrada landing on his back prone in the center of the ring. Samoa grinned and then pointed to the top turnbuckle. He headed over and climbed to the top, then in the spirit of his good friend in California, flashed the ILY symbol to the crowd, before diving toward the prone Estrada...who at the last possible moment pulled the chair on top of himself!!

Samoa landed ribs first on the chair and rolled away clutching his midsection. The impact had also done damage to Estrada, but without it he would have been finished for sure. Despite the impact to his ribs, it was still Samoa who managed to recover first, and though he didn't have the same steam as before he made his way back over to Estrada who had managed to turn over and was crawling toward the ropes. Samoa stomped hard on the back of Estrada, and then reached down and pulled him to his feet. Estrada was apparently waiting for this as he hocked a big loogie of spit and blood directly into the face of Cocoa, then smiled at him. Samoa stood uncomprehending for a moment, then his face turned back to the earlier anger as he lashed out at Estrada with a huge chop to the chest that sent "El Jefe" spilling out of the ring, over the timekeepers table, and onto the floor.

Samoa was still clutching at his midsection as exited the ring, and was briefly confused when Estrada was nowhere to be seen. Then he saw his boots sticking out from under the timekeepers table and he grabbed him by the ankle and started pulling him out from under the ring where he had been crawling. Estrada was trying to kick Cocoa away, but eventually Samoa pulled him out far enough that he could grab him by the trunks and he used those to begin pulling him back to his feet. As Estrada was being stood up, he lashed out with a backwards kick and managed to catch Cocoa hard in the groin! Then Estrada whirled around and cracked Samoa in the head with a wrench that he apparently found under the ring!!

Samoa staggered backwards but didn't leave his feet, so Estrada lashed out and blasted him in the head with the wrench for a second time. Somehow Cocoa was still on his feet, so Estrada hooked him around the waist and delivered a modified hot shot that brought the head and upper body of Samoa crashing down on the timekeepers table! The old table tipped over, but didn't break, as both men landed on the floor. Estrada was actually up first this time and he quickly rolled a now bleeding Samoa over and began pounding away with lefts and rights until both of his fists were covered in blood. Estrada got to his feet, and then grabbed two handfuls of Cocoa's hair and shoved him back into the ring.

Estrada looked around the carnage at ringside and tossed another steel chair into the ring, and then rolled back in himself. Samoa was already starting to get to his feet when Estrada grabbed the chair and brought it crashing down on the back of Cocoa. Samoa fell back down to one knee, but in moments started to rise again. Estrada reared back and swung the chair at the head of Samoa, but somehow Cocoa got his hands up and caught the swing! Samoa rose back to his feet as both men grappled for control of the chair. Estrada let go with one hand and raked the eyes of Cocoa, causing him to let go of the chair. Estrada then re-gripped the chair with two hands and brought it crashing down onto the skull of Cocoa Samoa with a sickening thud.

As Estrada smiled at the dented chair in his hands, Samoa staggered backwards a step and then clenched his fists and let loose with another primal roar. The eyes of Estrada grew huge and he dropped the chair and put his hands in front of him to try and ward off the bloody, Samoan warrior that was once again advancing on him. Estrada backed clear across the ring, and when he felt his back hit the turnbuckle, you could see the "Oh Shit" look cross his face. Samoa was a man possessed, and when he reached Estrada he simply wrapped his hands around his throat and began to choke the life out of him.

There was a commotion in the crowd as two Latin American men in black suits came down through the seats, pushed past security, and hopped over the guard rail. Hardcore wrestling fans would recognize them as Fidel Sierra and Ricky Santana, but the fans in Texas didn't care who they were as headed into the ring and each of them picked up one of the steel chair folding chairs that was laying on the canvas. The man with the beard was the first to swing his chair, cracking Cocoa Samoa in the back with it. Then the smaller man with the mullet followed suit. It took two hits from each of them before Cocoa released his choke hold on Estrada. Estrada collapsed to the mat, and Samoa went to his knees.

The two suited men weren't finished however. They each took up a position on either side of Samoa, and swung for his head at the same, their chairs colliding together with the head of Cocoa Samoa in between them. The Samoan warrior teetered for a moment on his knees, then fell sideways to the mat, not moving. The two men then moved over to the blood soaked Estrada and helped him to his feet. They virtually carried him to the prone form of Cocoa Samoa, and guided him down for a pinfall. The referee reluctantly counted One, Two, Three.

The two men reached down and each grabbed "El Jefe" under the arm and lifted him off of Cocoa, then the bigger one barked the word "COUNT" at the referee. With a look of total disdain on his face, the referee counted: One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Six...Seven...Eight...Nine...Ten.

Winner: "El Jefe" Jose Estrada

Cocoa Samoa must leave Texas All Star Wrestling


Marc Lowrance: I have no idea who those two men are, but when Jose Estrada has the faintest idea of where he is, he better thank them until he can't speak because they are the only reason he still has a job in Texas All Star Wrestling. Ladies and Gentleman, even after what we saw in the Bunkhouse Match earlier, and in the war between Tom Jones and The Spoiler, I have to say that may be the most violent match I have ever personally witnessed. Cocoa Samoa was on the warpath, and while Estrada got his licks in, there was no stopping Cocoa tonight. At least not one on one, but three on one, no man can stand up to those odds. Unfortunately this match had no rules prohibiting that interference, and whether we like it or not, "El Jefe" stays, and we have to say good bye to Cocoa Samoa. We'll be right back.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Alright folks, it has been quite an evening here at Seasons Beatings, and now it's time for our main event. Earlier tonight we saw the USWA World Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk get himself disqualified to save his title against Johnny Mantell. Now Mantell's Gunslinger partner, "Cowboy" Scott Casey will defend the Texas Heavyweight Title against the brother, Dory Funk Jr. This has been building since Funk arrived here in Texas All Star proclaiming himself the next champion, and tonight they finally meet to see just who the better man is.


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs Dory Funk Jr- Texas Heavyweight Title


Casey was riled up and ready to go when the bell rang, but Dory Jr was quite happy to take it at a slow and methodical pace. Casey lunged at Funk a few times with punches, but each time Funk evaded and continued to coolly circle his opponent. Finally the two locked up, and Funk took Casey over into a side headlock. The opening stanza of the match was worked solely at the pace of Funk who ground things nearly to a halt as he worked the headlock, and then when Casey was nearly out transitioned it to a hammerlock, and when Casey got to his feet, Funk scissored the legs and went right back to the headlock.

Dory spun himself around into a front facelock and pulled himself and Casey to a standing position and took him over with a snap suplex, then covered for a count of two. The match progressed in this way for nearly ten minutes, with Casey seemingly unable to get the better of Funk in the technical wrestling department. However, just past the eleven minute mark, Funk took Casey over with a snapmare and then clamped down with a rear chinlock. Much to the surprise of Funk, Casey scrambled out of the move, went around behind Funk, hooked him in a waistlock and an amateur scramble began. Casey rode Funk all the way around, shot under him, and rolled a stunned Funk up for a near three count! Both men got back to their feet, and Funk nodded at Casey before motioning him back in for another tie up.

