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Questions for Dory Funk Jr?


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I called the Conservatory and they said I could get an interview. There's only so much I can glean about him from Terry's book, and I'm not too familiar with his work other than "he was world champ" and "he helped train a bunch of guys". I got a lot of help here for the Harley Race interview and I'd appreciate that help again.

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What's the story about his split with Adam Windsor? Is Windsor still doing the personal trainer gig in Ocala?

Whatever happened to that 7 foot guy he trained that went to New Japan for like a show?

Thoughts on the Barb Wire match he had in ECW?

Thoughts on the match in Puerto Rico when he teamed with his wife vs Carlos Colon?

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Thoughts on Jumbo Tsuruta? How was he to train, how was he in the ring, where would he rank him among all-time greats?


Was he ever approached about coming in with brother Terry in 1989 to the NWA during the Flair feud?


Does he consider the Jack Brisco match from Japan their best one, or are there others that he thinks are better?


Thoughts on Jerry Lawler and Memphis in general?


Thoughts on Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba as wrestlers, who did he enjoy wrestling more?


Questions about the politics at the time of the JWA split could be cool too.


What's his take on The Destroyer?

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Considering he was a former world champion, why did the WWF rename him "Hoss" for his tenure there?


Where did he originally get the spinning toe hold and european uppercuts from?


What did he think the role of a touring world champion should be?


What did he think of the match in Japan where he wrestled Terry for the only time?


He still wrestled as recently as 2008, which must've been hard on him considering his age. (The only other guys I can think of who are his contemporaries who are still active are Abdullah, Johnny Saint, and Gypsy Joe.) What was his reason for continuing to wrestle so long after most other wrestlers would've retired?


This one's pure shit-stirring, so I don't blame you if you don't ask it, but I am curious. In his RFVideo shoot interview, Dusty Rhodes gently mocked Dory, calling him "slow" and sharing an anecdote where Dory supposedly walked into a closet one time, thinking it was the door leaving the room. What would his response to the egg-suckin' dog be?

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