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[1992-11-21-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Eddie & Doug Gilbert vs The Moondogs


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Good action with Richard Lee taking a surprising amount of punishment. I don't know if it's quite to the levels of Cornette in latter-day SMW but I think Lee should be selling the long-term effects of these beatings a little more. The Moondogs beat down the babyfaces afterward. I like the involvement of the Gilberts to freshen things up a bit but Lawler should probably be moving into his own separate thing now and leave the two tag teams to face each other.

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The only reason these were six-mans seems to be so Lee could eat the pins and take a lot of the beatings. Pete's right; there's no real reason for Lawler to be involved anymore, at least not consistently. The thing is, who else makes sense as a third man for Eddie and Doug?


This is the first time that the crowds are audibly lukewarm for a Moondogs brawl. There aren't a whole lot of other places for them to go, but there has to be someway for them to be pushed down the card a bit. Either that or, if they insist on keeping Lawler involved, send Spotty and Spike after the Unified title, each in his turn. Anything has to be fresher than the same brawls we've been having for almost a year by now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-11-21-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler & Eddie & Doug Gilbert vs The Moondogs

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