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AWA TV @ The Hammond Civic Center 4-2-86 


The animated AWA logo spins around as you hear a voiceover. 

"From coast to coast, continent to continent, and border to border. Welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Highlights are shown of the USWA's last event, The Happening. 

Lance Russell is standing in front of the AWA banner. 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. We're very happy and excited the American Wrestling Association is back. On behalf of Jerry Jarrett and Verne Gagne, we want to welcome all our fans watching across the globe. Tonight you will see some outstanding in ring action. Right now please welcome out Jerry Jarrett who has some exciting announcements. 

Jarrett: Thank you Lance, this is exciting isn't it? The AWA is back! (Cheers) Ok, let's get down to business. As you recall, Tony St. Clair was stripped of the TV title due to his part in that despicable attack on El Canek at The Happening. I'll tell you, we were very close to an international incident, especially after St. Clair threw Canek's UWA title in the trash. St. Clair and Les Thronton have been suspended for 30 days as well. Giant Haystacks was never employed here and was escorted out. As for El Canek, he suffered a concussion and broken ribs. We wish him a speedy recovery and once again the AWA sends its most sincere apologies. Now, tonight we will have a match for the AWA TV title. I think the fans will enjoy it, especially the ones in Texas because it will be Scott Casey taking on Jose Estrada and the winner will be TV champion. These two have had quite a rivalry and I thought they should get a conclusion, so why not for the TV title. Tonight, you will also see a battle royal and the winner will get an AWA world title shot against Terry Funk on April 17th at the St. Paul Civic Center. I know Verne is excited that the AWA is returning to St. Paul.  I'm telling you Lance, this is one star studded battle royal. All that and a lot more. 

Boos as Terry Funk comes out wearing a black cowboy hat, jeans, no shirt and the new AWA world title on his shoulder.


Funk: How dare you start this show without the AWA world champ! I whipped that egg sucking dog Dusty Rhodes at The Happening! I was the last man to hold the USWA world title and now I have this here new AWA world title! But do either of you two jackasses mention that? No! Instead you mention a battle royal where the winner faces me. Good luck to all those sorry excuses for wrestlers because the only thing they're going to win is a first class ass whoop'n by me! 

Funk storms out. 

Lance: I wish he wouldn't use such bad language. If he would've waited, I was going to invite him out. Oh well, let's get to the ring. 


"Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly vs. Clarence Wilks 


Kelly looks good tonight as he hoists his opponent up and executes a delayed vertical suplex. Kelly swings Wilks to the corner and follows with a charging clothesline. Kelly quickly grabs Wilks and finishes things off with a Russian Leg Sweep for the win! 


Lance: You look good tonight Kevin but I have to ask, where's the Vin Man? 

Kev: (shrugs) I have no idea. I know Doug Sommers and Chick Donovan have left but I haven't heard anything from Vin. 

Lance : Well, you get a long awaited shot at some gold. On April 17th, you get a shot at the National title against Rocky Johnson. Are you a bit thrown off by Vinnie's absence? 

Kev: I can't be. I've plowed through a lot of competition to get to this point and believe me, Rocky Johnson you better be ready cuz I'm going to get that title! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, before we get to our next match, I want to give you an update on Cocoa Samoa's condition. As you saw, he was brutally attacked by the Cartel at The Happening. I understand he suffered serious neck injuries and will be out of action for quite some time. Get well soon Cocoa. 


AWA National Tag Team Champs The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Todd Rooney and Kris Ryder 


All Beasts as they simply destroy their opponents. They double clothesline Ryder over the top rope, swing Rooney to the ropes and put him down with double boots to the face for the win! 

Ox cuts a promo and warns all the AWA teams that if they want a shot at the titles they will be annihilated! 


Commercial Break 


"The King" Roy Lee Welch (wearing a crown, cape, sunglasses and holding a scepter) appears with Lance.

Welch: Lance! I can't tell you how upset I am! Lawler! You peasant! You lowlife! You no good phony imposter! You ruined everything! Lance, the fact is at The Happening, he cheated with a cheap shot! Lawler! I challenge you right here and now! Let's see if you got the guts when I'm looking right at you! You and me! Right now! 

Lance: Ok, Welch is heading to the ring. 

Special Challenge Match

"The Real King of Wrestling" Roy Lee Welch vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler 


Mass eruption as Lawler hits the ring. Just as Lawler enters, Welch blasts him over his head with his scepter! Welch just unloads on Lawler, hitting him several times with the scepter. Lawler is bleeding. He grabs the ropes and helps himself up. Lawler is dazed as he wobbles right into another scepter shot that puts him down! Welch puts his foot on Lawler's chest and holds up his scepter to thundering boos. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: My goodness, well, Lawler had to be helped out of here. Welch has started something big here. I hope he's prepared. Let's get back to the ring. 


Adrenaline Rush vs. Gil Gaynor and Ken Jurgens


Bassarab and Takano have been on a roll, most recently defeating Hart's Afire at The Happening. Tonight their chemistry is on. Takano hits an inverted piledriver on Jurgens then tags in Bassarab, who finishes things off with a flying leg drop from the top rope! 

Lance announces Adrenaline Rush will get a AWA National tag team title shot on April 17th in St. Paul. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: (AWA TV title is sitting on the podium) Ok fans, this next match is for the TV title and should be a wild one. This feud was tearing it up in Texas and now it comes to the AWA. Let's go to the ring. 

For the AWA TV Title 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs. "El Jefe" Jose Estrada 


Sunshine is all smiles as the fans give her a nice reaction. Casey gets a big pop as well and shows his appreciation. The mood changes quick as Estrada strolls down the aisle with a cigar in his mouth. He enters the ring and says some distasteful things to Sunshine. The bell rings. Casey charges but Estrada throws the cigar in his face and kicks him a bit low. Sunshine is guided out by the Ref. 

Estrada stomps on Casey and follows with several rabbit punches to his back. Estrada drops a few elbows on Casey's back the hurls him out of the ring. Estrada goes to the outside, picks up Casey and rams him back first into the steel post. Estrada drops Casey then walks over to Sunshine. Estrada yells at her then grabs her by her arm and threatens to slap her. The Ref goes out and warns Estrada. Estrada pushes Sunshine back and raises his hand at the Ref. Casey gets to his knees. Estrada grabs Casey and hoists him up for a piledriver but Casey fights it and back drops Estrada on the concrete! 

Both men are down. The Ref gets in the ring and starts the count. At the count of 8, Casey rolls in to break it, then rolls back out, grabs Estrada and hurls him back in the ring. Casey favors his back and regroups. He swings Estrada to the ropes and nails him with a back elbow smash. Casey clamps on a headlock and unloads with several punches. Casey swings Estrada to the corner, hops up on the middle ropes and does the customary 10 punches as the fans count along. Casey hits a monkey flip and covers 1..2..Kick Out. Casey swings Estrada to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Estrada kicks him hard. 

Estrada falls back against the ropes and shakes the cobwebs. Casey staggers up but Estrada puts him down with a clothesline 1..2..Kick Out. Estrada chokes Casey, then drags him to the corner and stomps away. Estrada stops stomping, rakes Casey's eyes, chokes him, then starts stomping away. Estrada hits a gut wrench suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Estrada hits a backbreaker, then applies the Boston Crab. Estrada wrenches away. The fans fire Casey up as he fights it. Casey muscles his way up and grabs the ropes. The Ref tells Estrada to break. Estrada wrenches away until the Ref hits the 4 count. Estrada looks down at Sunshine and gives her an obscene gesture. Sunshine is livid. The Ref is looking at Casey. Estrada puts his head through the ropes and says something to Sunshine. The fans go wild when Sunshine slaps him! 

Estrada is livid. He's about to run out after Sunshine but Casey gets up and dropkicks Estrada through the ropes. The Ref is looking down at Estrada and starts the count. 

Massive boos as The Cartel (Ricky Santana and Fidel Sierra) runs down the aisle and into the ring. But wait! Two men from the crowd hop the railing and hit the ring! It's SIVA AFI and JIMMY SNUKA!!!! 

Siva and Snuka hammer away on the Cartel and punch them through the ropes. They double headbutt Santana, then grab Fidel and double drop him neck first on the railing! 

While all that's going on, Casey breaks the Ref's count by going out and throwing Estrada back in the ring. 

On the outside, Siva and Snuka double drop Fidel once again neck first on the railing. Exactly what the Cartel did to Cocoa. Siva and Snuka hop the railing and through the crowd. 

Back in the ring, Casey swings Estrada to the ropes and back drops him. Casey pumps his fists. Ricky Santana staggers up and starts to head to the ring but Sunshine jumps on his back! Santana is swinging her around. 

Estrada staggers up, Casey swings off the ropes and nails Estrada with a bulldog 1..2..3!!!!! 

Sunshine jumps off Santana's back and runs into the ring and hugs Casey. 

Santana looks up at the fallen Estrada then looks in shock at his partner Fidel on the ground gasping for air. 

Scott Casey is the new AWA TV Champion! 


Commercial Break 

During the break, Fidel was stretchered out. Santana helped Estrada out of there. Clearly these guys didn't know what hit them. 


The camera zooms in on the pink now glowing 'Beauty Shop' sign, then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody! That's right, the Beauty Shop is now with the AWA. Come on, did you have any doubt? This is the highest rated segment in the entire wrestling world and trust me Verne Gagne, my show will draw astronomical ratings for the AWA. Just ask Jerry Jarret, he'll tell you what I did for the USWA. Now, I wanted my first AWA show to be a big one, not that all you idiots deserve it but I do have a reputation. My guests tonight stood tall at the end of The Happening so without further adieu, please welcome the Fabulous Ones! 


