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  1. Ronnie

    Images exceed device width on mobile

    To read, it's necessary to scroll horizontally, so this happens: You'll be in the clear whenever you upgrade, then; there's no sign of that line in the latest versions' framework.css
  2. Hi! I've popped back casually after a few years away and noticed the upgrade. One thing isn't quite right though. On mobile, images break the natural page width: It seems to me that the cause is the addition of .cPost div[data-role="commentContent"] img.ipsImage_thumbnailed{max-width:1000px;max-height:750px;} to your framework.css. That's saying that if your image is larger than 1000px wide, then reduce it to that width, which is what is happening. However, it's taking priority over another rule which says do not allow an image to be wider than the page width. I don't know what this rule was added for but it's clearly problematic. (And not the correct approach to take; changes should be made in custom.css. The stock CSS files will either be overwritten in future upgrades (meaning that you lose your changes) or not overwritten (meaning that changes that are part of upgrades won't be introduced) -- the jury's out as to which of the two approaches apply here!) You need to get rid of this rule as it stands because of the knock-on problems it's causing but there'll be an alternative way of doing what you intended. What is it you were trying to achieve by adding this rule?
  3. Ronnie


    Doing as close an impression of a rockstar as a gelatinous beardy can by visiting four different countries, Butch! I know if I log into the UKFF I'll spend all day on it so I'm trying to be super disciplined and stay away until I clear a backlog of work ... and the longer I leave it the more anxious I become because the more I'll have to read, so the more time I'll be distracted and um ... Mind you, Summerslam was all the more a cracker for not having discussed it or read about it beforehand, so there's the plus.
  4. Ronnie


    I don't think it would be possible for this version of the board (IPB 2.20), which dates back to 2006, prior to widespread mobile browsing. As best I can tell, a mobile skin wasn't shipped with the board until 3.10 in 2010. If it's not displaying well on your device, you might be better served to consider using the lofi version of the site.
  5. Ronnie

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    There are companies that do it extremely quickly, including some that use some magic sort of 3D scanning so they don't even have to flick through the pages. I'm associated with a charity looking at digitising its library (13,000 books) and that's one of the options we're looking at because many of the books are old and possibly the only extant copies and so the customary destructive scanning (breaking the spine to speed up the process) isn't an option. It's unfortunate that we've only just started sourcing quotes, otherwise this post could've been a little bit more helpful by giving an indication of the potential cost.
  6. In late 2009 Lance Storm recalled in one of the F4W podcasts that he heard this story from two of the people involved. He was sat with Flair and Undertaker once when they were discussing the Tuesday in Texas match. Apparently Hogan went into spasm in the ring and sought attention for his injury, and Undertaker was distraught at what he'd caused to happen. Flair backstage consoled him and told him that he needed to look on the monitor. All became clear when Undertaker saw the repeat; Hogan's head was eight inches clear of the canvas. Undertaker was doubly upset that Hogan caused him to think he'd injured him, when he was really BS-ing to protect his spot at the top of the card (since that newcomer "couldn't work" and injured a main-event guy).
  7. I imagine that this will appeal to a few of you chaps. WWE.com has put up a series of photos documenting a recent visit by Howard Finkel to WWE's video vault. There are photos of thousands of tapes, a digital-archiving robot and little tidbits such as some tapes being so frail that they simply digitize the whole lot if a single match is needed for fear that it will disintegrate and the existence of a second storage site in a nuke-proof cave. I find stuff like this fascinating. Here's Howard with some of his favorite AWA tapes:
  8. I have no idea of the veracity of this but I love Sheiky's phrasing when responding to this question once. He concurred that this was true and threw in there that any reluctance from Backlund wouldn't have mattered because "even he don't want, Iron Sheik beat him anyway".
  9. No. As he's done for years he poured water over his head when doing his entrance. Unlike in previous years, he no longer has any hair to soak up the water, and so it ran down his back and left an unfortunately located patch:
  10. Ronnie

    General thoughts on 1990

    I've never seen him post here. The author was the chap who goes by the name Jay Bower/East.Coast.J, a thoroughly pleasant, classy guy who worked so quickly on this that his own twin brother replied when people speculated that he was the author that he couldn't possibly be because he's so busy. If the name rings a bell it might be because he's the guy who once had a fair bit of time on airlines during a spell and spent it by fishing quotes out of old Observers and posting them on DVDVR, The Oratory Forums etc. It's a shame he gave it up within a few months of starting the Pro-Wrestling Chronicle because it was the highlight of my online reading during the time it was up.
  11. Lewis had a fight with Razor Ruddock scheduled shortly after SummerSlam which was heavily advertised at the time. I'm fairly sure that the UK version of the event had commercial breaks in it in which the Lewis-Ruddock advertisements appeared prominently. Lewis was something of a new hope for the Brits at the time, a man who won gold in the 88 Olympics for Canada but chose to represent the UK upon turning professional in 1989 and who was one fight away from being able to challenge for one of the heavyweight titles. So it would stand to reason that Lewis was there as part of the campaign to generate interest for his fight with Ruddock, which was an unusual one for us in that it was airing live at a time that suited the Brits rather than the customary early-hours fights that emanated from the US (or so I remember, at any rate). I think he was also appearing on breakfast TV at the time.
  12. Ronnie

    New Truly Independent ECW Documentary

    Good news for the producers and bad news for me. As of 14 hours ago they hit their target. I know it because I've just gone to contribute and have left it too late. I don't suppose you know, Dylan, whether the DVD will be purchasable for people who didn't pay by Kickstarter, do you? I'd love to get my hands on a copy.
  13. Ronnie

    HHH taking over from Vince on RAW

    Is it? I couldn't see it on the page when looking just now. There's nothing from Meltzer and Vince is still showing as CEO on WWE's corporate site, which also features no mention in the list of media updates. Did you actually see it yourself or was it on newz sites?
  14. Ronnie

    Do championships mean anything today?

    $$$$. The IPO (for 10% of stock, I think) generated $175m. McMahon became a billionaire by assets. Even though the stock price has dropped it's more than offset by the massive income in dividends that McMahon gets every year for his majority share. On top of the simple idea that Vince now has even more money to spend, he put himself in a situation to get closer to that acceptance that he craves from his "snob" neighbours in CT, who look down on him as a peddler of low-brow entertainment. He got a company on the stock exchange, got his moment on Wall Street, made the Forbes Rich List and used the cash explosion to set up his own football league. He's no worse off for having taken this action, since he still owns the majority of shares, answers to no-one and micro-manages every aspect of the business. I'd have done the same thing as him, except I'd have probably sold the lot and had a spectacular retirement instead of continuing to put in the 80-hour, 7-day weeks.
  15. Ronnie

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Is Dave's math bad? I certainly don't get that impression when listening to the podcast and he pulls some quick mental arithmetic when calculating, say, percentage changes. Bryan, on the other hand, seems to struggle with anything like that.