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  1. kbenn123

    What do you think of Bruce Mitchell?

    Also heard on Something to Wrestle that if you use promo code Conrad you get another 30 days for fifty cents. I tried it, and it did work.
  2. kbenn123

    What do you think of Bruce Mitchell?

    I had the same issue. Much of the content appears to reside on the old pwtorch vip site, and the links are broken.
  3. kbenn123

    Letters From Center Stage

    I may have missed you guys mentioning it, but Craig Pittman also appeared as a judge for at least a few of the Flair vs Regal Marquis of Queenbury matches.
  4. According to Bischoff, you guys are mispronouncing El Boricua. https://youtu.be/jzqFq7rfLaI?t=40m28s
  5. kbenn123

    What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

    I felt like the second Horsemen episode was disappointing in the sense that the first 40 minutes was nearly all commercials and plugs. It made it a tough listen.
  6. kbenn123

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    Do you disagree? I love the show. One of my favorite podcasts. I just find it puzzling that the same people bash it every week yet continue to listen. Must love punishment I wish there was simple adware free place where all of the newsworthy/interesting bits from Prichard/Tony/Jericho/Ross/Bischoff/etc.'s podcasts could just posted quickly by someone in quick list form. I don't have hours and hours to listen to this stuff but I'd be curious if we learned something new about a production meeting Bischoff had with Tony about Glacier or something (I don't know). I could absolutely see people try to listen to something like Bruce's show for new information and not necessarily entertainment. Keller is trying this again with pwpodcasts.com. It is relatively ad-free, and I find does a pretty good job of summarizing the major podcasts.
  7. kbenn123

    What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

    They changed their feed host a few weeks back. I saw other people mention that they needed to delete and resubscribe to get it to update.
  8. The Dale Gagner topic of the last 2 episodes had me look him up online, and I found this excellent article about his scams: http://www.citypages.com/news/dale-gagne-wrestles-with-the-truth-6743417 The article is from 2010, and he claims to have cleaned up his act, but who knows. He also claims in the article be writing a book, and I couldn't find it anywhere.
  9. Is powerbomb.tv really a thing? I don't know much about the background, but they seemed to be out of nowhere around the time floslam was announced. Then they made a bunch of announcements, and then I haven't seen anything in almost 2 weeks. Other than people hyping them, does any one really know who is behind the service? Have the founders done any interviews? It just seems like a twitter account and a Web page promising that it is coming soon. In this day and age, would it be that hard to promise something on twitter and then vanish? I hope that isn't the case, but wondering if any one has heard any concrete news lately?
  10. kbenn123

    Original Starrcade 93 Plans + Sid as Champion

    If I recall, according to the Observer, Flair was going to tag with Steamboat to take on the Nastys (instead of Sting and Hawk). I guess that would have been a continuation of the Missy Hyatt vs Flair thing from earlier in the year.
  11. Great show as usual. If I recall, when Meltzer reviewed the actual PPV, he eviscerated Bischoff's commentary for his lack of knowledge and contradiction of attendance figures that JR and Schiavone gave.
  12. Really fantastic info!! I think it maybe says something about the booking and presentation of these shows that some of these stories have been so difficult to follow. Yes, I agree. In general, they did an extremely poor job of recapping the angles leading up to the show.
  13. Great show as usual. You guys asked for some context on some of the angles, and from my memory of the time, here is what I recall. Van Hammer actually had won the arm wrestling tournament in 1992 defeating Vegas, Vader, and then Ron Simmons in the final. Quite the push. Tony Atlas then complained that he would have won, but entered WCW after the tournament began setting up this challenge to Van Hammer. Vinnie Vegas complained that he was left handed and would have beaten Hammer if they had used their left arms. I believe Van Hammer was legit injured sometime shortly after Starrcade, which led to the Clash change. After this, Hammer came back for a short time to get squashed by Sid at Slamboree and then vanished until Raven's flock I think. Simmons was also legit hurt, and was scheduled initially to challenge Dustin Rhodes at Superbrawl in a face vs face match for the US title. He was replaced in that match by Maxx Payne. Simmons does return later that Spring/Summer and feuds briefly with Orndorff over the TV title. He then starts mentoring Ice Train, turns heel on him in early 1994, and leaves the promotion. As for Race and kicking Barbarian off the team. As ridiculous as it was, they tried covering it up by saying that Vader's team could no longer trust Barbarian because he was friends with Cactus Jack stemming from their alliance in late 1992. Therefore, they had to get rid of him to prevent a double cross. I think shortly after this Jack and Barbarian teamed up on Saturday Night or Main Event to face Vader and Orndorff. Hopefully this helps to clarify some of the confusion.
  14. I actually just checked online since I won't make it back to my parents' house for a while and found one listed on eBay. It was a pretty simplistic shirt, but everyone always liked it. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin-Goldberg-Shirt-Austin-Rules-Goldberg-Sucks-XL-BNWT-/121960922866
  15. It was interesting to hear you mention the "Austin Rules/Goldberg Sucks" tshirt as being a limited edition item. I had that shirt, and it might still be at my parents house. I will have to dig it up next time I stop by their house. I remember wearing it to a bunch of live events and then to WM17 as well.