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This was a very good TV match, and my favorite SMW match of the year so far. Cornette is managing the Southern Boys. Ross again mentions that The Gangstas don't represent any race, or political group, and that it has to be embarrassing for black people to watch, because The Gangstas only represent themselves. Again, they seem to be presenting this differently than they were early on. Smothers bleeds after D-Lo Brown hits him with the slapjack at ringside. What doesn't make sense is that New Jack is hiding a foreign object, but Scott Armstrong isn't going out of his way to point it out from the apron. The Gangstas win the match after D-Lo Brown interferes and then go after Scott Armstrong's leg. Bob runs in and throws some great punches, but he gets cut off. Then they bury him in a Malcolm X flag in a pretty obvious attempt to recreate the UWF angle with Bill Watts. Smothers makes the save with Cornette's racket, and after commercial, Cornette and Bob Armstrong vow revenge.


I LOVE Bob Armstrong's promo. "They talk about the good, the bad and the ugly, you're not that good, you sure ain't that bad, but you sure are ugly."


Good match and an awesome segment.

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I agree with Loss, this match is probably my favourite TV match of the year too, and there hasn't been that much in the last 2 years on SMW TV (it's the major issue I have with the promotion at this point). Certainly the best Gangstas match I've seen, as New Jack looks pretty decent here. Tracey is excellent as the babyface in peril, he hasn't lost a step since he went single, and Scott looks better than I've ever seen him (not a big fan of the guy overall). Great run-in by Bullet Bob and great beatdown. And of course, yet another superb promo from Armstrong. I was tired of his feud with Cornette (although running through the entire promotion footage so quick does lead to burn outs that would maybe not happen normaly) but he's so damn good on the mic that he always finds a way to bring me back in to support him. Awesome line about the Good the Bad and the Ugly, yes, awesome line.

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What's this? A good Gangstas match? A really, REALLY good Gangstas match? This is awesome all-around, though I wouldn't rank it ahead of Cactus vs. Candido as far as the very best SMW TV match. The Gangstas work over Smothers with both a blackjack and a spike, and Ross and Thatcher effectively get over how the Gangstas feel backed into a corner thanks to Cornette, the Bodies, and the Southern Boys. The Gangstas flash some damn good offense here and even work some cool sequences on top of the simple weapon stuff. Smothers makes a super-hot tag after being bloodied, but D'Lo catches Scott in the knee with the blackjack to give the Gangstas the pin. And they're not done--they take out Scott's leg, take out Cornette, and then eventually overpower Commissioner Armstrong and bury him in the X flag! It's not nearly as heated as Watts being buried under the Soviet flag but I admire the effort at least. Then Bob cuts one of the promos of the year with more great lines: he plans to take the X flag to his outhouse to replace his Sears catalogue as toilet paper! The best overall North American segment of the year so far. I was souring on the Gangstas angle but this kicked things up a notch and made them out to be the most dangerous men in wrestling.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-04-SMW-TV] The Gangstas vs Southern Boys

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