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The Nasty Boys, upset over not getting this title shot, laid out Money Inc. before the match started. The Disasters dominated this but Headshrinker interference put Money Inc. back on top. Odd finish as Earthquake never makes the hot tag after working FIP, and simply goes down to the Million-Dollar Dream to give the tag belts back to Money Inc.

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Too bad we didn't get the Headshrinkers here as I didn't remember that. Somehow Jimmy Hart could wear those spray-on jackets and not look like a joke. Dibiase wins clean with the Million Dollar Dream on Earthquake. Nasty Boys interrupt post-match interview with Hart and give him the armpit rub before throwing him on Money Inc.

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Okay, this was strange.


I completely understand wanting to turn the Nasties face and give the Headshrinkers a high-profile feud with the Disasters. But why have Money Inc. be the ones to beat Quake clean? Why not save that for the Shrinkers, who need the rub? Money Inc. has been the champions before, and Teddy in particular has done far greater things in the past than being a tag team champion. Not that the SST/Shrinkers are exactly rookies, but they've never been in the WWF before as a team.


I haven't gotten an extended look at Money Inc., but I don't care how great they are as a team, this is a big step down for Teddy. Not so much teaming with Rotunda, but becoming part of a common stable like any other heel. I know they tried to spin it as Teddy and Mike buying Jimmy's loyalty, but there would have been a time not so long ago when all Teddy would have needed to become a champion, or at least a top player, was his money and an evil plan. Now, he's just another upper midcard heel in a promotion that's full of them. I know it had to happen eventually, but it still feels wrong to me.


Not having Quake make the hot tag was actually an inspired booking choice, but I can't buy that Phoon wouldn't have at least come in once to make the save for him. That's Tugboat thinking on his part, being too nice a guy to break the rules. It didn't do much for the drama of the match; it just made me wonder what he could have been thinking about.


I liked the past match a lot: Bobby and Jimmy's mutual admiration society and Gino's reaction to it, the Nasties confronting Jimmy and throwing him on top of Money Inc,, and especially the Nasties (gently) throwing the Brain out of the broadcast position so they can get at Jimmy. I loved Gino's line: "I've been trying to do that for five (actually six, closer to seven) years!" I also noticed that they took care of Bobby, only grabbing his coat and not doing that very roughly. They even handed him his chair instead of throwing it at his head as they undoubtedly would have just a short time before. He had to have been in terrible shape with his neck right about now, but you'd never know it by his commentary.


By the way, despite the Superstars logo at the top of the clip, this was undoubtedly taped for Challenge; not only were Gino and Bobby commentating, but Mike McGuirk was the ring announcer.

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They did a throw from Vince & Perfect to the Challenge crew at the beginning of the 10/31 Superstars. It happened on a Challenge taping, but was part of a special "simul-cast" where it aired on both Superstars and Challenge that weekend. Means it aired on Superstars first even though it was a Challenge "feature match".

Headshrinkers are the only team that feel fresh. Not a surprise Disasters and Nasties are basically done after this, though I wish we'd gotten some big matches with Headshrinkers and either team. Agreed that they should have gotten the title win instead of Money Inc., but the title change was done as much to turn the Nasties face.

The Survivor Tag match still feels very stale. Imagine, it was originally Disasters/Bushwhackers vs. Money Inc./Beverly Brothers, two feuds that had been going on all year. Headshrinkers should have gotten the Beverly's spots, as well.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-31-WWF-Superstars] Money Inc. vs Natural Disasters
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Rewatching, I really enjoyed the entire 15-minute segment. Vince and Perfect connect with Bobby & Gorilla to show the big Tag Title match "live" (not sure if that had ever been done previously on the syndicated shows). 

First, the Nasties come down, turn face and lay out Money Inc. (pocketing hundreds of dollars of bribe money). The Disasters head down to ringside and it feels like this will be a quick title defense, but Dibiase & Rotundo are able to gain control. The massive power of Earthquake and Typhoon is just too much and Earthquake eventually gets Dibiase in position for the Aftershock, but wait, here come the Headshrinkers & Afa! Typhoon is distracted on the outside, Money Inc. double teams Earthquake, sending him up and over the turnbuckle to the railing on the outside (great spot by 'Quake). 

The finish with 3 regular sleepers on Earthquake, followed by the Million Dollar Dream putting him out for good was fantastic. The first two times, Earthquake was able to squash Dibiase and Rotundo in the corner to break, but unfortunately it was their corner and he was too weak to get across the ring before the partner tagged in. With Dibiase's finish being a modified sleeper, it didn't feel like a ripoff for Earthquake to eventually be overcome and pass out for the title change.

The Nasties attack at the announcer booth was icing on the cake. Nasties/Money Inc and Disasters/Headshrinkers are two intriguing programs that never went anywhere as the face teams were gone within a few months. But this whole deal was very well-booked and fun to watch. I really, really, really wish we got a Disasters/Headshrinkers major show match.

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