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[1995-04-29-SMW-TV] The Gangstas and The Thugz / Interview: PG-13


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First we get a taped promo of PG-13!!! They're coming to SMW. They do an obnoxious white boy rap, which is great, and promise to win the SMW tag titles at Volunteer Slam.


Back in the "studio", Smothers and Dirty White Boy, explain the THUGZ spelling, which is always funny.


The Gangstas are out and challenge them to a match next week, saying whoever wins can fight PG-13.

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In SMW continuity, PG-13 are still the USWA Tag Champs. Them vs. the THUGs sounds way more enticing than the THUGs against Brickhouse Brown & the Gambler. Standard boilerplate promo.


Tracy and Tony rebut, and the seeds of the USWA-SMW feud are being sown. T is for Terrible, H is for Hell, U is for Ugly, and G is for Jail 'cuz a Thug can't spell. New Jack is out and is incensed that the THUGs have earned a USWA tag title shot despite teaming up for a week. New Jack is still good but this act is pretty played out. It was daring and dangerous for awhile but now I can't think of anywhere else to go with this gimmick in this promotion.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-04-29-SMW-TV] The Gangstas and The Thugz / Interview: PG-13

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