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Western States Wrestling Episode #1

Saturday May 1 1986

From the KFDA-TV Studio in Amarillo Texas 

Airing live at 9:35am on WTBS Channel 17

( Show opens with a montage of classic Western States action set to " Into the fire " by Dokken "

We cut to Steve Stack standing in front of a joint WSW & NWA banner.

Stacks: Good morning ladies and gentlemen my name is Steve Stack and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the return of Western States Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the premier governing body of professional wrestling the world over. We have an exciting card for you today but before we get to it I wanna introduce the man appointed commissioner of Western States, a man with considerable experience in pro wrestling in Texas Mr Frank Dusek!

Dusek: Thank you Steve before we get to the action today we need to address the situation regarding the NWA World Tag Team Titles. I Whatever Dusek was going to say is drown out in a chorus of boos as Zaibatsu ( Kim Duk, Mr Pogo, Kendo Nagasaki, Jumbo Tsuruta ) and their manager Tojo Yamamoto make their way to the set. Yamamoto is waving the Japanese flag and Pogo & Nagasaki are holding the Tag Titles.

Tojo: Oh thank you very much Mr Frank Duesk but I take it from here. At Resurrection my take on those mentally inferior Americans Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams, we beat them, we humiliate them and my Zaibatsu are now NWA World tag team champions! ( Pogo & Nagasaki raise the titles high as Tojo waves the flag)

Dusek: Now wait a minute Yamamoto you know damn good and well that's not what happened. Your men lost that match and you know it..

Tojo: Oh Mr Frank Dusek your memory clearly not very good. If you had strong memory like Japanese do you remember Steve Williams steal Japanese flag from me and assault the honorable Mr Pogo with it which is against the rules. Which means they are losers and we are winners and new champions! ( Dusek starts to object but Tojo cuts him off) But enough about those dirty cheaters. We look to future now yes? My Zaibatsu will be fighting champions and will destroy any weak American team who dare challenge them! ( Tojo is about to continue but is distracted by the massive applause as Dory Funk Jr heads to the set)

Funk: Pardon the interruption but as I was preparing for my match with Kim Duk in today's main event I couldn't help but overhear what you were saying out here. Mr Yamamoto did I hear you correctly your men will face all comers for those Titles?

Tojo: That's right Mr Dory Funk Jr my Zaibatsu will face any and all American teams.

Funk:Well if I may be so bold perhaps my partner and I might volunteer to be your first challengers?

Tojo: You and your partner vs my Zaibatsu? HAHAHA  very funny Mr Funk, tell you what you catch papa-san in a good mood. If you can beat my man Kim Duk today we give you title match next week and you don't even have to say who you're partner is 

Funk: Mr Yamamoto you have yourself a deal.

The wrestlers clear the set leaving behind a bewildered Stack & Dusek.

Stack: Ladies and gentlemen we need to get this straightened out in the meantime it's time to get to the action.


Kendall Windham defeats Yuri Tartakovsky with a lariat.

( After the match Steve Stack invites Kendall Windham to the interview area )

Stack: An impressive victory by young Kendall Windham. Kendall welcome and tell us, what are your goals in Western States Wrestling?

Windham: Well Steve first let me thank the good people of Amarillo for the warm welcome they've given me ( crowd pops ) and too answer your question I've been a professional wrestler for a little under 2 years now and I've spent much of that teaming either with my father Blackjack Mulligan and/or my older brother Barry. Now don't get me wrong I love'em both dearly but I decided that It's time i make my own mark on this business and when I heard about Western States i knew this was my opportunity.

Stack: Well i certainly wish you the best in that endeavor but I would be remiss if I didn't ask about your match at Resurrection.

Windham: You know Steve as my father was training me he told me " Son sometimes your just gonna be in there with someone better than you " Well Tim Brooks you, me & the people of Amarillo know that's not what happened. I had you beat until that desert rat Skandar Akbar stuck his nose where it didn't belong. As far im concerned a debt is owed and boys I'm coming to collect.


Match #2

" The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff defeats Lois Backson with the Heart Punch.

After the match Smirnoff buried Backson under the Soviet flag to massive boos.

Stack: Well there was no need for such disrespect. Fans Commissioner Dusek is back with me to address something that lost in the kerfuffle earlier.

Dusek: That's right Steve. Ladies and gentlemen i'm here to announce a 8 man one day tournament to crown the first Western States Heavyweight Champion to be held at the Sports Arena here in Amarillo. Bell time 3pm tickets still available we hope to see you there.

Stack: A huge announcement to be sure and i can't think of a better way to celebrate it than with our next match.

Match #3

Al Perez defeats Corwin Norton with a bridging German suplex.


Match #4

Phil & Bill Devile are warming up in the ring when a brief drum solo plays over the pa system before giving way to a country style guitar solo. It fits out at the 15 second mark as two large men in blue jeans with wild unkempt hair and large bones lurch towards the ring.

" Full moon shining on the swampland, Wilds of Louisiana. Silence is broken by the howling of a creature both beast and man "

The Moondogs ( Rex/Spot ) defeat the Devile twins ( Bill/Phil) in about a minute when Rex performs a backbreaker on Phil and holds him while Spot comes off the second rope with a elbow drop. The Moondogs celebrated their win by beating the dogshit out of the Devile's for about another 3 minutes in including repeated shots with their bones, a steel chair and just tossing the poor kids all over the ringside area. Eventually security works up the nerve to coral these lunatics to the dressing room while Commissioner Dusek checks on the Devile twins ( and discreetly slip their 20 dollars into their tights )

While that's happening Steve Stack runs through the card for the Sports Arena later in the day.

