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As I work for a wrestling homepage I am in constant need of sources and material. One thing I have noticed is that constantly wrestling homepages are disappearing, just think of the end of Geocities. Because of that it is quite difficult to compile results and title histories for some promotions, especially late 90s independent promotions like OMEGA, AWC, SCW and NWA 2000. I hope somewhere somebody has a mirror of whoowrestling.com, those promotions had their respective sections over there. So do you have old bits and bytes lying around collecting data-dust?


Maybe in the end RSPW will be again the only available source. That would be weird and hilarious

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Hisa is still up and running:




Also has a board where if there's a title he doesn't have, you can always ask about it and one of the contributors might have something.


For old websites, archive.org is often a useful place to dig up stuff. Not perfect, and something you have to try different versions of a site before you find what you're looking for. But useful.


An example if being able to find the old AJPW subdomain of puroresufan.com. Don't know what the story is between Stuart and the guy who ran it, as the current AJPW page seems to be done by someone else with much less historical info.



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Puroresufan underwent a major redesign after some sort of hack messed things up through comment pages. For some reason he also took down a lot of .html pages that couldn't possibly be a vulnerability, including the old result and title history pages. He restored some of that for NJ but that's about it. Purolove.com has 99% of what puroresufan had, plus a bunch more.

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