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[1995-04-15-SMW-TV] The Gangstas vs The Undertaker & Tracy Smothers & Bob Armstrong


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Just the post-match. Undertaker is taken out of the picture pretty quickly while the Gangstas stay behind and beat the hell out of Cornette, Armstrong and Smothers. The Gangstas end up not saluting the rebel flag in accordance with the pre-match stipulation, but instead spray paint a black X on Armstrong. Finally, the Undertaker makes his way back to the ring and runs them off.


Back in the locker room, Bob Armstrong is too pissed off to speak and Smothers gives a really good, fired up promo, as does Cornette.

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Takee is totally out of place here. I wouldn't expect the match being too good with Taker, Killer Kyle and Bob involved.

Beating down Bob Armstrong is getting old. Ok, I know he's gonna win me back again at some point with some promo, but to me this kind of beatdowns has reached nWo point of repetiveness.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-04-15-SMW-TV] The Gangstas vs The Undertaker & Tracy Smothers & Bob Armstrong

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