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  1. Pterois

    WWE TV 12/09 - 18/09 Cruzeiro got relegated! Fuck them!

    Imagine for a minute that a member of the board is a former soldier or someone who lost a brother or a father in the war.
  2. Pterois

    Wrestling in unusual contexts

    I apologize if someone here is offended by the video.
  3. Pterois

    RIP Ashley Massaro

    EL-P, are you feminist ?
  4. Pterois

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Why does everybody say All Japan wasn't doing well in late nineties ? Is it because of financial reasons ? As far as I'm concerned, I don't see a huge difference between an All Japan match from 91 and one from 99. A lot of people seem to think the matches went too long and that there were too many headdrops. I don't mind. I like long matches and dangerous moves. i don't care if moves are dangerous for the wrestlers. In fact, I find it exciting when a wrestler does something dangerous for him and his co-workers.
  5. Pterois

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I don't understand the reason why everyone is talking about the match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee. What makes Magee so special and appealing ?
  6. I agree with Conrad' stance, if someone is nice with me and the people I care, I don't care if he's a dick with others people. As far as the scandal in Germany is concerned, I don't see the problem. If Bradshaw was a face, I understand why it would bother people, a face is not supposed to do nazi salutes. But he was a heel, it makes a humengous difference ! It's a good way for a heel to get heat. Why do people find normal to see nazi salutes in a movie and not in a wrestling show ? Wrestling isn't real, it's a scenario for god's sake ! I find compelling the JBL PPV matches during his title reign. The match with Taker at summerslam 04 is the only one until the last one that sucks. The match with The Undertaker from No Mercy is pretty compelling, the finish is amazing. The Sseries match with Booker T is great. I rate ****1/2 The 4-way between him, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker from Armageddon. The triple threat between him, Angle and Show from Rumble 05 is solid. The cage match with Big Show from NWO 05 is pretty compelling. Finally, the Wrestlemania match with Cena sucks.
  7. Pterois

    Crockett Appreciation

    The nonexistence of an 80's DVDVR Crockett set has always disconcerted me. It's the most mainstream NWA territory for god's sake ! Anyway, I love your idea. I don't know if the matches between Dusty Rhodes and Tully Blanchard are big big or aren't but I enjoyed a few of them. I know some people say Tully was a better Dusty opponent than Flair. I don't remember the dates but the one that struck me the most was from a 1988 Worldwide. If I were you, I'd also glance at the house shows available on tape.
  8. Pterois

    Grilling JR

    If I understood properly, he said he was smoking weed with Heenan in 1993. Did I understand properly ? Anyway, I don't picture JR smoking weed.
  9. Young wrestlers having to kissing the asses of the veterans is the side of wrestling I hate the most. Well, it's also the case of many companies.
  10. I agree there are lots of scruffy disheveled-looking guys everywhere but for whatever reason Vince thought a southern accent would improve his character. We often saw caricatured wrestling characters throughout wrestling history. It's useful for making an impact. Harper had already the look of the caricatural southern redneck. A southern accent would have been the icing on the cake. Vince is probably a perfectionist, if a character is not exactly like he wants, he tends to drop it. And I know WWE historically hates an accent that's not American Standard but Harper is an exception, it would have fit the character.
  11. I'm sure people were already talking about Vince losing his mind twenty years ago. It doesn't seem to affect his company anyway.
  12. Sometimes, the accent of a wrestler can be important if he's supposed to talk a lot. I don't find Vince's point of view that strange.
  13. Come on, not all muslims hate jewish people.
  14. Pterois

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    The difference between the number of participants in this project and the number of gwe participants is striking. I don't understand the reason. Do you think it's because writing a wrestler's list is funnier than writing a list of matches or do you think the reason is different ?
  15. Pterois

    Translating Puro/Joshi Promos

    Do you think Ohtani's jacket could be able to translate ?