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[1995-11-04-SMW-TV] Heavenly Bodies vs The Thugz (Chain)


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Last few minutes. Smothers bumps into Robert Gibson. He takes Cornette's racket from him and hits Smothers with it to secure the win for the Bodies before also hitting DWB. Robert Gibson has turned heel! This was too late to do any good, and he really needed Morton to play off of, but it's still pretty cool to see. Both teams are unwilling to do interviews after the match, so we're left not yet understanding why Gibson turned.

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The action here is stunningly bad, more evidence of a promotion playing out the string. Gibson goes down and stays down from a routine ref bump spot, which is totally absurd even though you could conceivably buy it as "all part of the plan." Gibson ends up with the tennis racket, but whacks Smothers with it and fast-counts the Bodies to victory.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-11-04-SMW-TV] Heavenly Bodies vs The Thugz (Chain)

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