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[1995-07-16-WCW-Main Event] Interview: Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman / Hulk Hogan and The Giant


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Hogan and Rodman together pre-NWO, with Hogan calling him Rod the Bod.


Eric Bischoff is flanked by the women of Baywatch. He asks one of the producers what it's like working with the WCW stars and gets an awesome monotone "It's great" response.


Then, we cut to Gene Okerlund, who's about to interview Hogan. WCW doing the wide shot to get over the crowd size had the opposite effect. Eek. Some kids present him with a Harley as a thanks for his work with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.


He's suddenly interrupted by the not-yet-named Giant, who throws a shirt on Hogan, says "Remember this?" and walks off.


"Jimmy, I know this shirt. This is Andre's."


There are probably a half-dozen examples of disgusting exploitation in this 5-minute segment. Pretty impressive.

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Shameless. Hogan is such a gigantic prick at this point. "This is Andre's". For fuck's sake.


The Baywatch reeked of WCW trying to one up WWF that had Pam Anderson at WM and Royal Rumble that year, but they don't get any star here. Yeah, that producer seemed *thrilled* to work with WCW.

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Hogan deigns to make another appearance on WCW TV--good for him. Rodman is in red & yellow and helps cut a promo on Vader. Boy, did this feud peter out quickly.


Bischoff, being the starfucking ninny that he is, gushes over being flanked by the ladies of Baywatch. Gina Lee Nolin, the Buddy Roberts of the Baywatch girls, gets some face time, as does a producer.


Gene Okerlund is with his "long time close personal dear friend," an intro spiel that never fails to crack me up. This time it's a Harley-Davidson dealer. Hogan is brought out for a Make-a-Wish presentation and boy does this scream "angle." It's a new Harley! Because HOGAN should be the one receiving expensive gifts. Hulk graciously wants a second bike to be given to the kids. Then the Giant shows up and throws his Jerry Seinfeld puffy shirt at Hulk. "I know this shirt, this is Andre's!" Shyeah. Hulk is horrified.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-07-16-WCW-Main Event] Interview: Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman / Hulk Hogan and The Giant

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