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[1995-10-28-SMW-TV] Tommy Rich vs Buddy Landell (Chain)


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Just the finish. Would have loved to have seen this full. Cornette tries to run in and Mark Curtis throws a tremendous punch at him. But this gives Punisher the chance to hit Rich with a blackjack, opening the door for Rich to hit every corner and win the match. Punisher attacks Landell after the match and they do a number on Landell and yeah, this is a promotion on fumes.

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Rich looks bad, and this is a cheap, unsatisfying screwjob finish (and not the "good" kind of unsatisfying). I love Mark Curtis and I love Cornette's booking but there are WAY too many easy, overdone distraction spots involving the both of them, where it's obvious that Curtis is turning his back because that's the Planned Spot.


Landell is beaten down afterward, because he's still friendless. The point has been made--this story needs to move forward now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-10-28-SMW-TV] Tommy Rich vs Buddy Landell (Chain)

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