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  1. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    Obviously didn't watch all three hours of raw but it's really not a bad show now compared to five-six months ago. Commentary is still god awful but the flow of it all is so much better.
  2. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 09/16 - 09/22 Stop pushing Seth down our throats!

    I'm not sure there is a single good play by play left in the company No-one has any individual charisma
  3. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Jericho retains with Moxley interference surely Tbh Jericho is by far the best character in AEW, they'd be foolish to take the belt off him any time soon. Losing it pissed in a steakhouse only adds to the aura
  4. Dale Wolfe

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    It was poorly scheduled and that probably speaks to the naivety/inexperience of the crew really Personally I think the main event was far better than the bucks match but I can't buy into them really Not a bad show but was it really better than a tna weekly ppv?
  5. Dale Wolfe

    AEW All Out

    Tully was the best thing on the entire show.
  6. Dale Wolfe

    Worst wrestler/manager combination ever?

    The show for DSF in Germany was an edit of a few different shows, right? You used to be able to get DSF action on moody satellite in the UK but it was so long ago I might be confusing myself
  7. Dale Wolfe

    NXT talk

    Cyborg jacked to the gills throwing The Miz around would be ratings gold, its a shame. Back to the topic Keith Lee definitely seems like he could have something, if they can let him retain a bit of mystique. I can believe in him beating the shit out of people
  8. Dale Wolfe

    NXT talk

    Did someone finally sign Cyborg?
  9. Dale Wolfe

    American Indies running shows overseas

    Well, ROH are about to lose a lot of money with that UK tour. Tickets are not selling well at all.
  10. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    I am looking forward to the card don't get me wrong
  11. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Personally I disagree. It's not necessarily Ross or Tony I have a problem with in isolation, it's more the referential nature of both appointments. I'm not trying to discredit either's ability, but I think if you're trying to portray something as a cutting edge, fresh product, then using old tired names to present the product will work to your detriment. Oh well I hope I'm proved wrong tbh but it just feels a bit old
  12. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Should have thrown that same money at Mike Goldberg and/or Bas Rutten. Would have been much better I guess it's the shitty podcast obsession era. Maybe conrad will start holding the mic for backstage promos
  13. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    It's a strange narrative that AEW are presenting a fresh alternative but are using Schiavone & Jim Ross I thought it was meant to be cutting edge stuff. They've got a combined age of 121 Im not sure how old the lad in the mask is- and tbf he's better than I thought- but it's a strange move. If I were a lapsed fan would I really want to hear the same old voices? I am bored of wwe for its obsession with nostalgia I dunno
  14. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 08/19 - 08/25 The Return of the King of the Ring

    An anodyne Jack Tunney figure occasionally emerging from his office would be wonderful As would an hour long programme of squashes hosted by Sean mooney from wwe editing suite come to think of it.
  15. Dale Wolfe

    Vince Russo

    Uwe Boll is more accurate