Casey thought better of that and ducked under the tie up, grabbing another waist lock and rolled Funk backwards into a cradle that got another count of two. This seemed to piss Funk off who came up and instead of going for a lock up, nailed Casey with a European uppercut. Casey fired back with a big right hand, and the fight was on. Not surprisingly Casey got the best of the strike exchange, and then took over on Funk with a series of bodyslams, hip tosses, and a big suplex that rattled Funk.

Needless to say, as soon as Dory saw an opportunity, he went right back to the technical wizardry that started the contest. This is how the match progressed, well past the twenty minute mark, with Funk using holds and techniques when he had control, and Casey using power moves and strikes when he was in charge. The beginning of the end came as the clock ticked past twenty five minutes. Casey whipped Funk into the ropes, and on the rebound Casey leap frogged over his opponent and then turned and charged after him. Unfortunately the timing was off, and Funk and Casey collided in the center of the ring sending both men to the canvas. Also on the rebound from the collision, Casey inadvertently crashed into the referee who was too close to the action, also sending him to the mat.

Marc Lowrance: Wait a Minute!! I thought he was Leaving!!

With the referee out of it and both competitors struggling to get back to their feet, Terry Funk came jogging out from the dressing room clutching a branding iron in his hands! He slid into the ring and cracked Scott Casey in the back of the head with it, sending the Texas Heavyweight Champion face first onto the mat. Terry dropped the branding iron, and started to help Dory up to his feet....

Marc Lowrance: Here comes Sunshine!!

But Sunshine ran into the ring and jumped onto the back of Terry Funk! She had one arm wrapped around his throat and was throwing wild punches with her other hand, as Funk began spinning around trying to throw the wild woman off of his back! Soon Johnny Mantell came running from the back, and just as Dory Funk was reaching out to pluck Sunshine off of his brothers back, Mantell nailed him with a dropkick! Johnny reached down and grabbed the branding iron, and yelled for Sunshine to let him go. She dropped down off of the back of Terry Funk, who was still staggering around in a daze, and then Mantell cracked him with the branding iron, sending the USWA Champion staggering out of the ring and to the floor. Mantell turned back around to see Dory Funk getting back to his feet, so Mantell cracked him with the branding iron too! Sunshine looked at Johnny, and Johnny shrugged his shoulders. Sunshine nodded and went to wake up the referee, while Mantell pulled the semi-conscious Scott Casey on top of the semi-conscious Dory Funk, then Sunshine and Mantell quickly exited the ring. The groggy referee crawled over and counted the One, Two, Three.

Winner, and Still Texas Heavyweight Champion: "Cowboy" Scott Casey

Sunshine and Johnny Mantell quickly jumped back into the ring and pulled Scott Casey up to his feet and placed the Texas Heavyweight Title on his shoulder. Dory Funk Jr rolled out of the ring holding his head and joined his brother Terry at ringside giving dirty looks to The Gunslingers and Sunshine and vowing revenge.


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, it has been a wild night here at Texas All Star Wrestling's Seasons Beatings and our main event was no different! "Cowboy" Scott Casey remains the Texas Heavyweight Champion in a match that saw Sunshine attack Terry Funk, several people get hit with a branding iron, and before that an actual wrestling match! That will do it from us here at Texas All Star Wrestling and KTVT. We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! We will see you all when we return to action after the Holidays! Good Night Everyone!

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Damn Bleh what a pay off! 

Gaylord gets the night off to a crowd pleasing start as he puts down Sharpe. I enjoyed this fun program and this win elevates Gaylord. 

Ok here we go! Cowboys vs. Bikers in a bunkhouse brawl! This fight was everything I thought it would be and more. These guys took the fight everywhere. Nice touch by ending this the way it all began with Brooks and Bart. Bart gets the sweet satisfying win. I wonder what's next for both sides? 

After an action packed tournament, we're down to Deaton and Adias. These guys delivered a solid match that could of gone either way. Nice finish as Adias avoids the bulldog and executes the Russian Leg Sweep for the win! I always thought the Leg Sweep was an exciting finish. Adias is a perfect choice to hold the TV title. 

LOL, when Terry Funk comes to town with the USWA title, he calls the shots. Funk  immediately gets nuclear heat by tearing into Sunshine. Only Terry Funk LOL. After all that I died laughing when he wanted a handshake and scientific match. Mantell was on his A game and took it to the champ. Funk bumps are the best in the business. I agree with the DQ finish. Keeps Mantell strong and sets up a money making rematch. Great match.

Following a world title match isn't easy but Spoiler and Jones pull it off. If this is the last match of Jones's career then he went out with a bang and even gets respect by Spoiler. However, Spoiler's firing of Akbar came back on him as Kendo shows up with the always deadly green mist. Apparently Akbar is satisfied. 

The top teams go at it with high stakes. Right off the bat the Tribal Nation is eliminated. That was a surprise but defiantly sets the tone for more surprises ahead. Tatum and Victory pull one over on the Highwaymen to stay in the match. Of course somehow Dark Journey had to get involved as she helps her boys win the titles! Tatum and Victory have done it! Texas wont be the same. The promos alone will be must see TV. 

The entrances said it all for the anticipated El Jefe/Cocoa match. The scene where Cocoa was doing his war dance with a painted face while Jefe smoked his cigar had me rolling. Man did these guys fight! I loved this match. It was built up so well and the hatred was so believable. Jefe even brought a wrench into this, good grief! Cocoa had things going his way until Fidel and Santana show up and finish him off for Jefe. What a fight! I'm happy that Fidel is back with you. I liked what you did with him in the WWF. This blow off was incredible and El Jefe might end up running Texas. 

After a wild night of Texas wrestling we get a pretty dang good wrestling match between Casey and Dory. We had an outstanding technical match going but when a Ref goes down things are going to get crazy. And nobody is crazier than Terry Funk LOL. Things backfire as Sunshine and Mantell get involved. The branding iron comes into play and Casey retains! This could lead to something huge in Texas. Funks vs. Casey/Mantell will be money! This is because Casey and Mantell have been built up so well.

Awesome show and amazing writing! Props to all the hard work you put into this show. I'm sure your Texas roster appreciates the holiday break they're getting. A lot of these guys are going to need the rest. 

1986 here we come! 

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Great event!  This show really lifted Texas AS Wrestling up on an even level with USWA.  They showed that T.Funk was not going to just come down here and walk over their talent.  

My favorite moments of the night were seeing Black Bart and his team come out on top.  You have done such a nice job of building up Tim Brooks as a heel that I truly dislike him and want to see him go down.

The Spoilrt/Mr. Ebony match had so mnay little elements.  From the great match, to the fan's ovation and the respect from the Spoiler to the Green Mist.  Perfect match for a big show as one angle completely ended but you wasted no time starting the next one. 

El Jefe is one of my favorites in the game and I can't wait to see what he does with some extra help.  Fidel and Ricky + El Jefe makes this a dangerous trio.

Funk's understanding of the rules + his overall abilty is going to make it hell to get that title off of him.  I could just see him inventing knew ways to get DQ'ed but it is here with Mantell's win that Texas AS Wrestling gains a lit of cred.  Same as when Casey puts Dory in the other match.  

