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[1995-01-28-WCW-Pro] Music Video: Alex Wright


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I think booker at the time Ric Flair was a fan of Wright, and from watching this video, which I'll comment on in a second, you'd think they wanted to push Wright to draw girls. As we know, it's usually best to establish a blowjob babyface as tough before going overboard with the push to balance things out. I think they were trying that with the Arn feud, but he had already been in a few months so he had a label on him.


I was always disappointed by Alex Wright's plight in wrestling. I do think he had potential, and I think he started as a green, but athletic wrestler and eventually became really good. I LOVE his 1997 heel turn, and Berlyn may have worked in a different time and company than the cursed 1999 WCW.


Now, for the video -- others may see it differently, but I wouldn't say this is so much gay as it is incredibly cheesy. Maybe someone better than me could make the argument that there was an attempt to tap into the dance/rave culture of the time. It made me smile, and it's goofy, harmless fun.


Did anyone else find it funny that Wright really only had once dance move?

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I loved Alex Wright. Loved the bright color trunks, loved the techno music theme, loved the stupid one-move dance like you said, loved the heel turn, thought Berlyn had tons of potential and was gutted to see the big stiff bodyguard get the push instead. A truly lost worker of the 90's.

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Wright is only 2 years older than John Cena. I have no doubt he could have been a bigger star than he was, though his career as it was is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.


Cheesy as hell, though the computer-generated dancing bathroom sign guy was oddly captivating, like something out of a Kraftwerk video 15 years earlier.

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