Round 1

Dory Funk Jr vs " Killer " Tim Brooks w/Skandar Akbar 

" Pretty Boy " Doug Somers vs Cocoa Samoa 

" The Flamboyant " Eric Embry vs Johnny Mantell 

Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto vs Al Perez 

Non tournament matches 

10 man 10,000 dollar battle royal 

Six man tag special attraction

Zaibatsu ( Kendo Nagasaki, Mr Pogo & Kim Duk) w/Tojo Yamamoto vs The Tribal Nation ( Chris & Mark Youngblood & Sunny War Cloud) 

Bell time 3pm tickets still available 

Main Event.                                                                 Match #5

Dory Funk Jr defeats Kim Duk w/Tojo Yamamoto with the spinning toe hold to secure a tag title match (?) next week!

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Western States Wrestling.                                      Sports Arena.                                                             Amarillo Texas.                                                         May 1 1986.                                                              Bell time 3pm.

WSW Heavyweight Championship Tournament First Round

Jumbo Tsuruta w/ Tojo Yamamoto defeated Al Perez by countering Perez's German suplex into a Tiger suplex.

" The pride of Montague County " Johnny Mantell defeats " The Flamboyant " Eric Embry with a floatover Russian leg sweep.

" Pretty Boy " Doug Somers defeats Cocoa Samoa by escaping the samoan drop and rolling Cocoa up with a handful of tights.

Dory Funk Jr defeats " Killer " Tim Brooks w/Skandar Akbar with the cloverleaf. Akbar attempted to distract the referee but was pulled off the apron by Kendall Windham.

Non tournament match

Chicky Starr won a 10 man 10,000 dollars battle royal last eliminating Kendall Windham as he was distracted by Tim Brooks at ringside.


Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto defeated " The Pride of Montague County " Johnny Mantell with a bridging back suplex.

Dory Funk Jr defeats " Pretty Boy " Doug Somers with a piledriver.

Non tournament match 

Zaibatsu (Kendo Nagasaki, Mr Pogo & Kim Duk) w/ Tojo Yamamoto defeated The Tribal Nation (Chris & Mark Youngblood & Sunny War Cloud) after Nagasaki sprayed Sunny with " Asian mist" behind the referee's back then hit a thrust kick.

Tournament Final

Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto defeated Dory Funk Jr after nearly 30 minutes of technical mastery. Funk has Jumbo in the spinning toe hold but Tojo got on the apron. By the time Funk had sent the devious manager to the floor courtesy of a right hand Jumbo had recovered enough to hit a Tiger suplex for the 1..2...3!!!

Your winner and new WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta!!!


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Man, you're off and running in the right direction! 

LOL, cracks me up how Tojo really believes his men are tag champs even ready to put the titles on the line against Dory and a mystery partner. 

This is the perfect place for Kendall to develop and make a name for himself. 

Smirnoff gets in the classic 80s heat by burying his opponent with the Russian flag. For some reason I always enjoyed writing for Smirnoff. He's just a solid territory heel. 

Perez gets in a good TV win.

WOW! Moondogs make a serious splash and send a violent message to all the other teams. What a debut! 

The title tournament is set. 

Dory gets the win and secures a match with Zaibatsu. Can't wait to see who Dory brings in. 

On to the tournament,

Fun tournament as Dory and Jumbo advance to the finals with some hard fought wins. 

Nice rub for Chicky as he wins the battle royal and takes home the cash. Also, good job continuing the Kendall/Brooks feud. 

Jumbo and Dory give the fans a 30 minute technical masterpiece. That sneaky Tojo gets involved and Jumbo walks away with the title. Nice way to get more heat between Tojo and Dory. Jumbo will have an interesting reign here. A lot of good babyfaces to work with. 


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Western States is must read every week!  Awesome job.

I thought Tojo was PERFECT in the first segment.  He almost sounded believable with his reason his team is the champion.  Can't wait for Dory's mystery partner next week after Dory got the big win against Duk.

This is the perfect territoy for a young Windham to go out on his own.  Can't wait till he goes after Akbar with a running bulldog and the headdress comes flying off the Saudi.

Nice job getting some heat with the fans with Smirnoff and the Heart Punch.

I like Dusek in this role and you used him very well.  I also think it is a great choice to use the weekly show at the Sports Arena as the place to be.  It is kind if like Memphis and the Mid-South Coliseum or the Boutwell Aud for CCW.

Tsurata with the win over Al Perez.... I could see him battling Dory for some title almost every week.  He is a huge star and with Tojo could be the biggest heel West Texas has ever seen.

I loved the nickname of Johnny Mantel.  A match between he and Embry.... AWESOME.  This could be one huge feud if you ever wanted it to be.  Embry and his crying all the time is another perfect heel out there in the rugged portion of our country.

Good semifinals matches and I think you set this entire tourny up perfectly.  It gave us an extensive look into where you value everyone on your roster.  

Tojo and the Asian Mist from his team.... they might need some extra security in the Sports Arena soon.  These guys are HATED already.

Never mind... they are even more hated now.... Jumbo over Dory in his type of technical match.... I think the entire WSW needs some help against Zaibatsu.

Thanks for all the time spent on this.  Hope you enjoyed writing it as much as we enjoyed reading it.

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WSW House Shows

5-2-86 Taylor County Coluseam Abilene TX. 

5-3-86 Fair Park Coluseam Lubbock TX.     

5-4-86 Civic Auditorium Albuquerque NM. 

5-5-86 (Cinco de Mayo) Agricultural Palace Pueblo CO.                                                         

5-6-86 Denver Auditorium Denver CO.         

5-7-86 Tulsa Convention Center Tulsa OK.