Awesome prematch comments from Terry but Sunshine sure got even!

You put a lot of work into this card and it was a great read.  

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Great way to start the show with Gaylord getting the win over Sharpe after the nice angle they've had going recently

WOW, the Bunkhouse Brawl really delivered...Adrian Adonis and Ron Bass were great additions to this feud but with everything that's gone on with Bart/Brooks/Miller and later Irwin, the expectations were high for this one and it was exactly the wild brawl it needed to be! As mentioned I like that it came down to Bart pinning Brooks in the end. loved the use of the horseshoe! The great thing is, this could be seen as a blow off, or I feel it has plenty more mileage if the story continues with any combination of these guys.....I hope to at least see more of Bart/Irwin/Bass as a team moving forward.

The TV title could have went either way and I wouldn't have been disappointed but I like Brian Adias as TV champion, especially as the first one. He's very versatile which I think is needed for that spot.

I love Terry Funk getting the heat by shitting on Fort Worth and putting over Amarillo and justifying the placement of the World title match on the card.....which gives him even more heat when he turns up later after making a fuss about getting the hell outta there.  I could hear Funk saying every bit of it and could just imagine who pissed the fans would be about his insults towards Sunshine especially! Just classic Funk here that insures that he'll be a draw every time he comes to Texas All Star, champion or not!  The match was exactly what World Championship matches were about in the territory days, getting over the local guy and making the fans believe "he could've had it".....leaving the arena thinking, "He'll get it next time, we HAVE to come back!"  Great recap by Marc Lowrance afterwards to make sure the viewers got each of the main points of the story. 

Jones vs. Spoiler was a well written match that got both guys over, it was true to the feud they've had while causing the fans to gain respect for the Spoiler...but allowing Jones to leave Texas with his head held high in the final match of his career (unless someone picks him up out of retirement and continues to use him anyway)  Afterwards Akbar/Kendo kick off a new feud with the Spoiler that should be fun to watch in '86 because come on Spoiler, did you really think you could just FIRE Akbar.....in Texas no less....with no consequences?!?!

I loved the way this Four Corners Match came together and was very curious how it would play out....The Highwaymen get some revenge on the Youngbloods by putting them out of the match.....I loved the whole sequence that led to the elimination of the Highwaymen here....and I certainly didn't see it coming! I'll be curious to see what comes of this in particular!  After the skirmish, Tatum/Victory manage to eliminate the Glamour Girls and become the tag team champions!!  The outcome I had hoped for happened, I can't wait to see these two gloat once Texas All-Star returns!

Holy shit!! After a very well built angle, Estrada vs. Cocoa Samoa was freaking EPIC....what a match/story here....and I wasn't expecting the interference from Sierra/Santana but I love it!  What a trio these guys will be! Cocoa is gone but obviously the fans would be happy to see him return at some point after his recent performances here.

Well after a wild night hard hitting night, Scott Casey and Dory Jr had a lot to follow but they pulled it off and then with all the excitement with Terry/Sunshine/Mantell I would say it was a great way to cap off the evening and leave everybody ready for a Gunslingers vs. Funks match after the New Year!

Outstanding sir! After an amazing Wrestlestorm and the great card from top to bottom that was Season's Beatings......Twin States is REALLY going to have to bring it this weekend with Santa Slam...which I can already tell you the matches won't be anything close to what either of you guys have put out...I just don't have the time or the patience to write out the matches in the awesome detail that you guys do but hopefully I'll manage to not embarrass the USWA with the show this weekend.




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Dallas Morning News

Sports Section


Professional Wrestling Returns to the Sportatorium

The Sportatorium at 1000 South Industrial Blvd in Dallas was once a hotbed of professional wrestling action, hosting weekly events from Fritz Von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling. Even when the promotion went through a change in ownership a few years back, the Sportatorium was still one of the main stops on the promotions touring schedule. However when World Class closed up shop at the end of 1984, usage of the Sportatorium became far less frequent.

The United States Wrestling Association out of Tennessee would come to the Metroplex and run the occasional show at the "World's Most Famous Arena" but the days of weekly action, and fans packing the arena appeared to be a thing of the past.

However, the new upstart promotion Texas All Star Wrestling which began promoting wrestling in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Coliseum back in September made an announcement yesterday that beginning Monday, January 11th they would be re-locating and bringing the wrestling action back to the Sportatorium!

"Our time at the Will Rogers Coliseum has been wonderful, but when it comes to Texas Wrestling, the first place you think of is the Sportatorium. So when this opportunity presented itself, you'd best believe we jumped at it." said Frank Dusek, the "Commissioner" of Texas All Star Wrestling.

Dusek went on to announce that the promotion would run each week on Monday night and record a program that would air each Friday on the KTVT Television network. They further announced that as part of their partnership with the United States Wrestling Association, and the Mississippi based Twin States Wrestling, they would be holding a jointly promoted two day event at Reunion Arena to honor the memory of David Von Erich in February. Further details about that event will be forthcoming on the promotions television program.

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Always felt it wouldn't be right if the Sportatorium wasn't run in some fashion!

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(Taped on Monday January 11th, 1986 and airing Friday Night January 15th)


From the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. This is....


Richard Myhill's "The Hit" plays as we are shown highlights of all the top talent and hard hitting action from....




We cut to Marc Lowrance who is standing by at ringside with a big smile on his face!

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of Championship Sports, and welcome back to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas! We are here on KTVT for a new year of Texas All Star Wrestling! I am your host Marc Lowrance, and my goodness do we have a huge night of action in store for you!

Tonight we will see not one, but two championships defended here on the program and both matches have major stipulations. In our opening contest Brian Adias will defend the Texas Television Title that he won back at our last event Seasons Beatings. He will defend it against the man he met in that tournament final, "The Outlaw" Joeal Deaton and Deaton says that if he does not win the title, he is leaving Texas All Star Wrestling.

Then in the main event, "Cowboy" Scott Casey will once again defend the Texas Heavyweight Championship against Dory Funk Jr. Only this time both men will be locked inside a fifteen foot high steel cage to ensure that there will be no interference. As far as we know Terry Funk isn't even in the state of Texas tonight, and Johnny Mantell has been banned from the building. Sunshine is in the building, but has been barred from ringside.

We have several other exciting contests lined up for you as well, but enough of me talking, let's get to the action!



1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"Outlaw" Joel Deaton vs Brian Adias- Texas Television Title

Deaton charges as soon as the bell rings and blasts Adias with a big lariat. The big man doesn't waste any time and follows it up with a big bodyslam and then goes to work wearing down the back and neck of Adias. The opening seven or eight minutes of the match it appears that Adias is in a world of trouble as he barely gets a move in offensively as Deaton is relentless. Finally, Deaton attempts a haymaker of a clothesline and Adias ducks it and instinctively hooks him and nails the Russian Leg Sweep! Both men are down as the referee begins the count. Deaton gets to his feet at seven, and pulls Adias who is about half way standing up by his hair. Adias begins to fire lefts and rights into the stomach of Deaton, then when Deaton attempts an Irish whip, Adias reverses it and nails Deaton with a clothesline that staggers him. Adias is getting fired up as the Sportatorium crowd is going crazy for him, and fires off a dropkick that floors the "Outlaw." Adias grabs two handfuls of Deatons hair and pulls him to his feet, he then fires him into the ropes and puts him down with another picture perfect dropkick. Adias stalks around behind Deaton who is slow to his feet, hooks him, and nails him with another Russian Leg Sweep, floats over and covers him for the One, Two, Three!

