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[1995-04-22-SMW-TV] Interview: Al Snow & Unabomb


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I really like being able to track Snow's improvement on interviews by the week. They eulogize Ricky Morton by asking people at home to put their hands on the TV (I opted not to participate after careful deliberation). They have a coffin and start throwing stuff in there that symbolizes Morton -- tag team championships, dumb entrances, bandanas (which Snow says Morton wrapped around his thighs to cut off the blood so they'd swell up to normal size), and he begs Morton to jump into the 90s. It's 2011, and Ricky Morton *still* hasn't jumped into the 90s, which is why he rules. They have women's lingerie saying Morton secretly wore this stuff under his clothes. Ricky Morton was apparently a closet transvestite. Transphobia is fightin' words in the South in 1995, so Gibson comes out to fight them, but they easily lay him out then throw him in the coffin too, actually hammering it shut! Well, that's the idea until the babyfaces save. Wild scene that got super heat.

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Al Snow's promo was good, but putting Gibson in this cheap-ass looking coffin didn't work for me. Come on, they didn't hammer it shot at all, Al barely put a nail in it and Gibson could have busted out at any moment. He looked like a goof playing "out of breath" like he'd been buried alove or something.

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That's barely a coffin, just a bunch of wood put together by a local shop class. I'm half-serious when I wonder why they didn't arrange for a coffin to be brought down with the Undertaker so they could use that. I admire the effort and the idea, but the execution wasn't all there. Snow has some good lines but is also awkward at times.

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