The Busboys 'Boys are back in Town' plays over the speakers as The Fabs come out to a rousing ovation. 

Britton: Well now, you boys certainly have a following. 

Lane: And we love every bit of it! (Looks at the fans) Thank you! 

Keirn: Yea we do! These fans supported us all the way and I hope we did them right by finally putting an end to the Fullers. 

Britton: Well, I think you boys were a bit lucky but hey let's move on. As you know I get all the scoops and I heard that you guys are heading to Japan for a lengthy tour. Looks to me like you're turning your backs on the fans here. How about it? 

Lane: Couldn't be farther from the truth. We love these fans and all the support they've given us. 

Keirn: We signed up for this tour months ago and we want to show the fans of Japan what the Fabs are all about. These great fans here will be in our hearts and that's a fact. 

Lane: Exactly! We've got a few weeks left before we leave and we want to make sure were ready for Japan. But don't you people worry, the Fabs will be back and better than ever! 

Big Pop! 

Britton: Yea ok, still sounds like you're ditching these wonderful people. That's something I would never do! Until next week tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


Kamala and Curtis Iaukea are standing in front of a volcano. Kamala is pacing, slapping his belly.


Iaukea: My Monster Kamala was the last man standing at The Happening! He survived the brutality and dominated! Now it is time! It is time to rule the AWA! Brace yourselves because this monster is hungry! 


Back live


Lance: Ok, Scott Casey, Sunshine, come on over. Great match with a lot of craziness but in the end you're the new AWA TV champion. Let me present this belt to you and congratulations. 

Casey holds the title up as the fans cheer. 

Sunshine: What a great moment. Scott Casey was the Texas All-Star Champ and I have to say that AWA TV title fits him well. The man is a champion and will be a fighting one. Trust me. 

Casey: Words can't express my joy. I was worried for a bit but looks like things worked out and I couldn't be happier. I had no idea what happened during the match until I just watched the footage. I want to personally thank Jimmy Snuka and Siva Afi for having my back. Looks like karma came back to bite the Cartel. Lance, Sunshine and I are excited to be here and I'm excited for all the upcoming challenges for this here title! Feels great! 

Lance: Ok, AWA TV champ Scott Casey along with Sunshine. Let's go back to the ring.


Curt Hennig and Brian Adias vs. Trent Watkins and Rudy Klein  


Hennig and Adias use quick tags and maneuvers to throw their opponents off. Adias executes an airplane spin on Klein, drops him and tags in Hennig. Hennig hits a bridging cradle suplex for the win. 

Cheers as they head to the podium. 

Lance: Impressive win. So what brought you two together? 

Hennig: Well, to tell you the truth it just happened. Brian and I ended up on a car trip together, had a long talk and realized how much we had in common. 

Adias: We have the same wrestling goals and are determined to win gold. So we decided to team up and go for some tag gold. 

Hennig: I think we have a lot to offer and I'm excited about this new venture. 

They high five as the fans cheer. 

Lance: There you have it. Curt Hennig and Brian Adias looking to make waves in the AWA. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, next week National Champ Rocky Johnson will be in action as well as the AWA World tag team champs The Bruise Brothers. Also next week...

Boos as Greg Gagne and his bodyguard Duke Myers appear. Duke grabs the mic from Lance and hands it to Gagne. 

Gagne: Thanks Duker. Not one word Lance. My last name is Gagne which means I'm running the show. My first order of business was booking me in tonight's battle royal, which I will win. No question about it. I have big plans as AWA world champion and it starts tonight. I'll see you after I win the battle royal because I have a lot to say. 

Duke pushes the mic at Lance then leaves. 

Lance: (rolls his eyes) As I was saying, starting next week Ken Resnick will be handling the interviews which will now take place by the ring. Looking forward to working with you Ken. Up next is the big battle royal and it has a who's who of names in wrestling. 


Commercial Break 


Battle Royal- Winner gets an AWA World Title Shot on April 17th in St. Paul 

Participants- Bob Armstrong, Austin Idol, Ricky Steamboat, Ron Garvin, Abdullah the Butcher, Manny Fernandez, Brad Rheingans, Greg Gagne, Mr. Olympia, The Spoiler, Rip Oliver, Matt Borne, Phil Hickerson, Bobby Duncum, Dutch Mantell, Bobby Jaggers, Carlos Colon 


Right when the bell rings, Colon (bandaged head and ribs) hits a flying press on Abdullah. Abdullah catches him but they both go over the top rope! They brawl all around the ring and up the aisle! 

Garvin, Fernandez and Olympia hurl Gagne over the top. Big Pop from the fans as Duke helps him out of there. 

Spoiler hurls Hickerson over.

Oliver, Borne, and Duncum throw Spoiler over. 

From behind Armstrong and Steamboat hurl the pile of Borne, Oliver and Duncum over. 

On the outside, Paul Jones runs out. Oliver and Borne attack Spoiler as Jones joins in. They ram him into the steel post then double slam him on the concrete! 

Garvin, Fernandez, Olympia and the Jayhawks are tied up and all five men tumble over. 

Idol hip tosses Rheingans over the top. 

It's down to Steamboat, Armstrong and Idol. 

Idol lowbows Steamboat from behind. Armstrong unloads on Idol. Armstrong swings Idol to the ropes and big back drops him over. Armstrong quickly checks on Steamboat. Idol grabs something from his trunks. Armstrong heads back over to Idol. Idol throws some kind of powder in Armstrong's face, grabs him and hurls him over the top. 

Idol regroups and works over Steamboat. Idol is feeling confident as he struts around a bit. Idol clotheslines Steamboat down, then picks him up and swings him into the corner. Idol charges in but Steamboat back drops Idol up and over the top rope! 

Huge pop! 

Ricky Steamboat wins the battle royal! 

Steamboat shakes the cobwebs and lifts his arms to the cheering fans.


TERRY FUNK hits Steamboat from behind! Funk picks up Steamboat and hurls him over the top rope! Boos as Funk holds up his arms. Steamboat is holding on to the top rope, pulls himself over. Swings off the ropes and dropkicks Funk from behind and sends Funk over the top rope! 

The fans are up and cheering as Funk staggers around pushing over chairs.

Show ends with Steamboat standing tall. 























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AWA @ The Auditorium, Milwaukee Wisconsin 4-3-86



Billy Jack Strong defeated Rene Goulet, with a delayed vertical brainbuster 


The Highwaymen (Phil Hickerson and Bobby Duncum) defeated Tony Garea and Steve O, with a spiked piledriver on Steve O 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin and "Maniac" Matt Borne, battled to a very hard hitting 10 minute draw. 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol defeated Brad Rheingans- Rheingans was in total control when he swung Idol into the corner and charged in but Idol raised his boot nailing Rheingans, then flipped him back and put his feet on the turnbuckles to get the pin


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Bruise Brothers (C) defeated "The Great" Gagne and Duke Myers- After getting fed up with Gagne and Myers rule breaking, Bruise Brothers double headbutt Myers through the ropes. Cash atomic drops Gagne, Snowman quickly grabs Gagne, hoists him up and gets the pin after a running powerslam! 


Carlos Colon and Abdullah the Butcher battle to a bloody double count out


AWA World Title Bout 

Terry Funk (C) vs. The Spoiler 

After winning his feud with Super Destroyer, Spoiler is rewarded a world title shot. 

Spoiler makes the most of this opportunity as he takes it to Funk. Funk rolls out of the ring several times to avoid Spoiler's onslaught. Finally Spoiler goes out after him and puts a pounding on Funk before hurling him back in the ring. Spoiler works Funk over with slams, suplexes, a backbreaker, followed by a knee drop from the middle ropes but Funk got his foot on the rope right before the 3 count. Spoiler swings Funk to the ropes and puts him down with a big right punch. Funk wobbles up and the fans go crazy when Spoiler applies the claw! Funk is swinging his arms and flailing like a madman as one of his arms hit the Ref. The Ref is down. Spoiler wrenches away and now Funk is down. Funk is laid out but so is the Ref. Spoiler releases the claw and checks on the Ref. The Ref slowly gets to his knees. Just as Spoiler turns around, Funk crawls over and lowblows him hard. Funk follows with a swinging neckbreaker as the Ref counts 1..2..3! 

Winner and still AWA World Champ- Terry Funk 



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Love the start to AWA... back to where we first started all of this!

Kevin Kelly moving up the ladder here as he gets a shot at Rocky Johnson's national title.  Nice job with the push here.

Very interesting to see Welch tear about Lawler with the scepter.  I bet Lawler will have somethnig to say about this.

What a match for the TV title.  Like how you carried this feud from Texas to the AWA.... WOW... Snuka and Avi aftet the Cartel!  This is going to be wild!  Nice to see Casey with the title.

Great beauty shop.  Interesting to see the Fab Ones going to Japan.  Will be interesting to see which way this goes.  Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder but sometimes out of sight-out of mind.  We shall see!

Hennig and Adias is a nice team for the AWA where sometimes technical wrestlers shine.  

Awesome to see Steamboat quickly rising to the top!  The titile match should be great.

On to Milwaukee....

Wonder how the Great Gagne got a title shot so quickly.... hmmmmm...... Ohhhh Verne is back.  Love it!

Abbie-Colon is not for the faint of heart.  Like how this card has something for everyone.

The Spoiler is a nice choice for Funk.  Very believable that he could win the bout but not harm done to him if he comes up short.  