Winner, and Still Texas Television Champion: Brian Adias!


Marc Lowrance: After a hard fought battle, Brian Adias has retained the Texas Television Title! He looked to be in big trouble early on, but with the crowd behind him he fought back and picked up the victory. Deaton claimed that he would leave Texas All Star Wrestling if he didn't win the championship here tonight, so it would appear that the "Outlaw" will be saying goodbye to the Lone Star State! Ladies and Gentleman, don't go anywhere, we'll be right back with more wrestling action!


-Commercial Break-


When we return, we see that Marc Lowrance has been joined by the commissioner of Texas All Star Wrestling, Frank Dusek.

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling from right here in the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Joining me now is Frank Dusek.

Frank Dusek: Thank You Marc. I'm here tonight because it's being talked about in the press, and on our partners television shows, but we wanted all of the fans here in Texas to hear it from us. Next month, on February Twelfth thru the Fourteenth, Texas All Star Wrestling, Twin States Wrestling, and the United States Wrestling Association are going to join forces to pay tribute to David Von Erich. All three promotions are going to come together and thirty two tag teams are going to compete over the course of five shows in those three days in the first annual David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament.

Marc Lowrance: Wow! That is huge news! You said thirty two tag teams?

Frank Dusek: That is correct Marc. On Friday night, the USWA will be hosting their television show at the Will Rogers Coliseum and they will hold the opening six matches of the tournament. Then we will be holding a late night party here at the Sportatorium, as we will air live not only on KTVT, but for one week only on the USWA Network, as we will hold the next five matches of the tournament that night.

Marc Lowrance: Texas All Star Wrestling is going to go nationwide on the USA Network that night?

Frank Dusek: That's right Marc. The USA Network has graciously agreed to air the entire tournament live as it happens. The very next day, Twin States Wrestling will host a very special edition of their television show right here at the Sportatorium, also on the USA Network, which will host the final five first round matches. Then from there, we will move all of the action to the Reunion Arena on Saturday night, where we will see the entire second round of matches in one go.

Marc Lowrance: That will be a special Seven PM start time on the Thirteenth at the Reunion Arena Ladies and Gentleman.

Frank Dusek: Then finally folks, on Sunday afternoon at Two PM, we are back at the Reunion Arena where the eight teams remaining will fight to see who brings home the trophy, the money, and the honor of being the winners of the first annual David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Not only that, but also on that night we will see the USWA Heavyweight Champion of the World defend that title against the top contender as well.

Marc Lowrance: A huge weekend of wrestling action coming to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, all in the memory of a man we all miss dearly and who was taken from us far too soon. Ladies and Gentleman, if you can be there in person, I promise you that you won't want to miss a minute of the action. But if you can't be there live, be sure to tune in right here on KTVT and on the USA Network to catch all of the action. We'll be right back.


-Commercial Break-



1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord vs Snake Brown-

This one is all Gaylord as he overwhelms the man "From Outta Town" with his size. A couple of shoulder blocks and clotheslines, a big press slam, and then an elbow drop finishes the deal.

Winner: Jeff Gaylord


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am standing by with your winner Jeff Gaylo...OH MY.....

Ricky Santana and Fidel Sierra, both dressed in black suits, come from behind and jump Gaylord. Santana slams a chair into the back of Gaylord which sends him sternum first into the apron, then Sierra cracks him in the jaw with a closed fist punch and quarters go flying in all directions. Gaylord collapses down to the floor, as Santana and Sierra nod to one another before straightening their suits. Meanwhile, come down the aisle at a slow and leisurely pace is "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. He is dressed in an all white suit, wearing mirrored sunglasses, and as always chewing on a cigar. Santana heads over to where Marc Lowrance retreated and takes the microphone from him. He then hands it to "El Jefe" when he arrives.

Jose Estrada: So this is the famous Sportatorium? This is the building that they talk about all over the world? I'm looking for the right word to describe it, but it's not coming to me. Ricky? What's the word I am looking for?

Ricky Santana: A Dump?

Jose Estrada: No, I've been in dumps nicer than this. Fidel, what's the word?

Fidel Sierra: A Hellhole?

Jose Estrada: Si! That's it. This place is a hellhole!

As you can likely guess, the Texas crowd is rabidly booing by this point.

Jose Estrada: But Jose Estrada came up in hellholes and dumps far worse than this, and I did whatever it took, and now look at me. There is a reason they call me "El Jefe" and it's because I do what needs to be done. Now with Ricky and Fidel here to back me up, The Cartel is in full force in Texas All Star Wrestling, and anyone who stands against us is going to end up like this stupid gringo on the floor, or maybe like Cocoa Samoa and not be around anymore. Now, we came out here tonight because we got two pieces of business. Number one, my men Ricky and Fidel want in on this tournament thing. You can keep the trophy when we win, just make sure that the check clears. Number two, I want to personally challenge Johnny Mantell to fight me right here next week if he has the guts. Nothing personal against you Mantell, I just figure that once I beat the partner of the champion, that should put me in line to challenge for the title. Now, let's go boys.

Estrada takes about three steps then stops. He looks down at Gaylord, still out on the floor, and then appears to be in deep concentration.

Jose Estrada: You know what. Before we go.... Break His Arm!

Sierra and Santana quickly wrestle the unconscious Gaylord to a standing position. The larger Sierra holds him up against the ring apron, while Santana stretches his arm out. Estrada reaches down and picks up the chair, casually smirking at the booing fans, before turning back around and bringing it crashing down on the arm of Gaylord. As Gaylord crashes back to the floor, the three members of The Cartel head to the dressing room.


Marc Lowrance: We need some help out here for Jeff Gaylord. Go to commercial....


-Commercial Break-


Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling on KTVT. Before the break we saw Jeff Gaylord pick up an impressive win, then just as I was set to get a word with him, this Cartel of Estrada and newcomers Sierra and Santana came out and assaulted him. During the break medical personnel took Jeff Gaylord out of the Sportatorium on a stretcher and he is en route to a local hospital. We will try to get you an update before we go off the air tonight. In the meantime, the show must go on, and up next we have an exciting newcomer from Knoxville, Tennessee, "White Lightning" Tim Horner! Let's head down to the ring and see him in action!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-"White Lightning" Tim Horner vs The Bounty Hunter-

Horner got quite the loud cheers from the ladies in attendance and then put on quite the show, dazzling everyone with quick armdrags, high dropkicks, and cool pinning combinations. The Hunter had both a height and weight advantage over Horner, but he was never in the match. After several minutes of being in control, Horner caught Bounty Hunter in the pinning combination he calls the Lightning Cradle for the One, Two, Three.

