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NWA/ AWA Star Wars 1985

Johnny Sorrow

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Back in 1985 when the whole "Pro Wrestling USA" experiment launched, they held a card at the Meadowlands that the Apter mags just went apeshit over. At the time, on paper it did seem like the greatest thing ever to those of us in New Jersey without cable and just the Apter mags to know about anything besides the WWF.


Does this show exist on tape at all? I remember that there were some no shows, and the mags tried to explain them away kayfabe. The only one I remember was Lawler was supposed to team with Tommy Rich against the Road Warriors, not the Baron.





NWA/AWA Star Wars 2/85

February 24, 1985 in East Rutherford, NJ

The Meadowlands drawing 18,600 ($180,000)


Jimmy Valiant, Jay & Mark Youngblood drew Larry Zbysko, Nick Bockwinkel, & Dory Funk Jr. (15:00)



Kamala defeated Mark Pole & Lou Fabiano in a "handicap" match.



Bob Backlund pinned Billy Robinson.



Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne DDQ Mr. Saito & Masked Superstar.



Ivan & Nikita Koloff beat Steve Keirn & Jimmy Valiant when Ivan pinned Valiant.



Jimmy Garvin beat AWA World Champion Rick Martel via DQ.



AWA World Tag Champs The Road Warriors beat Jerry Lawler & Baron Von Raschke when Raschke was pinned.



NWA World Champ Ric Flair pinned Harley Race (25:00).



Sgt. Slaughter won a "tag team battle royal." Slaughter's partner, Jerry Blackwell, was injured and could not compete, forcing Slaughter to wrestle alone. Also in the match were: The Road Warriors, Ivan & Nikita Koloff, Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell, Kamala & Billy Robinson, Mark & Chris Youngblood, Jerry Lawler & Baron Von Raschke, Bob Backlund & Jimmy Valiant, Mr. Saito & Masked Superstar, Nick Bockwinkel & Dory Funk Jr., Jimmy Garvin & Larry Zbyszko, and Steve Keirn & Jerry Oski.

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World Pro dedicated a full show to matches from this card. Dan Ginnetty put out a nice VQ version on his World pro set a few years back. previously only a shitty vhs copy was available.


In terms of what is shown, it had the Battleroyal, LOD vs. Lawler/Raschke, Flair vs. Race, Martel vs. Garvin, and I think the Koloffs vs. Keirn/Valiant. I don't think they were all complete but how much was removed from each match I'm not sure off the top of my head.


Other matches from the those PW USA cards showed up on World Pro over the years but no full cards, matches like Martel vs. Bockwinkel and LOD vs. Freebirds (from the Meadowlands).

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Looks like a list here:




DVD #12

4/15/85 all matches from the Meadowlands, except for matches 2+3

1. AWA Tag Team Battle Royal

2. Kerry/Kevin Von Erich vs. Chris Adams/.Gino Hernandez

3. One Man Gang vs. Hercules Hernandez

4. Road Warriors vs. Jerry Lawler/Baron Von Rashke

5. Rick Martel vs. Jimmy Garvin

6. Ivan/Nikita Koloff vs. Steve Keirn/Jimmy Valiant

7. Ric Flair vs. Harley Race


There's a long jump to the next show airing, so it's possible that there's more stuff that Dan was still trying to track down.




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