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[1996-10-29-ECW-TV] Taz vs Little Guido (Shoot Fight)


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Kurt Angle! He doesn't even look or sound like the same person.


I should also mention that "War Machine" is the PERFECT wrestling theme song in every way.


Taz cuts a really good promo hitting every point exactly the way it would make sense he should.


I crack up at Styles explaining the rules of this match to Angle.


Taz makes quick work of Guido in what is a really fun but short match, more for Guido -- who looks great -- than Taz. But Guido does an awesome job putting Taz over.


After the match, Taz does another good promo as the keep building to the Sabu match.


This is one of my favorite "presentations" ECW ever did because all the details were covered so well.

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Holy Lord, Angle sounds COMPLETELY different from how he would even 3 years later. Jarring as hell. We finally get a match to put Taz over as a killer who backs up what he says, instead of a typical cheating '80s heel. Guido gets in just enough hope spots to make this match something other than a routine squash. Taz calls out Sabu again afterward.

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How legit was Angle with not knowing basic stuff like there is a 3 count in wrestling and rope breaks, etc. He really sounded like some kid seeing the magic trick for the first time. The match was short but served its purpose for the segment. Taz calls out Sabu.

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maratato[ stone] was a shoot stylist ad a modicum of legitimacy to this ideals of a match being party trained by Billy Robinson and taz was always underrated and over pushed tp me i base this on people ;like albright beging bing better at suplexing people and his mat game being shit im compare to ever shootist ever alot of the cross over ones like tanaka or yoneyama


there is the ideal im going in to this match with


that being said the match was ok no way was this even PWFG Level of shoot match *1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-10-29-ECW-TV] Taz vs Little Guido (Shoot Fight)

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