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  1. WIG

    French catch

    Jumping in here a little late. I had seen the Catanzaro-Cesca match a few years back and was blown away but at the time there wasn't much else available. Now i have discovered there is a lot more available so i'm gonna take in as much as i can. One of the first matches was BERT ROYAL VS TONY OLIVER 02/22/1957. Holy hell was this just as good as the first match i had watched. The Catanzaro-Cesca match was worked very equal with the crowd loving both guys and just soaking up the action. This match was not, very clear face-heel dynamic with Royal being the crowd favorite and Oliver being quite the loathed dastardly heel.From the beginning Oliver is such a smug prick. Every movement and gesture makes you want to smack him in the face. Beyond all the nifty mat work my favorite things were the well placed punches. Both these guys landed some awesome body shots and is something i would like to see more of in modern wrestling. I also loved late in the match when Oliver was just giving it to him with nasty uppercuts just beating his ass and then snaps him down and gives him a short closed fist right to the nose while the ref was shortly blinded by their body positions. Loved all of this. First two French Catch matches were very different and have blown me away.
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  4. WIG

    Your Wrestling Pet Perfections/ Utter Love

    The 1991 Royal Rumble intro vid . As a kid the video store had about 3 wrestling tapes and I would rotate through them with the rumble being my favorite. The intro vid had Vince running down the list of competitors set to cheesy music. cant count how many times I watch this. I can still hear Vince's enthusiasm while saying Saba Siiiiimba !!! PG-13 stooge heeling or berating the crowd. "Hey girl, I have a joke that will knock your titties off but it looks like you already heard it". Classic. 1996 ECW. That's when I discovered it and the first block of TV I received blew me away. The into vid was so awesome and never got old. Every time I hear la sexorcisto I flash back to my early ECW watching days. Sabu of the same era would count here too. That damn Terry Funk Desperado video ... Razor Ramons mannerisms . To this day, every now and then if I walk into a bathroom and nobody is around i'll slip through the door with both arms out, stop , and flip an imaginary toothpick at the mirror. Events in cool or unconventional environments. Evolve held an event in an alleyway blocked in by buildings with really cool looking street art/graffiti and was just completely different looking. Or IWA MS running at scummy roller rinks or in the back yard of a strip club just because they are scummy. Kongo Kong killing Heidi Lovelace in the parking lot of roller derby wouldn't have been the same if it were at a national guard armory . Live wrestling and rewatching events you attended . Especially in the cases were something unexpectedly great happened. For me its Regals comeback performance at the Pillman memorial, the first Joe/Punk hour draw and Low Ki/Kenta. Gary Michael Cappetta and Howard Finkel. The Hollywood Blondes entrance . The music, camera rolling motion, the charisma .
  5. WIG

    Short-lived finishing moves?

    When HBK first split off as a singles wrestler didn't he use a variation of the back drop driver ? I don't think it was ever even given a name .
  6. WIG

    Modern Indie Wrestling

    Hahah sorry about that, I did actually laugh out loud at that response though. I think we ended up saying the same thing(other than me recommending it) but I dicked around and tried to make it funny. That definitely is what is going on here and maybe I should have explained it better. This is not my cup of tea either but if the spectacle of a guy fresh out of prison wrestling a death match in a haunted barn is at all intriguing then I still recommend it . It truly was frightening .
  7. WIG

    Modern Indie Wrestling

    I picked up IWA East Coasts Masters of Pain 15 recently. Pretty much the shit show you would expect for current death match tournaments and the entire show had a run time of around an hour and a half. After the first two matches (both of which ended with flash roll ups) I am thinking I might be wasting my time. That's when Sid Fabulous walks into my life.. Shitty homemade yarder gear, creepy gigantic mouth , one arm smaller than the other . Sounds great right ? Then out walks Nick Gage for his "return to death match wrestling" . Dear Christ this is one of the worst beatings I have ever seen . This is what post prison Gage matches should look like, that being me genuinely concerned about his opponents safety. At one point I had to remind myself that if something really bad had happened I would have heard about it by now . I assume Gage isn't the smartest guy around but if I were a betting man id say one of the boys in the back told him that he couldn't beat the retard out of Mr. Fabulous. And to that Gage said "the fuck I can't,dont tell me what to do". This horrific beating is so bad im pretty damn sure it is why Gage didn't have a second round opponent. People should track this down .
  8. Holy cow what a match ! One thing maybe one of you lucha guys might help me with. There could be a simple answer to this that im missing or losing in language barrier but the end got me . It was the same ref that took the bump, then counted the 3, then reversed the decision right ? Kinda confusing ? On another note, that coulda been the best first fall in a lucha singles match iv ever seen. Brutal.
  9. As far as CZW goes the "To Infinity" is worth a go . Biff vs Gulak on point and a good tag title match and a decent undercard with Team Tremenous really standing out. CZW also had "Prelude to Death" which is also worth a look. Also, Beyond Wrestlings "Point of no Return" and "Americanrana" could be my fovorite indy shows of the year with americanrana probably being my favorite. Biff-Edddie, Gulak-Dickinson, and the nutty tag scramble are the highlights. As far as PWG would go i give a big thumbs up to most everything this year but the ddt tag tourny. It isnt a bad show but just wasnt on par with the rest of the year. All the mount rushmore of wrestling stuff is great, and their fued with joey and candice should be tracked down.
  10. WIG

    2014 Match Recommendations

    Did some cleaning out of the DVR and skimmed through some ROH tv. When that show started i thought it was horrible but now i think its coming around a bit. Not great but i find myself watching a lot more of each show. Anywho , a couple weeks ago there was a tv title match with Ciampa definding against Hanson. These guys didnt go for anything epic and thats why it worked. Just went out and got there shit in. Hanson did a few big guys strength spots and some fat guy agility spots and looked good. Ciampa brought some intensity and the ligit feeling that he could hurt someone. And when he starts his rope running for his dive you start to think that someone might be him. Scary dive. Quick and fun, check it out.
  11. WIG

    Intense undercard feuds

    I liked the little malenko/rey jr cruiserweight fued leading up to their match at havoc. Added some heat that was missing from the division. And i second the Regal/Finley feud.
  12. Hello all, I’m Adam from WV and i started watching sometime during the hype up for WrestleMania VII(also the first ppv i had ever seen). From the beginning I liked the guys that I thought were more fun like the rockers, heart foundation, and macho man over guys like Hogan and warrior. I think early nitro is what changed me, seeing Eddie , benoit, and sabu. After searching and getting a few ECW tapes it was over for me. The dominoes fell fast as I discovered all the stuff from japan. Mostly hardcore stuff and the big all japan matches at first until I discovered the DVDVR board that guided me through my obsession. Today I watch most everything but I still have a soft spot for 95-96 M-Pro, 2001-2002 US indies, and early 90’s WCW tv.