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DVD #3: Rick Rude Music Video: Robert Palmer, "Addicted To Love"


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I am not entirely certain what to say about this. Rude looks like a porn star, surrounded by hot 80's chicks in big hair and bikinis. (Wait, the first bit is girls in leotards on the steps.) I glory in this video and I cry, because everytime I see Rude I am reminded that he was freaking awesome -- and that he's now dead. The action clips are fun, especially the drop kick he throws on Kevin. And the dated gym scenes absolutely rock.


I miss the 70's and 80's. BTW, the coolest bit is when he bench-presses that chick.

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Me: Watching and trying to pay attention so I can comment.

My girlfriend: "What the fuck is this? I thought you were watching a wrestling DVD."


I was too busy laughing to finish watching and had to watch it twice.


Cookie cutter hype video. What saddens me is not that Rick Rude is dead, but that all those hot chicks in the video are probably pushing 50 now and thus aren't as hot.

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Guest secondcoming

holy good lord in heaven...


this is incredible. Rick Rude was (and forever will be) the epitome of cheesy, narcissistic, gyrating..."Rude"ness...the man oozed heel...



the video is brilliant (especially in it's dated-ness)

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