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HP develops DVD manufacturing on demand system for low-demand content


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Figured I'd post it here since we all love talking about the WWE vault.

There was a article recently about one of the studios making their content available for DVD/Download. It wasn't cheap, but it was a lot of stuff that's never made it to DVD before and was about putting the control in the hands of the buyer.


The WWE is likely to be very careful about their vault. I'm sure they want to monetize it. But they also have barely scratched getting it out there. 24/7 is in limited markets, and their online content remains fairly small considering the wealth of stuff they have.



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I think they have to be agressive. Think about the Holllywood Legion matches out there, a lot of those guys had a name value back then but that has diminished to a great extent. And if WWE doesn't want a whole new batch of wrestlers to lose the value they have left they need to get their names back out there before they are entirely forgotten

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I know Warner brothers and Nickelodeon have latche donto this concept. Nickelodean sells a bunch of seasons sets from their early 90's shows via print on demand through Amazon.com, and Warner brothers has a website set up where u can get a bunch of old movies that might not sell a ton of copies in stores. The only issue with soem of the warnerbrothers stuff is quality may not bet top notch as they put a disclaimer saying that they have used the ebst version available but didn't clean them up digitally or anything.


The concept of WWE doing this with their vast library would be amazing. Especially if they came up with a way where you could make your own compilations if you wanted charaging so much per match, though I'm guessing match prices would vary. I doubt Flair/Steamboat going 60 minutes would sell for the smae price as an al Snow/Roa dogg amtch from raw.

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