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  • 1 month later...

Stevie Richards: "You know Raven, Terry Gordy has died twice."


Shane Douglas does a promo while getting stitches. Shane insists on not standing behind any homeless people or welfare recipients to get medical treatment. "I've got insurance. I get paid damned well for what I do." If only ...


Shane calls him Anthony and says it's a SHOOT now.


Chris Jericho does a promo! It's kind of awkward, but it's interesting how Heyman pushed him as a serious tough guy.


The Samoan Gangstas make brief appearances, and Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie do weird things in Todd Gordon's office.


Tyler Fullington says he now knows what it's like to really have a father.

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  • 3 years later...

Raven and Richards discuss the upcoming double match at ECW Arena--Raven against Dreamer in a cage at the same time Richards faces Sandman at the Eagle's Nest, but Richards is wrestling for Raven's ECW title in a clever booking method so as not to make that match a foregone conclusion. Stevie faces eternal damnation if he loses Raven's belt.


Bluedust and Miss Patricia do stuff. Terry Gordy and Tommy Dreamer do the same. Raven would like to feel the pain of dying twice, like Terry Gordy. Dreamer threatens to oblige him. 2 Cold wants his TV title back. Pitbull is apologetic for clobbering Francine. Shane Douglas shows off his stitches and hypes the upcoming four corners match. There's a rhythm to these Pulp Fiction segments, and Douglas being Douglas, this promo lasts three times as long as it needs to. "IT'S A SHOOT NOW." Oh, fuck off, Shane. Chris Jericho cuts a white-meat babyface promo about the TV title--you do have to like how they're putting over its importance here. Stevie Richards excitedly tells Tod Gordon about a new wrestler he's bringing into ECW: Sir Meanie of the BlueMeanieBloods. The Samoan Gangsta Party mumble something about the Gangstas. Meanie's dress-up games continue as now he's in an Army outfit as Richards ineffectively holds his doll hostage, before Gordon puts an end to the fun. The Gangstas rebut the Samoans. Richards presents Gordon with Bluedust.


Richards closes things out by getting serious, though Stevie being Stevie he quotes the Goo Goo Dolls instead of a band ECW fans might respect. Tyler now has a real father while Peaches tells us she's been waiting 2 years to get back at Sandman before closing the show with a Raven crucifix pose. A stronger Pulp Fiction segment than we've seen in awhile, as this got a number of programs over and gave us some comedy, too.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-07-09-ECW-TV] Pulp Fiction

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