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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Rochester War Memorial
Rochester, New York, USA
March 26, 1981
Attendance: 7,450

  • Duke Myers & "No Class" Bobby Bass defeated The Marcus Brothers when Bass pinned Joe Marcus following a neckbreaker
  • Nick DeCarlo pinned Tim Gerrard following a dropkick
  • Scott McGhee pinned Moose Morowski following an elbow drop from the top rope
  • The Kelly Twins defeated Sal Bellomo and Vinnie Valentino when Mike Kelly pinned Bellomo with an elbow drop from the second turnbuckle
  • Angelo Mosca & Dewey Robertson defeated Billy Robinson & The Destroyer when Mosca pinned The Destroyer following a powerslam
  • Dino Bravo successfully defended the NWA Canadian Television Championship by pinning Grappler #2 following a side slam
  • NWA World Tag Team Champions The Masked Superstar and Paul Jones defeated The Great Hossein Arab & Mr. Fuji when The Masked Superstar pinned Fuji

* * * * *


Maple Leaf Wrestling
Niagara Falls Memorial Arena
Niagara Falls, Ontario
March 27, 1981
Attendance: 5,100

  • Tim Gerrard and Brian Mackney wrestled to a 20 minute Time Limit Draw
  • Iron Mike Sharpe defeated Ricky Johnson with a loaded forearm shot to the back of the head
  • Leo Burke pinned Whipper Watson Jr. with a backslide
  • Sweet Daddy Siki defeated Don Kernodle with his famous "Cocoa Butt"
  • Moose Morowski and The Kelly Twins defeated Bruno Sammartino Jr., Nick DeCarlo and Vinnie Valentino when Mike Kelly pinned DeCarlo following a double elbow smash
  • Hometown favourite Tony "Cannonball" Parisi pinned Huge Tom Lintz with his patented Cannonball from the top rope
  • NWA World Tag Team Champions The Masked Superstar and Paul Jones defeated Abdullah The Butcher & The Sheik by Disqualification when The Sheik was caught using an illegal object

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Lots of info coming out of Maple Leaf. I definitely like the direction things are going and the Niagra Falls main event would be a show stealer. I am interested to see how things continue to evolve north of the border and see how some of these bigger napes develop over time.

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Toronto, Ontario
March 29, 1981
Attendance: 12,450

Maple Leaf Wrestling returned to home base on Sunday March 29, 1981 for another marquee event.  This show featured three matches where Championships were on the line.  Fans know that any Maple Leaf Wrestling event that takes place from Canada’s premier Pro Wrestling Arena is bound to be exciting...and this was certainly no exception.

First Match: Ricky Johnson vs. Tim Gerrard

Ricky-Johnson.jpg    VS.    Tim-Gerrard.jpg


Ricky “Soulman” Johnson (brother of the popular Rocky Johnson) recently made his return to Maple Leaf Wrestling after a brief absence which involved a tour of the Eastern Canadian Maritime provinces. “The Soulman” was given a warm welcome back from the Maple Leaf Gardens faithful and was able to dispatch veteran Tim Gerrard.  Gerrard managed a brief flurry of offense but was eventually and rather quickly overwhelmed by Ricky’s speed and footwork.

Official Result: Ricky “Soulman” Johnson pinned Tim Gerrard at 7:13 with a lateral press following a high hip toss


Second Match: Brian Adidas vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Brian-Adidas.jpg   VS.    IronMike.jpg


Brian Adidas has been making some waves since his arrival in Maple Leaf Wrestling, and has managed to put together an impressive undefeated streak. Brian’s opponent Iron Mike Sharpe continues to be a force to be reckoned with, and has also been on quite a tear lately.  Thanks to his infamous black leather forearm brace (which some contend is loaded) Sharpe has recently racked up big wins over Ricky Johnson, Tony Parisi and George Wells.