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Civic Center 4-9-86


"From continent to continent, coast to coast and border to border. Welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. Big show lined up tonight as you'll see The Spoiler take on Rip Oliver managed by Paul Jones. One half of the Highwaymen, Bobby Duncum goes one on one with the Raging Bull Manny Fernandez. AWA World tag team champs the Bruise Brothers will be in action, as will the National Champ Rocky Johnson. Also in action will be Kamala, Brad Rheingans, Alexis Smirnoff and the Superflys. Blockbuster main event as Carlos Colon clashes with Abdullah the Butcher. Jerry Lawler will have some words. We'll hear from AWA world champ Terry Funk and also from his upcoming challenger Ricky Steamboat. And starting tonight, Ken Resnick will be conducting post match interviews at ringside. All that and a lot more. Let's get to the ring. 


Brad Rheingans vs. Trent Watkins 


Rheingans shows off his extensive amateur background as he works over his opponent. Rheingans hits an atomic drop then quickly grabs Watkins and executes a bridging German suplex for the win. 

Ken Resnick waits in front of the ring as Rheingans heads over for an interview. 

Resnick: Ok, great win tonight Brad. You and Bob Roop had tremendous success teaming up as the Technicians. I understand, you're now pursuing a singles career.

Rheingans: That's right Ken. I enjoyed my time with Bob and learned quite a bit from him. I'm flying solo now and looking to climb the ladder for a title opportunity. 

Resnick: Well, good luck Brad, looking forward to big things from you. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Champs The Bruise Brothers vs. Curtis Moore and Tim Thompson 


The fans are up and cheering as 'Boogie Fever' plays over the speakers.

Great showcase for the champs as they look sharp tonight. Cash swings Moore to the ropes and hits a flying press/headbutt, then tags in Snowman. Snowman hoists Moore on his shoulder and finishes things off with a running powerslam. 

Bruise Brothers cut a promo and say they're feeling on top of the world and ready for all comers! 


Commercial Break- Advertisement for upcoming house shows including the big April 17th card in St. Paul 


"The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez vs. Bobby Duncum w/Phil Hickerson 


Both Highwaymen come out wearing long trench coats and cowboy hats. Manny comes out wearing a black vest and red headband. 

The Ref instructs Hickerson to get out of the ring. Hickerson has words with Manny before exiting. The bell rings as Duncum attacks Manny. Duncum clubs away on Manny, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash 1..2..Kick Out. Duncum body slams Manny, goes to the middle ropes and comes down with a knee drop but Manny moves. 

Manny regroups and pounds away on Duncum, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Duncum staggers up and Manny nails him with a thrust kick. Manny swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..2..NO! Hickerson hits the ring and puts the boots to Manny. The Ref signals for the DQ. 

Duncum staggers up and joins in the 2 on 1 beat down. They swing Manny to the ropes and double clothesline him. Satisfied, they raise there arms up and exit. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans before we get back to the action, I'm standing here with Hangman Bobby Jaggers. Bobby, I understand your partner Dutch Mantell has left the area. 

Jaggers: Sorry to say it but yea, Dutch has some business to take care of and will be taking care of that. However, I'm not going anywhere so the Hangman will be staying put in the AWA! 

Resnick: Good enough for me. Let's get back to the ring. 


Alexis Smirnoff vs. Ken Jenkins 


Smirnoff gets some good 80s heel heat as he walks around the ring waving the Russian Flag. 

Smirnoff breaks all the rules and finishes Jenkins off with a knee drop from the middle ropes. 


Resnick: Alexis Smirnoff, next week you will face Scott Casey for the TV title.

Smirnoff: I came to the AWA for money and titles. I will put that weak so called American champion down next week and win the TV title with great ease. 


Commercial Break 


"Golden Boy" Dan Spivey vs. Vic Dutro 


Spivey looks good in his AWA debut as he executes a delayed vertical suplex. Spivey swings Dutro to the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam for the 1..2..3! 


Lance Russell: Great win for Dan Spivey. Fans, this next segment has been paid for by Les Thornton. Let's hear from Mr. Thornton.

Thornton is standing in front of a UK flag. 

Thornton: Let me clue you clueless people in on something. The AWA stripped Tony St. Clair of his TV title because they knew nobody would ever beat him for it. He never lost a match. That's right! For over a year, he was undefeated. Did they think we wouldn't be doing anything during his suspension? Quite the opposite. I have promoted a "Simply the Best" European tour. Just take a look at the footage. 

Footage shows Tony St. Clair defeating an opponent in Manchester. 


Commercial Break 


The Superflys (Siva and Snuka) vs. Sam Smith and Ty Burrows 


The Superflys give the fans a lot to cheer about as they work their opponents over with chops, slams and dropkicks. Siva drops Burrows with a jumping headbutt then tags in Snuka. Snuka goes to the top ropes and hits the Superfly Splash for the 1..2..3! 


Resnick: Huge shocker last week as Jimmy Snuka showed up with Siva Afi to get some revenge on the Cartel. 

Siva: My brotha Jimmy Snuka saw what the Cartel did to Cocoa. Jimmy called me up and said I'm coming to help brother. 

Snuka: Cartel! We got you Fidel! Estrada! Santana! The clock ticks forward and the Superflys are getting closer. Get ready. 


Commercial Break 


The Spoiler vs. "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones 


On the way to the ring, Spoiler is jumped by Rip Oliver, Matt Borne and Shaska Whatley along with Paul Jones! They give Spoiler a beatdown but it could of been worse because luckily Ron Garvin and Bobby Jaggers come out swinging chairs. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Ok, Paul Jones, just what was that all about? 

Jones: I'll tell you what this is all about. It's about my army destroying the Spoiler! Yea! Just look at my army now! I have a crippler, a maniac and my dear old friend Shaska Whatley! I can't lose! Now it looks like some others want to get involved. Garvin! Jaggers! Big mistake! Number one Paul Jones's army is bigger and better than ever! 


Resnick: A very dangerous stable indeed. Speaking of dangerous, back to the ring. Oh, hold on, looks like Kevin Kelly wants to say something. Kevin, you have a national title match with Rocky Johnson coming up on April 17th in St. Paul. You want to talk about that? 

Kelly: Vinnie, if your out there and can hear me. Please call. I haven't heard from you since The Happening and I need you in St. Paul. This is my big shot. Please, Vin Man, call me. 

Kelly puts his head down and exits. Resnick pauses then takes us back to the ring. 


Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Todd Rooney 


Kamala destroys Rooney before taking him out with the big splash! 

Resnick: Devastating win for Kamala...

Iaukea interrupts. 

Iaukea: Devastating is an understatement! I told you the monster is hungry and there's only one thing that can satisfy his appetite. That is the AWA world title! Yes! We want the title and we want to rule the AWA! 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the number one rated segment in wrestling, the beauty shop. This is a very special episode because I don't have a guest. I told you that I get all the inside information first and tonight I have some good stuff. Now, I know all of you are dying to know where Champagne Gerry Morrow and Mr. Money Carl Fergie have been. 


Britton: This show is all about positive vibes so knock that off! (Holds up a postcard) I have here a postcard from none other than Gerry Morrow. It's from Tahiti. He says him and Carl are resting and recharging and having the time of their lives. Soaking it up in hot tubs with pretty ladies, laying out on the beach enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. They will come back when they feel like it and when they do, they're coming for some tag team gold. (puts down the postcard) I'm so happy for them. They really deserved this vacation and I can't wait to have them on my show when they return. Until next week toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Roy Lee Welch beats Jerry Lawler with his scepter.


Resnick: Please welcome out Jerry "The King" Lawler! 

Huge pop as Lawler comes out with a bandaged forehead. 



Lawler: Ken, I'll get right to the point. The AWA isn't big enough for two Kings so I have a solution. Welch, you and me, April 17th in St. Paul, a loser leaves town match! One man leaves and one King reigns. Let's see if you have the guts. 

Resnick: Ok, the challenge has been made. King verses King, loser leaves town match. Back to the ring. 


AWA National Champ Rocky 'Soul Man' Johnson vs. Carl Kellerman 


The fans are on their feet cheering as Johnson hits Carl with several arm drags. Johnson swings Carl to the ropes and puts him down with a high dropkick then follows with a jumping elbow drop for the 1..2..3! 

Johnson cuts a promo and says Kevin Kelly better be focused on him come April 17th because the National Champ is bringing his A game baby! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Before we get to our main event, next week the Cartel, Jose Estrada and Ricky Santana will be in tag action. Ron Garvin takes on Shaska Whatley. Billy Jack Strong will be in the ring. Scott Casey defends the TV title against Alexis Smirnoff and Austin Idol will be here. Ok...

Manny Fernandez storms out.

Manny: Highwaymen! You're good at two on one but how about you meet me and my mystery partner on April 17th in St. Paul? Let's see how tough you boys really are! 

Resnick: A very upset Manny Fernandez but it looks like he has a plan. Ok, main event time and it should get pretty crazy. 


Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the Butcher


The bell rings and the fight is on! It gets brutal quick as these guys just hammer and pound away on each other. It doesn't take long before the fight spills outside the ring. The Ref is counting as they continue to brawl. Abby swings Colon into the steel post. Colon sits against the post as Abby charges but Colon moves and Abby hits the post. Colon slides in the ring as the Ref hits the 10 count. The fans cheer as Colon gets the c.o. win. Abby slides back in the ring with his fork and nails Colon from behind. Abby starts carving away on Colon's forehead as the blur goes across the TV screen then cuts to a commercial. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Ricky Steamboat wins a battle royal to earn a world title shot. 

Resnick: Things have settled down but that feud between Colon and Abdullah is far from over. Before we go, I want to bring out the man who will challenge Terry Funk for the AWA world title in St. Paul on April 17th. Please welcome out Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat! 

Big Pop as Steamboat comes out waving to the fans. 


