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  1. DocSarpolis

    WWE Battleground 2013

    We need to see Dustin comp Vol. 2. I'm not a big fan of the Goldust character that would dominate a volume 2, but he's an increasingly underrated worker. And between the Orton match, the brawl before the multi-man a couple weeks ago, and this, the past few weeks have been outstanding. Match of the night.
  2. DocSarpolis

    Current WWE

    I thought it was really well booked. I am not sure if anyone came out of the match looking weak. The setup with RVD (and to a lesser extent, Kofi and PTP) being injured in other matches prior to the main event played out well in the 11 on 3 match. Reigns, Ambrose & Rollins all looked good facing insurmountable odds. They continued building Usos vs. Rollins/Reigns and Ziggler vs. Ambrose with the Reigns and Ambrose eliminations. Prime Time Players had a little segment with the Shield that can be built off of. Even Ryder got in some offense before being pinned. It would have been easy to layout the match so that it came down to Bryan vs. the Shield but I thought the way it actually unfolded was a lot better. Not to discredit the wrestling in the match which was very good, but I thought the overall booking of the match was really the strong point. It was really well done and not necessarily in a way that WWE usually does things. Seriously. I understand some of the complaints that some are having about various aspects of the match, but this was one of the most entertaining matches of the year. So much fun. Red hot crowd, everybody working their ass off, great individual segments, great apron work. This was outstanding fun.
  3. DocSarpolis

    Your best 10 match card.

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  5. DocSarpolis

    Wrestlemania 29 Thoughts

    I've been contemplating getting the package deal to go to WrestleMania 30 this year. The price is dramatically cheaper with the more people that you have in your party. And, with today being the day that they went on sale, all but 2 of us flaked. So, a buddy of mine and myself are looking for a couple of other fans who are looking to get in on the 4 person silver package. Anyone interested?
  6. DocSarpolis

    The Steve Austin Show

    Truth Th Josh Barnett episodes are outstanding. Particularly part 1.
  7. DocSarpolis

    Live RAW Thoughts

  8. Just noticing this thread so I'm coming at this discussion terribly late. Furthermore, I have nothing constructive to add that hasn't already been stated. Just wanted to chime in real quick and say that I LOVE this match. One of my favorites. I've seen it numerous times including within the past year and it's aging well for me. LOVE it. One of my all time favorite piledrivers.
  9. DocSarpolis

    1997 Hype

    This sounds awesome.
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  11. DocSarpolis

    MOTYs by year

    Like many, I'm relying on the 80s projects and the 90s Yearbooks to reevaluate my MOTY for those years. That said, here are the few that I'm confident in: 1994: Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada (AJPW, 06/03) 2006: Dan Dority v. Captain Turner; Deadwood 7/9/06 2008: Kensuke Office v. Burning, SEM/KO 8/17/08 2009: KENTA & Shiozaki v. Sasaki & Nakajima, NOAH June 22nd 2010: L.A. Park v. El Mesias; AAA 12/5/10 2011: Dick Togo v. Antonio Honda; DDT 1/30/11 2012: Negro Casas v. Blue Panther; CMLL 3/10
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  13. DocSarpolis

    1980s Wrestling Party #15

    And Larry Z sells the crap out of this dynamic with his frustrations. Great stuff.
  14. DocSarpolis

    1980s Wrestling Party #15

    Thanks again for having me on the show Will. My apologies for having to duck out at halftime. I should have mentioned that the cross section of Bay Area hedonism and AWA wrestling viewing watching for me was two weeks ago when I couldn't do the show because I was touring a fetish porn studio that's operating out of the former San Francisco Armory. You may recall my drunk texts from that Sunday. Quick thoughts on the first half.....the Henning-Bock work is incredible. Anytime they work early sections around headlock take downs and head scissor reversals it is simultaneously the crispest AND most organic example of that classic grappling spot. And Henning's slow burn metamorphosis into heel is some truly outstanding work. The post-match brawl in the Ninja tag is going to help that match dramatically. And Larry Z's phenomenal selling wont hurt. I'm going to catch up on Disc #8 tonight and tomorrow, so that I'm ready for the next show. I've got a busy weekend from a social perspective, but i hope to fit in being on some more shows.
  15. DocSarpolis

    Where the Big Boys Play #40

    Thanks for the intel on the key. That was secretly driving me nuts. And yeah, the idea of the Dudes having a track off of Paul's Boutique just would have been too close to maybe being hip. I didn't hear what they came out to for this show and completely forgot that it was 'wipe out'.