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Vince McMahon vs. Antonio Inoki


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I've been thinking a bit about 80s New Japan lately, and with the news of Vince's most recent blowup backstage, I thought it might be fun to compare arguably the two most successful wrestling promoters of all time. On the one hand, Vince never bought an island from Fidel Castro or made plans to promote an event in North Korea to commemorate the 100th birthday of Kim Il-Sung. On the other hand, Inoki actually managed to win an election.

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And the election thing probably had something to do with years of being the go-between-man for the Yakuza and foreign criminals, like Castro and Saddam Hussein, let alone the little fuck head in North Korea. Seriously. It's Inoki, man. Its gotta be something fucked up. That or he's rich like the politicians in America, which is pretty much one of the only requirements to be a leader nowadays.

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