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[1995-01-23-WWF-Raw] 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly vs Smoking Gunns


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Glad this ended up making the set. Always thought it was a really good match that for whatever reason never got pimped much. Great performance from the Gunns I thought, maked out huge for their double team stuff back then, Kidd & Holly were good too.


Random aside, I always liked Shawn's anouncing work he was doing on RAW and for whatever reason him yelling out to one of the Gunns during this match"COVER HIM YOU REXOL RANGER" I found insanley amusing. some 16 or so years later I still don't even know WTF a rexol ranger is either :)

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Why is the top heel also the color guy?


They should have stuck with Kid and Holly as a team. They were pretty over with the live crowd after the title win, were putting together some nice double team spots (double superplex!) and Kid seemed to raise Holly's game.


The Billy/The Kid (See what I did there?) slugfest near the end is great.


Not really a classic or anything, but I do like this better than the match the night before, which says a lot, because babyface vs babyface tag matches are a little limited. The Gunns got a lot of crap, but they were a perfectly fine tag team. They worked hard and had some pretty good offense.

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They ran through a multitude of guest commentators after Heenan left--Johnny Polo, the Quebecers, Bastion Booger of all people...Shawn was one and seemed to fit the role best, so he stuck around for a bit.


Lawler was likely unwilling to miss a MSC show every few weeks. Savage was back on the road going around the horn with Crush, which may have been logistically problematic. With the WWF trying to cut costs on flying people in, which is what led to Heenan's departure, their options may have been pretty limited.

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I'm not sure what exactly the logic was behind this booking--the Gunns were taken out of the tournament by choice, not because of injury--but this is a fine match. And it's worked between four guys who want to win at any cost, which is the best kind of babyface match. Lots of nifty double-teams here, particularly from the Gunns. The gimmick was cheesy but their work is perfectly acceptable. Both of them are better than Tatanka, but not as good as Bigelow, so in the end I think I liked the Rumble match slightly better.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-01-23-WWF-Raw] 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly vs Smoking Gunns
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