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  1. I know there's a lot of comparisons to be made between Raw and the dark days of Nitro but at least Nitro used to have some good car crash energy about it at times, even if it didn't work. This WWE product is just so lifeless, there's nothing redeemable about it at all at the moment. God knows how it must feel from the inside.
  2. Dale Wolfe

    WWE TV 5/13 - 5/19: Raw is Megaman

    This post was spot on I think. The athletic quality of wrestlers is extremely high right now, maybe the best I've ever saw in terms of overall roster and consistency. But they can't work for shit. There's no tension, no drama, and even the most basic promo feels no better than backyard shit. I would like AEW to give everything a big kick in the arse but i think realistically the problems are too deep with wwe to change it. I watched the shows maybe once a month now. Watched this week and tbh I'm not sure I could even name a memorable segment. Somethings got to change. (That said I am paying for the network so more fool me)
  3. Dale Wolfe

    WWE Hidden Gems

    It was really interesting I thought. You could see flashes of why they thought Magee could have been something special- he can't half move for a big man so to speak. But yeah, detached is the right word. Reminds me a bit of someone like Chuck Palumbo or Stasiak for some reason, who never seemed quite locked into a match, depsite the obvious wwf attributes.
  4. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Pretty good if this is all true, would be a real injection of pace into everything if they can present it well. I'd personally prefer a more sports atmosphere but Nitro would be cool as well. Dont take it so personally. Taste is subjective. As I said, I like his work at times but masked commentators are a bit too far for me. Personally i would hope for a fresh, sports-like presentation over "NITRO!!" but, also, that would be a million times better than modern Raw etc. So I would be cool with that, although are the personalities that carried peak era Nitro really present in AEW roster right now? Not sure but a two hour show affords a lot of freedom for them to develop. I think the best way to go would take a lead from MMA presentation really - the WWE style is played out and anything close to the backstage magic camera storyline bullshit just seems hackneyed. This really could be good news though. Wait and see I guess.
  5. Dale Wolfe

    All Elite Wrestling

    Jim Ross and Excalibur are both mistakes if they're trying to present themselves as a more mainstream product, I think. Not really a Mauro fan either - his work with Bellator was embarrassing at times - but Jim Ross is a throwback really. If you're trying to present a fresh/modern approach (which is the whole point of this, surely), then its a bit of a contradiction. I like Excalibur's work but the mask and name do put me off- I'm an old man maybe but wrestling always works best when commentary/interviewers etc are the straight man to a wrestlers idiosyncrasies. When everything is a gimmick its all a bit much. Oh well wait and see I guess.