This match began (as usual) with Iron Mike Sharpe commandeering the house microphone and demanding to be introduced as “Canada’s Greatest Athlete.”  Ring announcer Norm Kimber begrudgingly complied, however the fans were not impressed.  What the fans were impressed with was Brian Adidas.  Adidas took control of this bout early and had Iron Mike bellowing at the top of his lungs, as “Canada’s Greatest Athlete” was flung from one end of the ring to the other with a series of hip tosses and arm drags. Sharpe managed to turn the tide and gain the advantage for a good portion of the match, hammering Adidas down with a series of stomps, kicks to the gut and of course plenty of his patented overhead forearm smashes.

In the end, Sharpe had Adidas stunned...and Iron Mike began to fiddle with his forearm brace.  I’m not one to accuse somebody of cheating, but it certainly looked like Iron Mike Sharpe was “loading up” his brace. This brief distraction gave Brian Adidas a chance to regain his composure.  You can tell Brian Adidas has been studying his opponent and knew exactly what to expect. Adidas grabbed Sharpe’s forearm and actually managed to briefly overpower him.  Adidas was able to smash Iron Mike Sharpe in the forehead with his own forearm brace, which stunned “Canada’s Greatest Athlete” (and certainly proves that it’s likely the brace has more than just Mike’s forearm inside.)  As Iron Mike stumbled around the ring, dazed by the blow to the head from his own forearm brace, Brian Adidas quickly scrambled to the top rope...and managed to hit Iron Mike Sharpe with a picture perfect flying body press.

Official Result: Brian Adidas pinned Iron Mike Sharpe at 8:22 with a flying bodypress


Third Match: Bad Leroy Brown vs. Huge Tom Lintz

Bad-Leroy-Brown.jpg  VS. Huge-Tom-Lintz.jpg


We haven’t seen Huge Tom Lintz in a few weeks, since his disastrous defeat at the hands of Dewey Robertson on Maple Leaf Wrestling television. As you will remember, Big John Studd laid quite a beating on Huge Tom after they lost their Quarterfinal Match in the NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament.  There was some speculation that Lintz might leave town, but it seems he has chosen to simply lay low for a couple of weeks, heal his injury and he has now returned looking more sullen than ever.

As soon as the sound of “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce started playing over the sound system in Maple Leaf Gardens, the fans came to life.  We have only seen the big man from Savannah Georgia a few times here in Maple Leaf Wrestling, most notably as a Tag Team partner with Sweet Ebony Diamond...but the fans in Toronto really took a liking to the affable big man, and have welcomed him back with open arms.

This match was your typical contest between two big bulls who both tip the scales at well over 300 pounds.  You would never have confused this match with a contest featuring Billy Robinson.  The two men basically spent the entire contest trying to knock each other off their feet.  They exchanged shoulder blocks, shoulder tackles, clotheslines, forearm smashes across the chest and even a few headbutts.  With every exchange, the ring shook from the impact and the fans were fully invested in the contest and happily went along for the ride.

Bad Leroy Brown finally managed an impressive feat when he hoisted Huge Tom Lintz over his head with a crushing bodyslam, and followed it up with a big splash.  That was more than enough to knock the wind out of Huge Tom Lintz and secure the victory for the popular Bad Leroy Brown.

Official Result: Bad Leroy Brown pinned Huge Tom Lintz at 6:58 with a splash following a bodyslam


Fourth Match - ELIMINATION MATCH: The Second Generation Superstars vs. Moose Morowski & The Kelly Twins

Kelly-Kiniski.jpg  &   Whipper-Watson-Jr.jpg   &   BrunoJr.jpg


Moose.jpg     &       Kelly-Twins.jpg


The rivalry between these two factions has been going on for weeks now, and if you saw the confrontation between the two groups on Maple Leaf Wrestling television last month, or any of their encounters on the various events around the Maple Leaf Wrestling territory since then...you know how volatile the situation is between these six men.

For those of you who missed it...this all started when Whipper Watson Jr. and Kelly Kiniski welcomed Bruno Sammartino Jr. back to Maple Leaf Wrestling on television last month.  The three popular young men were giving an interview when they were interrupted by Moose Morowski.  Morowski complained that the three youngsters were hogging the spotlight and distracting attention from veterans like himself and The Kelly Twins. Morowski pointed out that he had fought all three of the young men’s fathers...and insulted them all.  Kelly Kiniski attacked, which brought out The Kelly Twins and a massive brawl erupted between the two factions.