Winner: "White Lightning" Tim Horner


Marc Lowrance: An impressive performance by the very impressive Tim Horner! We'll be right back with more action, right here on Texas All Star Wrestling!


-Commercial Break-





1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Johnny Mantell vs "Sneaky" Pete Jenkins-

Mantell looked pissed off when the bell rang, and he wasted no time showing Sneaky Pete that he meant business tonight. This was several minutes of Mantell battering poor Pete all over the ring, then he hooked him and drill him with the Russian Leg Sweep and covered him for the One, Two, Three.

Winner: Johnny Mantell


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with your winner, Johnny Mantell.

Johnny Mantell: You know something Marc, if Jose Estrada thinks that he is going to use me as a stepping stone to get a shot at Scott Casey and the Texas Title there are two things he'd better understand real fast. Number one, you ain't gotta beat me to get a crack at Scott Casey. He'll be more than obliged to beat your ass himself "El Jefe!" Number two, Johnny Mantell is no mans stepping stone, so you want a piece of me next week big boy? Well then, you got it jack! Make sure you bring your dancing shoes boy, cause I'm gonna do the Texas Two Step on your face!

Mantell walks away from Marc Lowrance to massive cheers from the Sportatorium crowd. Marc Lowrance just shrugs his shoulders as the show heads to commercial.


-Commercial Break-


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back and apparently we are heading to the....Fiesta Garden.....

The camera cuts to a small stage that has been erected away from the ringside area. There are two fake cactus sitting on either side of it, a pinata hanging from somewhere in the ceiling, two producer style chairs on the stage, and a banner that reads FIESTA GARDEN has been hung on the wall behind it. Standing on the stage holding the microphone, with a smile a mile wide is Al Madril.

Al Madril: Hola Amigos! For those of you who don't know me, and shame on you, I am the "Latin Lover" Al Madril and this is the world famous Fiesta Garden! Seriously, the ratings for this show probably just doubled when this segment started! It has been thirteen months since I presented the Fiesta Garden from Texas, and I can only assume that's why World Class went out of business, the Von Erich's left, and all of you people look even worse than the last time I was here!

The boo's are coming hot and heavy at Madril.

Al Madril: Calm Down! Calm Down! I'm only kidding! You Texas lowlifes never change!

That didn't help.

Al Madril: Anyway.... At this time I would like to introduce my very special guest on the Fiesta Garden this evening. He is a veteran of professional wrestling. Quite possibly the toughest man in the entire locker room here at Texas All Star Wrestling. He is the uncrowned Texas Heavyweight Champion, and he is every ladies favorite professional wrestler. Ladies and Gentleman, please give a huge round of applause, for the best around.... ME! Al Madril!!

Madril takes a seat in one of the two chairs as the fans continue to boo him.

Al Madril: Thank You so much for joining us on the Fiesta Garden tonight Al! It is a pleasure to have someone as handsome and talented as you gracing our hacienda this evening!

Madril gets up and moves to the other chair.

Al Madril: Oh No, the pleasure is all mine Al. Thank YOU for having me on the Fiesta Garden! Making an appearance on the number one show in all of professional wrestling has been a dream of mine for such a long time.

Madril switches chairs again, and the fans are beyond pissed.

Al Madril: You are just too kind! Now, let's get down to business. As you well know, we ask the hard hitting questions here at the Fiesta Garden, so tell me Al. Why have you come to Texas All Star Wrestling?

Another chair switch from Madril.

Al Madril: Well Mr. Madril, I have unfinished business here in Texas. You see, right before the AWA pulled the plug on World Class, I had just made my triumphant return. I had my good friend Hercules beside me, I had Sunshine on my arm, and I had just won championship gold. Things were looking great for Al Madril, and then that idiot Verne Gagne pulled the plug.

Madril moves to the other chair.

Al Madril: That guy is the worst.

Back to the other chair.

Al Madril: His kid is a terrible wrestler too. But yeah, that's why I am here. I was just about to claim Texas for Al Madril, and that chance got taken away. Then I saw that this Texas All Star Wrestling had started running, so I called up Jerry Jarrett...

Madril quickly switches chairs again.

Al Madril: Whose kid is a terrible referee.

Another switch. Deafening boos at this point.

Al Madril: I know, I saw that. Anyway, I called up Jerry Jarrett and told him that since Texas All Star is part of the USWA that he needed to get some star power down here quick before this place went under. I mean, the Texas Heavyweight Champion is Scott Casey for the love of God! The only people paying money to see that have four teeth and look like this crowd! Jerry agreed and signed me to a contract making twice what any of the losers that already work here are making! He also told me to keep an eye on Frank Dusek, because he is pretty sure that he is skimming off the house.

Madril gets up to switch chairs again, but before he can continue talking, Frank Dusek comes from the back and looks irate. He is screaming "GO TO COMMERCIAL" as Madril is standing on the stage making a "What did I do" face at him.


-Commercial Break-


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. I would like to apologize for anything Al Madril said that may have offended you. Please understand that his views are absolutely not the views of Texas All Star Wrestling. If I can say anything for the Fiesta Garden, it at least gave us time to set up the steel cage for our main event. I'm sure you've all heard enough talking, so let's head down to the ring for our main event of the evening.


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs Dory Funk Jr- Steel Cage Match - Texas Heavyweight Title

The cage was expected to be just a formality to stop outside interference in this one, as it didn't really fit the style of Dory Funk Jr. However, once the door closed, we saw a different side of Dory Funk. Coming out of the lock up he caught Casey with several lifters that rocked the champion, and then Funk grabbed a handful of hair and smashed Scott Casey face first into the cage. Funk then grabbed a second handful of hair and began to rake the face of the Texas Champion back and forth across the mesh before letting him drop to the canvas.

When Casey got to his feet, blood running down his face, the fight was on. Casey came out firing punches and apparently caught Funk off guard. Casey battered Dory with lefts and rights until he had backed Funk up against the cage, he then grabbed him by the ears and began to bang the back of his head off the cage, before spinning him around and rubbing his face across the mesh! Soon enough, Dory Funk Jr was a bloody mess as well!

With men now donning the crimson mask, the match became a back and forth affair as the brawling style of Casey and the technical prowess of Funk vied for dominance. Funk appeared to be trying to take out the arm of Casey, but every time it appeared that he was getting somewhere, Casey seemed to get a second wind and would come firing back with the other arm and start beating on Funk again.

The end came just past the fifteen minute mark as Dory was wringing on the arm of Casey and whipped him into the ropes. Funk sidestepped and appeared to be grabbing at the arm for an armbar, but Casey was able to throw the arm around the head and dropped Funk with the Bulldog! Casey quickly cradled Dory and the referee counted the One, Two, Three!!

Winner, and Still Texas Heavyweight Champion: Scott Casey!


Marc Lowrance: All Right! "Cowboy" Scott Casey has defeated Dory Funk inside the steel cage and remains the Texas Heavyweight Champion! Ladies and Gentleman, that is all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.

