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WWE TV 02/22 - 02/28 I CAME TO PLAY


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I don't hate the idea of Bray Wyatt constantly coming up with new masks & shit because that could be kind of cool. I loved Great Muta entrances and matches for exactly that reason: getting to see what he was wearing. Could be pretty lucrative if each mask were to get a new toy figure, y'know?

The biggest difference is that I actually enjoyed watching The Great Muta perform too. Wyatt as The Fiend is too over-the-top & hokey. I say that as someone that really liked the Bayou cult leader gimmick. But all this shit with Alexa and setting people on fire & Seth Rollins literally crying in the ring & shit... it's too much.

I'm kind of a sucker for gimmicks like that though. I loved Papa Shago. I liked Waylon Mercy. I didn't even hate the clown mask & his re-debut with the new theme and shit. But it just went WAY too far into the goofy direction with the Pee-Wee's Playhouse & stuffed animals & hand puppets & giant mallets & shit. 

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Has anyone coined "the WWE dads"? If not, I'm claiming it. NJPW's only got a couple of dads... amateurs. This WWE roster would've had it's own one-off PPV special like Slamboree before Vince decided 50 was the new 30.

I do like Seamus, but I've been watching Jeff since he was a teenager and his work hasn't spoken to me in a long, long time.

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