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[1992-12-26-WWF-Superstars] Update: WWF Slam video / Mr Perfect and Wade Boggs


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Based on the guys they used (and Savage's Ultimate Maniacs attire) I'd guess that Warrior turned down the offer to be on the song. Lucky break for the WWF if so. Woulda sucked to have 2 guys you just fired on a #4 song in the UK.


Also, the Boggs thing reminds me of the story he told at the Hall of Fame. :)

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There's a TONY SCHIAVONE soundbite during the intro to the song. Crazy to think of how this album changed music, considering that it was Simon Cowell who was behind it. Davey Boy Smith is featured prominently, coming off the WWF Magazine cover hyping the big Nailz/Undertaker feud.


Mr. Perfect calls his shot and hits one out of the park. His swing looks better than his basketball shooting technique.

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Warrior may not have been on the song, but he was definitely in the video, and rather prominently too. We get the only appearance on the set by the Headshrinkers in a short clip, and carrying the American flag (with his back to the camera) is none other than the Hulkster.


Was this song even released in the U.S.? It seems kind of odd to be promoting it on a TV show aimed for a largely American audience if not.


Considering that Davey Boy had just been fired and why, it's interesting that they not only aired the clips with him in them, but that Gene mentioned his name in the intro. Maybe they thought that he'd come back once he got some help for himself.


Number four in the U.K.? Was that legit? If so, that has to be the highest a wrestling song or album had charted in years, if not ever. The various WWF albums released in the States were duds on the charts, and I can't think of any song from them that got airplay on a mainstream radio station (except possibly as a novelty to be laughed at).


Having a future Hall of Famer like Wade Boggs introduce them adds at least some credibility to the athletic segments with Curt. If Vince had thought about it, he might have compiled a list of Curt's actual amateur athletic accomplishments to add even more credibility. Then again, if Curt had only made (for example) third team all-state as a high school wrestler, even Vince couldn't market him as perfect. This is one time when trick photography and a whole bunch of hot air were definitely the WWF's friends.

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