Steamboat: (Shakes Ken's hand) Great to be here Ken. I've been training like a madman for this opportunity and believe me I'm ready.

Boos as Terry Funk comes out. 


Resnick: Hold on Terry, please I don't want trouble.

Funk: (Holds his arms out) There's not going to be trouble. (looks at Steamboat) I'm not going to call you an egg suck'n dog but anybody who waltzes in here and thinks they're going to take my world title....well I will call you a jackass! 

Steamboat: You know Terry, I've been watching your title reign for months and what stands out most is you like to talk tough. You can call me anything you want but when we step into the squared circle, trust me, I'm taking that title. 

Funk: Well, I change my mind, not only are you an egg suck'n dog but you're a yellow belly spineless egg suck'n dog! I see it in your eyes. You lack grit boy. 

Funk lightly slaps Steamboat a couple times.

Funk: Go ahead Steamboat, turn the other cheek. 

Funk slaps him a couple more times. 

The fans roar as Steamboat pushes Funk then slaps him across the chest, sending him down. 

Resnick gets out of there as the show ends. 











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AWA @ The Rupp Arena, Lexington KY 4-10-86



"The Real King of Wrestling" Roy Lee Welch defeats A Local talent with a vertical suplex followed by a elbow drop from the middle ropes 


The Cartel (Jose Estrada and Ricky Santana) defeated Tony Garea and Steve O with a double Gourdbuster on Garea.


"Hangman" Bobby Jaggers and Shaska Whatley w/ Paul Jones battled to a double c.o


Curt Hennig and Brian Adias defeated "The Great" Gagne and his bodyguard Duke Myers when Myers accidently hit Gagne with his loaded forearm, allowing Hennig to grab Gagne and execute the bridging cradle suplex for the win. 


Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat defeated Rene Goulet with a flying press from the top rope. Big pop for Steamboat


Kamala w/ Curtis Iaukea defeated Brad Rheingans with a big splash. As Rheingans swung off the ropes, Iaukea nailed him with a kendo stick shot to the back. Rheingans stumbled into a double thrust to the throat by Kamala. Kamala then hit the big splash. 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol 

These two are no strangers to each other and this match drew a lot of people tonight. They give the fans a solid 15 minutes. Lawler takes control and is about to hit the fist drop from the middle ropes but Roy Lee Welch runs out and hits Lawler with his scepter. The Ref signals for the DQ. Welch and Idol give Lawler a 2 on 1 beatdown before Welch grabs the house mic and accepts Lawler's loser leaves town match in St. Paul. On their way out, the fans throw garbage at them. 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Bruise Brothers (C) vs. "Maniac" Matt Borne and "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones 

Last year Borne and Oliver had a lot of success in the USWA. However, things have changed as they've now aligned themselves with Paul Jones in the AWA. 

Exciting back and forth hard hitting match that keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. At the 30 minute mark, Shaska Whatley makes an appearance but Bobby Jaggers is on it and attacks Whatley. Jones tries to get involved but Jaggers puts him down. In the ring, Borne and Oliver see this and try to head out there but Cash hurls Oliver over the top rope as Snowman rolls up Borne for a quick 1..2..3! Huge Pop! 

Winners and still AWA World Tag Team Champs- The Bruise Brothers



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AWA @ The Hammond Center was very realistic for the time and fun to read. You seem to have not missed a beat with the move to the AWA.

Rheingans should be right at home in the AWA which always seemed to favor the technical wrestler if I remember correctly.

Using the Highway Men to push Manny was a great move.

It doensn't matter who, you throw a Russian in to the mix and the heat is automatic.  Smirnoff vs Casey will draw a crowd.  I am very interested to see which way to go.

More people making their debut in the AWA.  Spivey is one to keep an eye on.

St. Clair and the "European Tour" makes him seem real legit for some new fans who don't know much about him.

The Cartel vs Snuka and Avi is going to be WILD!

Great job building Paul Jones Army and I like who his unit is focused on one person.... The Spoiler!  This reminds me of the MACW days when he was after Jimmy Valiant.  

The Kamala gimmick in 2021 seems so ridiculous but in the 80's, it worked where ever he went.  Love how you have him with Iaukea.  Makes it seem even more real.

The Beauty Shop was great.... The postcard from Tahiti was a nice touch.

The picture of Abbie with the fork in his mouth had my laughing!  Colon vs Abbie could wrestle to 300 straight double DQ's and it would still sell tickets.  Great booking here.

King vs King!  I have a prediction on this one!

Funk better be careful.  Steamboat is not what he is used to and we could see a new champ!



Great job building up your current angles and wrestlers.

Kamala continues to be the monster heel!

As if Lawler vs Idol was not enough... here comes King #2..... This just migh make Lawler angry or maybe it makes Idol think he owes Roy Lee one?  Looking forward to the Loser-Leave Town match.

If only we could go back in time.... The Bruise Brothers are PERFECT!

Paul Jones Army is a nasty group.  Will be watching to see if they can get the job done.


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Being a dog is one thing. But an egg suck'n dog - now THAT'S a dog! Segment was gold.

Really nice house show in Lexington. King and Welch has me really interested to see what happens in that showdown. It would be a bit easy to predict, but that's part of the reason I can't do it!

I'm way in on the goings-on here!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 4-16-86


"From continent to continent, coast to coast and border to border, welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. Big show lined up as Scott Casey defends the TV title against Alexis Smirnoff. Ron Garvin takes on Matt Borne. Curt Hennig and Brian Adias will be in tag team action. You'll also see Billy Jack Strong, the Highwaymen, Greg Gagne, Bobby Jaggers, Adrenaline Rush and Austin Idol. As you all know the AWA returns to St. Paul this weekend. My colleague Ken Resnick will be speaking with Ricky Steamboat regarding his upcoming AWA world title shot against Terry Funk. Fans, let's get to the ring. 


"The Great" Greg Gagne w/bodyguard Duke Myers vs. Trent Watkins


Gagne is smug tonight as he toys with his opponent. Gagne chokes Watkins on the bottom rope. As the Ref guides Gagne back, Myers slaps Watkins across the face. Gagne picks up Watkins and clamps on the sleeper to get the win. Gagne meets Resnick outside the ring. 

Gagne is upset as looks out at all the booing fans.

Resnick: Well Greg, just listen to this reaction. 

Gagne: I don't get it. They just witnessed a consummate professional in the ring and this is the thanks I get? You people make me sick. You're nothing but a bunch of losers and morons. My last name is Gagne and I call the shots around here, so show some respect.

Cheers as Brad Rheingans comes out.


Rheingans: Greg, you and I go way back and we've met in some tag team battles last year but I'm still not sure what's gotten into you. 

Gagne: Well, well well, if it isn't little Bradley Rheingans. You got some nerve interrupting me. 

Rheingans: I'm not here to upset you. Even though we've had some heated tag  matches in the USWA, we're old friends and you aren't the Greg Gagne I once knew. 

Gagne: (laughs) You're right about that. What you see is the Great Gagne and the only friend I need is standing right here. No, not you Bradley. I'm talking about my bodyguard Duker. 

Duke clotheslines Rheingans from behind! Gagne looks down and smiles.

Gagne: Don't ever interrupt me again Bradley. Come on Duker, let's go. 


Commercial Break 


"Hangman" Bobby Jaggers vs. Vic Dutro 


Jaggers swings Dutro to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Jaggers picks him up and executes the hangman's neckbreaker for the win. 


Resnick: Impressive win for Bobby Jaggers. Standing with me now is Kevin Kelly. Kevin, you get a National title shot with Rocky Johnson in St. Paul but lately you seem to be distraught over Vinnie Valentino's absence. Any word on that? 


Kelly: Not a thing. Vin Man, I'm begging you, please be there in St. Paul. We've worked so hard for this opportunity. Please be there. After all, we are family. 


Commercial Break 


The Cartel (Jose Estrada and Ricky Santana) vs. Sam Smith and Rodney Moore 


Cartel are ruthless tonight as they lay into their opponents. They finally end the match with a double gourdbuster! 

Cartel give a angry promo on the Superflys. They say they will get revenge for Fidel and show the Superflys absolutely no mercy! None whatsoever! 


Commercial Break 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. "Maniac" Matt Borne w/Paul Jones 


These guys just hammer away on each other for the first few minutes. Borne takes control with an eye rake and short arm clothesline. Borne stomps away on Garvin, hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Borne picks up Garvin and swings him to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Garvin kicks him. Borne staggers back and Garvin sends him through the ropes with a big right punch. 

Wait! From behind Shaska Whatley and Rip Oliver hit the ring and attack Garvin! The Ref signals for the DQ. 

Jones gets in the ring and joins in the beating. 

But wait! Bobby Jaggers and The Spoiler hit the ring and the brawl is on! 

Fists are flying and everyone fights into the commercial 


Commercial Break 


Lance: My goodness that was a fight. I've just been informed that in St. Paul there will be a 6 man tag as The Spoiler, Bobby Jaggers and Ron Garvin will take on Paul Jones's army of Rip Oliver, Matt Borne and Shaska Whatley. That will be a barn burner. Fans, once again, this next segment has been paid for by Les Thornton. Let's hear from Les.



Les: I'm here in Germany, the next stop on the Simply the Best European tour. Oh yes, the corrupt AWA committee just thought we would take our suspension and TV title stripping quietly. Quite the contrary. Tony St. Clair is defeating all comers on his European tour. When we come back to the AWA, he will be better than ever. Then it will be time. Yes, the time is coming and we will show all you inferior Americans just what we're capable of. Now enjoy the wrestling exhibition by a man who truly is simply the best. 