There have been a number of major incidents between the two groups since. A perfect example would be the big show in Hamilton last month, when the two groups took turns interfering in each other’s matches to the point another brawl broke out and both factions had to be escorted from the building.  The two teams finally met in a Six Man Tag match last week in Oshawa, but the war was far from over. The feud continued and has come home to Maple Leaf Gardens.  As an added twist, this match was contested under elimination rules...which set up some potentially dangerous scenarios.  There was every chance one member of a team could end up seriously outnumbered, and sure enough that eventuality occurred.

The atmosphere was exciting and the action was intense when the match began.  It must be said that Moose Morowski and The Kelly Twins appeared to do a much better job functioning as a unit, performing tandem maneuvers and cutting off the ring by keeping the opposing team at bay.  As a result, Morowski and The Kelly Twins were surprisingly successful at eliminating two of the Second Generation Superstars in relatively short order.  However, Kelly Kiniski bravely fought back against the 3-1 odds.

Here is the sequence of elimination:

  • Moose Morowski eliminated Phil Watson Jr. at 5:14 by pinfall after a clothesline
  • Mike Kelly pinned Bruno Sammartino Jr. at 7:12 after a double flapjack
  • Kelly Kiniski pinned Pat Kelly at 9:21 following a neckbreaker
  • Kelly Kiniski pinned Mike Kelly at 9:23 with a small package
  • Moose Morowski defeated Kelly Kiniski by referee stoppage at 11:17 when Kiniski passed out in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker.  It appears that Morowski may have knocked Kiniski out by punching him with an illegal object (brass knuckles) out of the sight of the referee, before applying the backbreaker

Official Result: Moose Morowski and The Kelly Twins win the Elimination Match over the Second Generation Superstars at 11:17




After the intermission, Norm Kimber made an announcement to the fans that Maple Leaf Wrestling would be returning to Maple Leaf Gardens next month, on April 26, 1981.  Kimber also announced that Dewey Robertson would be receiving the shot that he earned at the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship against Big John Studd on April 11, 1981 in front of his hometown fans at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Fifth Match: Johnny Weaver and Mike Rotundo vs. Leo Burke and Don Kernodle

Weaver-Rotundo.jpg     VS.       Terrible-Two.jpg


Weaver and Rotundo are coming off a devastating loss to The Della Serra Brothers in the Semifinals of the NWA International Tag Team Championship tournament.  Burke and Kernodle (or “The Terrible Two” as Billy Red Lyons has dubbed them) have recently been working together and are making rumblings about starting a new faction and attempting to “take over” Maple Leaf Wrestling.

Leo Burke of course is a very talented and accomplished Canadian Professional Wrestler who has spent a great deal of time working for the Grand Prix promotion in the Canadian Maritime Provinces, but he has undoubtedly achieved his highest level of success out west, working for Stampede Wrestling.  Burke is a multi-time North American Champion...and although Stampede Wrestling is not an official member of the National Wrestling Alliance, so this title is not officially recognized by Maple Leaf Wrestling...his accomplishments are respected here in Toronto, if not recognized.

Don Kernodle has gained a high level of infamy working as a compatriot of Sgt. Slaughter in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.  However, Kernodle has made many trips to Maple Leaf Wrestling in the past, and has managed to infuriate Canadian fans by claiming that all Maple Leaf Wrestling fans are jealous of Americans and secretly wish they were American.  Security has actually had to intervene to prevent fans from attacking Kernodle recently, when he taunted them saying that “all Canadians wished they were Yanks.”

This tag match was a tightly contested, spirited affair with neither team gaining a clear advantage for a prolonged period of time.  Weaver and especially Rotundo managed to keep this contest a mat based technical competition for the most part.  While Burke and Kernodle are not capable of keeping up with Weaver and Rotundo hold for hold, they managed to counter much of the offense that was thrown at them.  Both Johnny Weaver and Leo Burke are known as masters of the Sleeper Hold, and there was an exciting sequence during this match where the two men battled back and forth, each man trying unsuccessfully to lock the other in a sleeper, only for his opponent to escape.