U.S Steel (Fred Ottman) defeats The Lone Wolf (Jesse Barr in a mask) with a big splash.

" Black Bullet " Shaska Whatley w/ Slick defeats Gypsy Joe with The Flying Willie (diving headbutt)

Sunny War Cloud defeats Invader 1 with a Tomahawk Chop

" The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff defeats Steve Doll with a Heart Punch. After the match Smirnoff buried Doll under the Soviet flag.

The Tribal Nation (Chris &Mark Youngblood) & the Moondogs (Rex/Spot) ended in a double DQ when the match descended into a wild brawl and referee Bobby Pico couldn't restore order.

" Killer " Tim Brooks w/ Skandar Akbar and Kendall Windham ended in a double c.o as they brawled on the floor.

Dory Funk Jr, " The Latin Heartthrob " Al Perez, "The Pride of Montague County, " Johnny Mantell, Cpl Kirchner & Pvt Don Kernodle defeats Zaibatsu ( WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta, " Wild Tiger " Kim Duk, Mr Pogo, Kendo Nagasaki & Tojo Yamamoto) when Kirchner made Yamamoto submit to the Cobra Clutch.

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Great start to the house shows for WSW.  The mileage these wrestlers in Funk's promotion put on a car was legendary.  

Likes seeing you establish everyone where you want them on the card.

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Alexis Smirnoff is building up quite a bit of momentum. The Youngbloods and the Moondogs could definitely deliver a hectic brawl. I'm rooting for the Youngbloods to come out on top, however.

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Western States Wrestling Episode #2

Saturday May 8 1986

From the KFDA-TV Studio in Amarillo Texas 

Airing live at 9:35am on WTBS Channel 17

Show opens with a montage of classic Western States action set to " Into the fire" by Dokken. 

We cut to Steve Stack standing in front of a joint WSW and NWA banner.

Stack: Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another episode of Western States Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the premier governing body of professional wrestling the world over. We have an amazing show for you today showcasing several tag teams here in Western States. Also in action today will be " Killer " Tim Brooks with his manager Skandar Akbar. And in the main event  Mr Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki of  Zaibatsu will face Dory Funk Jr & a mystery partner on what Tojo Yamamoto is insisting is a NWA World Tag Title defense. But before any of that I'd like to welcome the commissioner of Western States Mr Frank Dusek.

Dusek: Thank you Steve, ladies and gentlemen i'm here to share some exciting news with you. First of all later today at the Sports Arena we will crown our first Western States Tag Team Champions in a one day eight team tournament * big pop * seven teams have already been selected i can confirm the eighth and final team will be determined by a " wild card " battle royal in which the final two men will advance to compete in the tournament. Speaking of tournaments last week we crowned our first Western States Heavyweight Champion. It is my pleasure to be able to award the title to the winner (Dusek takes a breath as if to brace himself) accompanied by his manager Tojo Yamamoto *massive boos*Jumbo Tsuruta!

Tojo & Tsuruta walk out in formal kimonos, Tojo bickers with some fans but Jumbo ignores them utterly. Tsuruta accepts the title with a slight bow then raises it to the crowd who boo even louder as they see Tojo grabbing the mic.,

Tojo: Mr Frank Dusek you cannot be surprised, Mr Steve Stack you cannot be surprised, Even you inbred Texas rednecks cannot be surprised! Of course you put a superior Japanese athlete like Jumbo Tsuruta in tournament with weak willed weak minded Americans there can be only one outcome. Jumbo Tsuruta is my Yokozuna and he will destroy any American mentality retarded enough to challenge him and when he has no more challengers here he will destroy Magnum T.A and become NWA World champion. BANZAI!

Dusek has security escort Tsuruta & Tojo to the back as deafening boos rain down.

Stack: OK ladies and gentlemen let's get to our first match and see if things settle down.

Match #1

" Killer" Tim Brooks defeats Jeremias Rodriguez with a second rope leg drop.

( Akbar & Brooks join Steve Stack at the interview area) 

Stack: Skandar Akbar your man Tim Brooks looks ready for his rematch with Kendall Windham at the Sports Arena later today.

Akbar: First of all Steve Stack I'm gonna say this once and only once my name is General Skandar Akbar. Second this is a wonderful time for professional wrestling, not because of the return of Western States Wrestling nobody cares about that. I'm talking about the return of the greatest organization in professional wrestling history, An organization that has left more bodies across these United States and especially Texas then any other organization on record I'm talking of course about the new and improved Devastation Inc. And the foundation on which I will build my new empire is this man " Killer " Tim Brooks and the conquest starts at the Sports Arena later today. Kendall Windham I heard what you said last week boy. I heard you saying you want to be your own man, make your own mark well understand this, The only mark you're gonna make is the stain you leave on the floor of the Sports Arena after Tim Brooks is done with you. And there's nothing your cowpoke daddy or that beanpoll of a brother of yours can do about it.

Akbar & Brooks leave the interview area.

Stack: Hard words from " General " Skandar Akbar we'll see if his man can back it up. More exciting action after this commercial break.

Commercial- Steve Stack runs down the Western States live events for this coming week.

Match #2

The Glamor Boys ( Steve Doll & Steve Simpson) defeat Los Blancos enmascarados (two jobbers in masks) with Glitz and Glam.

Post match.

(The Glamor Boys join Steve Stack at the interview area)

Stack: An impressive victory for the Glamor Boys, gentlemen what brought you to Western States Wrestling?

Doll: That's easy Steve we're here to add another set of tag titles to our trophy case.

Simpson: Excactly right, Texas has been mighty good to us and we're just getting started. The Glamor Boys will br your first Western States Tag Team Champions!