Footage from Germany as Tony St. Clair defeats his opponent with his floating butterfly suplex. 


Commercial Break 


Adrenaline Rush vs. Larry Hazelton and Todd Rooney  


The fans are cheering as Adrenaline Rush go on a high octane onslaught. Takano executes an inverted piledriver on Rooney and Bassarab follows with a flying leg drop from the top rope for the win! 

Adrenaline Rush cut a promo and say they're more than ready for the Beasts of Burden and their National tag title shot in St. Paul. They also say Ox Baker's intimidation acts hasn't phased them one bit. 


Commercial Break 


Tony Garea vs. William Hillman


Garea gets a nice reception from the crowd as he wins the match with a flying body press! 


Resnick: Always great seeing a true ring veteran like Tony Garea in action. Fans, with me right now is Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson, known as the Highwaymen. Last week you two gave Manny Fernandez quite a beating but now he's challenged you two for a match in St. Paul and he promises to bring in a partner. You guys have to be a little concerned. 

The Highwaymen (wearing cowboy hats and long trench coats) crack up laughing. 


Hickerson: Concerned? Resnick, you're joking right? Do we look concern? Look, we want title matches and as far as we're concerned Manny Fernandez and his stupid partner are just in the way.

Duncum: That's right! Manny is a mosquito and it's time to swat that pest and be done with him. You unnastan?


Commercial Break- Advertisement for the AWA's first closed circuit event WrestleRock 86 coming in July. 


Billy Jack Strong vs. Clinton Stitch 


Strong looks great tonight as he works Stitch over with a variety of power moves. Strong hoists Stitch up and executes a delayed brain buster for the win. 

Strong gives the fans a double bicep pose.

WHAM! He's nailed from behind! 

Lance: Oh my! That's Billy Jack Haynes! Oh wait a minute, Ox Baker has entered the ring.


Ox says something to Haynes. 

Haynes unloads on Strong then clamps on the Full Nelson! Haynes wrenches away, then swings Strong around and tosses him across the ring! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Ok, Billy Jack Strong was helped out of here. I'm with Ox Baker and Billy Jack Haynes. Billy Jack, what are you doing with this man and why have you targeted Billy Jack Strong?

Haynes: Isn't it obvious? That man stole my name and has been using it to try and make a name for himself. Well, the real Billy Jack has arrived and there's no room for that wannabe. So listen up Strong. You best be on your way out and fast! 


Ox: This man Billy Jack Haynes is the final piece of my puzzle. Look at his power. Look at his intensity. I will make sure he gets the proper respect he deserves. Count on it! Oh and as for that cute little team out here earlier tonight, mark my words, my beasts of burden are going to dismantle and destroy you both in St. Paul. Billy Jack Haynes, it's only a matter of time before you're wearing gold. 


Commercial Break 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Willie Lopez and Mel Arnold 


The fans love every minute of it as the Fabs give them a show. Lane nails Arnold with a superkick, Keirn quickly grabs him and executes a back suplex for the win! 


Resnick: These fans sure love the Fabulous Ones. I know you're heading to Japan in a couple of weeks and it looks like you guys are ready. 

Lane: I tell you something Ken, we're going to miss these great fans. 

Keirn: It's only a see you later. We'll be back in a few weeks. The Fabs are ready to take on Japan! 

Big Pop! 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the highest rated segment in wrestling today, the Beauty Shop. Tonight's show is an encore if you will. This man defiantly deserves one. Wait I'm sorry, this King defiantly deserves one. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome out the one and only true king of professional wrestling Roy Lee Welch! 


Boos as Welch comes out wearing his crown, cape and sun glasses. He holds up his scepter and smiles as the boos reign down. More boos as he grabs Brenda's hand and kisses it. 

Britton: Oh my, such a gentlemen unlike that imposter fake king, Jerry Lawler. Speaking of which, I can't wait for St. Paul because not only will you prove who the real king of wrestling is but you get the honor of doing us all a favor and sending that fake Lawler out of the AWA for good. 

Welch: Ah Brenda you have such an elegant way with words and you're exactly right. You're looking at the one and only real king of wrestling. I've already left that phony laid out and beaten several times but like the peasant he is, he doesn't know when to quit. You know, I told my good buddy President Ronald Reagan this and you know what he said? 

Brenda: What? 

Welch: He said, Roy, no question about it, he's a problem and must be eliminated. Jerry Lawler! That's exactly what I'm going to do! These fans deserve a real King and brother I'm the real deal. 

Brenda: Yes you are! (Brenda bows down) You're a true King indeed. (Stands back up) Until next week tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Keith Bryant 


'Do you want to touch me' by Joan Jett blasts on the speakers. 

The fans boo as Austin Idol enters the ring and starts flexing. 

The match is all Idol. idol hoists Bryant up and executes a shun breaker. idol clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock and it's all over. 


Resnick: Ok, I'm here with Austin idol. Austin, you sure know how to put on a show.

Idol: Ken darling, I am the most charismatic wrestler in the world today daddy! The men fear me and the woman love me. I got it all daddy! Well almost. The only thing missing is a title. I'm coming for you Rocky Johnson and that National title. You call yourself the soul man but brother you can only dream of having just a tad of my charisma. You're to much of a chump to be holding that title. That title needs to be worn by a man like yours truly. You're going down Johnson so get ready for the fall. 


Commercial Break 


Curt Hennig and Brian Adias vs. Carl Kellerman and Mike Young 


The past couple of weeks, Hennig and Adias have been really gelling well. Tonight is no different as Adias gives Kellerman an airplane spin, drops him and tags in Hennig. Hennig executes the fisherman's suplex for the 1..2..3! 

Hennig and Adias cut a promo and say they're in synch and keep getting better every week. 


Resnick: I think great things are in the works for that young and dynamic team. Fans, next week the AWA world tag champs the Bruise Brothers will be in action. Also you will see Kamala, The Spoiler and Carlos Colon. Brad Rheingans goes one on one with Greg Gagne. Listen to this, The Superflys will clash with The Cartel, wow. We'll also have an update on El Canek. Our big TV title main event when we come back. 


Commercial Break 


AWA TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/Sunshine vs. Alexis Smirnoff 


The fans boo as Smirnoff enters the ring waving the Russian Flag. Boos turn to a roaring cheer as Sunshine leads Casey to the ring. Smirnoff is furious by that reaction. As Casey enters the ring, Smirnoff whacks Casey on his back with the flag. The Ref guides Smirnoff back and checks on Casey as Sunshine yells at Smirnoff. Casey tells the Ref to ring the bell. The Ref signals for the bell. 

As Casey staggers up Smirnoff sends him through the ropes with a flying knee. Smirnoff goes to the outside and slams Casey on the concrete. Smirnoff hurls Casey back in the ring. Smirnoff grabs Casey and hits a backbreaker. Lifts Casey up and hits another backbreaker 1..2..Kick Out. Smirnoff drops several knees on Casey's back. Smirnoff body slams Casey then picks him up and gives him another backbreaker. Smirnoff applies the Boston Crab! Smirnoff wrenches away as Sunshine and the fans fire Casey up. Casey pushes himself up with all his strength and twists Smirnoff over to break the hold. 

Smirnoff picks up Casey and swings him into the corner and charges in but Casey runs forward and puts Smirnoff down with a clothesline! Casey regroups as he favors his back. Smirnoff staggers up and Casey puts him down with a dropkick. Casey picks up Smirnoff and gives him a backbreaker. Casey swings Smirnoff hard into the corner. Smirnoff staggers out as Casey swings off the ropes and hits a Bulldog 1..2..3!!! 

Huge Pop! 

Sunshine runs in with the title and hands it to Casey. Sunshine raises his arm as Casey holds up the title with his other arm. 

Scott Casey retains the AWA TV title. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Tremendous win for Scott Casey. I believe he's going to be a fighting champion. Switching gears. I want to bring out the man who will be challenging Terry Funk for the AWA world title in St. Paul. Welcome out Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat! 


Steamboat stops and takes in the huge ovation. He smiles and gives the double thumbs up. The cheers turn to thundering boos as Terry Funk runs out. Steamboat turns around and Funk spits tobacco juice in his face! Steamboat is punching at the air. Funk holds up his world title, then whacks Steamboat across the head! Steamboat goes down. Funk looks down and spits tobacco juice on his chest as the show ends. 











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AWA @ The St. Paul Civic Center 4-17-86



Brad Rheingans defeated Rene Goulet with a gut wrench suplex 


The Highwaymen vs. "Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez and ???- Highwaymen are oozing confidence until they see Manny's mystery partner. Manny heads up the aisle with GRIZZLY BOONE (His Cabin Fever partner from Pacific!) The match is an all out slugfest that ends with Boone sending Duncum through the ropes with a shoulder block and Manny getting the pin on Hickerson with the flying burrito! 


Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea defeated Tony Garea with the big splash! 


The Spoiler/"Hangman" Bobby Jaggers and "Rugged" Ron Garvin battled "Maniac" Matt Borne/"Crippler" Rip Oliver and Shaska Whatley w/Paul Jones to a Double DQ 


AWA National Title Bout 

Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson (C) vs. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly 

Kelly is obviously not on his game because Vin Man has been MIA and isn't here tonight. Kelly does get in some nice moments, however Johnson is on his A game tonight and gets the win with a sunset flip. Johnson retains! 


Loser leaves town match! 

