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[1995-01-24-ECW-TV] Shane Douglas and Tully Blanchard


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Shane Douglas trashes the Florida crowd and issues an open challenge to the crowd. They pelt him with trash, but no one takes him up on his challenge -- except Tully Blanchard! They fight as Joey Styles keeps beating the point over the head that this is The Old Tully Blanchard, past the point of annoyance. Styles sucked. But a slingshot suplex does not suck! Benoit and Malenko come to the rescue and Tully gets triple-teamed, which makes me feel bad, because Tully would never dare participate in a 3-on-1 situation against someone else. Douglas locks in a figure four to close out the episode of TV. Cool to see Tully this late.

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Tully's offensive flurry is terrific, but he looks like shit. A Horseman, even an ex-one, should be out in a suit for street attire, not looking like some random fan. Styles beats us over the head about this being the OLD Tully Blanchard, the brawler. So why the fuck do you book him to work a 60-minute Broadway??! How many of those did Horseman-era Tully have? Commentary and booking issues aside, this is a hot segment with tremendous heat.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-01-24-ECW-TV] Shane Douglas and Tully Blanchard
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Before there was HHH, there was Shane Douglas a blowhard who thought he was way better than he actually was and his reach usually exceeded his grasp. At least HHH had the decency to be funny every once and a while. There is a dreadful alternative universe where Shane Douglas marries Stephanie and WWE 2003 is really fucking terrible. 

This is during Heyman's big push to legitimize ECW World Championship after the NWA double cross. It makes sense to put it on Shane because he was a former WCW Tag Champion and was the "best traditional wrestler" on the roster. They brought in people like Ron Simmons, Marty Jannetty and Tully Blanchard to do the J-O-B for Shane. The Tully Blanchard of Old line that Joey kept prattling. I believe comes from the fact that Blanchard had wrestled a "60 minute draw" previously that was supposedly the "new" Tully who was here to wrestle and be a babyface. Now Tully was not here to wrestle, he was here to fight, which goes along with the bravado of the Horsemen being a tough gang even if Tully was the coward/bumper of the group. The match at Double Tables is under 10 minutes I see so I imagine that was more of a brawl. Tully never was one for offense in the 80s fuck man why the hell were you holding out on us! The dude can fucking fight and bring the offense. I wish we got more of this Tully in the 80s. 


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