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[1995-09-30-SMW-TV] Jim Cornette vs Bob Armstrong


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Cornette is wrestling Bob Armstrong, who has one arm tied behind his back. Cornette doesn't throw good punches or anything, but they are better punches than those of most wrestlers. Immediately, Cornette goes for powder and throws it in Bob's eyes and then creates a series of ref distractions to let the cheating take place. He strings together some passable offense before getting overconfident and missing an elbow drop, as Armstrong mounts his comeback. Punisher runs in at this point for the DQ. Now Bob is having to fight both guys with one arm tied behind his back. The Heavenly Bodies try to run in, but the Thugz cut them off. Meanwhile, Gordy runs in and attacks Armstrong with a piledriver. Brad Armstrong finally makes the save.

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Not too eager for this after hearing the intros--I guess they've totally junked the "Armstrong can't have anything to do with Cornette anymore" stip, and it's ridiculous to give this match away on television. Way more desperate than re-running the Four Faces of Fear. We can criticize Cornette for too much offense--personally I don't think he should be getting his ass kicked either, not after running such a hot angle with Landell earlier. Cornette is also so woefully out of shape at this point that it's distracting and a hindrance, even for a non-wrestler. It's a far cry from the Cornette who went 20 minutes with Mark Curtis as Kowabunga the Turtle. Pretty standard Militia beatdown on Bob and this feud is really out of steam.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-09-30-SMW-TV] Jim Cornette vs Bob Armstrong

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