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "The Real King of Wrestling" Roy Lee Welch 

There's only room for one King in the AWA so tonight one man leaves and one King will reign. Lawler starts off with a bang as he pinballs Welch all over the place. Welch finally takes control and works over Lawler. Lawler pulls his strap down and makes his comeback. He's on a roll until the Ref gets sandwiched and takes a bump. Welch nails Lawler with a lowblow then goes out and gets his scepter. Welch waits as Lawler staggers up. Welch takes a big swing but Lawler ducks and fires away on Welch with his Memphis punches. Lawler picks up the scepter and blasts Welch over his head! Lawler hops up on the middle ropes and crashes down with the fist drop! The Ref crawls over and counts 1..2..3!!! 

Lawler gets his crown and gets back in the ring. The fans roar as Lawler holds his crown up high. 


Lawler is nailed from behind with a steel chair by SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE!!!!! 

Dundee hits Lawler several times with the chair. Dundee sets the chair down and lays Lawler on it. Dundee goes to the top rope and crashes down with the Bombs Away! The fans throw garbage in the ring as Dundee holds his arms up in victory. 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

The Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker vs. Adrenaline Rush 

Takano and Bassarab use their speed and high flying offense to throw the Beasts off their game. Nord and Rip come back with their brutality and power. All four men end up in a pier six brawl. As the Ref is guiding Takano back, Rip nails Takano from behind, sending him through the ropes. Bassarab swings off the ropes but Ox trips him. Bassarab staggers into a big boot from Nord! Nord covers and gets the 1..2..3! Beasts of Burden retain! 


AWA World Title Bout

Terry Funk (C) vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat 

On TV, Funk spit tobacco in Steamboat's face and blasted him with the title belt. This would explain Steamboat's look of rage, intensity and fury. During introductions, Funk paces the outside while taunting Steamboat and starting fights with the fans. Funk finally gets in the ring and the Ref signals for the bell.

Steamboat is all over Funk with punches! Steamboat swings Funk to the ropes and puts him down with a hard chop. Funk staggers up and Steamboat dropkicks him out of the ring. The fans laugh as Funk staggers up and falls back down. An irate Funk gets up, pushes the timekeeper out of his chair, then throws the chair in the ring. Funk starts arguing with a fan. Steamboat runs out,. Funk turns around and Steamboat sends him over the railing with a chop. Steamboat grabs Funk by his hair and hurls him back in the ring. 

Steamboat climbs up to the top rope. Funk rises and Steamboat puts him down with a brain chop. Steamboat hoists Funk up and delivers a delayed vertical suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat lifts Funk up. Funk takes a wild swing, Steamboat ducks and delivers an atomic drop. Funk is standing cross-legged, Steamboat quickly grabs him and executes a back suplex 1..2..Funk gets his shoulder up. Steamboat swings Funk to the corner and charges in but Funk moves and Steamboat hits hard. Funk wobbles over, rakes Steamboat's eyes and hurls him out of the ring. 

Funk shakes the cobwebs. Steamboat gets on the apron, Funk grabs his head and snaps it on the top rope. Steamboat falls to the apron. Funk swings off the ropes and baseball slides Steamboat to the ground. Funk goes to the apron and waits. Steamboat slowly rises and Funk puts him down with a double axehandle. Funk picks up Steamboat and swings him into the steel post. Funk slams Steamboat's head on the apron and hurls him back in the ring. 

Funk grabs Steamboat and delivers a swinging neckbreaker 1..2..kick out! Funk's annoyed. Funk picks up Steamboat, pushes him in the corner and follows with a running shoulder thrust. Funk follows with several shoulder thrusts, rakes Steamboat's eyes and executes a Russian legsweep 1..2..Steamboat barely gets his shoulder up. An irate Funk gets up and pushes the Ref. The Ref gives him a stern warning. Funk continues to yell at the Ref. Funk picks up Steamboat, swings him to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Steamboat kicks him. Funk slowly starts to rise but Steamboat nails him with an enzugiri. 

Steamboat slowly regroups. Both men stagger up. Steamboat small packages Funk 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat swings Funk into the corner and follows with a back elbow smash. Steamboat swings Funk into the opposite corner and follows with another back elbow smash. Steamboat scoop slams Funk, goes to the apron and hits a springboard splash 1..2..Funk gets his foot on the rope. The fans and Steamboat are disappointed. Steamboat hoists Funk up on the turnbuckles. Steamboat hops up and goes for a superplex but Funk gouges the eyes and bites Steamboat in desperation. Funk punches Steamboat off the ropes. Funk follows with a diving knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. 

Funk angrily stomps away on Steamboat, drags him to the ropes and chokes him on the bottom rope. Funk hoists Steamboat up and gives him a twirling vertical suplex 1..2..Steamboat gets his shoulder up. Funk gives Steamboat a few delayed stomps, picks him up, swings him to the corner and follows with a running clothesline. Funk gives Steamboat a few hard chops across the chest then swings him to the opposite corner and charges in but Steamboat lunges forward and puts Funk down with a clothesline. Both men are reeling. 

Both men stagger up and exchange hard chops. Steamboat gets the upper hand but Funk rakes the eyes and clamps on the sleeper. Funk hops on Steamboat's back and wrenches away. The fans fire Steamboat up. Steamboat runs backwards and slams Funk into the turnbuckles. Steamboat goes wild on Funk with chops, punches and kicks. Steamboat hoists Funk on the turnbuckles. Steamboat hops up and now delivers a superplex! The fans are going nuts. Steamboat gets up and climbs to the top rope. Steamboat holds his arms out to the cheering crowd. Funk slowly staggers up and slowly turns around as Steamboat nails him with a flying press 1..2..3!!!!!! 

The fans are up and cheering! 

Steamboat can't believe it as he sits on his knees. The Ref hands him the world title. 

Another huge pop as Steamboat's announced as the AWA World Champ. 

Funk slowly rolls out of the ring. He groggily walks over and grabs the house mic. 

"You're a hell of a man Ricky Steamboat, I'll give you that" 

Funk tosses the mic and exits.

Steamboat stands up and holds up the AWA world title as the fans cheer.

Winner of the match and NEW AWA World Champ- Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat!  






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Brad rheneigans with a solid win to start the night off.

It's the second match that truly hooks me however, The Highwaymen are one of my favorite teams in the game and Cabin Fever utterly dominated the tag scene in Pacific. I expect unmitigated violence going forward.

The monster Kamala continues his path of destruction.

The war between Paul Jones army vs Spoiler & co rages on. I want you to know that I appreciate your being willing to part with Shaska while he's part of such an important storyline and I intend to use him well.

The reign of the soul man continues! Kinda feel bad for Kelly though, Vinnie totally stood him up.

Roy Lee Welch we hardly knew ye, Alas there is room for only one king in Memphis and his name is Jerry Lawler. The celebration is cut short however by the return of the superstar! Bill Dundee is back where he belongs.

Adrenaline Rush makes a noble effort but the physicality of The Beasts of Burden and the deviousnesness of Ox Baker are too much 

I can't tell you how much I admire your ability to write matches in such detail, I could picture every move in my head. The Funker was a hell of a champion but all good things must end as the age of the dragon is upon us! I'm sure Ricky will do the AWA as proud as he did Pacific.

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I always thought Greg Gagne and Brad Rheingans were kind of boring but I am really into this one.  If Gagne could have pulled it off, I think he would have made for a better heel.  You have him set up perfectly as the smug, son of the owner!

Hangman Bobby Jaggers looks tough here.  Should be interesting to see what happens with him.

Where is Vin Man?

The Cartel is another one of those groups getting some serious heat.  Glad they made it to the AWA once Texas closed up shop.

I always like Tony Garea.  GLad he is getting one more run!

Paul Jones is after Garvin... should be fun but it seems like Ronnie has some "rugged" friends of his own.  Should be fun.

You unnistan!  Love it!

The World Tour continues for St. Clair!  He is going to be even better when he returns!

Two BIlly Jack's better than one and this feud os going to be awesome.  Can't say how much I enjoy Ox!

WOW... the AWA hyping up business all over the World.  First St. Clair and then The Fab Ones.  Will be interesting to watch the tag division with them out of the country.

Austin Idol is one of my favoirtes.  Hope he stirs it up here in the AWA.  Chaos seems to follow him.

Brenda ..... I think you are confused.... Roy Lee Welch can't be the real King.... Can he?  We will see.

Casey vs Smirnoff is a great match for TV.  It would really keep people coming back.

WOW.... Manny and Boon.... that's a wild group!  The Highway Men are lucky to not be in the hospital.

Rocky Johnson has always been one of my favorites.  Like the run he is getting here.

AWA is in great hands!  Thanks for the good reads.


Yes.... Lawler beats Welch and now we get The King vs Dundee.... This a perfect.  Their matches were epic.  Especially the loser-leave town bouts.

Steamboat as the CHAMP!! Great choice!

Paul Jones is stirring it up pretty good here!


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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 4-23-86


"From continent to continent, coast to coast and border to border, welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Show opens with footage from St. Paul as Ricky Steamboat defeats Terry Funk to win the AWA world title! 

Lance: Hello everybody and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. Tremendous show lined up as The Cartel will clash with The Superflys. Brad Rheingans goes one on one with Greg Gagne. Also, Paul Jones will accompany Shaska Whatley to take on the Spoiler. I'll also be speaking with Bill Dundee, who made a shocking appearance in St. Paul. All that and so much more. Right now I want to bring out the new AWA World Champion, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat! 


Huge roar as Steamboat walks out smiling. He stops and holds up the title to the cheering fans. 

Lance: Congratulations to you Ricky Steamboat. You had an incredible match with Terry Funk in St. Paul and walked out AWA world champ. How does it feel? 