It has to be said that the advantage in this match ended up going to Burke and Kernodle due to their willingness to ignore, bend, and outright break the rules.  Both men were happy to distract the referee so their partner could result to some form of nefarious tactics.  And that is what swayed the result of this match.  While Don Kernodle kept the referee occupied by entering the ring while he was not the legal man, Leo Burke managed to drop Johnny Weaver across the top rope throat first, and then as the referee returned his attention to the ring, Burke was able to pin Johnny Weaver’s shoulders to the mat using a backslide while Weaver was still struggling for air.

While this result cannot in any way be called an upset, it is a major victory for Burke and Kernodle and certainly sends a message to the rest of the roster that they are here, and need to be taken seriously.

Result: Leo Burke and Don Kernodle defeated Johnny Weaver and Mike Rotundo at 14:33 when Burke pinned Weaver with a backslide.


Sixth Match - For the NWA Canadian Television Championship:

Dino Bravo (c) vs. The Great Hossein Arab

Dino-Bravo.jpg    VS.       Hossein.jpg


I would be remiss in recapping this match without providing some backstory.  Several weeks ago on Maple Leaf Wrestling Television, most of you saw The Della Serra Brothers eliminate Dominic DeNucci and Tony “Cannonball” Parisi from the Quarterfinals of the NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament.  

In the process of winning the match, The Della Serra Brothers seriously injured Tony Parisi by executing their devastating finishing maneuver, in which Bob Della Serra held Parisi prone in a front facelock, while Rocky scaled to the top rope and leapt off, landing on the back of the neck of his opponent knee first and driving Parisi into the mat face first.  This move (while technically legal) is absolutely brutal. Not only does Rocky Della Serra smash his knee into the back of the neck of his opponent, but Bob drives the victim into the canvas face first in the process.  Every time the team has executed this maneuver it has resulted in victory.

After beating DeNucci and Parisi, The Della Serra Brothers were not satisfied.  They beat up Dominic DeNucci and tied him up in the ring ropes, and then proceeded to execute the move (now known as “The Della Serra Driver”) a second time...after they had already won the match and beat their opponent.  It looked as if The Della Serra Brothers were actually considering executing this move a third time...which could have caused catastrophic and even permanent injury.

Enter Dino Bravo.

Bravo is a close personal friend of both Dominic DeNucci and Tony Parisi.  Bravo could not stand to see his friend attacked like this, so he rushed the ring and attacked The Della Serra Brothers, driving them back to the dressing room.  Even though Dino Bravo is the NWA Canadian Television Champion and has issues of his own to worry about...by rescuing Parisi and DeNucci he clearly put himself in the sights of The Della Serra Brothers.

This past week on Maple Leaf Wrestling Television, the situation came to a head.  After successfully defending his championship, Bravo gave an interview where he chastised The Della Serra Brothers for their unsportsmanlike conduct.  Bravo even stated that The Della Serra Brothers were bringing disgrace on Italian-Canadians like himself, especially those that hail from Quebec.

The Della Serra Brothers clearly did not appreciate this...and they let it be known.  Bob and Rocky Della Serra brutally attacked Bravo with a chair, repeatedly hitting him across the back, following up with a series of tandem stomps and boots to the same area.  Dino Bravo was clearly injured.

Despite this attack, Dino Bravo gamely appeared at Maple Leaf Gardens on this night to fulfill his obligations and defend his Television Championship.  Unfortunately, in doing so he stepped directly into the trap of the Della Serra Brothers.

The Great Hossein Arab had already made his way down the ramp to the ring in Maple Leaf Gardens, and had been announced as the challenger.  Hossein was proudly waving the flag of Iran and had taken the house microphone and reminded the fans in attendance that (in his opinion) Iran was number one.

As Dino Bravo slowly and gingerly made his way up the stairs and started making his way down the famous ramp to the ring in Maple Leaf Gardens...The Della Serra Brothers appeared from behind him yet again.  And yet again, they were brandishing folding chairs.  The attack was quick, precise and brutal.  Before anybody could intervene, both Della Serra Brothers bashed Bravo across the back with the chairs, sending him sprawling and leaving him twitching.  The attack over, the brothers vanished...leaving the battered and barely conscious Dino Bravo literally face down on the ramp.

