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[1995-04-29-SMW-TV] Interview: Ricky Morton / Interview: Al Snow & Unabomb


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Ricky Morton sends in a taped promo from home in a neckbrace. He wants Al Snow one-on-one in a cage.


Al Snow asks if he did that interview from a barn and wonders when that "skank of a bag of yeast" will realize what she has been sleeping with and leaves! This actually brings her out and she's trying to take swings at Snow. They called her Adria (??) I think, so I guess this isn't the Kim that caused him to leave SMW. He says he'd take her over his knee and spank her, but she'd probably like it. Snow is great here.

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For all the talk about Morton not being an attractive guy, I sure know why the girls loved him (I mean, apart of him being Ricky Morton), the guy has really beautiful eyes. It's kidna fascinating as you can build a SMW history as "Fucking up Ricky Morton". He cuts a good promo, although I think he's not putting over his injury enough here.

Al Snow is good again, but my god this is the least intense assult *ever* from this girl. :)

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-04-29-SMW-TV] Interview: Ricky Morton / Interview: Al Snow & Unabomb

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