Steamboat: Lance, words can't express it. It's so unreal. I can't tell you how excited I am and how great I feel right now. Winning this championship was one of the best moments of my life. I'm still on a high. Now, I know winning it is one thing but defending it night after night is another. One thing I can promise is I will be a fighting champion and I will take on all the top contenders right here in the AWA! 

More cheers as Steamboat once again holds up the title. 

Lance: Well there you have it. Once again, our new AWA world champion, Ricky Steamboat. Fans, let's get to the ring. 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Keith Ramsey and Trent Watkins 


This is the Fabs last match before they head out for their big Japan tour. The fans are up and cheering as the Fabs give them a solid showcase. The match ends when the Fabs put down Watkins with a double dropkick! 

Fabs cut a promo and say they wanted to have one last match for good luck before they head to Japan. 

The fans give them a huge sendoff as they stand up and cheer.


Commercial Break 


Rene Goulet vs. Carl Kellerman 


Goulet simply and slowly takes his opponent apart before winning the match with a Cloverleaf leg laced Boston Crab. 


Resnick: Big win for the crafty veteran Rene Goulet. Fans, joining me now is Manny Fernandez and Grizzly Boone, known as Cabin Fever. Well, I know myself and all these fans are happy to see you back together but I'm not sure the Highwaymen feel the same. 


Manny: Hey! The Highwaymen wanted a fight, didn't they? Well they got one and if they want another, well Cabin Fever is back and ready to fight! We tasted gold out in the Pacific and we want.....



The Highwaymen ambush Cabin Fever as Resnick runs for his life. Hickerson grabs a chair and whacks it across Boone's back! Hickerson holds up his chair. Duncum swings Manny his way and Hickerson nails Manny's head with a chair swing! Cabin Fever is laid out. The Highwaymen step over them and exit. 


Commercial Break 


Brad Rheingans vs. "The Great" Gagne w/Bodyguard Duke Myers 


This stems from last week when Rheingans was trying to talk sense into Gagne but Duke clotheslined him from behind. 

Rheingans controls early with a series of takedowns. Everything Gagne tries, Rheingans has a counter. A frustrated Gagne rolls out of the ring. Duke goes over to calm him down. Rheingans runs outside and forearm blasts Duke into Gagne. Duke staggers up and Rheingans gives him a payback clothesline! Rheingans hurls Gagne back in the ring. Rheingans swings Gagne to the ropes and back drops him. Rheingans grabs Gagne and hits a vertical suplex. Rheingans picks up Gagne and hits a gut wrench suplex 1..Duke gets on the apron. The Ref goes over and yells at Duke to get down. Rheingans heads over and has words with Duke. Gagne slowly gets up, staggers over and nails Rheingans with a hit to the back of the head. Gagne chokes Rheingans on the ropes. The Ref guides Gagne back. Gagne argues with the Ref. Rheingans head is on the bottom rope. Duke runs over and blasts Rheingans with a loaded forearm shot! Gagne strolls over and covers 1..2..3! 

Duke runs in the ring and lifts Gagne up as they have an overacted celebration. 


Commercial Break- Advertisement for the AWA closed circuit event WrestleRock 86 coming in July! 


Footage from St. Paul is shown as Jerry Lawler defeats Roy Lee Welch in a loser leaves town match. Following the match, Lawler is attacked by Bill Dundee. 


Lance: Ok, we all saw it. Joining me now is Superstar Bill Dundee. 

Massive boos as Dundee struts out.


Dundee: Hey Lance! How you doing? Did you miss me? 

Lance: Well I might of answered yes, however, I'm not sure why you had to attack Lawler like that. I mean come on, did you really have to do that? 

Dundee: Simply put, yes I did. Jerry and I are old friends and I wanted to pick up right where we left off. You see, as usual, Jerry is so full of himself and just needs to hog the spotlight. I've got news for him. This is the AWA and it isn't Jerry's show anymore. It's the Superstar's show! Jerry! If you want to do something about it, well I'm here now and we can hook up anytime Daddy! Oh yea! The Superstar is fired up tonight! I'll be seeing you around Lance. 

Lance: Ok, well I guess some things will never change. It looks like we're heading into a new chapter in the ongoing saga between Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. I'll be talking with Lawler next week. Let's get back to the ring. 


AWA National Champ Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson vs. Marvin Moore 


Johnson excites the fans as he nails Moore with several rapid fire jabs, then puts him down with a big right punch. Just as Moore slowly rises, Johnson executes a sunset flip for the pin! 

Johnson cuts a promo and says he's heard everything Austin Idol has said about him and if he wants a shot all he has to do is sign on the dotted line! 


Commercial Break 


Carlos Colon vs. Stu Jersky 


Colon is pumped up tonight as he slams Stu with authority. Colon climbs to the top rope. Stu rises and Colon puts him down with a flying clothesline 1..2..3! 

Resnick: Carlos, come on over. I understand this weekend in Jackson, the AWA has signed a match between you and Abdullah the Butcher. I also understand, that due to all the blood shed in your previous matches, the AWA has said this will be the last encounter. Your thoughts? 

Colon: Not a problem because I'm going to finish Abdullah off once and for all! He came here a month ago and attacked me and literally drew first blood. Abdullah! I promise more blood will be shed and it will be yours!  


Commercial Break 


This next segment has been paid for by Les Thornton.


Thornton: As predicted, Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair has continued to dominate all competition on this European tour. You will see a match from France as we conclude this extremely successful tour. Now for the big news. In 2 weeks, Mr. St. Clair and myself will be back in the AWA. At that time, all you inferior Americans will hear what our goals are. Trust me, we have big plans. Now sit back and watch Mr. St. Clair do what he does best...wrestle. 


Footage from France shows Tony St. Clair outwrestle his opponent and finish the match with his floating butterfly suplex!


Lance: Tony St. Clair chalks up yet another victory on his European tour. I have to admit, I'm a bit curious on their plans here in the AWA. On the subject, back at The Happening, UWA champ El Canek suffered a concussion and broken ribs at the hands of Giant Haystacks and St. Clair. This led to St. Clair's suspension and the departure of Haystacks. Here with an update on El Canek, please welcome out one of the all time greats Jose Lothario. Jose, pleasure to have you here in the AWA. I know you have something to say, so go right ahead. 


Jose: Thank you Lance, the pleasure is mine. As you mentioned, El Canek suffered numerous injuries. Because of those injuries, he was forced to vacate his UWA title. A title he cherished. The good news is Canek is training harder than ever and will be back in the ring in no time. He does have a request to the AWA. He wants a match with Giant Haystacks by any means necessary. I hope this will happen. Thank you for the time Lance. 

Lance: Ok, looks like the AWA committee has something to talk about. My goodness what a match that will be. 


Commercial Break 


Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Todd Rooney 


Kamala destroys his opponent before he hits the big splash for the win! Iaukea shouts up at Kamala. Kamala swings off the ropes and hits another splash! 


Resnick: I must say Curtis Iaukea, that was total destruction we just witnessed. 

Kamala is pacing around slapping his belly.

Iaukea: Yes! Total destruction indeed! That is only the beginning. I told you we want to rule the AWA and that means we want the world title! Ricky Steamboat! You have been targeted! I want you to watch very closely next week because we're going to send a special message. One must be our example and next week that example will be the sacrifice. Watch closely Steamboat! Very closely! 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. I have a lot of questions for my guest tonight so let me bring him out right now. Mr. Magnificent Kevin Kelly. 


Kelly looks distraught as he walks out. 

Britton: Hey cheer up. Now in St. Paul you came up short in your bid for the National title. If you ask me, Rocky Johnson took advantage of a sad situation. Not a nice guy in my book. Hey, I know why you're sad and unfocused. It's because Vin Man isn't around. Any word on his whereabouts? 

Kelly: (pauses and looks down then back up) I haven't heard anything and believe me I tried. I tried so hard. I just don't know what to do. I had my shot and blew it. Vinnie! Where are you? 

Cheers as Dan Spivey walks out.


Britton: Whoa! Wait just a minute! This is my show and you just can't show up without an invitation. 

Spivey: Relax Brenda, I just need to say a few things to Kevin Kelly. (Spivey looks at Kelly) What the hell is wrong with you man? I've watched you tear it up the last year. I've watched you defeat several veterans and promising future stars. Your guy deserts you and you fall a part? I think you've forgotten who you are. You're Mr. Magnificent and brother you've got the goods. You're looking at a guy who believes in you and won't leave you hanging. I'm the guy who's going to make sure you get your mojo back. Think about it? You and me together as a tag team. Who can beat us? The choice is yours. You can sulk in your sea of sorrow or we can get back on track and win some gold baby! What do you say? 

Spivey holds out his hand. 

Kelly looks around at the cheering fans. He pauses then looks at Spivey, nods and shakes his hand! 

Britton: Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick. Kelly was way better off with the Vin Man. Oh well, once again, everything big happens on the Beauty Shop. Until next week toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


The Spoiler vs. Shaska Whatley w/Paul Jones 


Spoiler waits in the ring as Paul Jones comes out alone. 


Resnick: Paul Jones, what's going on? Where's Shaska Whatley? 

Jones: Mr. Whatley has left the AWA to pursue other opportunities. But don't you people worry, (looks up at Spoiler) especially you Spoiler. You want a match? Would you accept a match with the newest member of the Paul Jones Army? 

Spoiler goes to the ropes and yells "Bring him out here!" 


Spoiler is attacked from behind by BARON VON RASCHKE! 


Baron puts the boots to Spoiler. Jones gets in the ring. Baron holds Spoiler up as Jones hits Spoiler's head with his cane! Baron clamps on the claw! Baron wrenches away until several officials run in. 

Jones walks to Resnick.

Jones: Did you see that Resnick? The real master of the claw has arrived and Spoiler you will feel his wrath! 

