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[1992-12-05-PWFG] Yuki Ishikawa vs Mark Ashford-Smith


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What we wrote at segundacaida:


Yuki Ishikawa v. Mark Ashford-Smith


PAS: Mark Ashford-Smith is Mark Starr of Men at Work fame, your WCWSN fans will remember that he had a great series against Steve Regal so we know he can work the mat and take a whipping. Here he works the mat and takes a whipping, although he lays it in too, I especially loved the forearms to the back of Ishikawa's neck. There was a great straight punch by Ishikawa into a running knee which was straight out of the Diego Sanchez v. Joe Riggs finish, although Mark Starr is tougher then Joe Riggs as he only took an 8 count.


TKG: Mark Ashford-Smith is Mark Starr of Wildside fame, your USWA fans will know he can work a crowd and work a brawl. He didn't really do any brawling here as this was mostly on the mat. This goes 21 minutes and never drags as you feel like only six or seven minutes have passed when they put up the time. You want to see this.

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Other than the double knockdown of Ashford-Smith (a third rope break equals one knockdown, plus he stayed down long enough for the ref to start a ten count) and a flurry or two near the end, this was deadly dull to me. Ishikawa knocking Ashford-Smith into the corner, then charging right at him with a flying knee was the only real energy I saw here despite the close score. Not one I want to see again.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-12-05-PWFG] Yuki Ishikawa vs Mark Ashford-Smith

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