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[1995-03-18-WCW-Saturday Night] Vader and Dave Sullivan


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Vader is in a squash with Flair in his corner at ringside. Evad Sullivan, who has been in the crowd for the entire episode, comes to save the jobber from a post-match attack. He tries to get Flair's attention and Flair sucker punches him and throws him in the ring. Vader demolishes him for a few minutes then Flair comes in to take a few shots also. Bobby Heenan finally comes down and asks Flair to calm down. Nick Bockwinkel is out as well and gets in a shouting match with Flair. Evad is carted out on a stretcher. This angle resulted in Vader getting stripped of the U.S. title. I really love Flair and Vader as a heel team. Good stuff.

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Very good angle. Once again, Flair deserves some credit to get some heat on that feud, which is something Hogan just wasn't able or willing to do. Bobby Heenan jumping out to calm Flair down was a nice touch. And they killed Dave Sullivan, which is as fun as Waylon Mercy killing the clown. Flair is having a mental breakdown. I like this. Flair promo at the end of the show was pretty intense too.

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Terrific angle, the best one the Big Two have run all year, and the high watermark for the Dave Sullivan character. I mean that only half-jokingly. Vader hits an absolutely awesome top-rope splash, and things get so bad that Heenan "breaks character" and tries to pull Flair off. Everyone plays their roles here great, including Schiavone and Bockwinkel. Also a convenient way to get the US title off of Vader, who I can barely remember ever carrying the belt with him, much less defending it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-03-18-WCW-Saturday Night] Vader and Dave Sullivan

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