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  1. tim

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Has Dave never mentioned in passing how a male wrestler should lose weight, bulk up, work on his physique, etc.? I'm sure I've heard it but I couldn't point you to a date or timestamp on any of his podcasts, so maybe I'm just crazy and making it up in my head. This is pro wrestling, wrestlers' appearances are commented on all the time. Men have felt so much pressure about their appearances in pro wrestling that they took so many steroids tons of them have tied awfully early deaths. I'm utterly baffled that people are outraged about a comment made in passing about Royce's appearance, when wrestlers' appearances are talked about, mentioned, critiqued all the time. It's self-evident that if Dave mentioned in passing Kevin Owens would have a better look if he slimmed down, no one would have given a shit.
  2. tim

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Dave is just a regular person who covers wrestling and makes comments about what his thoughts and impressions are, and since he doesn't take particular effort to make sure every single one of his comments fit into the space of political acceptability defined particularly by the most neurotic people who are constantly itching to find something to express their outrage about, he now and then gives opportunities for those people to find something to express their outrage about. It's hilarious that someone as benign as Dave attracts these kind of "controversies" now and then.
  3. tim

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I only know of Kitano from his Yakuza films so it was a surprising comparison to me.
  4. tim

    1996 MOTY

    FINISHED. Well .... 1996 is a hard year to beat.
  5. I don't think they ever particularly led anyone to believe this match would be for the title in the build up, but when you have the world champion in the main event of the biggest show of the year, it's clear that a lot of people would assume it's for the title unless told otherwise. Other than whoever may have been disappointed about this not being a title change, I think this match succeeded about as well as it could have. This match was put together really well, never got boring and moved at a good pace. The crowd was really into it, it had the atmosphere of a big match, Piper unloading strikes on Hogan was awesome, and it had a nice chaotic ending with the babyface triumphing.
  6. I liked this match a lot; very well laid-out David vs. Goliath (even if David himself is pretty darn big) type match. Giant does a good job selling and Luger is good as the tough underdog. Well done cluster fuck ending with a great finish. Crowd erupts and the announcers really sell it like a big deal, and Luger is put over huge.
  7. Pretty good match, didn't impress me too much. Honestly, if anything in the match stood out for me it was that short dropkick Malenko hit on Dragon's leg when he was on the ground. Good finishing stretch and the crowd was really into it at times. Fine opener.
  8. This took a bit to get going but man was the big strike exchange awesome. Takada really laid into some of his kicks here. Crowd was really nuts for the big strikes and submissions too. Overall, good match.
  9. Fun match with some good grappling. Sakuraba looks impressive and did some cool stuff; at one point he looked to be working for a shoot sharp shooter! Good ending with a killer looking submission.
  10. The form of this match sure didn't help: the rounds, the ref getting involved, not really any sense of what was going on with whether the match was supposed to have ended or not. But when these two were mixing it up it was actually some damn good brawling; Finlay's big comeback with Lawler-style no selling and then unloading with punches was awesome. Could have been a damn good match in better circumstances.
  11. NWO getting bloated and you start the feel like the shine will come off soon, but I don't think we're there yet. Nice clusterfuck show ending with more suspenseful development of Sting.
  12. I haven't seen much WCW TV other than what I'm watching on this Yearbook, but if these things become overdone it hasn't gotten there yet; this was a great angle and really adds to the excitement of the WCW product. WCW TV from the Outsiders to the end of 96 has to be the most genuinely exciting and intriguing wrestling television ever.
  13. This match was damn good while it lasted. Real rough and tumble brawl with a chaotic feeling and super hot crowd. That low blow in the tree of woe spot was a thing of beauty. The clusterfuck at the end was also good, but I was disappointed to see the actual match wind down so soon.
  14. Let's not be ridiculous. Anyone of any ideological position should have no more trouble admitting Jordan Peterson is a very intelligent and knowledgeable person than anyone should have trouble admitting the same of, say, Noam Chomsky no matter what they thought of his ideology.