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Really excited that you are back at the Sportitorium.  The Omni, Mid-South Coliseum and the Sportatorium are the big three to me.  

The DVE Memorial tourny is going to be awesome.  You guys are working so great together.  

Waiting to see if Deaton leaves or if there are other plans here.

El Jefe is AWESOME.  I can just feel the heat as I read his segments.

The Fiesty Garden was really well done.  I like the Spanish feel to your shows.  I could see a Mexico City show down the road or El Paso being added to the loop.  Throw in some trios matches and the crowd will go nuts.

Great main event.  We all hype up our big tv main events but so often they end in a huge brawl.  I like that you gave us a clean win.  Will be interesting to see what Dory does about this.

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That was a long 3 weeks but the wait was worth it, as Texas All-Star returns to the world famous Sportatorium.

Things kick off with a bang as the popular Adias retains his TV title against the Outlaw. Well, I guess Deaton will try his luck elsewhere. Adias is a great choice to hold the TV title. He was always popular in Texas. 

Dusek does a great job of filling in the details for the upcoming DVE Memorial Tournament. I'm really pumped up for this. 

Gaylord has another impressive TV appearance but oh man the celebration is short lived. El Jefe comes out to remind everybody who the top heel is. Santana and Fidel are in the tournament. His comment about keeping the trophy and making sure the check clears cracked me up. Then he even calls out Johnny Mantell. Things go from comical to extremely violent when they break Gaylord's arm. Man that was cold. El Jefe is one bad dude and is even more dangerous with his cartel. 

White Lightning makes his debut. He's a guy that can do really well here. 

Luscious??? I can only imagine. 

Mantell is looking solid. He has some fired up words for El Jefe. I'm all for a program between those two. However, Mantell might want to find some back up. 

YES!!!! The Fiesta Garden is back! I really missed this segment. What a way to re debut by having himself as the first guest. He goes off on Gagne and Jarrett and even takes shots at their sons. He gets even more heat by taking a crack at the champ Casey. Him saying Dusek might be skimming from the house was the line of the night LOL. Welcome back Al. 

A TV main event doesn't get any better than a Texas title match inside a steel cage. This was a fun match and both guys even bleed. Casey gets the big win. This really solidifies Casey as a true champion. I wonder how Dory will rebound? Casey has become a true star in this game. 

Texas All-Star just set the tone for 1986. It's going to be a great year! 




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Finally! Texas All-Star is back on the air and coming from the Sportatorium! This feels right!

Two huge title matches to get us back into the swing of things. Brian Adias manages to retain the TV title in a rematch with Joel Deaton and the 'Outlaw' is outta here! 

Great job having Dusek give the full rundown of how the David Von Erich Memorial is going to go down....it's a huge undertaking but I'm excited about it! Should really be a great boost to all of our tag team divisions.

Jeff Gaylord gets a win over Snake Brown and then business really picks up....I love Santana and Sierra in their roles along with "El Jefe" as the Cartel!  Estrada's promo was a homerun! "I've been in dumps nicer than this" was the line of the night, and believe me there was some great ones!  Holy shit! Things take a hard left turn when Estrada instructs them to break Gaylord's arm.....if the humor in the promo made anyone think this was being played for fun, that all goes out the window when this happens....the Cartel means business and as of now may very well be the most dangerous threat in Texas! 

Great debut for "White Lightning" Tim Horner.....I have to think he'll have his eyes on the USWA Southern Jr Heavyweight championship, sooner or later.

We get a tease for 'Luscious' coming soon.....this should be interesting!

WOW! Johnny Mantell coming in hot this week and ready to square off with "El Jefe".....he might want to "put some respek" on Estrada's name or he might be the next guy with his arm in a sling! The Cartel are clearly not bullshitting here.

The Fiesta Garden RETURNS!! I'm not gonna lie, I've been stoked about this ever since you picked up Madril from the AWA....and it was SO worth the wait!  If there's anything I need to work on in this game that you and some of the others do great at....it's setting the stage and describing the scene where you can literally see this unfold as you read it. Madril gets his heat right out of the gate using his usual charm while insulting the fans and the entire state. Having Madril interview himself with the chair switching back and forth in the return was a stroke of genius as it puts all the heat and attention on him and really gets it over right out of the gate.  Burying Gagne, Jarrett, and their kids was hilarious, and the crack about Dusek "skimming" was the runner up for line of the night! I'm hoping these all end with Madril and his "What did I do?" face, lol.  Great stuff, I'll be looking forward to more of these!

You couldn't ask for a better main event to make sure that everybody tunes back for the return of Texas All-Star.....A Texas Heavyweight title match.....in a cage....with a Funk as the challenger! The match delivered and helped further establish that Scott Casey is the real deal and is capable of carrying the ball he's been handed.....Awesome show as always, man!


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(Taped on Monday January 18th, 1986 and airing Friday Night January 22nd)


From the world famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. This is....


Richard Myhill's "The Hit" plays as we are shown highlights of all the top talent and hard hitting action from....



We cut to ringside where Marc Lowrance is standing by with a microphone.

Marc Lowrance: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the World Famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas and Welcome to Championship Sports. We are here tonight on KTVT for another exciting edition of Texas All Star Wrestling!

I am your host Marc Lowrance, and we have quite a night of action in store for you here tonight. In our main event we are going to see Johnny Mantell go one on one with the leader of The Cartel, "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. Last week we saw this Cartel make quite the impact as they broke the arm of young Jeff Gaylord in two places. Estrada then challenged Mantell to a match intending to use him as a stepping stone to a shot at Scott Casey and the Texas Heavyweight Title. Mantell told Estrada that he'd fight, but wouldn't be anyone's stepping stone. So they will settle this, right here, tonight.

For those who have been asking, Jeff Gaylord had surgery to repair the arm earlier this week, and will be out of action for some time. As I understand it, he has returned home to Missouri to be with family as he recovers, but has vowed to return here to Texas All Star once he has healed.

Also tonight we will see "General" Skandor Akbar's Oriental Assassin, Kendo Nagasaki in action. We will see the debut of not one, but two new tag teams here in Texas All Star Wrestling, and speaking of tag teams. Our opening contest is going to be a match for the Texas Tag Team Titles!

Normally a title match would be our main event, but Jack Victory and John Tatum insisted that they be the first wrestlers that the people see tonight so that they would know who the biggest stars in the company are. They will be defending against the former champions Mark and Chris Youngblood, The Tribal Nation. Both of these team will be part of the upcoming David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Let's head down to the action!


1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

-John Tatum/Jack Victory w/Dark Journey vs Tribal Nation (Mark/Chris Youngblood)- Texas Tag Team Titles

This one began with Tatum and Victory being as obnoxious as possible during their introduction, and then continued with Tatum stalling, strutting, and preening in the opening minutes of the contest. The Youngbloods finally had enough of his shenanigans and began blistering him with knife edge chops and soon Tatum was in trouble as Mark and Chris cut off the ring and really worked "Hollywood" John over. Tatum finally managed to tag in Victory after taking quite the ass whipping, and Victory was able to get some offense on Chris Youngblood. Victory's luck didn't last long as Chris ducked under a clothesline and caught him with a big dropkick. A tag to his brother Mark, and soon the champions were back in trouble.

