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[1995-07-15-WCW-Saturday Night] Dungeon of Doom vignette


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This one is epic. Man, the Zodiac is fucking hilariously bad ! Did he get his name from the Zodiac killer ?

So, Sullivan calls for every warrior but the Master sends them back to the darkness, saying the right one is still coming. This is of course totally ridiculous but also really funny to me. I love the eerie drone in the back too.

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YES! NO! YES! NO! The Zodiac is here! How could anyone not recognize this guy as Beefcake? He's STILL wearing his disturbing tights with holes in them. The Wizard sends the Shark back to the tidal waves and Zodiac back into the Land of Yin and Yang and promises one final warrior. Zodiac is in the running for Worst Gimmick of the Year in a year that has seen many, many candidates.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-07-15-WCW-Saturday Night] Dungeon of Doom vignette

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