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[1995-01-14-WCW-Saturday Night] Harlem Heat vs Stars & Stripes


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Last few minutes of Harlem Heat winning the tag titles. Pretty decent wrestling. As down as people were on the tag team scene throughout all of wrestling in 1995, it was much, much better then than it is now. Gotta love Tony Schiavone plugging Prodigy. The finish sees Booker pin Patriot to win the tag titles. For heat, Bagwell was the legal man but the positioning had Patriot's head covered. That's a pretty dated finish for 1995, and it doesn't work in an environment like '95 WCW where the rules aren't really talked about and enforced on a regular basis.

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One of the best Harlem Heat match I've seen thus far, Booker T really goes the extra mile (awesome bumping), and Stevie Ray didn't get in the way of a good little match. Sherri with the Heat was a really good combination. Stars & Stripes works better here than against Pretty Wonderful too, the dynamic was much more interesting.

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Harlem Heat are now under the tutelage of Sister Sherri, a combination that made me go WTF at the time but ended up having way more mileage than I expected. Okay-ish action that we see. Booker takes a great bump over the ropes off a Bagwell dropkick. Really wonky finish with Sherri distracting people for no reason and a big deal made about Patriot being illegal, but Bagwell was just standing on the apron making no attempt to get involved. I think they were supposed to have things more chaotic than they actually were.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-01-14-WCW-Saturday Night] Harlem Heat vs Stars & Stripes

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