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  1. This match was blah. Is next year when they have their big feud because I was expecting things to get out of hand and they did not.
  2. Gilbert and the DWB’s peeking their heads out the curtain and the cuts to them just looking around scared were amazing and made me laugh out loud multiple times.
  3. Is this the first ever time Fuchi drops Kobashis knee on a ringside table? I haven’t seen this in a while since I watched the whole jumbo Misawa feud and it was interesting seeing the start. Jumbo I thought especially had some extra starch in this match; some of those knees and lariats were killers.
  4. Willninho

    [2018-06-23-CMLL] L.A. Park vs Rush

    This ruled. I think the other matches they had were better at least the start of the matches but they worked this one for Arena Mexico. But then when the fuck finishes started it went great. Best part of the match was the tercera card after Rush was about to be stretchered. Both DQs were good and made sense; Rush/Park is the best feud of the 10's.
  5. Yea Dom was really fun in this and had good chemistry and insight on a lot.
  6. The loser knockoff on the Network is great.
  7. Willninho

    WWE Network... It's Here

    As someone who's probably never seen a prime Bruno match what 2-3 would you recommend?
  8. Willninho

    [2000-02-04-NJPW] Jushin Liger vs Minoru Tanaka

    I didn't love this. I think there's a way to do a 5 minute juniors match but this just felt like a clipped match. It felt they just skipped the beginning stages instead of doing a sprint and or squash.
  9. This is fine as a young green guys match but the fake crowd noise is hysterical. They pipe in massive heel hit in a half empty crowd for a basic heel move in the beginning.
  10. This was super quick but a really fun short match. Did any NC indy or something ever run a 3 Count PG13 match ? Because that seems great if it ever happened with length.
  11. This was a fun enough match for the half? we get. Two things stood out: Vader hit a brutal looking choke slam on Jun. And they messed up the legal man near the end which is something I rarely notice but it's a detail AJ usually hits.
  12. Man this match was just sad to me. Funk I thought surprisingly looked much older than he has in even the 1998 stuff I seen and then knowing Bret's condition; just sad.
  13. Ignoring the booking for this, I thought this was fun for a squashing big match. I liked their slugfest at the beginning then how shocked the crowd was at the result.
  14. Tommy Rogers was only 38! I assumed he would have been older but he looked pretty good in this match. Romeo looked bad but he had only been working like 4 months so ok I guess.
  15. So what specifically happened in the Ogawa/Hashimoto match? I saw the match and thought it was all a work and people in the yearbook thread thought so too. Bix was calling it a double cross but wasn't clear what he meant by that? It was planned all until the end when Ogawa went harder than planned so they called it?