(The Glamor Boys leave the interview area)

Match #3

The Invaders (1&3) defeat Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin when 3 pinned Griffin after Cien Dolores de cabeza ( double ddt)

Commercial break 

Match #4

The Tribal Nation ( Chris & Mark Youngblood) defeat Arturo Ortigo & Trey Stone after Mark hits a Tomahawk Chop on Stone.

Before the main event Stack runs down the card for the Sports Arena show later in the day.

Western States Tag Team Championship Tournament round 1 matches.

" Wild card " battle royal to determine the final team in the tournament.

The Invaders (1&3) vs The Tribal Nation ( Chris & Mark Youngblood)

Radiance ("The Flamboyant" Eric Embry & "Pretty Boy " Doug Somers) vs The Glamor Boys (Steve Doll & Steve Simpson)

" Wild card " battle royal winners vs The Moondogs ( Rex & Spot)

The Fort Bragg Brotherhood (Cpl Kirchner & Pvt Don Kernodle) vs Zaibatsu (Kendo Nagasaki & Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto 

Non tournament matches 

" The Latin Heartthrob " Al Perez vs " The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff 

" Killer " Tim Brooks w/ " General " Skandar Akbar vs Kendall Windham 

Bell time 3pm. Tickets still available.

Main event

Match #5

Zaibatsu is in the ring soaking in the boos of the crowd and displaying the NWA Tag Team Titles. The crowd suddenly erupts into cheers as Dory Funk Jr emerges and after taking in their love for a brief moment gestures to the entrance. The fans wait feverishly then explode in deafening cheers as TERRY FUNK walks out hugs his brother then they both rush the ring)

Dory Funk Jr & Terry Funk defeat Zaibatsu ( Kendo Nagasaki & Mr Pogo) w/ Tojo Yamamoto after Terry counters a Nagasaki back body drop attempt into a piledriver. Yamamoto had tried to interfere earlier but was run off by a man with shoulder length brown hair and a wild look in his eye. 

The show ends with the Funk brothers taking the NWA World Tag Team Titles and celebrating with the live audience.

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Western States Wrestling

Sports Arena

Amarillo Texas 

May 8 1986 

Bell time 3pm 

Sunny War Cloud & Cocoa Samoa win the " Wild card " Battle Royal to determine the final team in the tournament.

First Round Matches 

The Tribal Nation ( Chris & Mark Youngblood) defeat The Invaders (1&3) when Mark countered a sunseflip attempt by Invader 3.

The Glamor Boys get a good pop entering to Bon Jovi's " You give love a bad name ". Radiance swagger out to " You shook me all night long " by AC/DC and visibly enjoy paissing off the Amarillo faithful by spending ages preening and strutting around the ring before letting the bell be rung.

Radiance (" The Flamboyant " Eric Embry & "Pretty Boy " Doug Somers) defeat The Glamor Boys (Steve Doll & Steve Simpson) when Embry got his knees up during Simpson's top rope splash then performed a inside cradle with a handful of tights.

Sunny War Cloud & Cocoa Samoa are in the ring as " The Moondogs " by Richard Lee comes over the pa system. The crowd is confused initially by the fact that Rex & Spot are coming to the ring on leashes only only for a collective gasp to emerge as Steve Stack identifies the man holding the leashes as....KEVIN SULLIVAN!

The Moondogs (Rex & Spot) w/ Kevin Sullivan defeat Sunny War Cloud & Cocoa Samoa when Sullivan hits War Cloud with the Golden Spike behind referee Alex Perez's back allowing Spot to pin him.

A large pop greets the arrival of The Fort Bragg Brotherhood to " Real American " by Rick DerringerThunderous boos greet the arrival of Zaibatsu to " The End of the Century " by Seikima-ll.

The Fort Bragg Brotherhood (Cpl Kirchner & Pvt Don Kernodle) defeat Zaibatsu (Kendo Nagasaki & Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto when Nagasaki accidentally sprayed Pogo with the Asain mist then was schoolboyed by Kernodle as he was checking on him.

Non Tournament Match 

" The Latin Heartthrob " Al Perez defeats " The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff by ducking a clothesline and hitting his bridging German suplex to barely hold the Russian menace down for the 3.

Tournament Semi-finals 

In a rematch from Resurrection, The Tribal Nation defeat Radiance when Chris hits Somers with a Tomahawk chop.

The Moondogs w/Kevin Sullivan defeat The Fort Bragg Brotherhood when Sullivan distracts referee Bobby Pico allowing Spot to hit Kirchner with one of the Moondogs bones as he has Rex in the Cobra Clutch allowing Rex to score the pin.

Big time heat as " Dirty deeds done dirt cheap " by AC/DC heralds the arrival of Tim Brooks & Skandar Akbar. The two spend time jawing with the fans who suddenly explode into cheers as " A country boy can survive " by Hank Williams Jr blairs over the speakers signaling the arrival of Kendall Windham. The cheers end abruptly as Alexis Smirnoff rushes out and nail Windham from behind. He batters Windham in the aisle for a bit before ramming him headfirst into the ringpost then throwing him in as Brooks & Akbar laugh. Smirnoff joins them and he and Brooks put the boots to Windham with Akbar getting a few shots in as well. Akbar then says something to Brooks who dives out of the ring to return with two chairs. He hands one to Smirnoff and they take position on either of a bloody, kneeling Windham being held upright by Akbar. Thankfully before this can go any further a squad of faces and security rush the ring causing the villainous trio to retreat up the aisle laughing the whole way. Meanwhile Windham is able to pull himself up and, with a bit of help, walk to the back under his own power to some relieved cheers.

