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[1995-05-13-SMW-TV] Interview: Ricky Morton / Interview: Al Snow


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Morton hypes the scaffold match with Al Snow by dropping a watermelon off the side of a building. Page from the Starrcade '86 build, I see. He's still wearing the neckbrace, which tells me we're going to get some awesome selling in that match. Morton is an underrated talker.


Then we cut to an interview with Al Snow in the Volunteer Slam arena before anyone has showed up. He points out how far he went to take Morton out on the ground, so imagine what he's going to do when he's 20 feet in the air. Really good interview.

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Two really good promos doing a good job hyping teh dangerosity of ths scaffold match. I usually don't care for this kind of gimmick as he rarely delivers anything watchable, but these interviews made as good of a job possible to make me want to see the match. Dropping the watermelon gave a pretty gritty visual.

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Morton not only demonstrates the consequences of the scaffold match with a watermelon, he also takes care to point out that he has a 20-foot view to see if Unabomb interferes. Clever touch. And the slomo shot of the falling watermelon is awesome. So was the pan out when we first see that Morton is on a ledge. Snow goes from stooging and fearful to dead serious. Snow doesn't care about Morton's stinking illegitimate children or his skanky girlfriend. Snow with one of the promos of his career.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-05-13-SMW-TV] Interview: Ricky Morton / Interview: Al Snow

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