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    [2018-01-02-WWE-205 Live] Akira Tozawa vs TJP

    I thought that this match was fine. Perkins and Tozawa are both very good workers and are capable of much better but with the usual WWE limitations they worked a solid match. The work throughout was smooth if unspectacular and everything went according to plan, but the crowd could not care less about anything that was happening. **1/2
  2. King Sabsabi

    Wrestler of the Year 2017

    I think overall, Tetsuya Naito or Kazuchika Okada would have to be my pic. It's just too broad of a category, though. It might be easier to break down the best wrestler from each major region. United States: Keith Lee Japan: Tetsuya Naito United Kingdom, Europe: WALTER Mexico: Volador Jr.
  3. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre has made it an annual tradition to present Sin Piedad on January 1st, typically having a standard tag card with a hair match in the main event. This year's was no different. Following a lackluster undercard the Trump supporting, golden-haired, all American Sam Adonis took on lucha libre veteran Negro Casas. Adonis has been a solid hand over the last year for CMLL drawing major heat from the Mexican audience but has yet to really shine as an in-ring talent, typically cheating to take the easy win. Casas is an absolute legend of lucha libre and was an outstanding worker in his prime but he's nearing 58 now. Going into this match, my expectations were not particularly high and the prior matches had lowered them even more but I was pleasantly surprised by how great this match ended up being. An early MOTY contender for CMLL and lucha in general, both performers really gave it there all. This was a star-making performance for Adonis and further proof that Negro Casas can still bring it, no matter his age. **** This match can be viewed for free on CMLL's official YouTube channel and is absolutely worth your time.
  4. King Sabsabi

    [2018-01-01-WWE-Raw] Alexa Bliss vs Asuka

    I don't understand the praise this match has been getting in this forum. Everywhere else, it's been largely ignored. I thought this match was flat out bad. Alexa did a terrible job of selling in this match (ranging between over-exaggeration with her facial expressions to no selling certain moves) and she failed to take multiple moves altogether. This went longer than it needed to like most other matches on the show and neither woman was able to get the crowd interested. This match gets a *¾ from me because it wasn't horrible, but I don't understand how so many are calling it good.
  5. King Sabsabi

    [2018-01-01-WWE-Raw] Cesaro vs Jason Jordan

    I think this was a good match with great fire from both wrestlers sports entertainers. Cesaro is great and Jason Jordan is very good but the crowd was not into it early on. The interference was irritating but contributed well to the story. ***
  6. King Sabsabi

    [2018-01-01-WWE-Raw] Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns

    This was a very good match but not quite great. These two work well together and they definitely brought the intensity but it was still held back by the usual WWE formula. The commercial breaks interrupting the matches flow by leading to someone rolling to the floor or going into a monotonous, grinding rest hold coupled with the shenanigans involving the referee (Roman literally asking to not be disqualified and the ref contradicting his own decisions) really were all that stopped this from being great. ***¾