At this point, a group of referees and backstage officials appeared and tried to tend to Dino Bravo, and lead him to the back for medical attention.  Just as Bravo was being helped to his feet, The Great Hossein Arab once again commandeered the house microphone.  Hossein proclaimed that Dino Bravo was weak, and a coward...just like all Canadians and especially all Italians.  The Great Hossein demanded that Bravo bring him the Television Championship belt and leave it in the ring...and that Bravo forfeit the title.

This enraged Bravo, who broke free of the officials and staggered to the ring, clutching the small of his back and limping badly.  Bravo entered the ring and began to hammer Hossein with punches, demanding that the referee call for the bell.  The official looked skeptical and somewhat helpless, but he shrugged and called for the bell.  For a few moments, Bravo actually maintained the upper hand and had Hossein rocked with the repeated punches to the head.

Unfortunately, Bravo was clearly acting on pure adreniline, and it didn’t last long.  Hossein folded Bravo up with a kick to the gut with his infamous pointed boot.  Bravo folded up, and The Great Hossein expertly threw Dino Bravo through the air with a Belly-to-Back Suplex.  As the fans voiced their loud disapproval, The Great Hossein stood above the prone Dino Bravo...Hossein took a moment to groom his mustache and pose...and then he clamped on his patented Camel Clutch.

Dino Bravo screamed in agony as The Great Hossein Arab leaned back and wrenched on the lower back of the Television Champion.  This of course is the exact area The Della Serra Brothers had injured both last week on Television and just moments earlier.  Bravo hung on as long as he could, but he couldn’t bear the additional pain long...and he had no choice but to submit.

Official Result: The Great Hossein Arab becomes the NEW NWA CANADIAN TELEVISION CHAMPION by defeating Dino Bravo via Submission with The Camel Clutch at 3:13

After the match, the fans jeered and pelted Hossein with garbage as he made his way down the ramp and returned to the locker room, holding his newly won championship title belt high above his head.  Meanwhile, Dominic DeNucci, Tony Parisi and a group of referees and backstage officials rushed to the ring and carried the injured and barely conscious Dino Bravo to the back for much needed medical attention.

The Main Event

The Finals of the NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament
Winners to be declared the Tag Team Champions
Angelo “King Kong” Mosca & Dewey Robertson
The Della Serra Brothers

Robertson-Mosca.jpg      VS.       Bob-And-Rocky-Della-Serra.jpg

Before the match, the flamboyant “Pretty Boy” Floyd Creatchman made his way to the ring, much to the dismay of the fans.  Creatchman joined Billy Red Lyons and Mike McMan at the announcers table at ringside.  As much as I might dislike Floyd Creatchman and disapprove of his tactics, I am sure the commentary he provided for this historic match will be highly entertaining if nothing else.  I can’t say I’m surprised that Floyd Creatchman would show up...his client Big John Studd was not booked to wrestle on this card (his next title defense is the aforementioned match with Dewey Robertson in Hamilton in a few weeks) but there is no way that Creatchman would allow a major event to happen at Maple Leaf Gardens without finding an excuse to make some sort of appearance.

The Della Serra Brothers were the first team to appear on the ramp.  The negative reaction from the fans in attendance was almost deafening.  It was not enough that The Della Serra Brothers defeated three extremely popular teams to make it to the finals of this tournament, by dispatching George Wells and Sweet Ebony Diamond, then DeNucci and Parisi and finally Johnny Weaver and Mike Rotundo.  Their tactics in winning these matches have enraged the fans even further, and the icing on the cake was their despicable attack on Dino Bravo just before this match...and costing him the Television Championship.  Just to stoke the fires, both Bob and Rocky Della Serra stooped over and held their backs, limping their way to the ring and laughing hysterically…mocking the just defeated Dino Bravo.  The fans at Maple Leaf Gardens were incensed.

As angry as the people were, the jeers turned to rapturous cheers as Angelo Mosca and Dewey Robertson appeared on the ramp and made their way to the ring, raising their arms over their heads and soaking in the adulation of the capacity crowd.  As Norm Kimber made the official announcements and introductions, Referee Terry Yorkston held the vacant Championship Title Belts high above his head.