The end of this one came when Dark Journey reached into the ring and tripped up Mark Youngblood as he bounced off the ropes. A fired up Chris Youngblood immediately jumped into the ring upon seeing this, and the referee was quick to usher him out. Jack Victory charged at Mark Youngblood, but Mark was smart enough to know what was coming and side stepped. Victory hit the ropes chest first, and Youngblood grabbed him from behind and rolled him up. John Tatum quickly entered the ring since the referee was still tied up with Chris, and blasted Mark with the California Kick, knocking him off of Victory. Tatum quickly exited back out of the ring, Victory quickly jumped on the stunned Mark, and the referee was counting before Chris realized what was going on.

Winners, and Still Texas Tag Team Champions: John Tatum and Jack Victory


Marc Lowrance: Tatum and Victory steal another one! Chris Youngblood got overzealous at the interference of this Dark Journey, and the champions took full advantage of the referee's distraction to cheat their way to retaining the titles here tonight! Look at the three of them, escaping to the dressing room like thieves in the night. Just terrible behavior from champions. Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back.


-Commercial Break-


Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling, right here on KTVT. Up next we have the debut of a new tag team, sort of. During our time away for the holidays, it seems that the man we knew as The Texas Ranger was sent some back up. So now we have not one, but two Texas Rangers competing here in Texas All Star Wrestling. The one who was competing here previously told me that he should be identified by the code name, Longhorn. While his new partner, would be identified by the code name, Lonestar. So let's head down to the ring and see the tag team of The Texas Rangers!


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-The Texas Rangers (Longhorn/Lonestar) vs Dave Kent/Jack Spade-

The new Texas Ranger, Lonestar appears to be a little shorter and a little lighter than his partner but is also a well built and muscular athlete. He starts the match against Kent, and immediately impresses by press slamming him above his head and sends him crashing to the mat. The two masked men make frequent tags and work over both Kent and Spade for several minutes. The end comes just after Longhorn has taken Spade down with a vertical suplex and tags in Lonestar. Longhorn whips Spade into the ropes before exiting the ring, and Lonestar catches him on the rebound with a picture perfect twisting Power Slam and then covers for the One, Two, Three.

Winners: Longhorn and Lonestar, The Texas Rangers


Marc Lowrance: An impressive showing from this new duo as they make quick work of the competition here tonight. The question is will they be able to do the same as part of the David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament coming up on February the Twelfth? Because it is official, the Texas Rangers will be joining The Tribal Nation of Chris and Mark Youngblood, Fidel Sierra and Ricky Santana of The Cartel, and the Texas Tag Team Champions John Tatum and Jack Victory as part of that tournament. Those are just four of the ten teams that will represent Texas All Star Wrestling in the tournament. Who the other teams are, we will find out over the next few weeks. Don't go anywhere Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be right back with more wrestling action!


-Commercial Break-


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Kendo Nagasaki w/Skandor Akbar vs Mike Bond-

As soon as Akbar finished helping Nagasaki remove all of his entrance gear, Kendo was on the attack. He blasted Bond with several karate style chops to the head and neck and then went to work with a nerve hold. Nagasaki drilled elbows down into the trapezius muscle of Bond several times, then went right back into the nerve hold. Nagasaki pulled Bond to his feet and blasted him with a huge Mongolian chop that left Bond staggering. Nagasaki kicked him hard in the gut, positioned him, and dropped him with a Jumping Piledriver. The ref could have counted to one hundred.

Winner: Kendo Nagasaki


Marc Lowrance: I am here with your winner Kendo Nagasaki, and his manager "General" Skandor Akbar. Now... Hey... Wait a minute....


Akbar walks right past Marc Lowrance with a big smile on his face and motions for Nagasaki to follow him.

"Hey Marc Lowrance! No one wants to talk with a stupid gringo like you, when they can be interviewed on The Fiesta Garden!"

The camera pans over to where Al Madril is standing on the small stage away from the ringside area. This week the two fake cactus are wearing sombreros, and there are now two pinatas. The Fiesta Garden banner has been upgraded since last week and is far more stylish and sparkling. The two producer style chairs are still there, only one of them now says "Madril" across the back. Madril continues to talk as Akbar and Nagasaki make their way toward him.....

Al Madril: That's right, The Fiesta Garden. The REAL highest rated segment in wrestling no matter what a bottle of bleach and some silicone might have you believe. I know last week we got short due to time constraints, but this week we have plenty of time for my very special guests, "General" Skandor Akbar and his assassin from the Orient, Kendo Nagasaki. Everyone welcome them to the Fiesta Garden!

The boo's are coming hot and heavy for Madril, as well as Akbar and Nagasaki. Madril shakes hands with Akbar, and then attempts to shake hands with Nagasaki, who just looks at him like he has two heads.

Al Madril: Heyyy! No harm meant big guy!

Skandor Akbar: You will have to forgive Kendo Nagasaki for not returning your greeting Mr. Madril. Our ways are not his ways. He was raised to understand only one thing, and that is combat. He was bred to destroy any who oppose him, and to achieve victory by whatever means necessary.

Al Madril: He was very impressive in there tonight destroying Mike whats his name, and he was certainly impressive when he ran The Spoiler out of here with his tail tucked between his legs. So what's next for him General?

Skandor Akbar: You know Al, for me to procure the services of a man such as Kendo Nagasaki, it took a whole lot of the General's money. So I need to make that money back and then some. What's the best way to do that? Championship Gold! So I look around and I see Brian Adias running around here with that Texas Television Title around his waist, and I see that all of his friends have left Texas. So that makes Brian Adias a prime target for my Oriental assassin.

Al Madril: Well I know if I were Brian Adias right now, I wouldn't be!

That comment causes Akbar to let loose with a hearty laugh. He nods to Madril and then motions for Nagasaki to follow him as they head back toward the dressing room. Madril waves goodbye as they leave, and then turns back to the camera.

Al Madril: Will Brian Adias have the courage to accept the challenge of Skandor Akbar and Kendo Nagasaki? Probably not without Kerry Von Erich here to tell him what to do. Will there be a witty retort to my earlier comments on USWA Television next week? Probably not because I doubt she got it. Will Marc Lowrance have anything worthwhile to say when I throw it back to him? Probably not, because he is terrible at this job. Back to you Marc!


The camera cuts back to Marc Lowrance who looks beyond annoyed.

Marc Lowrance: Let's go to commercial.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling. It's now time for the debut of our second new tag team. So let's get too it!


New Edition's "Candy Girl" begins to play and down the aisle comes the new duo of Skip Young and Ray Candy! They are wearing matching red and white striped tights, sparkling red boots, and sparkling red vests. The only difference being that Young's vest says "Sweet Brown Sugar" on the back while Candy's reads "The Candy Man." They are grooving to the beat of the song and high fiving the fans on the way to the ring, and the Sportatorium fans who at first seem confused are very into it by the time they reach ringside. The ring announcers introduces them as "weighting in at a combined weight of 575 pounds, "Sweet Brown Sugar" Skip Young, "The Candy Man" Ray Candy, they are Good & Plenty!!"


