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[1992-10-31-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Jake Roberts


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Same premise as Jake's promos in response to the WWF ban the previous year. But what a great response it is. Jake had fun DDT'ing Sting on the chair, but he plans to drop him on the concrete floor. I don't know what this feud would have still had to offer in the ring, but there was promise in Jake aligning with guys like Vader and using them as surrogates to take Sting out for him.

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After a promo like this, you wonder how Jake ever got over as a face. He's the most evil bastard in the business, and it's not even close. The only complaint I have is that he referred to himself in the third person more than I would have liked, and when that's the only problem with a promo, it's pretty damn good.


It sure seems like they wanted to continue the in-ring Sting-Jake feud even after Havoc. Jake transitioning into a manager/mastermind role isn't a bad idea necessarily, but this feud still had some meat on its bones from what I can tell.


I wonder if Watts would have let Sting take a DDT on the floor after what happened to Steamboat? (Speaking of which, a reprise of that feud minus the "creature feature" nonsense Vince insisted on interjecting into it would have been something I'd have paid to see.)

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