After almost three months and sixteen teams...it all came down to this.  The winners would be declared the NWA International Tag Team Champions.  The referee gave his instructions, the fans were on their feet and the bell rang to start the match.

This was pure excitement from the word go.  All four of these men are very powerful, and weigh over 250 pounds. This was not the same type of technical tag team match like we saw earlier in the night when The Terrible Two took on Weaver and Rotundo.  This was a hard hitting slugfest.  The moves were all high impact and power based.

King Kong Mosca started off against the more powerful of the two Della Serra Brothers, Bob.  The two men clubbed each other back and forth, exchanging punches and forearms and elbows.  Both teams tagged in and out frequently.  The Della Serra Brothers had the clear advantage when it came to teamwork, much as you would expect from a team of brothers.  However, Robertson and Mosca showed great teamwork as well.  The two men almost took Rocky Della Serra’s head off with a double clothesline at one point. They were also successful in executing a double suplex on Bob Della Serra, and took both men out of the ring with a double shoulder block.

Although there was a brief brawl outside the ring, Terry Yorkston was very strict and made it clear to both teams that if they wanted to walk away with the title belts, the match needed to stay in the ring.  There was a long period where The Della Serra Brothers managed to cut Dewey Robertson off from his partner.  The brothers kept Dewey trapped in their corner and beat him senseless with a series of stomps and punches.  Angelo Mosca was desperate to make the tag, and strained his arm out as the fans stomped their feet and clapped their hands, cheering him on.  But for a very long time, The Della Serra Brothers had Robertson trapped.  The even executed a double bodyslam and went for a cover...but Roberton kicked out at the count of two.

And then it looked like it was all over. Bob Della Serra clamped the front face lock on Dewey Robertson, and Rocky began to climb to the top rope.  It looked like The Della Serra Brothers were about to execute The Della Serra Driver...but the powerful Dewey Robertson was having none of that.  Dewey managed to stand right up, which threw Bob Della Serra high overhead in a back body drop.  Robertson knocked Rocky from his tenuous perch on the top rope with a vicious punch.  As both Della Serra Brothers lay on the mat momentarily stunned, Dewey Robertson leapt across the ring...and made the tag.

I have heard a lot of ovations in my time covering Maple Leaf Wrestling but very few as loud as the eruption that occurred when Angelo Mosca made the tag and charged into the ring.  Mosca lived up to his King Kong nickname and went ape on The Della Serra Brothers.  Mosca slammed both men, one after the other and then dragged them to their feet and bashed their heads together in a double-noggin-knocker.  Mosca threw Bob out of the ring to the outside, and whipped Rocky into the ropes.  Rocky rebounded right into the arms of Mosca who clamped on a bearhug.  Rocky Della Serra began to thrash around, screaming in pain.

And then...all of the sudden all the attention in Maple Leaf Gardens was drawn to the far end of the entrance ramp.  NWA Canadian Champion Big John Studd casually climbed the steps and stood at the far end of the ramp.  The Champion was wearing street clothes, and had the Championship Title slung over his shoulder.  Studd pointed toward the ring at Dewey Robertson and started shouting loudly that he would “see Dewey in Hamilton.”  Dewey Robertson knew that he had earned the shot at the Canadian Championship on April 11 in Hamilton, but he was not going to rise to the bait of Big John Studd and desert his partner.  Referee Terry Yorkston stopped checking to see if Rocky Della Serra was going to submit to the bearhug and turned his back...shouting at Big John Studd to go back to the dressing room.

Big John Studd did not leave...but somebody else showed up.

Right behind Big John Studd, The Great Hossein Arab appeared, with his newly won Canadian Television Championship around his waist.  As always Hossein had the Iranian flag with him, and he was proudly waving it high in the air.  Unlike Studd, Hossein did not choose to hang back near the dressing room.  Hossein resolutely marched down the ramp toward the ring, waving the flag and shouting at Mosca and Robertson.  As soon as he saw The Great Hossein, Angelo Mosca released the bearhug...causing Rocky to collapse to the mat.  Hossein stood at ringside, waving the flag and shouting at Mosca…

And then The Great Hossein spat on Angelo Mosca.

