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Jerry Lawler vs Stan Hansen


Who is better Jerry Lawler or Stan Hansen?  

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  1. 1. Who is the better GWE Candidate, Jerry Lawler or Stan Hansen?

    • Jerry Lawler
    • Stan Hansen

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I ranked both in the top ten in 2016, off the top of my head I can't remember who was higher. The difficult part is that Lawler probably had a more varied toolkit, but Hansen does one thing in a way that's totally transcendent. Yes, we have a few examples of Hansen working from underneath, and the Inoki/Misawa matches present a sort of "title match Hansen" but what lands Hansen on the list is being the most believable wrecking ball.

14 hours ago, Boss Rock said:

Shame they never crossed paths.

I still haven't got over the disappointment of seeing Lawler/Idol vs Hansen/Ventura listed on the Memphis set, only to see that Lawler spends the whole match working with Ventura.

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I find it surprising that someone would argue Lawler had the more varied toolkit of the two. Hansen may not have been a man of a thousand holds, but I'd say he was clearly better at the traditional title match style. When Lawler worked with guys like Bockwinkel and Dory Junior, it was striking how much they had to dumb themselves down so he could keep up. Also, Hansen was a far superior tag wrestler.

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Lawler is probably the GOAT against broomsticks or non-wrestlers. The difference between how Lawler worked as a face vs a heel is distinct while Hansen was always Hansen (not saying this is bad thing, Hansen should've only ever been Hansen). Lawler is also a good comedy wrestler. while also having some of the great violent matches ever. 

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