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  1. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 11/15 - 11/21 Hades is such a great game

    Its a terrible show, amateur hour really NXT as a name is ageing pretty badly as well Same with Raw & Smackdown tbh, these are ancient brands and shows now
  2. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 11/08 - 11/14 RIP Marilia Mendonca

    Maybe the place for him is a two or three month heyman managed stint like the Lesnar visits. Would give him a way to exist in the system without overstaying his welcome
  3. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    The angle where Elizabeth gets hit at ringside and Hogan carries her off while Savage loses his shit is a masterpiece, one of the best ever, and it really is ridiculous as well. Would be good if the network had put together individual documentaries or clip shows about these sort of storylines. Maybe they did and im just forgetting
  4. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - November 10, 2021

    Really hope Kingston beats Punk, will be genuinely gutted if Punk gets the win. Surprised to be invested in it! Very rare in recent years
  5. Dale Wolfe

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Truthfully outside of Keith Lee and Gran Metalik I don't think I'll miss any of them but i am surprised by Nia Jax. She is fucking deadly but it did bring attention to the show earlier in the year with the Charlotte semi-shoot, considering how cold the product is you'd think they'd retain her. Must be the vaccine Personally i thought she was entertaining
  6. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - November 3, 2021

    Im viewing this as an outsider to US networks but is the replacement for the original slot doing better ratings? Seems a bit odd to self-sabotage from a network perspective I think the TV has gotten worse recently - i hate earnest Punk - but i doubt that's effected it as much as this change
  7. Dale Wolfe

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Someone said earlier on twitter that every single one of the people released isnt vaccinated but i don't know how true this is Just because you don't publicly broadcast it doesn't mean you havent had it? Hope Keith Lee is okay he really could take a good run at it
  8. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - October 6, 2021

    Van Zant definitely hasnt headlined any million dollar ppvs, she headlined two fight nights and lost both, but still nice to see her. Masvidal & JDS- i would like to see them both try and give it a go. I think masvidal has more than enough charisma to pull it out of the bag, recent record aside.
  9. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

  10. Dale Wolfe

    WWE Extreme Rules 2021 - Less Extreme, More Rules

    I watched the last 4 minutes of the roman/demon match earlier and i just don't understand how this stuff gets through even one discussion without someone saying its an embarrassingly bad idea, never mind makes it to a "ppv" or whatever these are now Does the arena lighting technician give him superpowers? If you go for a piss when the lights are red in the arena are the toilets also a deadly demon zone or is it okay in there Its a shame for Roman really as i thought the spear through the barrier was a decent visual and he should have just won there and then Didnt watch the rest of the card.
  11. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yeah, i quite like the idea of cody, brandi and arn being unrepentant heels and causing havoc Far more than whatever this currently is
  12. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    Does he "rate" mma? Whilst i wouldn't necessarily agree with it could understand the idea of a recommendation basis
  13. Dale Wolfe

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Surely Rex Steiner is the main roster name and Bron Breaker is the development get your shit together with less pressure name? That's the way i read it
  14. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - Grand Slam - September 22, 2021

    Does Meltzer rate mma in the same way? I havent read him in years Can think of a few dozen 5* the last ten years, easy
  15. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Arn should just roll with it. He is a much better heel than face anyway