Mosca yelled in anger and charged out of the ring toward The Great Hossein, who quickly began to back up.  As referee Terry Yorkton continued to shout at Studd and Hossein, ordering them back to the dressing room...Pretty Boy Floyd Creachman suddenly left the announcers position, and slid into the ring behind the back of the referee!  Creatchman took a black object out of his pocket...clearly a blackjack...and handed it to Rocky Della Serra.  Dewey Robertson saw this, and charged at Floyd Creatchman...who beat a hasty retreat out of the ring.  As Robertson entered the ring, Rocky Della Serra swung with all his might and brought the backjack crashing down over the top of the head of Dewey Robertson!

Della Serra quickly tossed the blackjack out of the ring to Floyd Creatchman, who quickly put it back in his pocket.  Angelo Mosca turned around, and saw Dewey Robertson crumpled on the mat.  Mosca stopped his pursuit of The Great Hossein (who was still backpedaling up the ramp.)  Mosca was about the head back to the ring, when The Great Hossein brought the Iranian flag down across the head of Mosca, so hard the flag broke in half.  Mosca collapsed in a heap on the ramp.

In the ring, Bob Della Serra clamped a front facelock on the unconscious Dewey Robertson.  Rocky Della Serra climbed to the top rop, took aim...and leapt off, landing his knee right into the back of the head of Dewey Robertson.  Bob Della Serra drove Robertson into the mat face first.  Terry Yorkston turned around to see Rocky Della Serra making the cover...and with a three count, The Della Serra Brothers became your new NWA International Tag Team Champions.

Official Result: The Della Serra Brothers become the NEW NWA INTERNATIONAL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS by defeating Angelo Mosca & Dewey Robertson via pinfall when Rocky Della Serra pins Dewey Robertson with The Della Serra Driver at 19:07

The fans were irate and pelted the ring with verbal abuse and thrown garbage.  Angelo Mosca lay unconscious on the ramp, thanks to the attack by The Great Hossein.  Dewey Robertson lay unconscious in the ring after the blackjack shot to the skull thanks to Floyd Creatchman, and the Della Serra Driver.

Norm Kimber took the microphone in hand and was about to announce the new champions, when Pretty Boy Floyd slid back into the ring, and grabbed the microphone away.


Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman: “Ladies and Gentlemen...please shut up!”

The fans booed louder.  Floyd Creatchman waved his client Big John Studd into the ring.  Surprisingly he also waved The Great Hossein toward the ring, who gladly joined him.  Floyd Creatchman happily hugged both men, and then they all embraced the new Tag Team Champions.

Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman: “Ladies and Gentlemen, you all know my client...the NWA Canadian Champion, Big John Studd!

Allow me to introduce my newest clients...the NWA Canadian Television Champion: The Great Hossein!”

Studd and Hossein raised their championship title belts high above their heads.

Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman: “And now...my two close, dear personal friends...two men who I have known for many years in Montreal!  Two men who I have been secretly advising since their return to Maple Leaf Wrestling, and who I am proud to announce as not only the newest members of my organization Pretty Boy International...but as your NEW NWA INTERNATIONAL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  BOB AND ROCKY...THE DELLA SERRA BROTHERS!”

Both Della Serra Brothers embrace Creatchman, and then theatrically hug both Studd and Hossein.  Bob and Rocky joined Hossein and Studd in holding their championship title belts high in the air...and the shows comes to a close with Big John Studd, The Great Hossein Arab, and The Della Serra Brothers...all four men holding championship title belts high over their heads as Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman applauds and grins from ear to ear...while the fans in Maple Leaf Gardens continue to boo and jeer as loud as they can...


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On 4/3/2021 at 11:43 PM, LowBlowPodcast said:

Lots of info coming out of Maple Leaf. I definitely like the direction things are going and the Niagra Falls main event would be a show stealer. I am interested to see how things continue to evolve north of the border and see how some of these bigger napes develop over time.


On 4/5/2021 at 12:18 PM, GeneJackson95 said:

Going to be spend some time going back through and catching up on Maple Leaf Wrestling, liking what I see so far!

