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  1. Dale Wolfe

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    People think its a good gimmick? On the odd time either have been on while I've watched its an instant fast-forward Apart from maybe that psychedelic John Cena flashback match
  2. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 07/26 - 08/01 The Olympic Games are a wonderful event

    ONE Championship is undergoing a big push at the US Market, are trying to sign Stipe, and just had their ruleset approved in Colorado https://combatsportslaw.com/2021/07/22/one-championship-and-knees-to-grounded-opponents-coming-to-colorado/ Quite clear that they don't test in the same way as USADA rules if you take a close look at the Asian cards So that would be my bet
  3. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 07/26 - 08/01 The Olympic Games are a wonderful event

    Well that's pretty embarrassing isn't it If they let Keith Lee go it seems like maybe the worst waste of charisma I've saw in a while. I know he's not the standard WWE shape etc but he's definitely got "it," I think, but he must want to go. He sounds depressed
  4. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - July 28, 2021 - Fight for the Fallen

    Flair's legends deal ran out in May I believe?
  5. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 07/26 - 08/01 The Olympic Games are a wonderful event

    Just been watching Bad Luck Corbin segments on twitter. He's doing so well with it
  6. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Here's hoping AEW snatch up WALTER next. Danielson ultimately the biggest talent to turn up anywhere these days, so if he has signed it's by far the most substantial moment in this nascent promotional war. The only problem with is it is that he will overshadow a big chunk of the roster without even trying Really hope Punk doesn't come in tbh
  7. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    I don't necessarily think losing in UFC is a big issue in theory, but it's the manner in which Punk lost that makes me think it damaged him a lot But whatever, I'm an old man anyway
  8. Dale Wolfe

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    If they hadn't ran NXT into the ground over the last 3 years with terrible booking and terrible champions they might have stood a chance What does NXT stand for anyway, is it an acronym or just a dated name
  9. Dale Wolfe

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I'm pretty surprised no-one has stepped in from the network at this point and told them they need a new director for Raw. Got to be one of the worst presented shows on television and is as much of a hindrance as the writing & length. When the dust settles the Kevin Dunn infatuation will have a lot to answer for I tjink
  10. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    All for Bryan coming in but I hope the Punk rumours are just rumours. I get why they'd do it but it's just another boring old face from the past. The UFC failures have added additional baggage, too. Dull character.
  11. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 07/19 - 07/25 Big E vs Lashley book it now

    NXT UK is a much better product than NXT HHH at the moment, though only about 10 people watch it on BT last time I checked
  12. Dale Wolfe

    AEW Dynamite - July 14, 2021

    Having crowds back changed this promotion so much
  13. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 7/5 - 7/11 I guess no one watched Raw last night

    Every program has its day. Raw is finished
  14. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 6/28-7/4 Euro 2020 is pro wrestling

    Wow that was brutal With boots on too. Oh dear
  15. Dale Wolfe

    Comparing Numbers of Shows Per Era

    I had always assumed ECW was a giant money laundering operation but maybe I am wrong.