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[1995-10-28-SMW-TV] Interview: Buddy Landell / Interview: Buddy Landell & Butch Cassidy


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Buddy receives a present from the SMW fans wrapped in money wrapping paper. Rich, Punisher and Cornette are out to run him off and Cornette points out that the package is "slovenly wrapped in a sloppy box". Corny goes to look in the box and out jumps Butch Cassidy to attack him. Butch Cassidy? Yeah, time to wrap things up.

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Yeah, "promotion on fumes" sums this up. Even Cornette, who NEVER takes a promo off, seems tired and half-assing it here. I imagine he was completely burnt out at this point, and probably welcomed the easy, carefree life of writing for Vince McMahon. Did the Smoky Mountain fans literally BUY a midget? Is this legal?


Okay, in the last segment I said the "Landell has no friends" storyline needed to move forward. I guess the phrase "Be careful what you wish for" applies. I feel like the poor put-upon soul at the end of a Rod Serling/O. Henry plot twist.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-10-28-SMW-TV] Interview: Buddy Landell / Interview: Buddy Landell & Butch Cassidy

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