Thanks very much guys, I really appreciate it.

Now that I have finally finished the Tag Team Tournament that I have been working on since February, and got the big Maple Leaf Gardens show from March posted, I can focus on the newer stuff.  I really need to catch up on what you guys have been doing as well...I am going to make that a priority over the next day or two!

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Looks like Pretty Boy Floyd is as cunning as his dad Eddie. In one fell swoop, he gets all the gold. Those no-good Della Serra brothers!

Either way, Floyd's comeuppance should be a blast! :)

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
House Show - Coburg Community Centre
Coburg, Ontario
April 2, 1981
Paid Attendance: 550

  • The Executioner pinned Salvatore Bellomo with a swinging neckbreaker
  • Cowboy Frankie Laine pinned Scrap Iron Sheppard with his patented running bulldog
  • Duke Myers & "No Class" Bobby Bass defeated The Marcus Brothers when Bass forced Joe Marcus to submit with a Boston Crab
  • Bullwhip Johnson, Scott McGhee & George Wells went to a Double Countout with Moose Morowski & The Kelly Twins
  • Dewey Robertson defeated The Destroyer with a Full Nelson Slam



Maple Leaf Wrestling
House Show - Belleville Arena
Belleville, Ontario
April 3, 1981
Paid Attendance: 500


  • The Executioner pinned Cowboy Frankie Laine with a swinging neckbreaker
  • The Destroyer submitted Salvatore Bellomo with a spinning toehold
  • Bullwhip Johnson defeated Duke Myers (accompanied by "No Class" Bobby Bass) by Disqualification when Bass interfered
  • Scott McGhee & George Wells defeated The Kelly Twins when McGhee pinned Pat Kelly with a flying elbow from the top rope
  • Dewey Robertson pinned "No Class" Bobby Bass with a powerslam



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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Arena Show - Kingston Memorial Centre
Kingston, Ontario
April 4, 1981
Paid Attendance: 1,150

  • Scrap Iron Sheppard & Tim Gerrard went to a 20 Minute Draw with Salvatore Bellomo & Nick DeCarlo
  • Moose Morowski & The Kelly Twins defeated Cowboy Frankie Laine & The Marcus Brothers when Morowski submitted Laine with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker
  • Scott McGhee pinned Duke Myers with a flying elbow drop from the top rope
  • George Wells defeated "No Class" Bobby Bass by countout when Bass bailed out and refused to return to the ring
  • The Destroyer pinned Bullwhip Johnson with a schoolboy rollup and pulling the tights
  • Sweet Daddy Siki pinned The Executioner with his famous dropkick
  • NWA International Tag Team Title Match: Angelo Mosca & Dewey Robertson defeated The Della Serra Brothers by DQ when Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman interfered

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9 hours ago, SirEdger said:

Looks like Pretty Boy Floyd is as cunning as his dad Eddie. In one fell swoop, he gets all the gold. Those no-good Della Serra brothers!

Either way, Floyd's comeuppance should be a blast! :)

Thanks bud.  Believe it or not, my plan for this tournament all the way back in February was to slowly build up The Della Serra Brothers and then introduce Pretty Boy Floyd as their manager in the finals, having him help them win.  I knew The Della Serra Brothers would fly under the radar, but I was having fun setting the whole thing up.  It took forever to get there, but I am glad I finally have that huge tournament over, I have tag team champs and my big heel stable is set!

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
House Show - Oakville Arena
Oakville, Ontario
April 9, 1981
Paid Attendance: 600

  • Goldie Rogers pinned Brian Mackney with a schoolboy rollup and putting his feet on the ropes for leverage
  • Huge Tom Lintz submitted Sal Bellomo with a bearhug
  • Kelly Kiniski, Whipper Watson Jr. & Bruno Sammartino Jr. defeated The Devil's Duo & Izzy Slapawitz when Kiniski pinned Slapawitz following a clothesline
  • Mr. Fuji defeated Tony "Cannonball" Parisi via submission with a nerve hold applied to the neck
  • NWA International Tag Team Title Match: Bad Leroy Brown & Sweet Daddy Siki defeated The Della Serra Brothers by DQ when Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman interfered

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