Steve Stack announces that as Brooks vs Windham clearly isn't happening WSW will be presenting a " back-up " match arranged for just such an emergency.

Non tournament match 

Chicky Starr defeats U.S Steel by c.o when Steel tried to splash Starr against the post but Starr moved, ducked back in the ring and Steel couldn't make the count.

Tournament Final 

The Tribal Nation defeat The Moondogs w/Kevin Sullivan in a chaotic brawl that Bobby Pico probably would have thrown out several times if this wasn't to crown new champions. Pico got grazed by a stray shot towards the end allowing Sullivan to climb into the ring with the Golden Spike. Just as he was about to nail Chris with it Sunny War Cloud rushes out and blasts him with a dropkick. He kicks Sullivan and the spike to the floor but turns around into a clothesline by Rex that sends him over the top rope. As Rex leans through the ropes to check on Sullivan Chris grabs him, rolls him up just as Pico recovers and just manages to get the 1...2...3!

Your winners and new WSW Tag Team Champions The Tribal Nation!!!

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Now this is really fun!  Western States is such an addition to our game!

First for the TV show....

I really like how the TV show is connected to the afternoon show at the Sports Arena.

Tojo is great at briging the heat and your promo stlye is perfect for the 80's... nothing politically correct here.

Western States is the perfect place to resurrect Devastation Inc.  Looking forward to the anti-America heels here driving the fans crazy.

Nice to see Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin try their luck in the squared circle.... HAHA  

Great main event.... Nice to see Terry with his brother right where he should be.  Also, the NWA is happy to see them take the stolen titles so they can be returned to where they should be... we hope?

To the Sports Arena Show

Great way to add the last team to the tourny... it brings excitment to the opening match of the card.

Looking at the teams in the tourny, I really had no idea who was going to come out on top which made it real interesting.  I thought any of the first round matches could have been the finals.  All the teams were pretty equal and this will make for an awesome division in your promotion..... All of that changed as I was reading the show.... OMG.... Moondogs on leashes followed by KEVIN SULLIVAN!!

I like how Smirnoff keeps losing in the big show of the week.... this might keep the fans from West Texas from rioting.

Hold on a minute... Smirnoff with Devastation Inc... and they bloody up Windham..... Riot Alert!!!

Nice win for Triba; Nation but WATCH OUT..... Sullivan is a known kidnapper.....and now he is coming for some Injuns.... Where is Leon White?  The Texas Rangers better question Sullivan.



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Dusek presents Jumbo with the title and Tojo follows with a heated promo. You defiantly have something going here. 

Texas better be on high alert if Akbar is bringing Devastation Inc back. 

I wish Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin had a spot in the tournament LOL. 

The teams are set for the tournament. In a short amount of time you've put together a stacked tag roster. 

WOW! What an ending as Dory brings in brother TERRY FUNK!! This is big time! The Funks are back together in Texas! 

To the tournament, 

Sunny and Cocoa get things going with a battle royal win and entrance into the tourney. 

ACDC is my favorite band of all time so of course I was pulling for Radiance. 

Oh man, I knew Sunny and Cocoa were in trouble as soon as the Moondogs came out with KEVIN SULLIVAN! 

Fort Bragg Brotherhood win a big one for America. Rough day for Zaibatsu.

Al Perez's push continues with a nice win over Smirnoff.

Finals are set with Tribal Nation and the Moondogs. Great choices. 

2 ACDC songs in one night...YES! 

Poor Kendall is going to need some serious back up dealing with Brooks and now Smirnoff. 

Tribal Nation manage to overcome Sullivan and take down the Moondogs. Feel good crowd pleasing moment. Nice to see Tribal Nation holding the gold. 

Exciting tournament! Heat filled segments and a big surprise with Sullivan. Excellent job! 

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Seeing the Funks in action is such a treat! I love tournaments and I love tag teams, so a well-run tag team tournament is close to perfection. Seeing the Youngbloods walking away with the win is a nice ending.

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WSW House Shows 

5-9-86 Fair Park Coluseam Lubbock TX 

5-10-86 The Coluseam El Paso TX 

5-11-86 Civic Auditorium Albuquerque NM 

5-12-86 Denver Auditorium Denver CO 

5-13-86 Tulsa Convention Center Tulsa OK 

5-14-86 The Myriad Oklahoma city OK

" Wandering Assassin " Gypsy Joe defeats Tojo Yamamoto with a knee drop.

Steve Simpson defeats " Pretty Boy " Doug Somers with a cross-body off the top rope.

Chicky Starr defeats Cocoa Samoa by raking Cocoa's eyes as he was in position for the Samoan drop then performing a crucifix.

Jimmy Jack Funk & " Wild Tiger " Kim Duk w/ Tojo Yamamoto wrestle to a 15 minute time limit draw.

Devastation Inc (" Killer " Tim Brooks & " The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff) w/Skandar Akbar defeat Kendall Windham & " The Latin Heartthrob " Al Perez when Smirnoff hit Perez with a chain passed to him by Akbar as Brooks & Windham brawled amongst the audience.

The Tribal Nation (Sunny War Cloud & WSW Tag Team Champions Chris & Mark Youngblood) defeat Kevin Sullivan & The Moondogs (Rex & Spot) by dq when Sullivan hits Chris with the Golden Spike in front of referee Alex Perez. The Moondogs grab their bones and join in leave the Tribal Nation battered and bleeding.

Terry Funk defeats Mr Pogo w/Tojo Yamamoto with a inside cradle. The two continued to brawl after the bell and had to be separated by security.