1 Fall, 10 Minute Time Limit

-Good & Plenty ("Sweet Brown Sugar" Skip Young/"The Candy Man" Ray Candy) vs Snake Brown/The Bounty Hunter-

Candy and Young had the crowd loving them even after the big entrance as they mixed a lot of big man/little man double team offense with the continued dancing and good times they displayed during their entrance. Young nearly decapitated Snake Brown with a dropkick in the opening moments of the match, and a little later Candy impressed everyone by walking around the ring while holding the big Bounty Hunter up for a body slam. The ending came when Young scaled the second rope and tagged Candy before sailing off and catching The Bounty Hunter square in the center of his chest with an impactful dropkick. Candy then entered the ring, ran across and crashed down onto the masked man with The Chocolate Drop, and that was all she wrote!

Winners: "Sweet Brown Sugar" Skip Young and "The Candy Man" Ray Candy, Good & Plenty!


Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, I am hear with your winners Sweet Brown Sugar and The Candy Man!

Skip Young: Marc Lowrance! It feels so good to be back in Texas! It feels so good to be part of Good and Plenty with my man Ray Candy, and it feels so good to know that we are going to be part of that David Von Erich Memorial Tag Team Tournament!

Ray Candy: Thirty Two Teams. That's a whole lot of men who think they have what it takes to win it all. But now that Good and Plenty have come together, there is only one team that can win it all. You wanna know who can? Let me tell ya! Sweet Brown Sugar sure can, and you gotta know....The Candy Man Can! Ha Ha Ha!

Sweet Brown Sugar and The Candy Man immediately go back to high fiving the fans as "Candy Girl" begins to play again. Marc Lowrance can only grin as the show fades to commercial.


-Commercial Break-

Marc Lowrance: Welcome back to Texas All Star Wrestling! It's time now for our main event as Johnny Mantell goes one on one with "El Jefe" Jose Estrada. Estrada hopes to use Mantell as a stepping stone to "Cowboy" Scott Casey and the Texas Heavyweight Title, but Mantell says he is no ones stepping stone and plans to show "El Jefe" a fight.


1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit

-"El Jefe" Jose Estrada w/Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana vs Johnny Mantell w/Sunshine-

As soon as Mantell and Sunshine see that Estrada has brought Santana and Sierra with him, Mantell whispers something to Sunshine and she leaves the ringside area. Mantell is chomping at the bit to lock up, but Estrada is playing cocky and stalling, then "El Jefe" reaches out and slaps Mantell in the face. Mantell cracks a smile, and even laughs, before blasting Estrada with a huge right hand that sends "El Jefe" crashing to the mat. Mantell is quickly on top of him, peppering him with lefts and rights, and Estrada has to scramble like a madman to get out from under the onslaught of Mantell.

Mantell doesn't let up though, pulling Estrada to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. He catches Estrada with a hard fist to the gut, then bounces off the ropes and nails him with a big knee lift. Mantell yanks Estrada up again, and then bodyslams him down. The crowd is one hundred percent behind Mantell as he reaches down and pulls Estrada up off the mat again, but this time it appears that Sierra and Santana have seen enough as they slide into the ring.

Mantell turns and fires a big right hand at Santana, but he gets nailed from behind by Sierra. Mantell turns and tries to fight Sierra, but then both Santana and Estrada jump on him. Three on one odds quickly overwhelm him, and soon Mantell is on the mat with all three members of The Cartel laying the boots to him. Then a huge eruption from the Sportatorium crowd as Scott Casey comes running down the aisle with a steel chair in hand. He slides into the ring and manages to whack Fidel across the back, as all three members of The Cartel head for higher ground.

Winner, by Disqualification: Johnny Mantell


Marc Lowrance makes his way into the ring where Sunshine has arrived and she is helping Johnny Mantell to his feet along with Scott Casey.

Marc Lowrance: Sunshine, may I have a word?

Sunshine: I have several words right now Marc, but none that I am allowed to say on television!

Scott Casey: Jose Estrada! You want a piece of me big boy? You don't have to fight my partner to get it! I'll whip you any time, any where!

Johnny Mantell: But don't think that means me and you are done "Jefe!" You got a whooping coming, and you better believe I'll be bringing it!

Scott Casey: and you can tell your boys Ricky and Fidel, that The Gunslingers are in the David Von Erich Tag Team Tournament too, and if they meet up with us, that'll be it for them.

Johnny Mantell: Cartel! You messed with the wrong cowboys this time. We'll see you real soon fellas!

Sunshine and The Gunslingers head out of the ring to a rousing ovation.

Marc Lowrance: Ladies and Gentleman, that's all for Texas All Star Wrestling this week. We thank you so much for joining us, be sure to tune in next time, right here on KTVT. Until then, I'm Marc Lowrance, Good Night Everyone.

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I will say this; when I booked Scott Casey & Johnny Mantell as the Gunslingers with Mid-Atlantic, I was hoping that they would eventually catch fire wherever they'd go next and I'm glad to see it's been the case. Quite the solid babyface tag team you got in them with Texas All-Star! Very smart to book someone as loveable as Sunshine as their valet too. It's just a good fit.

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I agree with Tatum and Victory, nothing like good star power to kick off the show. Tribal Nation give them a run but I loved that finish by the champs. 

Can't wait to find out who or what Luscious is all about. 

I really like the Texas Ranger gimmick and if there's one thing better than a Texas Ranger, it's two Texas Rangers. Solid debut and I'm looking forward to watching them in the DVE tournament. 

Akbar's new assassin Kendo has an impressive showing. LOL, love how they just bypass Lowrance and head into the Fiesta Garden. 

HAHAHAHAHAHA! "The REAL highest rated segment in wrestling no matter what a bottle of bleach and some silicone might have you believe" OUCH! What a shot! I hope Brenda didn't see that. Damn, that was harsh. LOL

Akbar and Kendo have their sights set on Adias. Will he accept? Without Kerry around telling him what to do. WOW! Al was on a roll tonight! 

The tag teams are coming out and tuning up for the tournament. Good and Plenty, oh yea! I loved what you did with Candy in the WWF, so it's great to see the character back. Like the big man/little man dynamic. I loved writing for SBS, so I know this team will be a ton of fun. 

I knew we were in for a wild ride with Mantell and El Jefe going at it. Cartel cause the DQ but the post match beating is cut short by Casey. Man, Casey and Mantell go from the Funks to the Cartel. They defiantly aren't afraid of a fight. I think you have something going with this feud. I'll tell you, a Casey/Jefe feud over the title sounds like a lot of money. 

Great show as we get closer to the tournament spectacular! 

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Great showcase of the depth of the tag divison here in TASW!  Muust admit that I am biased toward Good N Plenty.

Interested to see Luscious

Two Texas Rangers... very interesting.

Very good segment with Akbar and Kendo.  Great way to make him feel tougher then life.  Also liked Akbar calling Lawrence a Gringo.  

The Cartel+ El Jefe vs the Gunslingers is some good TV.   

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