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[1995-10-09-WWF-Raw] Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith & Yokozuna vs Shawn Michaels & Diesel & The Undertaker


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The finish is what gets remembered here, and rightfully so, but this was a good match before the finish. They cut a quick pace and Shawn plays a really good FIP for the bulk of this. Davey Boy gets the pin on Diesel to set up In Your House. Mabel and Dean Douglas hit the ring and it's carnage, with the top three babyfaces in the company being really convincingly beaten and laid out.

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I was apprehensive about watching this match, but surprisingly it was a lot better than I expected. As earlier stated, Shawn did a great job playing the face in peril, and he seemed to be the glue that held this match together in my opinion. The crazy post-match brawl is the one that causes Undertaker to wear the "Phantom of the Opera" mask.

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Was Taker's orbital bone injury legit from Mabel's fat leg landing on him? Always wondered that or if they were giving Mabel one last shot by taking out one of the guaranteed draws to draw attention back on him?


I liked the Mabel v Taker feud...one of those closet favories I will break out here and there!

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Really good match, with Shawn making for a great FIP. He sells really well without this devolving into a self-indulgent Shawn Show. Diesel gets the hot tag, but falls victim to the Bulldog soon after for the first pinfall loss by a reigning WWF Champion in probably 20 years at this point. Then Mabel and Dean Douglas run in and the babyfaces are all destroyed. Classic Bill Watts angle that gave you some hope for his ill-fated stint in charge.

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Camp Cornette (Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Yokozuna) vs Diesel, Shawn Michaels, & Undertaker - WWF RAW 10/09/95


WWF 1995 Main Event scene EXPLODES! It is pretty incredible that for the last third of 1995, Jim Cornette was the leader of the number one heel stable and Bulldog was the number one heel basically. Shawn is IC champion here this right before him getting his ass handed to him by the Marines.


The babyface shine is fun. Shawn and Owen have such a great dynamic with each other. Its a shame they did not get a PPV main event in 1996 or in late 97 or early 98. I liked them sending Owen & Bulldog into Yoko and then the double big boot to Yoko. Diesel/Davey Boy don't have much chemistry which is unfortunate because they are main eventing the next PPV. Undertaker and Yoko was kinda fun. Yoko threw Shawn Michaels down! Good transition to heat. The heat segment is the real treat here. Owen and Bulldog pick Shawn apart with some really great Hart offense. Davey Boy looked great with his press slam and delayed vertical suplex. Shawn was great at selling. Owen misses top rope splash. Shawn tags in Diesel and in shocking fashion, Bulldog actually gets one over on the WWF champion thanks to some assistance from Owen. Running Powerslam, Taker saves but Yoko drops the leg and gets Bulldog the win. Wow! I guess they wanted to put some heat on Bulldog. Fun match with Owen and Bulldog working great against Shawn. Good stuff. ***

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-10-09-WWF-Raw] Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith & Yokozuna vs Shawn Michaels & Diesel & The Undertaker

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