WSW Heavyweight Championship match

Jumbo Tsuruta(c) w/Tojo Yamamoto defeats Cpl Kirchner with a Tiger suplex.

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Nice loop this week. 

Gypsy Joe will do quite well in this environment. 

The Glamour Boy beats the Pretty Boy LOL. 

I've always been a big fan of mid card match ups. Cocoa/Chicky and Jimmy Jack/Kim Duk would of entertained me. 

Devastation Inc. is off to a good start. Opponents better be prepared for Akbar. 

Things just got real between the Moondogs and Tribal Nation! 

Funk vs. Pogo in Texas will bring in a crowd. Fans get a bonus with the post match brawl. 

Japan gets one over on USA tonight. Tsuruta and Tojo are going to be heat magnets in Texas. 


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Tribal Nation wins the big tournament in Amarillo. Very cool stuff there! I had a feeling the Moondogs might take it, as heat seems to be building around them lately -- especially all things with Sullivan coming into frame with them.

Really enjoyed the Kendall beatdown. "REAL AMERICAN" IN WESTERN STATES! Such a perfect fit for FBB. Gotta love that for obvious reasons, if you're me. :D

Awesome reveal with Terry Funk showing up on the scene to set the table with Pogo. That's going to make for great TV and live events in Texas also.

Good stuff! I'm sold and ready for more!


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Western States Wrestling Episode 3

Saturday May 15 1986

From the KFDA-TV Studio in Amarillo Texas 

Airing live at 9:35am on WTBS Channel 17

A montage of Western States action set to " Into the fire " by Dokken opens the show. Some more recent footage has been mixed in with the classic.

We cut to Steve Stack, WSW Commissioner Frank Dusek, The Tribal Nation, Terry & Dory Funk Jr holding the NWA World Tag Team Titles and the man who ran off Tojo Yamamoto last week all standing in front of a joint WSW and NWA banner.

Stack: Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another exciting episode of Western States Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the premier governing body of professional wrestling the world over. As you may be able to guess from the cast of thousands joining me here we have quite to discuss and here to hopefully clear everything up is the commissioner of Western States Mr Frank Dusek.

Dusek: Thank you Steve, first let's get the easier news outta the way. Dusek opens a briefcase and pulls out matching title belts. Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to be able to award these titles to the inaugural WSW Tag Team Champions, Chris & Mark Youngblood The Tribal Nation! 

The Youngbloods each shake Dusek's hand as he awards them each a title.

Stack: Indeed congratulations gentlemen anything to say to the people at home?

Chris: Well first of all I have to say (looks up and points a finger to the sky) Jay this one's for you brother! *Big pop* but also this for all our brothers and sisters in the indigenous community. To the little girl or boy watching us on with your family on your reservation, I know it can seem so hard to hold on to hope sometimes but I promise you if you just keep fighting then one day you too can be a champion. Thank you all.

The Tribal Nation start to leave but Dory grabs the mic and says.

Dory: Boys i think I speak for everyone here and watching at home when I say I'm proud of you and more importantly Jay would be proud of you. Give'em a hand folk! * The clearly emotional Youngbloods leave to a huge round of applause from the live crowd as well as everyone at the interview area*

Dusek: Well that brings us to the more complicated situation regarding the NWA World Tag Team Titles. A confused looking Terry approaches the mic.

Terry: With all due respect Frank what's so complicated? Jr and I whooped those Japs fair & square.

Dusek: Indeed you did Terry but the problem is that as far as the NWA board of directors & President Bill Watts are concerned Zaibatsu were never the champions to begin with *minor boos* Now folks i'm just tellitelling you what they told me. As far as they are concerned Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams are the recognized champions. Terry starts to object but the man from the previous week interjects.

JJF: East Terry there's got to be a settle this fairly.

Stack: I'm sorry sir and you are?

Terry: Where are my manners? Folks you know when you go to your family reunion and it's great because you get to see cousins & nieces & nephews you hadn't seen in months maybe years? But at the same time there's these folks in the back you wouldn't recognize from Adam or Eve and you ask your mama and she goes " Oh honey you remember them that's your fourth cousin three times removed from butcreek Kentucky " *Bits of laughter from the audience* well imagine you go over and talk to one of them a you realize you're in the same line of work *some rumblings from fans who see where this is going* Now I could tell you how Jr & i are related to this fella but we've only got an hour so for the sake of simplicity allow me to introduce you to "cousin" Jimmy Jack Funk! *Big pop*

Dusek: While it's nice to meet another member of the Funk family there's still the matter of those Titles.

Dory: Now Frank listen we don't want to cause any friction with the rest of the NWA. So how about this, DiBiase & Williams can come here and we'll settle this like gentlemen.

Dusek: You want to invite them here? *exciting murmur from the live audience*

Dory: These gentlemen feel they've been wronged it's only fair that we do whatever we can to make it right. Dory turns to look directly into the camera. Gentlemen you have my word you come to Amarillo my family and I will hear you out. The men of the Funk family are Christian wrestlers and means treating our coworkers fairly. Now I suggest we've taken up enough time let's discuss this further in the back.

Dusek agrees and he and the Funk men leave the interview area.

Stack: OK a lot to process there but now it's time for some action.

Match #1

Cocoa Samoa defeats Jose Cuervo with a splash from the second rope.

Commercial break- Steve Stack runs down the Western States live events for this coming week.

Match #2

The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff defeats Tag Chetson with the Heart Punch. After the match Smirnoff buried Chetson under the Soviet flag. " General " Skandar Akbar joined Steve Stack on commentary talking about how Smirnoff has been the victim of " corrupt officials " since signing with WSW and that as his manager Akbar will help him overcome the " conspiracy " against him in exchange for Smirnoff destroying " that snot nosed punk  Kendall Windham at the Sports Arena later today".

