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Jack Veneno


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I had no idea there was footage of this title "switch."


The only thing that ever comes out of Jack Veneno is that he once won the title from Flair. Is he a wrestler of any note, or just a one-time Dominican star? Can anyone shed some light on him in general?

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I've never understood how Flair can beat Von Erichs in Texas in 1983, but gets shaken beyond belief over some Dominicans?

In Texas the police were in on the trick. In the Dominican, they would point them at Roddy Piper for interfering. At least that's the story Dave Meltzer and Jim Cornette gave in a commentary on Wrestling Gold (Vol. 5).


One question this answered for me though is whether it was a case of a wrestler shooting on Flair and the NWA covering it up. It wasn't.

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