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  1. Pterois

    WM37, WM38, and WM39 dates/locations confirmed by WWE

    Wrestling is not what it used to be with an empty arena. I hope there will be big crowds by this summer. Remember covid-19 is not the cause of all this shit, it's the lockdown and social distancing.
  2. You're only against talking about politics in PWO when people disagree with your views. If everybody agrees with your agenda (I'm not going to explain in detail what your agenda is but I guess you have an idea of what I'm thinking), you're ok if it's not pwo and we talk about non wrestling related topics such as sexuality and politics. If you read opinions that you don't like, suddenly it becomes PWO. Either we all can tell what we believe or nobody can't.
  3. I'm trying to offer a solution. I'm just as much against sexual harrassment as all of you are.
  4. Why was my post deleted ? Did I say something that doesn't please the mods and admins of this board ? Edit : I guess we're trying to cancel me. My opinion is that we should teach to male and female wrestlers not to flirt or to have sexe before their wedding or outside of wedding. If people in America and around the world only tried to have sex with their husband or wife, such scandal wouldn't occur.
  5. Pterois

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    You're not the boss around here southofheavy.
  6. Pterois

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Yeah, and in France you get money while not working and you are heavily taxed. I bet you like Mélenchon.
  7. Entertaining beginning with Akiyama going after his opponent. After a powerbomb from Vader, Akiyama kicks out at two and applies a cross arm breaker, which is great fighting spirit. Vader sells well. Great match but I still prefer the may 99 match between Vader and Misawa and the february 2000 one between Vader and Kobashi. Vader can still have great matches in 2000.
  8. Seems fair. Anyway, not a smart move from Gunner.
  9. I thought it was pro wrestling only.
  10. Pterois

    Hana Kimura passes away

    Yeah, sad news. At 28 minutes, the scene behind her harassment.
  11. Really good match. It grabs me. I like the fact that it''s a match between the young ones and the old guard. I like the doubleteaming of No Fear. They play dirty but in my mind it doesn't diminish their victory.
  12. Pterois

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Martha sounds like a nice person but how can you say she's the best of the Harts if she doesn't even consider herself as one of them ?
  13. Edge was extremely popular among the casual fans so I don't see him being overpushed.
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  15. Great match. I'm pleasantly surprised. Hase was tremendous on offense. I agree Misawa should have made more efforts to escape from Hase's holds. ****1/4