Match #3

( As Twil Ogdenbone warms up in the ring " Angel of death " by Slayer comes over the pa system. The Moondogs lurch through the curtain on leashes followed by Kevin Sullivan who upon getting to ringside clips the leashes around the bottom turnbuckle before launching menacingly into the camera then joining a terrified Ogdenbone in the ring)

Kevin Sullivan defeats Twil Ogdenbone with a double stomp to the chest. After the match Sullivan unclips the Moondogs from the corner points to Ogdenbone who barely moving and says " Sickem Boys" The Moondogs rush into the ring and pounce on Ogdenbone as Sullivan heads to the interview area.

Stack: What is the meaning of this? Call off those animals Sullivan!

Sullivan: Don't you worry about what my dogs are doing to that punk in the ring Steve Stack. Worry about what's gonna happen to those stinking drunk injuns at the Sports Arena today. You see Steve Stack when I deposited Leon White Abudadeen's dungeon of doom to undergo his transformation i was told that Western States Wrestling needed to be taken into the sweeping hand of the annihilation, i was told that Western States Wrestling had the potential to be the stronghold from which the great crusade could be launched and that had been appointed " taskmaster " of this all important project. And so I set out build the army that would deliver this fortress unto Abudadeen. I traveled far and wide for worthy warriors and my search took me to the stinking putrid swaps of Louisiana where I found the Moondogs devouring a live alligator by a fire, and I found another even greater horror, not a warrior but a living breathing weapon of mass destruction who eradicate all who stand in our way and it starts at the Sports Arena. Tribal Nation i hope you enjoyed your little moment earlier because it can only get worse from here. Come on boys. The Moondogs FINALLY stop pounding on Ogdenbone's bloody corpse and staln toward Sullivan who grabs their leaches an guides them to the back.

Stack: My God we need some help for this young man! We'll try to get things settled and back with some more Western States action after this.

Commercial break 

Match #4

" Wandering Assassin " Gypsy Joe defeats " Comrade " Che Castro with a knee drop from the top rope.

Before we get to the main event Steve Stack runs down the card for the Sports Arena later today.

Steve Doll vs Johnny Rivera 

" Black Bullet " Shaska Whatley w/Slick vs Sunny War Cloud 

Chicky Starr vs Pvt Don Kernodle 

" Wild Tiger " Kim Duk w/Tojo Yamamoto vs Steve Simpson 

" The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff w/Skandar Akbar vs Kendall Windham 

" The Latin Heartthrob " Al Perez vs " Killer " Tim Brooks w/Skandar Akbar

WSW Tag Team Champions The Tribal Nation (Chris & Mark Youngblood) vs The Dungeon of Doom

Main event 

The Funk family (Terry,Dory Jr & Jimmy Jack) vs Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta,Mr Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki)w/Tojo Yamamoto 

Bell time 3pm tickets still available!

Main Event

Match #5

" The Pride of Montague County " Johnny Mantell defeats " Pretty Boy " Doug Somers with a floatover Russian leg sweep.





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Great opening to this week's show.  Dibiase and Doc are coming but they won't be happy.  Funks better be ready for a war.

I cracked up at some of the names you came up with for the jobbers.

Liked how you used the nice talk from the Funks to help put over the Indians.  It also makes everyone in Amarillo more confindent that the Funks are on the side of good.

Great interview by Sullivan to hype up the afternoon show at the Sports Arena.  Way to sell some tickets.

Really like your babyfaces.  Cocoa and Johnny Mantel are great workers.

Akbar and Smirnoff are instant heat.  Nice job of getting them another TV win.

Western States has been a great read each week.  Really glad you joined us!

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Western States Wrestling 

Sports Arena 

Amarillo Texas 

May 15 1986

Bell time 3pm 

Steve Doll defeats Johnny Rivera (Invader 3 without his mask) with a Missle Dropkick.


Sunny War Cloud gets a good reaction coming down to " As long as the grass shall grow " by Johnny Cash. His interactions with the fans are cut of by a five second drumroll which fades to a sound rarely heard in west Texas, classic funk. The song plays for ten seconds before a voice comes over the pa system. " Well I met this lady and I tell her quite a story that I love her forever more, but the trouble is I tell the same ol' story to every girl that walks through the door. This is the Slickster talking at Ya honey! Yeah hahaha" The scene coming down the aisle is almost as out of place. The man fans of CCW will recognize as Slick wearing a cheap suit and a fedora dances down ahead of his client Shaska Whatley who struts in his business coat and bowler hat.

 "Black Bullet " Shaska Whatley w/Slick defeats Sunny War Cloud after Slick trips Sunny coming off the ropes Whatley performs a inside cradle.

Chicky Starr defeats Pvt Don Kernodle with a backslide with his feet on the ropes.

"Wild Tiger " Kim Duk w/Tojo Yamamoto defeat Steve Simpson after Duk avoided Simpson's crossbody and hit a kneeling belly to belly piledriver.

" The Russian Hammer " Alexis Smirnoff w/Skandar Akbar & Kendall Windham ended in a double DQ as both men shoved referee Bobby Pico as they were brawling in the corner.

" The Latin Heartthrob " Al Perez defeats " Killer " Tim Brooks by taking advantage of Brooks being distracted by Kendall Windham chasing Skandar Akbar to hit a bridging German suplex. Alexis Smirnoff came out to help Akbar which lead to Brooks & Perez joining in causing a chaotic mess that security had to separate.