Baron holds up the claw in front of the camera. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Champs The Bruise Brothers vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


"Boogie Fever" blasts on the speakers and the fans are on their feet dancing.

The champs make short work of their opponents. Cash hits a diving crossbody headbutt and Snowman finishes things off with a running powerslam! 


Resnick: Ok, AWA world tag team champs The Bruise Brothers, come on over. I have a big announcement. In 2 weeks, right here on TV, you guys will be defending the tag titles against the team of Curt Hennig and Brian Adias. That will be a tremendous match up. 

Cash: Oh yea it will. You know those young men have been rapidly climbing the ranks and it'll be a pleasure defending our gold against them. 

Snowman: You said it Porkchop. It will be nice to have a solid competitive match against a very deserving team. It's all about competition baby! 


Commercial Break 

Footage from last week is shown as Billy Jack Haynes along with Ox Baker beat up Billy Jack Strong. Haynes clamps his full nelson on Strong. 

Resnick: With me now is Billy Jack Strong. Billy, what do you think about that and Haynes claiming you stole his name and better get out of town. 


Strong: My name is Billy Jack Strong and I'm not going anywhere! 

Strong exits.

Resnick: Obviously a very upset Billy Jack Strong. Those two are heading for a showdown. Back to the ring. 


Steve O vs. Ray Glader 


Steve back drops Glader. Glader staggers up as Steve swings off the ropes and hits a flying press for the win! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Before we get to our big main event. Next week you'll see Curt Hennig and Brian Adias in action as they tune up for their big tag title match in 2 weeks. Austin Idol and Ron Garvin will be in action. I'll be speaking with Jerry Lawler. Soldat Ustinov makes his TV debut. Bobby Jaggers goes one on one with Rip Oliver. All that and a lot more. And don't forget about our big card in Jackson tomorrow night as Carlos Colon takes on Abdullah the Butcher in their final AWA encounter. OK, let's get to our huge main event. 


The Superflys (Jimmy Snuka and Siva Afi)  vs. The Cartel (Jose Estrada and Ricky Santana) 


A lot of bad blood and history here. The casualties have been high as the Cartel took out Cocoa Samoa. Superflys answered back by taking out Fidel Sierra.

The bell rings and the match starts with a pier six brawl! The Ref is showing a lot of leniency and let's them fight for awhile. Estrada and Snuka fight through the ropes and continue to fight around the ring. Siva and Santana take their brawl to the outside as well. The Ref finally starts the count. After more fighting. Estrada and Snuka finally get back to their corners. Siva and Santana slug it out in the ring. 

Siva takes control with a jumping headbutt that sends Santana bouncing back to the corner. He tags in Estrada. Estrada charges but Siva hip tosses him over. Estrada is turned around as he stands up and gets knocked back down by Snuka. Siva tags in Snuka. Snuka is all over Estrada, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a big chop. Estrada staggers up and Snuka scoop slams him down and tags in Siva. Siva goes to the top rope. Estrada staggers up and Siva nails him with a double axehandle. Siva swings off the ropes but Santana (from the apron) knees Siva's back. Snuka runs in but the Ref guides him back. This allows Santana to run in and drop a knee on Siva then drag Estrada to his corner and tags himself in. 

Santana picks up Siva and hits a snap suplex. Santana swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Santana continues to work Siva over with slams, chokes and eye rakes. Estrada sticks his boot out and Santana slams Siva's head on it. Santana tags in Estrada. Santana swings Siva into the corner and Estrada follows with a running back elbow smash. Estrada swings Siva into the corner and into a forearm blast by Santana. Santana chokes Siva as Estrada puts the boots to him, slaps him and continues to put the boots to him. An enraged Snuka runs over, grabs Estrada and Santana, then rams their heads together. Santana falls off the apron. The Ref guides Snuka back. Estrada staggers to the middle ropes and attempts a knee drop but Siva moves, rolls over and tags in Snuka! 

Snuka completely unloads on Estrada as the fans go crazy. Snuka mule kicks him, then executes a backbreaker. Snuka swings off the ropes and crashes down with a diving headbutt 1..2..Santana breaks it with a knee to the head. Siva runs in and pounds away on Santana. All four men are brawling. Cartel get the upper hand as Estrada eye rakes Snuka in the corner while Santana gouges Siva's eyes in the opposite corner. Cartel Irish whip the Superflys but the Superflys reverse it and slam the Cartel into each other. Snuka rolls up Estrada 1..2..3! 

The Superflys stand up to celebrate but The Cartel immediately attack them! The brawl is on again! All 4 men continue to fight as the show ends. 











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The age of the dragon begins with a vow to face all comers! Pretty basic babyface promo honestly but Steamboat makes it work 

The fabs pick up one last win before catching the flight to Japan, I look forward to hearing of their success.

A rather quiet but successful debut for Rene Goulet.

The Highwaymen send a message by leaving Cabin Fever laying. It can only get more physical from here.

Rheneigans outwrestles Greg but falls to the numbers game. Might need to find a new partner.

The superstar makes it plain it's his show now!

The Soul Man is ready for the Universal Heartthrob!

Colon picks up a quick w then gets to what's really important, the final encounter with the Butcher. There's gonna be soooo much blood!

Tony St Clair wraps up a successful European tour and Les Thornton makes it known they have plans. Perhaps a certain dragon should be paying attention 

I don't know much about El Canek b he's a braver man then I to even think about call out Giant Haystacks.

Kamala adds another body to the pile and Curtis Iaukea directs his monster towards the top prize. When steamboat said " all comers " I don't know if this is what he had in mind 

The Beauty Shop sees the birth of a new tag team, to Brenda's annoyance. I'm a bit more optimistic.

A shame Shaska couldn't make it to his scheduled match but I understand he had a meeting in Texas. Fear not as Paul Jones finds a suitable replacement in Baron Von Raschke! The battle of the claws is on.

The Bruise Brothers are ready for a friendly competitive match and I'm sure that's what they'll get 

A minimalist promo from Billy Jack Strong.

Steve O returns with a win.

Big show next week.

But first a hell of a main event as the superflys get a measure of revenge with a win but the cartel isn't finished yet!

A fun week for the AWA.

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Enjoyed the show this week.

I think you made a great choice putting the title on Steamboat.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Fab Ones are in Japan.

Finally, someone gives Goulet a little love.

Maybe Brad R. needs his own bodyguard.  Heel Greg is getting some heat and I can't wait till he gets the beating he deserves.  Wonder if Verne will allow it.

Lawler vs Dundee is classic.  Anybody reading this, go back and watch there loser leave town matches.  Awesome.

Looking forward to Rocky Johnson vs Idol.  Idol is one of those guys I wish I saw more of.  Every now and then he showed up in Georgia and I thought he was awesome.  

It just wouldn't be 80's wrestling if we never got Colon and Abbie.  You have done a great job with Colon.

And the World Tour continues from France.  This is such a great angle.

Nice job finding a role for Lothario.  This is going to get interesting.  

Having King Curtis after Steamboat is a wise move.  This gives you main events each night where to fans in the 80's, the champ could be in trouble.  

You keep everything moving just the way it should be.  I like how you are using your managers who seem to have a problem with someone.  The wrestlers under the manager may change but the plot stays the same.  Paul Jones after the Spoiler is a great plot and bringing in new attackers like Baron V. makes it interesting.

Snowman and Cash better be ready.... Hennig and Adias are a real threat.

Billy Jack X2 is a fun angle.  It will be interesting to see who comes out as the real Billy Jack.

Great main event!  Love the show ending brawls!

The big angle...... Where is Vin Man?????

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AWA @ The Jackson Coliseum 4-24-86



TV Champ "Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine defeated Rene Goulet with a running bulldog 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol defeated Tony Garea with the Las Vegas Leglock 


The Superflys and The Cartel battled to a wild to a wild Double DQ 


Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker defeated Steve O with the full nelson 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin defeated "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones by C.O.- Both men were fighting on the outside when Garvin nailed Oliver with a knockout punch then rolled back into the ring to beat the count. 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout

The Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker defeated Adrenaline Rush- Adrenaline Rush have been getting the title shots around the horn and have given the champs a serious run for their money. However, the Beasts power combined with Ox Bakers distractions are just to much to handle. 


The last AWA encounter! 

Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the Butcher

Well what can you say about this one. These guys brutally beat each other. At the 20 minute mark, Abdullah pulls out a foreign object. Colon sees this and fires away on Abdullah. The object goes flying. Colon scoop slams Abdullah, then grabs the object. Colon holds up the object and the look in his eyes says it all. Colon just snaps and starts mercilessly hammering away on Abdullah's head. The Ref signals for the DQ but Colon continues to carve away. Medics and officials storm the ring. Colon stops, stands up and just stares down at Abdullah. Satisfied, Colon tosses the object and exits the ring. After a few minutes, Abdullah pushes the medics away. He's a bloody mess but actually walks out on his own. This might of been the last AWA encounter but I'm sure these two will cross paths again someday. 

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The TV Champ starts the night off with a win to get the crowd going.

Idol dispatches Garea on his road to the National Championship.

The feud between the Cartel & the Superflys continues with a wild Double DQ.

Ox Baker has Billy Jack Haynes ready to take his name back.

Ron Garvin proves he's " the man with the hands of stone " as he K.O's the Crippler.

The Beasts of Burden retain the gold with a little help from Baker.

The final encounter between Colon & Abdullah is the blood soacked war we all knew it would be. Kinda surprised that Abdullah technically got the win but you can't exactly call Colon a loser when he leaves Abdullah a bloody mess.

A memorable night of wrestling in the Jackson Coliseum.

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