A bit of confusion before the semi-main as Sullivan lead the Moondogs to the ring only to clip their leashes to the bottom turnbuckle. Seemingly relishing the confused looks on the Youngbloods faces Sullivan got on the house mic and said " You injuns should cut down on the firewater because it's affecting what little brains you have. The contract didn't say you'd be facing the Moondogs today, No today you're facing the Dungeon of Doom which in this case means me (Sullivan points to the entrance) & him" Fans turn to the entrance only for many of them to recoil in shock as ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER walks to the ring to the mad cackling of Sullivan.

WSW Tag Team Champions The Tribal Nation (Chris & Mark Youngblood) defeat The Dungeon of Doom ("Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher) by dq when Abdullah started stabbing Mark with a fork. Then all breaks lose as Sunny War Cloud & Cocoa Samoa rush the ring to help their friends which causes Sullivan to (literally) unleash the Moondogs leading to what Gordon Solie would call a pier six brawl which only breaks up as seemingly the entire locker room empties of wrestlers and security.

Main Event 

Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta,Mr Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki)w/Tojo Yamamoto defeat the Funk family (Terry,Dory Jr & Jimmy Jack) after Tojo struck Jimmy Jack with the Japanese flag allowing Pogo & Kendo to hit a Spike Piledriver. There was a bit of brawling after the bell but security was on high alert from earlier and shut it down quickly with the Funks still in possession of the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

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Tribal Nation get a nice shine with a belt presentation. 

Hmmmm you never know just what's really going on inside the Funks heads. This is becoming one of my favorite storylines. BTW, loved the introduction of Jimmy Jack.

I like the push Smirnoff is getting.

Sullivan is causing all kinds of chaos! I shouldn't be surprised but the man always outdoes himself LOL. 

Mantell and Pretty Boy get the nice main event slot. Good to see Mantell keeping his Texas momentum going. 

To the Sports Arena, 

Slick and Whatley will be a lot of fun to watch. They're off to a good start. 

I know Chicky and Kernodle gave the fans a solid work rate match. 

Love that finish in the Duk/Simpson match.

I got to give Kendall credit, he's showing no fear by going head on with Devastation Inc. 

OH MAN! If Sullivan and the Moondogs weren't enough to handle, none other than ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER has arrived!!! WOW! Talk about a monster stable. This is what the Dungeon of Doom is all about. 

Zaibatsu get a huge win over the Funks. Good call here, I think Zaibatsu really needed this one. 

Awesome stuff! 


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Awesome week in the Sports Arena.

Loved the main event.  Terry and Dory may not like their "cousin" if he doesn't step up.

Kendell is a great choice to go after Dev. inc.

Duk and Simpson is a perfect upper midcard match.

Shaska good really bring the heat.  Way to start off the show

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WSW live events 

5-16-1986 Fair Park Coluseam Lubbock TX 

5-17-1986 The Coluseam Paso TX

5-18-1986 Civic Auditorium Albuquerque NM 

5-19-1986 Denver Auditorium Denver CO 

5-20-1986 Civic Center Tulsa OK 

5-21-1986 The Myriad Oklahoma city OK 

U.S Steel defeats Tojo Yamamoto with a big splash. 

"The Flamboyant" Eric Embry defeats Steve Doll with a piledriver.

Sunny War Cloud defeats Kevin Sullivan with a sunsetflip. Sullivan immediately got up after the bell and continued brawling with War Cloud with the two having to be separated by security.

Jimmy Jack Funk defeats Kendo Nagasaki w/Tojo Yamamoto after banging both mens heads together as Tojo was on the apron followed by a bulldog.

Chicky Starr defeats Dory Funk Jr by performing a inside cradle as Funk was setting up for the cloverleaf and grabbing a handful of trunks.

 Abdullah the Butcher w/Kevin Sullivan and Cocoa Samoa ended in a double DQ both men took turns shoving referee Alex Perez as he was attempting to break up a fistfight in the corner. Sullivan got involved after the bell which drew out all 3 members of the Tribal Nation & the Moondogs which lead to...

WSW Tag Team Championship match 

The Tribal Nation (Chris & Mark Youngblood) defeat The Moondogs w/Kevin Sullivan by dq when Sullivan broke up a pin by Mark on Spot by hitting Mark with the Golden Spike leading to YET ANOTHER chaotic brawl that security had to break up.

Falls Count Anywhere match 

Terry Funk defeats Mr Pogo w/Tojo Yamamoto in a bloody slugfest that ended with Funk piledriving Pogo off the apron through the timekeepers table as Jimmy Jack had Tojo in the spinning toe hold in the ring and Dory was fighting with Kendo in the aisle.


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Fans get to cheer early as US Steel puts Tojo down. 

Big win for Sunny over Sullivan. Post match brawl which will be the theme of the card. 

Jimmy Jack proves to be a tough Funk. 

WOW! Big win for Chicky. That win over Dory really catapults Chicky to another level. 

If there's one guy who isn't afraid to go toe to toe with Sullivan's monsters it's Cocoa Samoa. 

Tribal Nation and Moondogs are one of the best feuds going right now.

Awesome way to end the show as Terry defeats Pogo in a bloody falls count anywhere match. 

Great loop! 

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Great job setting up this house loop.  Hope these guys car pooled as those are some long rides.  I was read an article by Dory on the travel in Western States Wrestling... IT SEEMED BRUTAL.

Sunny War Cloud better be careful... you don't usually mess with Sullivan and have things work out.

What a win for Chicky Starr... Dory must be nervous becasue he heard the NWA Tag Champs are coming to get him!  LOL.

Really enjoying Tribal Nation-Moondogs

Terry is right where he needs to be... Main Event.... Bloody match vs some foreign heels!

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